Tuesday, 22 February 2005

February 2005 Edition.


February 2005 edition

During the past year or so we have on several occasions heard the comment from ex-Rhodesians that "we don't want to be regarded as 'WhenWe's'". But why not?

The term "WhenWe's" was actually first coined to describe former White Kenyans who moved south to Rhodesia following the surrender of Kenya in 1963, and who allegedly invariably started their reminiscences with the phrase "When we were in Kenya ...". Following the subsequent sell-out of Rhodesia itself in 1979 these same people (plus of course all Rhodesians with any common-sense) moved yet further south to South Africa - and as a result the term "WhenWe" once more came into common parlance. Alas, however, it was inevitably used in a pejorative sense, and indeed inducing such a negative reaction was probably a deliberate tactic by our enemies in order to cower people into keeping quiet about their colonial history and achievements.

But this should not have been the case. Rhodesian history (as also the pioneer history of Kenya) is a great and glorious one, and surely one which all ex-Rhodies and their descendants should be justly proud of. Many ex-Rhodies are doing an excellent job by keeping their culture and spirit alive through such enterprises as biltong/boerewors sales and organisations such as "Rhodesians Worldwide", "The Flame Lily Foundation", "The Rhodesian Christian Group" and "The Bottom Half" etc., and deserve full congratulations upon their endeavours in this regard.

It is now surely obvious that Mugabe's days in power are very numbered, and although we can't be certain who or what will replace him, the chances seem very bright that the Rhodesian ideal will be allowed to re-flourish in that land between the Zambezi and the Limpopo before too long. There will bound to be a new wave of younger British pioneer-types journeying out to the newly-liberated land, but many of us believe that it is vitally important that the original Rhodesian spirit and culture should never be neglected.

All those with Rhodesian roots should therefore continue to take great pride and interest in their history and their traditions, and if the term "WhenWe" is used at all then it should be used as a badge of pride!



The 2005 AGM of the Springbok Club took place at the end of January, and proved to be a most happy and successful event.

Reports were delivered the Treasurer, the Organiser and the Branch Development Officer of the organisation (copies of the first two of which can be obtained upon request), and were all enthusiastically received.

Mr. Sean Pearson took the Chair for the election of officers for 2005, and the following people were unanimously elected to office :-

Chairman : Raymond Simpson
Deputy Chairman : Dermot Kendal
Secretary : Daniel Wilkinson
Treasurer : Allan Robertson
Organiser : Alan Harvey
Branch Development Officer : David Williams
Liaison Officer : Bill Binding

In addition the following two ex-officio (i.e. not on the Executive Committee) officials were elected unanimously :-

Official Translator : Ryan Kriste
Overseas Liaison Officer : Robert Shipley

As there were no items tabled for debate, and there being no further official business, the meeting concluded with an illustrated report-back by three of the four Springbok Club members who formed the official delegation to Gibraltar in October of last year, which again seemed enthusiastically received by all.

It was also most pleasing to be able to welcome Mr. Dennis Delderfield of "New Britain" to this event. Mr. Delderfield gave details of a joint Australia/New Zealand Day celebration event which the party was organising at the end of the month, which a number of Springbok Club members subsequently supported. Mr. Delderfield and "New Britain" are certainly to be highly congratulated upon their ongoing efforts to maintain and strengthen solidarity among our kith and kin around the world by activities such as this.



Details of the next Springbok Club meeting are as follows:-

Date : Friday 25th February 2005

Time : 19.00 hrs for 19.30 hrs.

Venue : The MORPETH ARMS (the upstairs Function Room), 58 Millbank, Westminster, London SW1 (close to the Tate Gallery and Vauxhall Bridge. Nearest tube station : Pimlico).

Guest Speaker : Mr. TONY WALLER

Tony Waller was an early member of the Springbok Club, and is currently the Treasurer of the London Swinton Circle, as well as being an active member of the Kent Branch of Rhodesians Worldwide. In late January and early February he visited New Zealand, where he made a number of interesting contacts, including with Mr. Mike Clements and other leading officials of the SANZ (South Africans of New Zealand) organisation, and with Ms. Brigitte Theuma of the Rhodesian expatriate "Kamina Kawena" movement. At this meeting he will be giving a "report-back" on his experiences and contacts in New Zealand.



