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November 2013 Edition.


November 2013 edition

A recent development in the Republic of Ireland has received little coverage in the outside world. This was an attempt by the Fine Gael/Labour coalition government to abolish the Upper House of the Irish Parliament, the Senate (Seanad Éireann). Although this proposal had the clear support of most members of both parties in the coalition government, as well as the support of a number of smaller parties, it was defeated in a subsequent national referendum – albeit only by the very slender majority of 51.7% to 48.3%.

We have of course for long argued that Irish “independence” was not only undesirable but was also impractical, and the headlong rush by successive RoI governments into first the EU and then the Euro currency in order to try to reduce the natural links with the rest of the British Isles – with all the disastrous economic and social results which this has produced – only confirms the accuracy of this argument of ours. To us therefore the idea of abolishing the Seanad Éireann would seem to be the ideal “first step” prior to the eventual abolition of the House of Representatives (Dáil Éireann) a generation or so later (once the ideology of Irish Nationalism has declined even further in popularity), so that MPs from the whole of the island of Ireland can once again resume their place where they belong – Westminster.

As we have observed in the past, there have been an increasing number of examples of how the idea of Irish “independence” has been increasingly rejected by the younger generation of those from the 26 lost counties, following 91 years of failure after failure. This is not only because of the endemic corruption of particularly Fianna Fáil politicians and the economic catastrophe caused by rejecting Sterling and joining the Euro zone, but also because of the massive and totally evil sex scandals which have engulfed the once dominant Roman Catholic priestly class. One of the most fundamental outcomes resulting from the RoI’s economic disaster has been the phenomenally high percentage of youngsters who have been forced to leave the 26 counties in order to find employment and a decent career-path – yet where do the majority of these members of the younger generation head, but to other parts of the British Isles! Surely there is no clearer example of the increasing rejection of the ideology of Irish Nationalism than this!

Another most welcome recent development has been the adoption of the Irish sporting anthem “Ireland’s Call” to be played when united Irish teams participate, such as in Rugby (both codes), Cricket and Hockey. Although some of the lyrics in this anthem may not be ideal for Unionists, it has however been almost universally accepted as a compromise by most people in both parts of Ireland. Why therefore, we wonder, does the sectarian and offensive “Soldier’s Song” continue to be played at the Arriva Stadium prior to Ireland’s Rugby Union internationals as well as “Ireland’s Call”? If the authorities insist upon “The Soldier’s Song” being played there then may we suggest that “The Sash” is also played!!!



Details of this year’s Springbok Club’s UDI Day celebration event are as follows :-

Date : Saturday 23rd November 2013

Times : Assemble from 12.30 hrs onwards, main meeting to commence at 14.30 hrs.

Venue : THE TWO CHAIRMEN (the upstairs function room), 1 Warwick House Street, Trafalgar Square, London SW1Y 5AT. (Warwick House Street is a turning off Cockspur Street, which itself leads into Trafalgar Square. Nearest tube station: Charing Cross, from where follow the signs to Cockspur Street. Warwick House Street is just a couple of hundred yards away on the left hand side after emerging from the underground.)

Guest of Honour : Mr. TONY MORKEL

Tony Morkel was born into a Pioneering Colonial Rhodesian family and enjoyed a typical Rhodesian lifestyle. He was educated at St. Andrew’s College in Grahamstown, South Africa and attended the School of Infantry in Gwelo. He has a Diploma in Business Management and Economics and qualified as a pilot in Salisbury and with the Durban Aviation College at Virginia Airport. As was the case with all Rhodesians he served with pride and commitment during the Terrorist War, but at the same time continued farming and entrepreneurial activities. After the Terrorist War he became a divisional CEO of the second largest enterprise quoted on the Zimbabwe stock exchange – The Nedlaw Group of Companies. His entrepreneurial spirit flourished as he created and owned several businesses in Zimbabwe, including furniture manufacture, catering, building and agricultural consultancy.

Together with his wife and their four adult children they relocated to the UK in June 2000 which provided an amazing “second opportunity” to life, as he created and developed his own publishing business, Sable Publishing House. Based in Somerset, they publish books not only on Rhodesiana but also history (particularly local history), medical, scientific and other academic subjects, politics, Christianity and theology.

He was an accomplished Athlete, Squash and Lawn Tennis player in his younger days, and won the Men’s Singles Lawn Tennis title in the Farmer’s League of Malawi whilst briefly based in that country and, together with his wife Alida, also won the Mixed Doubles title. They have four children and four grandchildren who all live within a cycle ride of each other near Wellington in Somerset.

For this event it has been arranged that all attendees should order and pay for their meals individually. The Two Chairmen offers a wide selection of high standard food, and a copy of their menu will be forwarded upon request. Although actual selections may be made upon arrival (food will be served at approximately 13.30 hrs), it would help preparations if choices could be made beforehand either by e-mailing or by ‘phoning: 07711188430.



In December the Springbok Club will hold its annual Day of the Vow commemoration which will be addressed by a leading campaigner for Afrikaner rights in Europe, and in January 2014 the Springbok Club will hold its 2014 AGM. Full details about both these events will be given in future editions of the SCN.



The 2013 AGM of the Swinton Circle took place in central London last month. This proved to be a most successful event, with a full Executive Committee for the forthcoming year being elected, including one new member and a re-structuring of the positions held. The motion was also passed that next year the Swinton Circle would start campaigning for the inauguration of a Winter Commonwealth Games. After the business side of the meeting was concluded Mr. Roger Alsop, the acclaimed artist, gave a highly informative talk about the threat posed to the West by expansionist Islam, a subject which he has studied in depth, and this was followed by a very constructive questions-and-answers session.


