Monday, 10 February 2003

February 2003 Edition.


February 2003 edition

The witch-hunt initiated against Darren Lehmann after he made some quite innocuous "ethnic" remarks in the heat of the moment following his run out by the Sri Lankans in the VB Trophy series, reflects very badly upon the Australian Cricket authorities.

What Darren Lehmann said, after all, was nothing stronger than the comments regularly made about non-Whites in offices, bars and sports clubs throughout the Western world. Perhaps the Australian Cricket authorities need to be reminded that we are no longer living in the "politically correct" 1990s, but in the 21st century.

Meanwhile this year's Cricket World Cup in Africa continues as scheduled, in spite of the tyranny and famine in Zimbabwe, and the rampant-crime and chaos in South Africa itself. Many touring supporters are going to be mugged (and perhaps even murdered) as a result of this ill-located tournament, and attendances are bound to be poor - although as in the case of the 1995 Rugby World Cup all these problems will probably be hushed-up by the tame media.

The position of Dr. Ali Bacher in this tournament has been particularly revolting. Dr. Bacher, it should be remembered, was a leading member of Pieter van der Merwe's 1965 all-White touring side to England, and subsequently went on to captain the segregated South African team during the days of civilised rule. As such he gained semi-God-like status among patriots throughout the old White Commonwealth, and he subsequently received even more plaudits from patriots and lovers of freedom by organising the "rebel" tours to South Africa during the 1980s.

Bacher, alas, subsequently proved himself to be one of the most odious "Vicars of Bray" ever, and for the past few years has been sucking-up to some of the more obnoxious ANC-terrorist leaders, such as Nelson Mandela, Ngconde Balfour, Cheryl Carolus and Albie Sachs. Even worse, Bacher has been a leading advocate of continuing to play matches in Mugabe's terror-stricken land.

Dr. Bacher is of course Jewish - or at least he claims to be Jewish. He would do well to remember, therefore, that Mugabe is a close ally of the PLO-supporting Gadaffi-regime in Libya, and that the ANC is infected with anti-Semitism from top to bottom.



The Springbok Club successful held its 2003 AGM at the end of January. At this meeting Treasurer David Williams presented the accounts for 2002, which showed that although the organisation was still slightly in debt, it did make a small but significant profit over the year. This was followed by the Organiser's report for 2002, which proved to be very encouraging, and covered the activities and developments of the movement during the year. [Copies of both these reports are available upon request.]

Following this James Lewis temporarily took the Chair for the election of officers for 2003, and the following people were elected to the Executive Committee:-

Chairman/Secretary : Alan Harvey
Deputy Chairman : Allan Robertson
Treasurer : David Williams
Organiser : Robert Shipley
Liaison Officer : Bill Binding
Official Translator : Ryan Kriste



Details of the next Springbok Club meeting are as follows:-

Guest Speaker : Mr. GARY CARTWRIGHT

Date : Tuesday 18th February 2003

Time : 19.15 hrs for 19.45 hrs.

Venue : The MORPETH ARMS (the upstairs Function Room), 58 Millbank, Westminster, London SW1 (close to the Tate Gallery and Vauxhall Bridge - nearest tube station: Pimlico).

Gary Cartwright is the London and South-Eastern representative of the National Ex-Services Association, and is a regular contributor to their newspaper, NESA News. He served as a Senior Aircraftsman in the RAF from 1978 to 1983, specialising in aerial photography, and saw service in Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar and Northern Ireland. In his talk he will tell us something about his service experience, particularly in the Imperial parts of the Mediterranean, and about the current work of NESA.



The London Branch of the Springbok Club held a most pleasant meeting during January at the Brown Bear in the East End of London. (The Brown Bear is currently owned by South African couple Peter and Pat Perfect - Pat being better known to many supporters from her Durban days as Pat Mountford). The highlight of this gathering was undoubtedly an informal talk given by John de Locksley on the history of the East End of London and the story of Jack the Ripper, Mr. de Locksley being an expert on this subject - and it subsequently transpired that the Ripper actually picked up one of the last of his tragic victims, Frances Coles, in the same Brown Bear pub!

The Chilterns Branch of the Springbok Club is pleased to announce an informal meeting at "The Bell", Frogmoor, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (10 minutes walk from High Wycombe railway station) on Saturday 22nd February, commencing 15.00 hrs to 15.30 hrs. This pub has a reputation for good food and real ales, and boast a small paved patio which can be used if the weather is suitable.

