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October 2008 Edition.


October 2008 edition

Over the past few months we have received three independent reports about the escalating number of South Africans - mainly Whites, but not exclusively - who are trying to escape from the country.

One such report stated openly: "The number of White South Africans who give emigration as the reason for selling their home has shot up in recent months as high crime levels and political and economic uncertainty spur the flight of Whites from the Rainbow Nation [sic]. A survey by South Africa's First National Bank (FNB) showed the proportion of homeowners who said they were putting their homes on the market because they were emigrating had doubled between the last quarter of 2007 and the second quarter of 2008, from 9 percent to 18 percent. Foreign embassies in South Africa report a jump in emigration applications from mainly White South Africans in recent months, amid growing disillusionment over high levels of violent crime and the populist slide within the ruling African National Congress (ANC). A power crisis that has made blackouts a feature of life in a country that prides itself on having first-world infrastructure, and a recent outbreak of xenophobic violence have also added to a sense of doom and gloom fuelling emigration. In South Africa, 50 people are murdered every day and over 130 rape cases reported. South Africa's Institute for Race Relations estimates that around 800,000 Whites emigrated in the decade from 1995 to 2005."

Another more personal report which we received stated: "One of my Afrikaans friends who is planning to leave South Africa told me the following story. She and her husband want to go to Australia or New Zealand. Recently at Midrand (between Johannesburg and Pretoria), there was an exhibition of companies who can assist people to leave the country to go to New Zealand. Various companies like removals companies and agents who can help you to leave the country exhibited at this show. My friend and her husband attended and she said there were thousands of people attending. She told me that almost all of them were White. She saw the odd Coloured (no Blacks) here and there, but the overwhelming majority of people leaving were White. She said there were thousands of people attending the show. Some weeks prior to that, at the same place, they had a show for people wanting to go to Australia. She attended that too and the place was even MORE PACKED. She said you could hardly move and queues were so long that you could easily stand for an hour or two just to get a chance to speak to one of the representatives of the companies at the show."

One report which we received stated that the estimated White population in South Africa now stands at 4.5 million, and another places it as low as 4.3 million. It should be remembered that in 1990, prior to de Klerk's treason and sell-out, the White population was estimated to be 6 million. In other words the White South African population has shrunk by at least ONE QUARTER since the ANC regime came to power - or more accurately since the NP government surrendered to them.

But this reduction in population can't be explained by emigration alone. The catastrophic murder rate of Whites on the platteland and in deprived urban areas should also be taken into account - something which can only really be described as genocide. In addition the rates of suicide among Whites (who have become devastated by the loss of their beloved country) and road and other accidental deaths (caused mainly by the collapse of the South African national infrastructure) have also sky-rocketed since the ANC were handed power.

In spite of the phenomenal reduction in the numbers of Whites still residing in South Africa there are still over 4 million remaining in the country however. Yes, they have been foolish not to get out before now (though to be fair, many have been unable to do so because of age, lack of finances or personal circumstances), and to be sure the majority were probably idiotic enough to vote "Yes" in the 1983 and 1992 constitutional referenda - but they are still our kith and kin, and we must still do our utmost to help them.

One of the main aims and objectives of patriotic expatriate organisations such as the Springbok Club is of course to help such unfortunates. We try our best to provide an overseas infrastructure where expatriate South Africans can liaise and socialise together, and to assist those still living within the disintegrating country to escape by whatever means they can. Alas, however, our attempts in this noble aim are constantly hamstrung by the severe lack of financial resources. We know that many - probably most - of our supporters are not in a position to assist us financially, but others around the world are no doubt able to give. With your support our endeavours to help our kith and kin - both those already forced into exile, and those aiming to leave - can only improve.



The London Branch of the SC/ELC staged a most pleasant and successful gathering last month, at which the guest of honour was Mr. James Constantine. Mr. Constantine, an established Cape Town businessman who escaped from South Africa a couple of years ago, gave a most informative and eye-opening key-note talk in which he told about the harassment and victimisation which he suffered in the "new" South Africa which forced him to leave. Our thanks are extended not only to Mr. Constantine, but also to Peter King, John Pope-de Locksley and Jon Morris for helping to organise this successful event.



The Springbok Club/ELC will be staging an extremely fascinating meeting later this month, at which the guest speaker will be a very prominent visiting overseas supporter of our movement. This event will take place at a very convenient venue in central London on Monday 20th October, with proceedings commencing at 19.00 hrs, and will take the form of a buffet (with the usual nominal charges applying - £6.00 per head for Full Members of the SC/ELC, £8.00 per head for Associate Members and £10.00 per head for non-members).

