Thursday, 14 February 2002

February 2002 Edition.


February 2002 edition

We, along with all other supporters of Western values and civilisation around the world, were delighted when George W. Bush was elected the 43rd President of the United States in November 2000, and had high hopes that he would prove to be an able leader of the West.

Events since the September 11th atrocities have shown that these hopes were not ill-founded - and indeed he has exceeded even our highest expectations. In the immediate aftermath of the terrorist outrages he demonstrated calm but resolute leadership, and the subsequent Western military action against al-Qa'eda terrorist bases in Afghanistan proved speedy, professional and decisive - indeed the entire campaign was completed far quicker and with far less loss of innocent lives than any international pundit ever dared prophesy.

George W. Bush's first State of the Union address to the U.S. Congress was no less courageous than his strong and statesmanlike leadership in battle, for he was not afraid to confront the "politically correct brigade" head-on. By daring to name three rogue states threatening peace in the international arena - Iraq, Iran and the People's Republic of Korea - he demonstrated political bravery which few of his predecessors possessed. He has certainly done a great service to the entire Western world by exposing and highlighting the Axis of Evil which threatens us all.

Our only disagreement with President Bush is that he didn't go far enough in naming those bandit states which comprise the Axis of Evil. Why, for example, did he not mention Libya, a terrorist-supporting nation which his illustrious predecessor Ronald Reagan took firm and effective action against during the 1980s.

But it is the countries of Southern Africa rather than Northern Africa which most concern us. It is not just that the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe and the ANC regime in South Africa are corrupt and tyrannical - they are also clearly aligned to those states already identified as being part of the Axis of Evil. Mugabe employed the North Koreans to train his infamous 5th Brigade which massacred the Matabele people during the 1980s, and he is now Gaddafi's closest ally (10,000 "Zimbabwean" passports have been issued to Libyans, at least a dozen Libyan training camps have been established around Zimbabwe, and hundreds of Gaddafi's elite troops now act as bodyguards for Mugabe and his henchmen). The former ANC leader in South Africa, Mandela, was also an extremely close personal friend of Gaddafi, and the present ANC leader, Mbeki, sent his foreign minister, somebody called Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, to Tehran on February 4th to cement Iranian/South African economic relations, after which a joint statement was issued condemning the U.S. War against Terrorism.

It is essential for the Axis of Evil to be smashed in order for the world to be a safer and more secure place. But this doesn't just mean overthrowing despots like Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi - their allies and fellow-terrorists in control of Zimbabwe and South Africa must also be removed from power.



The 2002 AGM of the Springbok Club successfully took place at the end of January, expertly chaired by Mr. David Wedgwood. Both the Treasurer and the Organiser submitted their reports for 2001, copies of which are available on request. After this the Executive Committee for 2002 was elected, the results of which were as follows:-

Chairman : Peter Fisher
Vice-Chairman : Allan Robertson
Organiser/Secretary : Alan Harvey
Treasurer : David Williams
Branch Liaison Officer : Bill Morgan
Official Translator : Ryan Kriste

Unfortunately flu prevented Peter Fisher from attending this meeting, so after the official business side of proceedings was concluded Allan Robertson gave a most interesting talk about our links and connections with other like-minded organisations. We are most grateful therefore to both David Wedgwood and Allan Robertson for their help in making this first national meeting of 2002 a success.

[Alas it was reported that the Springbok Club made a small but worrying financial loss during 2001. We would like to be able to clear this debt as soon as possible so that it will not hamper the movement's progress. All donations to help in this regard should be made payable to "Patriotic Press" and forwarded to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, U.K.]



The Springbok Club's February meeting will feature the postponed "report-back" by our Chairman, Peter Fisher, on his experiences during his recent visit to South Africa. This promises to be a most enthralling and eye-opening talk, and we hope that as many of our supporters as possible will be able to attend. The details of this meeting are as follows:-

Date : Thursday 21st February 2002

Time : 19.15 hrs for 19.45 hrs

Venue : The Morpeth Arms (the upstairs function room), 58 Millbank, Westminster, London SW1 (close to Vauxhall Bridge and the Tate Gallery - nearest tube: Pimlico)



The Hampshire Branch of the Springbok Club has now arranged their next meeting, the details of which are as follows:-

Date : Saturday 2nd March 2002

Time : 16.00 hrs onwards

Venue : The Dove public house, Micheldever (this venue is situated adjacent to Micheldever railway station, which is halfway between Winchester and Basingstoke).

Buffet refreshments will be provided at this gathering, and it is hoped that all supporters from Hampshire and the neighbouring counties will be able to attend.



The next Zimbabwe Human Rights Protest, which will mark the 2nd anniversary of the farm invasions, will take place outside the Zimbabwe High Commission, 429 The Strand, London WC2 (nearest tube stations: Charing Cross and Embankment) on Saturday 16th February 2002, from 11.00 hrs to 14.00 hrs.