The Kent Branch of the Springbok Club will be holding their 2003 AGM, followed by an informal social gathering, at the Jolly Knight, Rochester High Street (10 minutes walk from Rochester railway station) on Saturday 29th March 2003, from 14.00 hrs onwards. This event will be proceeded by a trip to the Royal Engineers' Museum in Chatham, which all members and supporters of the Springbok Club are invited to attend (precise details will be given in the March SCN).

Supporters elsewhere are reminded of the following contact e-mail addresses:-

Lancashire Branch :

U.S. co-ordinator :

Australian co-ordinator :



The London Swinton Circle held a most important meeting in January, which was addressed by Mr. Albert Poggio, the official representative of the Gibraltar Government in London. Mr. Poggio can a masterful overview of the history of British rule in Gibraltar, explaining how Spanish claims on the Rock were completely groundless, and emphasising the ongoing military and strategic importance of the territory to Britain.

Details of the next London Swinton Circle meeting are as follows:-

Date : Wednesday 12th February 2003

Time : 18.30 hrs for 18.45 hrs.

Venue : The Attlee Suite, Portcullis House, Westminster, London SW1. (Please remember that the main entrance for visitors is on the riverside alongside Westminster underground station, and that suites are subject to change on the night without notice.)

Guest Speaker: Mr. PETER ROBINSON, the DUP Member of Parliament for East Belfast.



Dannyella Glasgow writes as follows:-

"I was hoping you may be able to steer me in the right direction .... I am looking for an archive copy of The Empire News during World War II .... Do you know where I can get this from .... Is there a web site allocated to such a thing?"

If anyone can help Dannyella in this quest please contact her direct at:-



To hear what’s happening NOW in Zimbabwe – the latest political developments, today’s current affairs, and what’s new on the business front, Rhodesians resident in the UK should call 09050 530 602



Limited Edition copies of the 1973 Land Tenure map of Rhodesia autographed by Ian Smith are still available, surrounded by a complete set of Regimental Beret Badges. Each set is framed in Rhodesian Teak and bears a certificate which is numbered and registered. The Honourable Ian Douglas Smith has personally signed each one, and they are limited to 200 copies only.

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Rhodesian Flags, full, mid-size and table-top, custom apparel, CDs including Wrex Tarr, John Edmonds and more.

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This is for all Rhodesians worldwide! To re-establish lost contacts and to make new contacts updating each other worldwide with any news, we are in the process of building a new website (should be up early 2003). To sign up please go to and join our Yahoo Group at the bottom of the page. It is free to join - "You never Know who's Looking for You!". A newsletter is sent once a week.



BILTONGMAKERS.COM! runs a monthly competition which is free for anyone to enter. There are some great prizes to be won every month. Some of the prizes during the last couple of months have included a Skottel Braai, Biltongmakers, Barbecue Utensil sets and Potjies!

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The Springbok Club is now retailing copies of the book "Africa Par Adventure", an anthology of African stories edited by Peter Ward. The book is priced at £14.95 per copy, plus 20% for p.& p. (though copies may be collected at Springbok Club activities for no extra charge.) Payments should be made payable to "Patriotic Press" and forwarded to: The Springbok Club, BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK.


William Cooke from Baltimore, Maryland, recently had his second novel, "The Evil We Do" published. It is available on the web at:-

The book, which is about a disturbed priest, addresses the conflict in Northern Ireland from a Unionist perspective.

William Cooke's first novel, "The Box" may also be of interest to readers. Ordering
information about "The Box" and more information about William Cooke and his books can be found on Bill's website:-


Copies of the book "Jaws Of The Lion" are available from the author, Angus Hyslop. This book makes ideal reading for anyone interested in stories about Rhodesia during the terrorist war years. In brief, the book is a self-published, factional novel based upon true events. The price is $20 Australian dollars plus postage, and the books are sent via Economy Air, which costs $15 Australian dollars to the UK. They take about two weeks to deliver. Anyone interested in obtaining a personally autographed copy of this book can order directly from the author. They should send a personal cheque for the equivalent of $35 Australian dollars, plus bank charges (UK Banks will advise) to: Angus Hyslop, 21 Hardy Street, Swansea, New South Wales, 2281, Australia. [Phone: (02-) 4971 0254, e-mail:]


"Way Out of Line" by Trisha Jackson is a novel which tells the story of the profound impact that an innocent youthful love affair has on the lives of two young lovers. The plot moves from a cult and a maximum security prison in the US to the savannah grasslands
of Mozambique and Zimbabwe - this makes for adventure, suspense and melodrama. Packed with conflict and sexual tension, anyone who loves romance, passion and excitement should enjoy reading this story.

