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April 2018 Edition.


April 2018 edition

Our initial reaction to the the replacement of the vile tyrant Mugabe by Emmerson Mnangagwa in “Zimbabwe” was not one of hope. Mnangagwa after all had been a vicious hands-on ZANLA terrorist during the Rhodesian Bush War, and as a long-standing henchman of the unspeakable Mugabe was presumed simply to be a clone of his.

The omens therefore didn’t look good immediately following Mnangagwa’s seizure of power at the end of last year, especially as he seemed to be maintaining all the trappings of the ZANU-PF state. Shortly after assuming power, however, there appeared a number of fairly encouraging signs. On 26th December 2017 Mnangagwa announced that he was going to improve Zimbabwe’s economy – and in order to do this he was going to allow White farmers to return to their lands which had been reprehensibly stolen from them by the Mugabe regime a decade or so earlier. This could have been simply “all talk” on the part of Mnangagwa of course, but shortly thereafter Robert Smart and his son Darryn and his family were allowed to reclaim their farm and land. Another equally encouraging development occurred on 19th January 2018 when Mnangagwa announced that he was banning the cruel and universally condemned practice of exporting live elephants and other wild animals. (The Mugabe regime had previously allowed such live exports – particularly to China – in order to raise extra state revenue).

Now all these recent praiseworthy moves by Mnangagwa might simply be “window dressing” in order to court favour with the West, and given his previous terrorist background and close relationship to Mugabe this is clearly still a possibility – but a least there now seems to be hope that some form of better governance can be restored in that beleaguered land between the Zambezi and the Limpopo, for after all surely anything must be better than Mugabe’s dysfunctional tyranny.

But the same signs of hope clearly cannot be detected south of the Limpopo – quite the reverse in fact! As we stated in the January Edition of the SCN, we were filled with foreboding when Cyril Ramaphosa become president of the “new” South Africa. We may have been wrong when we stated that Mnangagwa would simply prove to be a clone of Mugabe, but Ramaphosa definitely seems to be a clone of his mentor, the murderous terrorist leader “Nelson” Mandela. It should of course be remmbered in this regard that Ramaphosa was actually the desired successor of the monster Mandela, and indeed he held the microphone during Mandela’s hate-filled rant after his prematurely release from prison!

On Wedesday 28th February 2018, just 13 days after being installed as president of the “new” South Africa, Ramaphose announced that he was going to amend Section 25 of the “new” South African constitution in order to allow Mugabe-style seizures of land from White farmers without compensation, and this draconian move was then approved by the ANC-dominated “new” South African Parliament by 241 votes to 83. Just a day earlier moreover, no doubt under the instigation of Ramaphosa, the aptly-named “Nelson Mandela Foundation” asked for an order from the Equality Court [sic] to declare that the “gratuitous display” of the real South African Flag should constitute “hate speech”. Just how the display of any symbol could be regarded as hate speech was not explained! Hundreds of thousands of South Africans of all races and of both sexes of course fought and died under the nation’s true flag against the scourge of Nazism during WWII, against the scourge of Marxism during the Korean War and against the scourge of international terrorism during the Border War. For the Ramaphosa regime to try to ban this great national flag is therefore a sickening obscenity.

Ramaphosa’s first few days in office therefore show all the hallmarks of a return to the dark satanic days of rule by Mandela and his blood-thirthy henchmen (including of course his late and unlamented mad wife!). South Africans will therefore probably soon be saying something which previously never seemed possible: “Come back Zuma – all is forgiven”!