All members of the SC/ELC will be contacted with precise details of this event during the next few days, but if any other supporters would like to attend then please 'phone 07711188430 or e-mail



Mr. Allan Robertson has recently resigned from the Springbok Club/ELC Executive Committee. The loyalty of Mr. Robertson (whose direct links to southern Africa have always been minimal) towards the movement has seemingly been waning for some time now, and his role in the crisis engulfing our fraternal organisation, the London Swinton Circle, certainly made his position untenable. A replacement for Mr. Robertson on the SC/ELC Executive Committee will be made shortly.



The Springbok Club/ELC will be holding its annual UDI Day celebrations on Monday 17th November, at which the guest speaker will be a renowned international security consultant. Fuller details will be given in next month's SCN.

In December the Springbok Cub/ELC will be marking the Day of the Vow with a special event featuring a display by a Victorian-era military re-enactment society. More details will be given in future editions of the SCN.

The Springbok Club/ELC's 2009 AGM will take place in January 2009.

The Springbok Club/ELC is provisionally planning to organise a trip to Gibraltar in February of next year (precise dates are still to be finalised) in order to witness the Freedom of the Rock being granted to the Royal Marines. If any supporter is keen to join us for this visit then please e-mail us at: or 'phone: 07711188430.



New Britain's second annual Goldsmith Lecture, at which the guest speakers were Mr. Stuart Wheeler and Lord Pearson of Rannoch, proved to be a very good success, with most interesting and informative talks being given by both speakers.

New Britain will be staging its traditional commemorations of Trafalgar Day on Tuesday 21st October. As in previous years, with the approval of the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's Cathedral, the National Chairman of New Britain, Mr. Dennis Delderfield, will attend the official Royal Naval service at the tomb of Admiral Viscount Nelson, where he will lay a wreath. Later the same day New Britain will be staging a special Trafalgar Day dinner at the historic Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich. For more details please contact Dennis Delderfield at: or 'phone 020-72472524.



The following extremely revealing reports have appeared in recent editions of "Preparing South Africa for the World" - the official newsletters of the 2010 Soccer World Cup organising committee :-

"Media: Alarming drop in South Africa's media image - South Africa's approval rating in international media has fallen to its worst levels since January 2007. That's according to new research by Media Tenor which notes that concerns over the country's ability to host the 2010 World Cup has impacted on the levels of negativity. Over the past couple of weeks, FIFA's confirmation that that it does have contingency plans in the event that South Africa is unable to fulfil its 2010 obligations, coupled with the announcement that Nelson Mandela Bay [sic] has been scrapped as a venue for the Confederations Cup and the crisis in Zimbabwe have added to concerns about the South Africa's preparations. More than 3,500 reports in 96 opinion-leading media from 15 countries were analysed between January 2007 and May 2008."

"South African soccer icon and former Manchester United and Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper Gary Bailey has said the major hurdle to South Africa hosting a successful 2010 World Cup was not infrastructure or stadiums, or even Eskom's shaky power supply, but almost exclusively crime. Bailey, who is a respected figure in South African soccer and a Supersport TV presenter, said: 'We will have world-class stadiums, the right transport infrastructure and I'm sure the issue of power and electricity won't be a problem despite the cut-outs we've suffered in the last couple of years. But crime is a different matter. It's a major problem and we can't ignore it. We have to tackle it right now, not three months before the World Cup. Otherwise, fans from around the world aren't going to come to South Africa, which would be a tragedy.'"

"Security: Corrupt cops could target 2010 tourists - Some members of South Africa's poorly paid police force are vulnerable to corruption and could target tourists during the 2010 World Cup for bribes, the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) warned. According to a report on the IoL site, President Thabo Mbeki's government has intensified efforts to combat crime ahead of the tournament, and official figures show murders, rapes and other violent crimes have dropped in the past year, although they remain high. But these gains could be eroded by corruption among police, who are not only lowly paid but also highly stressed in a country with one of the highest crime rates in the world, said Andrew Faull, an ISS researcher who specialises in police corruption. 'With 2010 around the corner, some senior metro police managers have expressed concern over a potential escalation in incidents of petty bribery - such as paying money to escape a traffic fine - hitting tourists.'"



Seal Alert-SA Press Release:-

Please write to Prime Minister Nahas Angula of Namibia and urge him to please announce publicly an end to his country's cruel baby seal clubbing policy:

Thank you! It just gets better and better: 23rd July, EU officially announces all seal species trade ban!