The London Branch of the Springbok Club are planning a trip to the University Boat Race on Sunday 27th March, which will be followed by their Spring Braai. Full details will be announced in next month's SCN.

The Springbok Club's trip to the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum in Bristol has now been finalised for Sunday 10th April. Again fuller details will be given in future editions of the SCN.

On Tuesday 26th April Mr. Philip Benwell MBE, the Chairman of the Australian Monarchist Association, will be addressing a joint meeting to be staged by the Springbok Club and London Swinton Circle at The Crypt, Orange Street Congregational Church, London WC1 (opposite the entrance to the National Gallery), commencing at 19.00 hrs. Mr. Benwell, a staunch advocate of solidarity among our kith and kin around the globe, has proved to be a very popular speaker in the past, and we hope and anticipate that this meeting will be the most successful yet.



The Northern Ireland Branch of the Springbok Club will be holding their 2005 AGM later this month, the details of which are as follows :-

Date : Saturday 26th February

Time : 12 Noon for light refreshments, followed by the meeting itself to commence at 13.00 hrs.

Venue : The Burnside Orange Hall, Burnside, Co. Antrim.

Guest Speaker : Mr. Chris Richards, the Assistant to the General Secretary of the Bedford-based Protestant Alliance. Mr. Richards is a brilliant patriot, speaker and historian, and his speech will be on the theme of "The Act of Settlement".



A small party of Springbok Club members attended the recent match between Saracens and The Cats (a Super-12 amalgamated side consisting of players from the Transvaal, the OFS and South-Eastern Transvaal) at Vicarage Road, Watford. Alas the short-notice confirmation of the date of this match meant that the party was not as large as had been hoped, but even so all those who did turn up had a most enjoyable evening. The Cats eventually won the match 26-41, and several good new contacts were established as a result - not least with Sarrie the Camel! We would therefore like to thanks the officials from Saracens for their great friendship in inviting us to this game, and trust that in future years (it is anticipated that this will be an annual fixtures, probably earlier during the season) we will be able to organise a far larger party.



The latest London Swinton Circle meeting, which was addressed by Prof. David Marsland, proved to be a most inspirational event, with a spontaneous standing ovation being forthcoming at the conclusion of his brilliant address. Prof. Marsland spoke on the theme of "Towards a realistic Foreign Policy: British interests, British values - Britain First!", and, inter alia, emphasised why Britain should not only have provided troops as a back-up for the offensive against the terrorists in Fallujah, but should also have volunteered our best regiments to take part in the front-line of the attack.

The details of the next London Swinton Circle meeting are as follows :-

Date : Tuesday 22nd February

Time : 18.45 hrs for 19.00 hrs.

Venue : The Clarence (The Parliament Room), 53 Whitehall, London SW1

Guest Speaker : Mr. John Gardner, Director of the British Weights and Measures Association. The theme of his talk will be "Weights and Measures - Britain's way ahead".



A supporter from Northern Ireland has recently sent us a most informative article from the "British Medical Journal" about the current health situation in the "new" South Africa. We re-produce it below with minimal comment :-

"South Africa became a representative democracy [sic] on 7 April 1994, the historic day when citizens of every colour and persuasion flocked to the polls to elect the first unitary non-racial government. The new government inherited 14 independent health departments: one for each of the 10 Black homelands; one each for the White, Coloured and Asian communities; and one for Black Africans living and working in White South Africa.

"Chief among the priorities of the new government was to merge these separate bureaucracies and operational systems to create a single, deracialised national health system, something the rulers were able to achieve with remarkable success.

