Saturday, 15 December 2001

December 2001 Edition.


December 2001 edition

First of all please accept our apologies for the lateness of this December edition of the SCN, and the fact that it is somewhat shorter than normal. The fact of the matter is that, as you are probably already aware, we were first faced with a computer virus problem (all now happily overcome) and then this present writer was confronted by a close personal bereavement and a couple of other associated troubles. Hopefully we will be back to normal in January 2002 however.


Following the sell-outs of Rhodesia, South Africa and Hong Kong it was obvious that our enemies would next focus on that most emotive symbol of the British Empire - Gibraltar. On November 20th 2001 talks commenced in Barcelona between the Blair administration and the Spanish Government, and no secret was made of the fact that the aim was to alter the status of Gibraltar prior to an eventual handover of the Rock to Spain.

In the famous and inspiring referendum of 1967 the Gibraltarian people voted by 12,138 votes to 44 to remain British, and there is no reason to believe that the vote would be significantly different if a referendum was held again today - indeed there have already been clear indications that both the Gibraltarian people and government are not prepared to surrender, and their resistance is a morale-booster to us all.       

To us the attitude of any truly patriotic British government in any discussions with Spain would be simple. They should state unambiguously that Gibraltar will remain British for all time - but at the same time they should support the rights of Ceuta and Melilla to remain Spanish for all time also. This is the only way by which the rights of the Gibraltarian people can be protected whilst still maintaining consistant relations with Spain.

Perhaps the most sickening aspect of these current discussions with Spain is the presence in the so-called British Foreign Office negotiating team of the odious Peter Hain. It should be remembered that during the late 1960s and early 1970s this same Hain led the violent sabotage campaigns against visiting kith and kin sportsmen from South Africa. During these campaigns orchestrated by Hain such tactics as the sprinkling of tin-tacks on rugby fields, the hi-jacking of team buses and threats to shoot at wickets during cricket matches took place - actions which can accurately be described as crypto-terrorism.

This crypto-terrorist history of Hain should never be forgotten, particularly when he is party to the attempted sell-out of Gibraltar, and we must therefore make it our duty to inform everyone concerned of the evil activities which he has been involved with.

We are confident that the Gibraltarian people will resist this current sell-out campaign however, and as in the past they will be victorious. Their victory will also be ours.


The Springbok Club's 2001 UDI Day Dinner proved to be a most enjoyable and successful event. Held at a leading Whitehall Club, it was fully booked and everybody enjoyed a splendid cuisine and convivial company.

We were of course most honoured to be able to welcome Mr. Andrew Roberts, the eminent historian, as our guest of honour, and he gave a most enthralling and indeed inspiring after-dinner speech. In this speech he outlined the history of 19th century British colonial expansionism and the foundation of Rhodesia, detailed the events which made UDI in 1965 inevitable, and then brought the story up to date by reminding everyone of the disasters of modern-day "Zimbabwe". He finished his speech by proposing a toast to the Springbok Club, which he said he considered the heir to previous Imperial achievements.  



The Springbok Club will again be marking the Day of the Vow this year with a special meeting, the details of which are as follows :-

Date  :   Monday 17th December 2001
Time  :   19.15 hrs for 19.45 hrs.
Venue :   The MORPETH ARMS (in the upstairs function room), 58 Millbank, Westminster, London SW1. (close to the Tate Gallery and Vauxhall Bridge, nearest underground station: Pimlico).

This event, when we remember the victory at Blood River in 1838, will not only give an opportunity for menbers and supporters to meet each other in a friendly end-of-year atmosphere, but will also enable us to take stock and review the current situations being faced by our kith and kin in other parts of the globe.

With this aim in mind we will be welcoming two special guests to this function, who will give brief report-backs on specific areas of their interest. Firstly we will be welcoming Mr. Dennis Delderfield (who of course gave us an enthralling talk when we commemorated Rhodes and Founders Day in July 2000) who spent some time in Gibraltar during September when he met several prominent personalities from the colony, and who will be reporting on the growing constitutional worries confronting the loyal Gibraltarian people.

Secondly we hope to welcome a leading official from the Zimbabwe Human Rights Campaign (who have been staging regular protests outside the Zimbabwe High Commission in London throughout 2001) who will report on the increasing anarchy and terror in the erstwhile Rhodesia.

This meeting will be followed by a buffet meal, and a small charge will be made in order to cover costs. This will be £5.00 for non-members, £2.50 for Associate Members, but of course free for all Honorary, Life and Full Members of the Springbok Club.



We have recently received the following message from the TWI television production company in London:-

"We are producing a History series for the ITV Network in Britain on the British Empire. The style of the series is very simple - we find archive film in colour from the period (in this case, 1945 - 1980) and look for letters, diaries and personal communications to describe what it was like, what it felt like, to live at the time. We try not to use memoirs or material produced after any given event, in an effort to avoid 'hindsight'.

"The last series in the same style, BRITAIN AT WAR IN COLOUR, won this year's prestigious BAFTA Award for best Factual Series and was well received by the public too.

"As part of this series, we would like to include a hefty chunk about the lives and experiences of 'ordinary' people (as opposed to the politicians) living in Rhodesia after the War [WWII]. We would like to get in touch with people who were long-settled in Rhodesia, as well as those who moved there from post-war Britain. Any help, suggestions or information that you or your members could offer me would be gratefully received."