The Springbok Club joined forces with the Patriotic Forum in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the RAF earlier this month. The day’s events started with a ceremony at St.Clement Danes Church in The Strand (the RAF church) where a wreath was laid at the altar on behalf of the Patriotic Forum by a former Flight Lieutenant in the RAF Reserve, and a poem about the RAF was recited by a current member of the Air Training Corps. After this poppy-crosses were laid at the statues of Marshall of the RAF Sir Arthur Harris and Marshall of the RAF Lord Dowding outside the church by two former RAF servicemen, Gary Cartwright and Martin Stewart-Whyte. Following this ceremony the Springbok Club/Patriotic Forum party adjourned to a near-by hostelry where a short overview about the current BREXIT negotiations was given by a former prominent UKIP MEP and a brilliant PowerPoint presentation about the two great WWII RAF commanders whose statues had earlier been honoured was shown by Mr. Gary Vincent. [It should be remembered in this context that the foundation of the RAF was actually the brainchild of that great South African statesman Gen. Jan Christian Smuts, and that Marshall of the RAF Sir Arthur Harris spent his youth in Southern Rhodesia and initially served with 44 Squadron (Rhodesia) of the Royal Flying Corps, and subsequently the RAF.]


The Springbok Club will be staging a trip to the annual Rochester Sweeps Festival on Sunday 6th May. Assemble at or in the vicinity of The King’s Head in Rochester High Street between 13.00 hrs and 14.00 hrs. ‘Phone: 07711188430 if you have problems finding the rendezvous point.


On Tuesday 19th June the Springbok Club will be welcoming a visiting Australian guest speaker who has strong Rhodesian and South African connections, and later during the year will be staging another trip to Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. Most importantly the Springbok Club has again been asked to participate in the annual “Raising of the Flag” ceremony in Norfolk. This year this important and inspiring event has been scheduled for Sunday 16th September, and as this will be the first such ceremony since the sad death of Mr. Peter Sladden (who initiated the continuation of this annual ceremony which previously took place in Cecil Square, Salisbury, Rhodesia) will be staged in special honour of his memory. We ask all supporters to diarise this date therefore, and to make every effort to attend this year’s event.



Last month the Patriotic Forum staged a special meeting in conjunction with the EuroSceptic EU Today on-line magazine ( which was addressed by Mr. John Petley, the Operations Manager for the Campaign for an Independent Britain. Mr. Petley gave a captivating and indeed inspiring speech in which he first recalled the BREXIT campaign in the build-up to the 2016 Referendum, and how through hard-work, determination and optimism the “Vote Leave” cause managed to be triumphant. He then went on to describe what he termed “The Rocky Road to BREXIT”, but expressed confidence that in spite of continuing problems and opposition – and a not ideal British Government team conducting the negotiations – that a full and acceptable British withdrawal from the EU would still eventually come about. He also advanced the idea that if the UK was to re-join EFTA then it would probably make EU withdrawal smoother, and also stated that the ongoing Greek economic crisis may well still prove to be an even greater problem for the EU hierarchy than BREXIT.

[As detailed in the SPRINGBOK CLUB NEWS section above, the Patriotic Forum held a most successful special event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the RAF earlier this month.]


In late May the Patriotic Forum will be staging a special meeting in order to celebrate Empire Day and Bermuda Day, in June they will be holding a meeting to be addressed by a Serbian expert who will be talking about the true origins of WWI, and in July will hold a meeting where the guest speaker will be a leading BREXIT campaigner with strong US political connections, and who lectured extensively in the US about the global significance of Britain’s leaving of the EU. Further details about all these events will of course be detailed in next month’s edition of the SCN..



The first edition of The Imperial Patriot, the successor publication to S.A.Patriot-in-Exile, has now been fully distributed to all current European as well as UK subscribers. This means that only distribution to South African, Australasian and North American subscribers still remains to be completed, and as soon as the necessary funds have been obtained then this will also be undertaken If you can help in any way with the raising of these necessary funds then please send any cheques (made payable to “Patriotic Press”) to: Patriotic Press, BM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, U.K. or e-mail: and we will inform you of the direct bank transfer payment details. As soon as distribution of this first edition has been completed then work will commence on publishing the second edition right away.