The 23rd July, is indeed an historic day in the history books for Seal Alert-SA, a one-man seal protection organization that is backed by other like-minded individuals or partners in over 80 countries around the world.

Seal Alert-SA efforts have ensured the protection of 15 million seals in 17 seal species around the globe who are cruelly killed in sealing - once the EU seal ban takes effect.

On the 23rd July 2008, Commissioner Stavros Dimas announced EU's proposal to ban all seal species hunted cruelly around the world. See EU website, for press release:

Francois Hugo of Seal Alert-SA is deeply thankful to EU Commission and Europeans for announcing that this trade ban will now include, 30 species of seals found in the oceans of the globe. Seal hunting occurs year round, but the hunting season varies on the region and the species targeted. Canada, Greenland, and Namibia [South-West Africa] account for about 60% of the 900,000 seals hunted each year. Other countries which hunt seals include Iceland, Norway, Russia, and the United States, and in the European Union Sweden, Finland, and the United Kingdom.

The regulations to ban seal trade will now include 17 species which are hunted with an estimated population of 15 million seals, and which finally includes Cape Fur Seals.

On 23rd July 2008 French movie star Brigitte Bardot, who joins Seal Alert-SA in celebrating, told Associated Press that, "She is happy the proposal includes sea lions, which are killed in Namibia [South-West Africa]. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has assured Bardot that "everything would be done" during the French presidency of the European Union to adopt a law banning imports of seal products in the EU".

Seal Alert-SA would also like to thank De Beers Diamonds for its invaluable support to help bring about this ban, Namibia's largest employer and contributor to Namibia's economy.

What makes this monumental for Seal Alert-SA is that the original written declaration adopted by 473 MEPs throughout Europe on 15 September 2006 originally only included a ban on imports of 2 seals, Harp and Hooded Seals. Seal Alert-SA fought hard, even though this declaration had been adopted, to include all of some 30 species of seal around the world.

To this end, I thank the originator of the written declaration, Caroline Lucas MEP, for agreeing when she wrote to Seal Alert-SA, "We are delighted that the written declaration has been officially adopted by the European Parliament to ban Harp and Hooded Seals. The EU Commission is now charged with drafting legislation that implements the ban. So, although it is not possible to amend the text of the written declaration now that it has been adopted, we can press the European Commission to review the scope of the ban and include Cape Fur Seals, and all species of seals around the world hunted. We are horrified that the Namibian authorities are culling 85,000 seal pups this year - an act of unjustified cruelty. The culls in Canada and Russia have been much publicised, but until this week we were unaware of the plight of the Cape Fur Seals. We agree any European ban must include all seal products and will do all that we can to help bring an end to the unnecessary and inhumane slaughter of seal pups in Namibia".

A year ago to the day, on the 23rd July 2007, the Prime Minister of Namibia [South-West Africa] Nahas Angula could have avoided this EU 27-member country ban by simply agreeing to end its cruel baby seal clubbing policy at our meeting in Namibia [South-West Africa].

The EU now joins the US, which banned Cape Fur Seals imports in 1972 due to its cruelty in clubbing to death seal pups as per the Fishery Sealing Regulations, which contradict the basic Animal Protection Act legislation.

Namibian [South-West African] sealers are presently herding together, separating nursing pup from its mother, and clubbing 80,000 baby seals to death.

Yet still it's a great day for 15 million seals, 30 species of seal - Cape Fur Seals in particular - and Seal Alert-SA.

Please continue to sign our online petition at

For the Seals

Francois Hugo, Seal Alert-SA



For those who may have missed our special circulation of a few days ago, we would like to draw everyone's attention to an excellent new publication which reports on EU and European matters in general, completely independent of EU funding - EU Reporter. Its web-site can be accessed at :-



Biltongmakers.Com has, for the last 10 years, put a smile on many a South African face. No longer do they have to pay exorbitant prices for biltong that in most cases is not even to their liking!

Now you can make your own Biltong at a fraction of the price you pay right now and ...... you can make it the way YOU like it!

Please visit and see all they have available.

You will never be without some REAL South African Biltong again!


FLAGS etc.

The Springbok Club/ELC now retails Union Flag lapel badges and key-rings, price £2.00 each (plus 20% p&p).

Payments should be made to "The Springbok Club" and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK.

Copies of S.A.Patriot-in-Exile (editions 30 to 36) are still available price R5.00 or 50p each, as well as batches of 50 copies (including copies of the original S.A.Patriot) price R80.00 or £8.00 (plus 20% for p&p.)