Trisha Jackson was born and grew up in Rhodesia. She immigrated to the USA with her husband and three children in 1990. She and her husband live in a unique, rural community in the Tonto National Forest in the eastern mountains of Arizona.

For more information visit Trisha's web-site at:-

or you can order a copy of the book directly from the publishers at - in the "search" sector, type in the title "Way out of Line" or "Trisha Jackson". NOTE: It is case sensitive and you should not include quote marks. You may also order by phone at 877 333-7422



Biltong Brother produces top quality, handcrafted biltong. 100% British beef is used, no artificial flavourings or preservatives.

There are 5 types, Traditional, Garlic, Pepper, Hot & Spicy and Ostrich.

To all you cricket lovers: As you are aware the Cricket World Cup starts in Cape Town on Sunday 9th February. Please make sure you have your supplies topped up for the duration of the series. To order, just click on the URL below and you will be directed to the Biltong Brother site.



"Reaction!" campaigns for the real Britain of traditional values, and opposes the modernist Britain of Tony Blair - a nation in name only, in which feminism, Euro-federalism and Americanisation have blurred our identity to an extent that we no longer know who we are or where we are going. "Reaction!" opposes multiculturalism and aims that people of all faiths and races should put England and Britain first. The magazine is bi-monthly and has covered, amongst other things, the following aspects of politics:

1. The dumbing down of society, education, our language and way of life.
2. Modernisation and the discarding of our traditions, design, manners etc.
3. The rise of political correctness and its threat to freedom and tradition.
4. The subverting of the Conservative Party by liberal-Left elements.
5. UKIP, its successes in promoting anti-EU initiatives, and its failure to oppose the other threats to our national life such as multiculturalism.
6. Other extra-parliamentary parties of the non-Tory Right such as the Populist Party, New Britain, the Freedom Party and the Countryside Party etc.
7. Pressure groups such as the Freedom Association, the Conservative Monday Club and the CDA, and their efforts in promoting traditional conservative policies.

We try to be as positive and even-handed towards all patriotic and anti-liberal establishment groups, and we also provide reviews and cultural analysis from a traditionalist, ecological and nostalgic point of view. Our aim is to reawaken peoples’ curiosity in the past, both recent (20th century) and historic. "Reaction!" is a cultural magazine with a special interest in the decline over the post-WWII period. We also provide listings of Internet sites and social/political/cultural groups which may be of interest to readers. In order to receive a sample copy of the magazine please write to Reaction!, PO Box 14910, London SE18 3WA, UK.



No.52 : Mr. MIKE GIBB of Pietermartizburg.

Mike Gibb was the son of a well-known Pietermartizburg G.P.. He studied at UNP during the mid-1980s, and was active in the Conservative Party student branch at that university. He wrote occasionally for S.A.Patriot at that time, organising a meeting of the newly-formed Patriotic Forum addressed by the touring British patriotic activist Alan Gresham at his home. He also staged a number of riotous parties - particularly New Year parties - which were greatly-famed in the locality. After graduating in the late 1980s he moved to the UK in order to enlist in the Coldstream Guards - a regiment with which he had strong family connections - but unfortunately was not successful in this attempt, though apparently he decided to stay on in the UK to work. Alas all contact with him ceased after this, but several of his former colleagues from South Africa would be very keen to hear from him again.



"Braai Supplies" is a Canadian-based enterprise specialising in, among other things, the supply of flags and rugby apparel. Although they stock items containing emblems connected to the current regimes in South Africa and Zimbabwe, they also stock a range of material featuring the true and traditional designs of South Africa and Rhodesia, which may be of interest to supporters in North America.

Their web-site can be accessed at :





Thank you for a most informative Cyber Newsletter this month. Priora Forum supports any action to move, delay or cancel any major sporting activity, i.e. the Cricket World Cup, from the Southern region of the continent of Africa. I am still amazed at how short the world's memory is. Can't anyone remember how much sport we played (or didn't play!) in the so-called "apartheid" years? Not a single South African team were welcome anywhere in the world - and then we had a stable economy, low fuel price, productive farmers, low crime-rate, low inflation, enough food for everyone, very few illegal immigrants, above average medical facilities, good roads, excellent schools and Universities, etc.