We have recently received the following most distressing message from the Network for Animals organization, detailing some of the appalling conditions that many domestic dogs in the “new” South Africa currently find themselves in. It reads as follows :-

“In South Africa’s slums, dogs are routinely cruelly abused, physically mistreated and starved. Our team is on the ground everyday bringing these poor dogs hope and love.

“Dogs like Shirley, only a few days old, alone in the world, abandoned, shivering, starving and afraid. Shirley was dumped and left to die in a rural slum near Malmesbury in the Western Cape.

“The Network for Animals team were treating sick animals in the area when a breathless young woman hurried up and begged us to help her find an abandoned puppy she had seen in a dry river bed. Sure enough, there she was, a shiny a shivering bundle of fur – her eyes still not open.

“Network for Animals rushed Shirley to the vet and then to the Fallen Angels shelter we help to support. There she will be bottle fed hourly until she is well and then re-homed to a loving owner. Fallen Angels love and care for 260 dogs in the shelter. Every one owes their lives to people who donate.

“Who knows what happened to Shirley’s mother – dead of disease, or starvation, stoned to death for ‘fun’, torn to death in illegal dog fighting? In the lawless gangster-ridden South African slums, dogs are kidnapped to use as bait dogs in illegal dog fights, a horrifying ‘sport’, where fighting dogs rip peaceful dogs to death, so punters can judge their viciousness. Thanks to animal lovers Shirley will never know that fate.

“Network for Animals, together with their partners Fallen Angels rescue, medically treat and re-home dogs, snatching them from abusers. Every day a team is on the ground providing help and hope to dogs where there is no other hope. Every one of the 260 dogs at Fallen Angels, would be dead without the help of animal lovers who really care.”

To contact Network for Animals, or to make a donation, then please visit their web-site at:



The prompt action taken by the Australian Cricket authorities to ban captain Steve Smith, vice-captain David Warner and Cameron Bancroft for one year (9 months in the case of Bancroft) following the revelation of a ball-tampering incident during the recent South Africa v. Australia Test Match at Newlands must be welcomed and applauded by all who disapprove of cheating in sport. Before “new” South African cricket fans become “holier than thou” however, it should be remembered that in 2000 a group of South African players – including their then captain Hansie Cronje – were banned (for life in the case of Cronje) for match-fixing as part of a betting fiddle which pocketed them a substantial amount of cash. Surely match-fixing for monetary gain must be considered even more reprehensible than tampering with the ball simply in order to try to obtain more bowling success?

There has however been another perhaps even more damaging recent development affecting the game of Cricket. The Cricket World Cup continually gained in worldwide interest and prestige up until the 2007 tournament in the West Indies, when 16 teams competed in the finals. For some inexplicable reason, however, the ICC then decided to reduce the number of competing nations in the finals to 14 in 2011 and 2015. Now, however, it has been decided that only 10 teams should compete in the 2019 finals. There is of course absolutely no logic whatsoever in this lunatic decision, as the more teams competing means more interest, more games, more support and therefore more profits into the various cricket authorities’ coffers! The only explanation seems to be that powerful Asian interests wish the game to be increasingly under their influence and control, as they are evidently frightened of increasing European prowess in the game. In this regard it was therefore significant that this year’s qualifying tournament took place in not only a third world country, but in probably the worst basket-case of all third world basket-cases – Zimbabwe! As a result of the collapsed conditions in that country this only really suited other third world basket-cases, and it was therefore not all that surprising that probably one of the most unlikely of all competing countries should qualify for the finals – namely Afghanistan, a lawless failed-state which has been gripped by vicious civil wars for the past two or three decades, and where their ability to stage home fixtures is impossible! We therefore call upon the ICC to amend the structure of the 2019 Finals so that 16 teams can again compete – as was the case in 2007. Furthermore, in view of the fact that next year’s tournament will take place in England then places must be found for the neighbouring three increasingly strong cricket powers, Ireland, Scotland and the Netherlands.