Payments should be made to "Patriotic Press" and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK.

[We really want to be able to produce the next edition of S.A.Patriot-in-Exile, No.37, as soon as possible, but in order to do this we must clear our existing stock of back-issues first. Supporters can help us in two ways in this regard, either by making donations which will enable us to distribute more copies, and/or by providing address details of people who might be interesting in receiving copies.]



"WAY OUT OF LINE" by Trisha Jackson

A novel which tells the story of the profound impact that an innocent youthful love affair has on the lives of two young lovers. The plot moves from a cult and a maximum security prison in the US to the savannah grasslands of Mozambique and Zimbabwe - this makes for adventure, suspense and melodrama. Packed with conflict and sexual tension, anyone who loves romance, passion and excitement should enjoy reading this story.

Trisha Jackson was born and grew up in Rhodesia. She immigrated to the USA with her husband and three children in 1990. She and her husband live in a unique, rural community in the Tonto National Forest in the eastern mountains of Arizona.

Copies of "Way Out of Line" can be ordered from



Details the disasters of Mugabe's Zimbabwe, and illustrates the similarities between Mugabe's rule and that of Mandela/Mbeki in South Africa. It can be ordered on-line at:



271 pages, some illustrations. Soft-back £5.00 including p&p. (r.r.p. £10.00)

The compelling story of what really happened in a defeated Japan following the end of World War II. Merchant seaman James Mackay, whilst travelling in the east, started to hear stories of massacres and other atrocities committed by Japanese forces, not just against enemy troops, but against innocent civilian populations. His subsequent investigations revealed reluctance amongst Allied governments to discuss these incidents that seemed to amount almost to a cover-up. Why would the Allies want to overlook the crimes of a former enemy, especially when the leadership of another former enemy was being liquidated at Nuremburg? Using his own research, as well as material prepared by Australian Army war crimes investigator Capt. J.G. Goodwin, Mackay exposes the cover-up and names the guilty. Not only were the Japanese keen to sweep the past under the carpet, but the US government of the time also had its own reasons for preserving the political and industrial elite in Japan. A provocative book, which calls into question the morality of US policy towards Japan after WWII.

Payment can be made by credit or debit card. To order on line, log onto and enter as payment destination.


"THE BLIGHT OF BLAIRISM" by Francis Bennion

A devastating indictment of the "new" Labour administration. For more details about the book visit:


"PALM WINE AND LEOPARD'S WHISKERS" edited by Ronnie Anderson.

Reminiscences of Eastern Nigeria - "The nuts and bolts of African history..." Professor Tony Kirk-Greene CMG, MBE, Emeritus Professor of African Affairs at Oxford University. A unique selection of Nigerian stories, studies/articles on arts, crafts, education riots, oil discovery, court and community development, medical section, Royal visits, Leopard murders, electoral matters, land disputes, an extraordinary spectrum of Nigerian life in post-war era up to Independence. Photographs, sketches and maps.

A small stock of this book, which makes an ideal gift, are still available from : Yesterdays Books, 6 Cecil Avenue, Bournemouth, BH8 9EH, UK at £15.00 - plus £3.50 or £6.50 (airmail) for postage and packing.


"WINSTON CHURCHILL BY HIS PERSONAL SECRETARY" recollections of the great man by a woman who worked for him, Elizabeth Nel

Elizabeth Nel served as Winston Churchill’s personal secretary during World War II. The vivid and human details of her experiences, of her impressions and memories of the irascible and loveable war hero, take up the story of Churchill’s life at No. 10 where the BBC’s impressive drama, 'The Gathering Storm', leaves off — when Churchill took over the reins of Government at the outset of the war. Finally, the author, Elizabeth Nel, at 90 years of age and just before she died, looks back across the years.

Available from:

[You may like to see details with photos regarding the launch of this book, which can be viewed at]


Glenn MacAskill and Michael Bowery of Crest Publishing have written three books each. Glenn MacAskill is ex-BSAP Special Branch and still working (as Mugabe has denied him any pension) and Michael Bowery is ex-South African Special Forces. Due to the difficulties confronting White writers in the "new" South Africa they launched Crest Publishing to self-publish their own books, and have been doing this since October 2006. Michael Bowery is author of: "Canham's Run", "The Sligo Piper" and "Kill the President", whilst Glenn MacAskill is author of: "King's Gold", "Crime Lords" and "Of Royal Blood". Special discounts to ex-servicemen, Rhodies and Springboks!