"The South African Bill of Rights, one of the most comprehensive in the world, declares that 'everyone has the right to have access to health care services.' Accordingly, access and equity constitute the cornerstones of the government's new health policy, with primary care at centre stage. To achieve this goal, funding has been redistributed between and within provinces, and from tertiary to primary care, bringing health care closer, particularly to rural poor South Africans. Ironically, the reallocation has virtually decimated academic hospitals and accelerated the flight of academic staff from the public service.

"Has the health of the people improved in the decade since so-called democracy? Not according to the health indicators, such as maternal, infant, and perinatal mortality; child nutrition; tuberculosis prevalence, and life expectancy. In certain instances the reverse is evident. Unemployment and poverty (identified by WHO as the foremost threat to health) have increased, and while the proportion of economically successful Black South Africans has grown, the gap between the haves and the have-nots has widened. HIV/AIDS has worsened (something for which the government is taking a lot of knocks) and is largely responsible for the regression in health indices such as infant and child mortality, tuberculosis and life expectancy.

"Until and unless South Africa is able to deal with the twin evils of poverty and HIV/AIDS, the future of the health of the people will remain bleak, and the newly won democracy [sic] will seem like a pyrrhic victory in so far as people's health is concerned."



In the March 2003 edition of the SCN we exposed the totally phoney nature of the ANC-front "Homecoming Revolution" outfit. A supporter still based in South Africa, Magnus Williams, has recently forwarded us some further information about this insidious "service", which we reproduce below :-

"I wish to bring to your attention urgently a group of rather misguided individuals based in South Africa. They are totally free to express their thoughts and to formulate the type of plans contained on their web-site at www.homecomingrevolution.co.za. Please take a close look at this devious propaganda web-site. I am so angry and disturbed by this blatant attempt to deceive that I am calling on all to write back to me urgently to discuss a way forward. You must make use of your mailing list to send out an urgent message to all to be very careful of this organisation and its devious message. Please, please, please don't let this get away from your attention. We must act. They are free to express their views, and so must we. I have copied a letter that I wrote to them this morning. Urgent action is needed on this one."

Best regards

Magnus Williams (bigbang@saol.com)


"Hello home/revolutionaries

"I have taken the time to visit your web-site and find it to be one of the most disturbing examples of propaganda to flow out of your country in a long time.

"Surely you cannot be serious - surely you are only trying to toady up to your political paymasters? I see that you all have successful business interests/careers in the "new" South Africa. Is this not the motivation for embarking on such a distorted campaign? I suspect it is, but know that you will disagree.