A supporter from Sussex has recently drawn our attention to a very interesting, and indeed most encouraging news article carried by the BBC showing the no-nonsense attitude adopted by the Israeli authorities to the unwelcome wave of African migrants trying to enter their country. This of course is an attitude which should be adopted by ALL Western nations if they wish to safeguard their own identities and well-being. This article can be accessed at :-

Whilst on the subject of Israel, the We Believe in Israel organisation has recently circulated a very informative YouTube video explaining the true meaning and significance of that often misunderstood word “Zionism”. Although written from a most unexpected left-wing angle, it is even so presented by non-Jewish supporters of the State of Israel, and is well worth a view. It can be found at :-



Find any South African, even those who have emigrated. We also search Botswana, Namibia and ex-Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

Please use the search request form at :-

Also check the list of South African expatriates/emigrants web-sites, which can be found at :-



Springers Biltong offers a marvellous range of biltong, boerewors and drywors – all of the very highest quality, reasonably priced, and fully registered and licensed with their local authority Their web-site can be accessed at :-



"LIEUTENANT COLONEL ALFRED JAMES TOMLINSON: MEMOIRS OF AN AFRICAN PIONEER AND BSAP OFFICER" is now available at, and can be shipped to anywhere in the world. This book contains excerpts from Lieut. Tomlinson's writings detailing his experiences as a member of the BSAP in Southern Rhodesia, where he rose from the rank of an ordinary trooper to retire as the commanding officer. It also includes the personal story of Majaqaba Ncube, a man who was enslaved by Lobengula when his entire village was massacred by the chief's soldiers. After he escaped, Lieut. Tomlinson saved him from certain death and gave him a job. They lost contact and were reunited after 45 years, when Majaqaba presented Lieut. Tomlinson with an earthenware jar.

Trish also writes romantic suspense and romantic comedy fiction.



Zimbabwe’s Stolen Property is a poignant novel by Cliff McIlwaine. This is a dark, painfully sombre book which will bring back dreadful memories to any one associated with Zimbabwe – Black or White – and its bitter past.

Further details are available on the Diadem Books web site which can be accessed at:



The latest book published by Crest Publishing is entitled: “BOWLS - QUIRKS, CHIRPS AND ANECDOTES". This is not an instruction manual but rather a cheerful, humourous and sometimes controversial chronicle about the game and its history worldwide. Written to celebrate 40 years in the sport by the author, Glenn MacAskill, it should be of interest to all bowlers and other sports enthusiasts.

For more information about all books published, or to make an order, please contact Crest Publishing at: P.O.Box, 4178, Honeydew, Johannesburg, 2040, South Africa, e-mail:, or visit the Crest Publishing web-site at: Special discounts are available to ex-servicemen, Rhodies and Springboks!


"THE SAINTS" – a unique documentary in support of the book on the brief history of the RLI.

DVD available along with other premium titles of historical interest from Msasa Enterprises. Visit or write to for more information. UK contact telephone: 07415 753 340.



With an introduction by Ian Smith, this book covers the history of Rhodesia from 1890 to 1965 in some detail and surveys the enormous progress made in agriculture, commerce, industry and social development of benefit to both White and Black Rhodesians.

With 124 pages, this A4-size soft-cover book is a facsimile copy of the original with contemporary advertisements and would be an invaluable addition to any collection of Rhodesiana .

The book costs £12.50 and p&p is £2.90 (with a 10% discount to former customers) .

To order a copy please contact John Ormowe at .



No.233 - Mr. “Dead-Eye” DICK GILMORE of Durban.

Dick Gilmore played as goal-keeper with the Durban Collegians Soccer squad during the 1980s, and mixed on the fringes of “The Roper Set” (see August 2016 SCN). He gained the nickname of “Dead-Eye Dick” after the character from the epic poem “Eskimo Nell” – but is not thought to have shared any characteristics with this fictional character! A friendly and amicable person, he is believed to have emigrated from the UK to South Africa, and settled in the Durban area. It would be interesting to learn what has happened to him.