For more information, or to make an order, please contact Crest Publishing at: P.O.Box, 97910, Petervale, Transvaal, 2151, South Africa, e-mail:, or visit the Crest Publishing web-site at:


"THE SAINTS" - DVD versions of the book about the history of the RLI

Now available from Msasa Enterprises. Contact: or UK tel.: 07732 685400.


"LETTERS FROM AFRICA" by Mandy Retzlaff

A collection of short stories documenting Mandy Retzlaff's extraordinary life in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Her letters are full of hope, despair, extreme courage and a remarkable sense of humour needed to face the everyday difficulties of living in a politically and economically unstable Africa.

For more details visit Mandy's web-site at:



Robert Shipley has many items of memorabilia of special interest to Southern African and other patriots for sale, including :-

An old brochure of Worcester in South Africa for £10.00


A State President's Guard Plaque 1980/81, Lt.Grobler, for £15.00

(postage and packaging included).

For more information or to make orders please 'phone 07527277406, or e-mail:



No.119 : Ms. JENNY HUMPHRIES of Port Shepstone

Jenny Humphries was a breath-taking beauty from Port Shepstone on the Natal south coast, who trained to be a nurse at Addington Hospital in Durban during the mid-1970s. It was at this time that she met and formed a close relationship with a visiting British patriot, and indeed visited the UK the following year where the affair flourished. She decided to return to South Africa to complete her nursing qualifications however, where she unfortunately became involved with a trainee gynaecologist by the name of Martin who she evidently married. It is not known, however, whether this marriage lasted. She also had an equally beautiful sister named Helen who was a skilled pottery expert. A supporter would be very keen to learn whatever happened to these two gifted sisters.



It is customary at this time of year to publicise one of the famous Lewes Bonfire Societies. One leading society which we haven't included previously is the Commercial Square B.S. Their excellent web-site can be accessed at :-





Thanks for sending me the "Thought from Susan Gordon". Prayer is good - but what is the SAS for? A quick raid and the whole of the criminal gang in Zimbabwe could be taken out. Ditto Iran.

Yours etc.,

David, Reading, Berkshire, U.K.




Re. the kittens (see July 2008 SCN) - I've always believed that those who are cruel to animals treat humans badly as well. Muslim and Third World countries generally are my evidence.

Yours etc.,

Mike Turner, London, U.K.



We recently received a report about the arrest of an "anti-crime activist" following a protest demonstration outside Pinetown Magistrate's Court in Natal on 20th March 2008, as a result of the appearance there of five Black suspects charged with the rape of a young White woman from Kloof, Jessica Foord. The person arrested is however well-known to us - Gordon "Gherkin" Parkin from Malvern, Queensburgh, Natal.

Gordon Parkin was involved on the fringe of patriotic activity in the greater Durban area during the 1970s and 1980s. An amiable and seemingly sincere person on the surface, he was also alas chronically unreliable. Although he was always quick to criticise others for "doing things wrong", he would never return 'phone calls, would not contribute financially to the local patriotic movement (in spite of owning a highly profitable plumbing business) and would rarely turn up to meetings when promised. Indeed he never even turned up to a joint-birthday party staged in his honour, or to a bonfire celebration to which his young daughters had been specially invited (no, we're not making this up!).

But perhaps we're being slightly unkind towards Mr. Parkin, for he was not alone in this chronic apathy - not by any means alone. Several other prominent Durban-based businessmen who also claimed to hold patriotic conservative sentiments, such as Brian Hurt and Johann Keyser, were always good at pontificating, but were nowhere to be seen when action was called for - and never willing to put their hands in their pockets when needed. Had these 'armchair politicians' (and doubtlessly there were many others around the country) been willing to sponsor, say, S.A.Patriot magazine so that it could appear more regularly, or to give financial backing to grass-roots conservative organisations such as the Patriotic Forum, the BBB, the White Workers' Union and Action White Natal, then maybe - just maybe - the Conservative Party of South Africa would have been able to triumph at the 1987 or 1989 General Elections.

Had this come about then the whole future course of events in South Africa would have been radically different. There would have been no sellout to the ANC, and law and order would not have broken down to the extent which we see today. More specifically, however, Jessica Foord would not have had to endure the terror of being gang-raped, and - dare we say it - Mr. Parkin himself would not have faced arrest.


Finally, if you would prefer to be deleted from our SCN circulation list then simply e-mail us with the word "unsubscribe". Alternatively, if you liked this SCN and think more of your friends would like to receive copies then please let us know their e-mail addresses!

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