This will be the last protest prior to important forthcoming presidental elections in Zimbabwe. The normal line up of speakers is planned, hopefully with the testimony of an ex-guerrilla, and a Piper, drums and much more.



The London Swinton Circle's latest meeting, which was addressed by Lord Monson, proved a very successful and well-attended event. Lord Monson, who is President of the Society for Individual Freedom, gave a most informative talk under the theme of "Threats to our Civil Liberties from current Government legilsation" in which he outlined in particular the threats posed by the introduction of the European Arrest Warrant and the sell-out of Ulster.

The London Swinton Circle's next meeting will take place on Thursday 14th March 2002, commencing at 19.00 hrs, at the Morpeth Arms. The speaker will be Mr. Vivian Linacre of the British Weights and Measures Association, and the subject of his talk will be "Metrication by Stealth".



The "Biltong Team" have developed and are manufacturing a Home Biltong Maker. It is a wonderous piece of equipment that allows you to make your own fresh biltong in the comfort of your own home. It's easy to use (available in both 110 and 220 volt models), economical, and pays for itself in a couple of batches of biltong. The Home Biltong Maker has been received with much enthusiasm by ex-South Africans around the world in such countries as the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

To find out more information visit the Home Biltong Maker web-site at:-



Glenn Dickinson writes from Port Elizabeth as follows:-

"My family and I have started the immigration process [to the UK], and once all the visa documentation is complete we will be on our way. We will be allowed indefinite residency and will be allowed to work by way of our visa.

"Finding work is of course is one of the most important aspects of this move, and to this end I am seeking assistance by way of information, contacts, web sites and the like. I have over 20 years experience in the motor industry."

If anyone can help Glenn in this respect they should contact him direct at:



Heidi Mulder writes from Nice with the following request:-

"I would like to know the name/contact of someone who can give me information on how to go about installing/connecting my South-African DSTV/Mnet to my home in Nice (France). Can you assist, please?"

If anyone can help Heidi in this regard they should contact her direct at: sankey@EUREX.CO.ZA



COVOS BOOKS of South Africa are specialist publishers of Africana, and offer a wide range of most interesting and illuminating books which will appeal to many of our supporters. Amongst the new titles which they stock are:-

The story of the South African Special Forces ("The Recces"), from inception in the 1960s to disbandment in 1993. A unique account of one of South Africa's premier units, masters in the art of reconnaissance and clandestine warfare. Pro rata, the most decorated unit during the wars in Angola and SWA. Includes a free copy of Lourens Fourie's music CD "The Recces". Softback, 222x152mm, 328 pages, 252 b/w photographs plus maps. R140.00.

FIREFORCE - One man's war in the Rhodesian Light Infantry, by Chris Cocks. Hard cover with dust jacket, 228 x 155 mm., 368 pages, 120 black and white and colour photos, plus maps and sketches. Widely acclaimed as the classic account of counter-insurgency warfare in Africa. Includes the RLI roll of honour, citations and operational orders. Price R185.00.

COVOS BOOKS can be contacted at : P.O.Box 6996, Weltevredenpark, Transvaal, 1715, South Africa. Tel.: +2711-4769926, fax.: +2711-4769927, e-mail :

We are happy to be able to confirm that the Springbok Club can now supply copies of "We Fear Naught but God", price £15.00, and "Fireforce", price £22.50. All payments should be made payable to "Patriotic Press", and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK. (Please add 20% for p.& p.).



Biltong Brother produces top quality, handcrafted biltong. 100% British beef is used, no artificial flavourings or preservatives.

There are 5 types, Traditional, Garlic, Pepper, Hot & Spicy and Ostrich.

We pride ourselves on our fine quality and friendly and efficient service.

For your 'taste of Africa' visit the Biltong Brother web-site at:-

There will be 10% off for any orders in February connected to the Springbok Club.



No.40 : Mr. A.D. "HANS" WAGNER of Queensborough.

Although he was born in and originated from East Prussia in Germany, Hans Wagner lived most of his life in Natal. He worked on the tugs in Durban Harbour, was married to Hannah, and had two sons, one at least of whom was known to have moved to Germany. He was an active supporter of many patriotic organisations in South Africa, dating back to his dedicated support for the "Save Rhodesia Campaign" during the late 1970s. He was also a loyal member of his local Lutheran Church. A constantly happy, enthusiastic and reliable friend, we would be very keen to make contact with him again, regardless of whether he is still living in Natal or has moved back to Germany.