A supporter has recently recommended a defiant YouTube video to us featuring Mr. Tommy Robinson reading out a speech at Hyde Park Corner in London which was originally to have been delivered by the visiting Austrian politician Martin Sellner – who was disturbingly barred from entering the UK for unexplained reasons. This video can be viewed at :-





Again, my appreciation to you all for this truly "Top Drawer" SCN (January 2018 Edition – Ed.), from which I derive the greatest pleasure in reading.....more than once, I do confess!!!!

My warmest regards to all,

Yours etc.,

W.V., Durban, Natal, South Africa.




Sir Ken Dodd, who died last month aged 90, was one of Britain’s best-loved and most popular comedians ever. He was also an accomplished singer and highly-talented all-round entertainer. Born in the Knotty Ash suburb of Liverpool – a district which he immortalised! – he started his working life as a door-to-door salesman selling household products to housewives. He soon discovered that his tattyfilarious banter totally discomknockerated his customers however, and so a career on the stage therefore beckoned.

From there he never looked back. Although he had an enduring love for his native Liverpool – he never stopped living in the city – he also had a great love for his nation as a whole. He openly boasted that he had performed at every major theatre in every town and city throughout Britain, and this claim was undoubtedly correct. His comedy style was never smutty and definitely had no left-wing bias (he was a lifelong supporter of the Conservative Party), but his unique humour was infectious, and constantly had audiences rolling in the aisles. He was also renowned for giving audiences “good value for money”, and invariably overrun his scheduled finishing time on stage, with many reports resulting about members of the audience missing their last buses or trains home!

The only blemish in his career was when he was charged with Income Tax evasion, but when he appeared in court it was soon established that this misdemeanour was clearly not deliberate, but simply a result of his chaotic attitude towards financial matters. He therefore received no real punishment for his mistake, although he did ensure that the full amount which he owed to the Inland Revenue was eventually paid. The only way in which he suffered for this error was that he was not awarded a knighthood when originally planned - but happily a richly deserved knighthood was conferred on him a few years before he died.

Many people have observed that this favourite son of Liverpool is a far preferable person for Liverpool International Airport to be named after rather than the name of the present highly controversial person which it bears. Following Sir Ken Dodd’s death a FaceBook campaign has been launched advocating that Liverpool International Airport is indeed re-named in his honour, We hope that as many readers as possible will be prepared to support this campaign, which can be reached at :-



Sadly Sir Richard Body also died last month aged 90. Sir Richard Body was born near Eton in 1927, and was a youthful Conservative Party activist. He first entered Parliament as 1955 as MP for Billericay, though he decided not to defend this seat in 1959 in order to devote himself instead to his chosen occupation of farming. He re-entered Parliament in 1966 however, this time becoming MP for the more rural farming constituency of Holland with Boston, representing this seat (later slightly amended and re-named Boston and Skegness) until 2001.

Sir Richard Body was a long-standing EuroSceptic, fiercely opposing Britain’s entry into the then Common Market in 1973 and becoming President of the Anti-Common Market League. Although positioned well to the Right of the Consdervative Party on most (though not all) issues – he was a leading member of the Conservative Monday Club and a close colleague of John Enoch Powell – his main Parliamentary interest always concerned agricultural matters. A staunch opponent of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, he also had little time for the former Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, which he viewed as over-bureaucratic and lacking in knowledge of agricultural realities. He was always a truly humane farmer, being a firm and greatly respected supporter of the Compassion in World Farming organisation, and was also the original “Old Muckspreader” columnist in Private Eye.

Sir Richard Body spoke on a number of occasions for the Swinton Circle, and was also the patron who initiated the re-establishment of the political journal The Quarterly Review under his chosen editorship of Derek Turner. Sir Richard Body was a great and dedicated British patriot of the type who will always be much needed. Our sincerest condolences are extended to all members of his family.


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