"Congratulations on volunteering to do the propaganda work of this miserable Black Nationalist racist one-party state. Like you I believe passionately in the potential of this beautiful country that we all know as South Africa. However a dark cloud has descended upon our homeland. Now the farce that we are a democratic, open and fair country is generally acknowledged around the world to be just that - a very sorry farce. This country is going through a revolution at present. I do respect you right to hold the views that you do and would actually fight to uphold those rights to free speech and thoughts even though I personally do not support most of what your organization is trying to achieve. This country has lost more talented educated hardworking White people than even your organization would probably acknowledge. I have travelled and worked in a number of European and American cities. I am currently residing temporary in South Africa while settling the last of my business interests here. Why? – because the revolution that I referred to above is not in my imagination. Let me take you back to the 1980s. We studied a subject called 'Know your enemy'. I am sure you are aware that a major function of our cross-border raids on the ANC and its allies was to gather intelligence and bring it home for analysis. It was standard procedure first to secure the target area [details of which I will not elaborate on here] then certain members were tasked with removing computer hard-drives. All propaganda material was then systematically gathered and packed back to South Africa. There was nothing that was left behind. All books, posters, diaries, phone books etc were bought back to our South African bases. To make a long story short, it was all thoroughly analyzed and from this we were able to piece together a lot of the enemy policies and plans for our beloved country. I am not telling you anything new here, simply telling you that my beliefs and my understanding of where this beautiful country is heading are not the conclusions of some uninformed bigot. I am educated, well travelled and have quite a balanced political outlook. The revolution I referred to above has undergone a few name changes, but has now apparently returned to the original terminology used to describe it in the 80s. The 'national democratic' revolution is currently underway. This is the second stage of the overall revolution that was designed in collaboration with some of the ANC's oldest and brightest minds. This does not make the outcome of these devious two-faced policies fair or acceptable. The 'national democratic' revolution is designed to consolidate power with the Black elite. This is the makings of the one-party state where even the moderate Black will one day wake up like in Zimbabwe today and realize that the country is only democratic until you try to change the government. This revolution is designed to lull the average citizen both Black and White into believing that all is well and the massive social changes underway are really for the good of all. If your government cares so deeply about human rights why has it done nothing to save the lives of the White Rhodesian farmers, or for that matter its own Afrikaner farmers who are murdered as if in a war-zone? The reason is that this can only be a part of their policy to remove us – the doers - the people who get things started and working from this land. It is genocide with a nod from the official powers because they are not bothered by this sort of human suffering. A large number of the people you and your misguided organization are going to try to tempt back actually wanted the so-called 'new' South Africa to work because they believe in free democratic values. The reality is that this is Africa and it is for the Africans - Black Africans. Whites have no real future here for the next 100 years or so. After this time they will be welcomed back to the wasteland by the handful of survivors who will have realized by then that we are the ones who have made Africa work and pay dividends, when we leave things fall apart and then generally collapse. Look to the rest of this continent – it is a wasteland of misery and dereliction. Why? Because the White man has been driven out. The same thing is happening here. If the exchange control regulations were all scrapped tomorrow how much capital do you think would stay here? Not very much. I have actually read international reports that state that the capital flight from South Africa would cause a temporary glitch on the international currency markets. Tell that to all your 'homecoming' friends! I cannot see why any sane person would swap their secure future overseas to come back and become a part of a Black nationalist social engineering experiment. Get real, everyone I know who has left South Africa has fond memories of the countryside, but not of its chaotic mobs. The expat community will soon be greater in number that the population left here. Why? Because White people expect to live in a clean, crime-free democratic country, and South Africa will never be able to offer this to us again because it has passed into a twilight zone where dreams are plentiful but reality tells a different story. The South African Diaspora has spread around the world. These courageous people have made new lives in countries that appreciate their efforts and endeavours. It is too late to talk about them as if they are somehow the property of your South Africa. When a person leaves a country to make a new life they have made many hard and often painful decisions. You should rather show some respect for these decisions instead of insinuating that they are wrong and that everything is back to normal in Africa. Even better you should rather try to network with these clever former South Africans who might be able to offer you advice that will ultimately save your own lives."

Yours sincerely,

Magnus Williams



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FLAGS etc.

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Trisha Jackson was born and grew up in Rhodesia. She immigrated to the USA with her husband and three children in 1990. She and her husband live in a unique, rural community in the Tonto National Forest in the eastern mountains of Arizona.

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"THE GREAT SOUTH AFRICAN LAND SCANDAL" by Dr. Philip du Toit is a vital piece of work. South Africa can do without many things, but it cannot survive without its farmers. Thirty-five thousand commercial farmers feed 45 million people. Read what has happened to many productive farms which have already been handed over under the government's restitution and redistribution programmes.

It is available priced R150.00 in South Africa from: Jack Loggenberg, TLU/TAU, P.O.Box 91251, Silverton, Pretoria, 0127, Transvaal, South Africa (payments to "TLU/TAU"), or priced £9.95 (+ 15% p.& p.) in the UK from: The Springbok Club, BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX (payments to "The Springbok Club").



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The compelling story of what really happened in a defeated Japan following the end of World War II. Merchant seaman James Mackay, whilst travelling in the east, started to hear stories of massacres and other atrocities committed by Japanese forces, not just against enemy troops, but against innocent civilian populations. His subsequent investigations revealed reluctance amongst Allied governments to discuss these incidents that seemed to amount almost to a cover-up. Why would the Allies want to overlook the crimes of a former enemy, especially when the leadership of another former enemy was being liquidated at Nuremburg? Using his own research, as well as material prepared by Australian Army war crimes investigator Capt. J.G. Goodwin, Mackay exposes the cover-up and names the guilty. Not only were the Japanese keen to sweep the past under the carpet, but the US government of the time also had its own reasons for preserving the political and industrial elite in Japan. A provocative book, which calls into question the morality of US policy towards Japan after WWII.