A highly interesting and comprehensive "Afrikaans Worldwide" web-site has been established by Francois Bierman in Australia. Although this is primarily written in Afrikaans there is also an easily accessible English version. This web-site can be found at:-





Whilst things certainly are bleak politically and socially, nature has her ways of balancing the scales, as the Zimbabweans are now finding out with their food crisis. Zimbabwe was the name of a pile of ruins, and I believe the naming was prophetic. I do believe that if Whites take care of our own business, step aside and don't interfere nature will soon be rectifying a situation that, if we are honest we must say Whites have had a large deal to do with creating. This is still a huge, beautiful country with breathtaking scenery, wonderful weather and unbelievable potential and riches. Once nature has made her adjustments, and Whites learn to stop interfering all the time, this will once again be the country we once knew and loved.

Whilst many despair at the changes that have taken place in the last ten years, so it appears it will soon change again. Just a comment on the death rates here in Africa.
A survey of the pre-natal clinics here in South Africa found about 20% of the mothers HIV positive, and the average UN figures quoted for other southern African countries, e.g. Botswana, Zimbabwe etc., indicate HIV figures of 20-25% of their adult populations. With no health services nor social care infrastructure we can safely assume as many children will share their parents fate. Out of a population of some 700 million in sub-Saharan Africa if these figures are both true and the norm we can extrapolate the HIV death related figures to be in the region of 150 million on the continent in the next 10 years. This does not take into account TB, malaria, tsetse fly, yellow fever etc. and the constant genocides. Bubonic plague has broken out in Zambia and Ebola in Uganda. Burial day here in South Africa is traditionally Saturday, but has now been extended to Tuesday and Thursday to cope with the demand.

The TB hospitals run by SANTA here are turning TB patients away to be treated at home as they are full. Baragwanath, one of the largest general hospitals in the southern hemisphere, advise some 60% of their patients are HIV positive. Soon the wagons may once again be creaking as we head off north into territory devoid of human life.

Yours etc.,

Jonathan, Pretoria




What I can't understand is that if you look back in history fixed exchange rates have always brought economies crashing down. Doesn't the rest of Europe see this?

Argentine, is witness to it all!

Completely mad!

Yours etc.,

Peter Ward, New York, U.S.A.




Sally Donaldson, the "Sweetheart of the Rhodesian Forces", died on January 14th 2002. She went into hospital in Harare (Salisbury) for a throat biopsy on January 11th and had undergone an operation. She was 57 years old and leaves a son and daughter still living in Zimbabwe.

Sally was a highly attractive and popular RTV presenter and news-reader throughout the 1970s, and not for nothing did she become known as the "Rhodesian Forces Sweetheart", as her Saturday morning forces request programme on radio was compulsive listening throughout Rhodesia. Alas her latter years seemed full of sadness, and for unknown reasons she decided to remain in "Zimbabwe" even after the ZANU-PF terrorists came to power, a mistake which apparently led to her untimely death as the health service in that beleagured land has now apparently descended to third world standards.

Our thoughts and sympathies go out to her family at this distressing time.



The actor Stratford Johns, who died in January, was born and bred in Pietermaritzburg and became best known for his role as Detective Inspector Barlow in the BBC "Z-Cars" and "Softly-Softly" series.

During the 1960s and 1970s, when most members of the thespian profession timidly eschewed all contact with South Africa, Stratford Johns was not afraid to show his active support for the country of his birth, and he wrote several articles in support of South Africa which appeared in the Daily Express. At a time when the left-wing dominated Equity trade union held great sway in his profession this was an act of considerable courage.



The former England and West Bromwich Albion footballer Jeff Astle, who sadly died last month, may seem an unlikely person to be remembered in these columns. In 1970, however, when pro-communist trouble-makers such as the despicable Peter Hain were trying to stop friendly tours of the UK by South African sporting teams, a group of patriotic British sportsmen was formed who campaigned for these tours to go ahead. There were considerable numbers of famous players from sports traditionally associated with South Africa, such as rugby and cricket, who lent their names to this campaign, but alas very few British soccer personalities were brave enough to give their open support. One was the great former Manchester City manager Joe Mercer - another was Jeff Astle.



Sadly we must report that Springbok Club stalwart Sydney "Syd" Sales from Buckinghamshire also died last month, aged 63. Born in Surrey he served in the RAF in both Hong Kong and Cyprus, rising to the rank of sergeant in the RAF Regiment. After he left the service he worked as a senior clerk in the Inland Revenue, but he never lost his instinctive patriotism, and became an active member of a number of British patriotic organisations. His time in Hong Kong and Cyprus seemed to install a greater Imperial patriotism in him however, and he therefore became very interested in the work of the Springbok Club. He was very enthusiastic about the formation of the Chilterns Branch of the Springbok Club, but alas failing health prevented him from attending the inaugural meeting last year. It is hoped therefore that other supporters in the Chilterns area will carry on the work of this branch in his memory.


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