If anyone thinks they can help TWI in this project they should contact Elodie Gornall direct at :-



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David Otto from Iowa, USA, writes as follows:-

"In about 70 days, a friend of mine from Durban, a young lady with an 8 year old son, will attempt to settle in the UK. She would prefer a medium to small sized town.

"Her initial objective will be to find a place to stay upon arrival. Bearing only Rands, money is a definite factor.

"Would anyone in the Club have rooms to let, or know of something reasonable? I will appreciate any advice you can render. Many thanks,"

If you can help David's friend in this regard then please contact him direct at:



Frank Jerner contacts us with the following request :-

"IT Manager/Project Manager, recently immigrated to the UK, interested in contacting South African business organisations in the UK".

If you can help Frank in any way please write to him at:



The "Biltong Team" have developed and are manufacturing a Home Biltong Maker. It is a wonderous piece of equipment that allows you to make your own fresh biltong in the comfort of your own home. It's easy to use (available in both 110 and 220 volt models), economical, and pays for itself in a couple of batches of biltong. The Home Biltong Maker has been received with much enthusiasm by ex-South Africans around the world in such countries as the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

To find out more information visit the Home Biltong Maker web-site at :-



During the last month the London Swinton Circle has held two most interesting meetings at the Houses of Parliament featuring prominent parliamentarians.

The first was addressed by Nigel Dodds, the DUP MP for North Belfast. Mr Dodds gave an eloquent though very depressive speech in which he outlined the current bleak plight being faced by the Unionist people of Northern Ireland. He castigated the current Blair regime for their attempted sell-out of part of the United Kingdom, and was equally contemptuous of the new Conservative spokesman on Northern Ireland, Quentin Davies (though he had far more respect for the rest of Iain Duncan-Smith's new frontbench team). On a more positive note, however, he told of renewed resistance among the Loyalist people of Ulster, and foresaw greater Unionist unity in the days ahead, with David Trimble becoming increasingly isolated. In this regard he was particularly full of praise for the recent actions of Peter Weir and Pauline Armitage in refusing to back Trimble as First Minister at Stormont.

The second meeting was addressed by Lord Chalfont. Although formerly a junior minister in Harold Wilson's Labour Government of the 1960s, Lord Chalfont can by no means be considered a political liberal today. He spoke mainly on defence issues, and stated clearly that there had been far too many cuts in the armed forces. He took a strong line in support of the War Against Terrorism, though he made it clear that he didn't think we should become involved in either "nation-building" or "human rights" issues in Afghanistan.     

During January the London Swinton Circle will be staging a further most interesting meeting to be addressed by a prominent Conservative frontbench spokesman. Fuller details will be included in the January edition of the SCN.

The publication "Tough Talking from the Right", which is closely connected to the London Swinton Circle, is an excellent periodical and is thoroughly recommended. It can be obtained at £4.50 for 4 issues from: TTFTR, P.O.Box 29208, London  SE8 3ZU, U.K.



COVOS BOOKS of South Africa are specialist publishers of Africana, and offer a wide range of most interesting and illuminating books which will appeal to many of our supporters. Amongst the new titles which they stock are:-

The story of the South African Special Forces ("The Recces"), from inception in the 1960s to disbandment in 1993. A unique account of one of South Africa's premier units, masters in the art of reconnaissance and clandestine warfare. Pro rata, the most decorated unit during the wars in Angola and SWA. Includes a free copy of Lourens Fourie's music CD "The Recces". Softback, 222x152mm, 328 pages, 252 b/w photographs plus maps. R140.00.

FIREFORCE - One man's war in the Rhodesian Light Infantry, by Chris Cocks. Hard cover with dust jacket, 228 x 155 mm., 368 pages, 120 black and white and colour photos, plus maps and sketches. Widely acclaimed as the classic account of counter-insurgency warfare in Africa. Includes the RLI roll of honour, citations and operational orders. Price R185.00.

COVOS BOOKS can be contacted at :  P.O.Box 6996, Weltevredenpark, Transvaal, 1715, South Africa. Tel.: +2711-4769926, fax.: +2711-4769927, e-mail :

We are happy to be able to confirm that the Springbok Club can now supply copies of "We Fear Naught but God", price £15.00, and "Fireforce", price £22.50. All payments should be made payable to "Patriotic Press", and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK. (Please add 20% for p.& p.).



Biltong Brother produces top quality, handcrafted biltong. 100% British beef is used, no artificial flavourings or preservatives.

There are 5 types, Traditional, Garlic, Pepper, Hot & Spicy and Ostrich.

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No.38 :  Jon Hazeldine, John Chapman, Dave Miles Sherring, Martin Borley, Jill Rogers and Hilary Thompson - all formerly from Nyasaland.

Barbara Limb (nee Jones) is searching for all or any of the following who were in Nyasaland during the early 1960's :-

Jon Hazeldine, John Chapman and Dave Miles Sherring. They were 17 in 1964, and went to St. Andrew's High School. (Her brother Graham Jones would be very keen to catch up with them.)

Also Martin Borley, who would have been 18 or 19 in 1964. (Her sister Carol would be interested to know what happened to him.)

Finally Jill Rogers and Hilary Thompson, who were 12 in 1964 and who attended St. Andrew's Prep School.

If you can help Barbara with any of these quests please contact her direct at:



Many readers may well have seen the recent BBC documentary "When Louis met the Hamiltons" and will have been intrigued by the half-obscured banner advertising a web-site which proclaims Neil Hamilton's innocence.

Regardless of whether or not you saw this programme a visit to this web-site is still most worthwhile, and it can be accessed at:-


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