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"THE BLIGHT OF BLAIRISM" by Francis Bennion is a devastating indictment of the "new" Labour administration. For more details about the book visit: www.francisbennion.com


"KING'S GOLD" by Glenn Macaskill, a former member of the Rhodesian BSA Police, is an adventure novel set in Zimbabwe and South Africa in 1983 and 2000, involving espionage against Mugabe's regime and the exciting quest to unravel the secret of an ancient priceless relic. Considerable historical research makes the work informative and entertaining and current sales show interest by all Southern Africans. Sells at £9.95 plus registered p&p. Contact Glenn at mjmac@mweb.co.za or order on-line at: www.geocities.com/goldking992000/index.html



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The Battle of Britain memorial is being set up by a group, headed by Lord Tebbit, that wants to put up a memorial to all those who lost their lives in the Battle of Britain. It will be opened by H.M The Queen on the Embankment, and will list the names of large donors. It is shocking to learn that there was previously no memorial to this great event. The memorial will list the names and nationalities of those who gave their lives, and will recognise the sacrifice of Rhodesians and South Africans who died to keep these islands free. Help spread the word to all associate groups you may be in contact with, as the memorial is also there for Aussies and Kiwis and all the others members of the large Imperial family. People who wish to donate something should make the cheque out to 'Battle of Britain Memorial' and send it to Lord Tebbit at the House of Lords, London, SW1A 0AA.



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Although we believed that we had secured sufficient financial backing to publish S.A.Patriot-in-Exile again (edition No.36) some months ago, this alas proved to be a "false dawn". Happily, however, it does now appear that sufficient funds will be forthcoming shortly, and as a result the initial stages of production of issue No.36 have now begun.

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New Zealand is looking for 27,000 immigrants by June 2005! Unemployment is at an all-time low and the country is booming - and there's a very strong preference towards folks from Southern Africa. They are well respected, professionally and socially. They make good immigrants and bring new energy to this small but wonderful country.

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No.75 : Mr. VIC LONG of Cape Town.

Vic Long was born and brought up in Johannesburg, but subsequently moved to Durban where his brother Ken ran a highly successful insurance business. A lifelong sports fanatic, he followed the 1969/70 Springbok rugby tourists around the UK, and played hockey for Durban Collegians until enjoying veteran status. His domestic life was alas not so happy, and his long-standing romance with Lorraine Fitzgerald ended sadly during the early 1980s. He then moved to Cape Town with another lady friend, but this relationship also unfortunately quickly foundered, before he eventually married a Cape Town woman in the mid 1980s. Alas all contact with him then seemed to cease, and it is not known what became of him after this. Any information about his current whereabouts would be most appreciated.



An excellent web-site which has recently been recommended to us is run by the S.A.Magte/S.A.Forces Club, which is dedicated to all members of the SADF who died in the Border War. It is well worth visiting in order to listen to the South African National Anthem if for no other reason! It can be accessed at :-






Well done on the progress of the Springbok Club.

Ultimately true value wins, and losers like [Francis] Andrew and [Arthur] Kemp are simply barking dogs with no teeth - mere distractions that should be scraped off from one's shoe while you move on, undaunted, to greater and greater accomplishments.

I admire your persistence and pluck.

Yours etc.,

Robin Elliott, Vancouver, Canada (www.DollarMakers.com)




I personally know one of Escom's top managers who has told me [and this can be checked out on the web], that by 2007 the electricity utility will have problems supplying the demand.

Yours etc.,

Trevor Peterson, Cape Town


Finally, if you would prefer to be deleted from our SCN circulation list then simply e-mail us with the word "unsubscribe". Alternatively, if you liked this SCN and think more of your friends would like to receive copies then please let us know their e-mail addresses!

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