What amazes me even more is that the very same world, that condemnend White South Africans for the successes achieved in the midst of those years, is very quiet now regarding the very same issues that are still happening in South Africa, but just by Blacks this time. Just as an example: when a British tourist and his wife were attacked in their hotel in Pilgrim's Rest, no arrests were made before the announcement of a substantial financial "reward". Then the police force jumped into action. Let me ask you this: for how many of the +/- 1400 White farmers who were murdered in this country since 1994 (which you refer to in your newsletter) were any financial "rewards" offered if the killers of these farmers were brought to book? Let me tell you: None. Nothing. Nada.

Yours etc.,

J.M, Randburg, Transvaal




Just got back from South Africa. The place is getting very strongly aligned with Iraq and other terrorists, and the rich are getting richer as the poor and the middle class gets significantly poorer. Sad to see but expected. Violence is worse than ever.

Yours etc.,

Robin Elliott, Vancouver, Canada




I'd like to comment on the letter from L.R. of Midrand (SCN, January 2003).

He gives an interesting piece of information on how potential housebreakers know when the occupants are at home, and the monitoring of their movements.

I recently learnt by experience that criminals also watch for outdoor lights that are left burning day and night, or are on at night only while the occupier is away. I have outdoor lights that come on automatically when there is movement withing their range. Because there is presently a fault in the sensor, which keeps them burning all the time, day and night, I switch them off unless I have visitors arriving or leaving after dark. Last week I switched them on one night for my daughter and her husband who had been been out to dinner and the movies while staying with us. I forgot to switch the lights off after they came home. That night, crooks tried to enter my front door by prising it open with a screwdriver - with the lights shining on them. Fortunately they did not succeed, but only damaged the woodwork. This is the first time this has happened. I assume it is because my front door is in darkness while I'm at home, and I had changed the pattern.

L.R.'s last paragraph disturbs me. He wrote: "I suppose they (Afrikaners) have natural intelligence going for them, and maybe a handful can achieve what it took a couple of million to do - turn this country around!"

The actions of these latter day resisters are reminiscent of those a century ago, whose stolid rejection of prevailing circumstances resulted in the scorched earth policy against their own people and the incarceration of their families in concentration camps. This resulted in over 26,000 deaths and a century of bitterness thereafter. The tripartite government is already using propaganda against the current 'bitter enders', which is likely to worsen.

Yours etc.,

Johan Geelvink, Pretoria, Transvaal




A few weeks ago there was a march down West Street in Durban of over 1,000 Blacks, carrying of all things an old style (i.e. a real) South African flag, chanting and carrying banners that said "Down with Mbeki" and "Empty Promises" and such like. Not a mention on the TV or radio or any newspaper, but the Durban Metro Police confirmed that the march took place. So there are things happening out there, interesting things, which the world is not hearing about.

Yours etc.,

Ted Davey, Southampton, Hampshire




John Gregg, who was assassinated by lesser beings last week, was a great Ulster Loyalist and Brigadier of the UDA's B Company (South-East Antrim). He was also a good friend of South Africa, who recognised and understood the similarities between the Ulster and South African struggles, and the close terrorist links between the IRA and the ANC (and who also, incidentally, recognised the dangers posed to the West by Saddam Hussein's Iraq).

John Gregg was imprisoned in Long Kesh following the attempted elimination of one of the world's most evil terrorists, Gerry Adams. Of course in any sane society such an action would have been rewarded with a medal, but during the appeasement years of the end of the 20th century this resulted in his incarceration. It was whilst he was incarcerated in Long Kesh, in 1988, that he first made contact with S.A.Patriot. He wrote as follows:-

"As a Loyalist prisoner ... I thought I should write to you to wish you and the people you represent all the very best for the future of your country.

"The Patriotic Press (publishers of S.A.Patriot) and the views represented by it have a large support among the Loyalist people, and especially among Loyalist prisoners. We both face the same enemy, namely the IRA-ANC Communists.

"The cause of the IRA and the cause of the ANC have been greatly helped by the propaganda put forth by the media across the world, but I believe that a just cause such as ours will win through in the end.

"I have read numerous copies of S.A.Patriot and Kommando, and I must congratulate you on an excellent pair of magazines which give us the true facts about life in South Africa.

"Let me finish by once again wishing you all the very best for the future, and by using an old Ulster Loyalist battle-cry which is applicable to both our countries: "This is our land, No Surrender!"

Our sincerest condolences are extended to John Gregg's widow and son.

John Gregg, we salute your memory!


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