The Swinton Circle was most honoured to be invited to provide a speaker to oppose the motion “This House believes that the Death Penalty has no place in the Rule of Law” in a debate which was staged by the prestigious Trinity College Philosophical Society at Dublin University last month. By a majority vote the Executive Committee of the Swinton Circle selected the organisation’s then Chairman (now Organiser) Alan Harvey to represent them in this debate. Although, as was undoubtedly anticipated in such a “politically correct” student society, the motion was carried by a substantial majority, it even so proved a very influential platform for the Swinton Circle to advance one of its main policy stances, and furthermore confirmed the growing international reputation and recognition which the Swinton Circle enjoys. Several good new contacts were established with students at Trinity College Dublin as a result of this debate, and we would like to thank not only those who also spoke with us in opposition to the motion, but also our two worthy high-profile opponents Noeline Blackwell and Senator Ivana Bacik, as well as the members of the Trinity College Philosophical Society Committee, all of who – notwithstanding mainly taking an opposite stance in the debate – extended great friendship and hospitality to the Swinton Circle’s representative. This debate was recorded and we understand will be placed on YouTube shortly. The precise details of this will be given in a future edition of the SCN once downloaded.


Later during November the Swinton Circle will be holding a special meeting under the theme of “Keep the United Kingdom United” in order to celebrate St.Andrew’s Day. The details of this event are as follows :-

Date : Friday 29th November 2013

Time : Assemble from 18.30 hrs onwards. Meeting to commence at 19.00 hrs.

Venue : THE TWO CHAIRMEN (the upstairs function room), 1 Warwick House Street, Trafalgar Square, London SW1Y 5AT. (Warwick House Street is a turning off Cockspur Street, which itself leads into Trafalgar Square. Nearest tube station: Charing Cross, from where follow the signs to Cockspur Street. Warwick House Street is just a couple of hundred yards away on the left hand side after emerging from the underground.)

[ N.B. This is not the same venue where the Swinton Circle held its AGM.]

Guest Speaker : Mr. DENNIS DELDERFIELD, the National Chairman of New Britain.

As well as Mr. Delderfield giving a talk about why it is so important to work towards an overwhelming “No” Vote in next year’s Scottish Constitutional Referendum, the Swinton Circle’s Organiser Alan Harvey will also be giving a “report-back” on his recent participation in the debate on the Death Penalty at Trinity College Dublin at this event.


We would like to congratulate former Swinton Circle Executive Committee member James Lockwood on his excellent performance on BBC TV’s Mastermind programme, where he chose as his specialist subject the life and career of that great Unionist politician and British patriot Sir Edward Carson. We believe that there is still a good chance that James Lockwood will reach the runners-up play-off round, and of course wish him every good fortune if he does reach this stage!


Membership fees and donations to the Swinton Circle can be paid via PayPal on the organisation’s web-site home page at:-



New Britain has again been invited to participate in the Falkland Islands Battle Day ceremony, which this year will take place on Saturday 7th December. Those wishing to attend should assemble at the Whitehall end of King Charles Street, London SW1 from 10.30 hrs., prior to the wreath-laying ceremony at the Cenotaph at 11.00 hrs..

New Britain’s annual Goldsmith Lecture for 2014 will take place on Tuesday 4th February 2014 at University College London, when a prominent current Conservative MP will be giving the lecture.

For more precise details about both these events please ‘phone New Britain on: 020-72472524.



We have recently received the following most distressing report from the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force. This again illustrates the terrible situation currently prevailing in “Zimbabwe” and why it is essential that a new dispensation can be established in that sorry land as soon as possible. Our admiration for the work carried out by Johnny Rodrigues and others involved with the ZCTF under such appalling condition only intensifies therefore :-

“At the beginning of last week, we received a report from a farmer in Marondera that 2 female elephants were on her farm eating her barley crop. We heard that National Parks intended to shoot the elephants before they injured someone so we asked them to please give us a chance to try and relocate them. They agreed to wait a couple of days so we set about trying to organise the relocation.

“Keith Dutlow and Lisa Marabini of AWARE Trust very kindly offered to dart the elephants, using their own tranquiliser free of charge. They also offered a donation of US$1 000 towards the costs. The next problem was to decide where to take the elephants and we asked Hamish Rudland, who already has 13 elephants in the Umfurudzi, if we could take them there. He agreed and offered us a 30 ton truck to move the elephants.

“We also needed a high-up crane to load the elephant crates and the elephants and a dangler trailer to facilitate the loading. We approached a local crane hire company to ask for a quote to hire their crane. They estimated the cost at around US$4 000 and wanted the money up front. This was a major problem for us because we had intended to do the relocation and then put out an appeal for the funds afterwards. We explained the situation to them but they wouldn't budge which greatly disappointed us. National Parks have their own relocation unit but it seems they only use it to move animals which are to be exported. We managed to find a dangler trailer but it was only available on Tuesday this week.

“We were then informed by Hamish Rudland that he had changed his mind about taking the elephants at Umfurudzi because he didn't want these 2 wild elephants mixing with his domesticated ones. We now had the added problem of a truck to move the elephants. Alro Shipping came forward and offered us a truck free of charge. We are extremely grateful to Alro who have often come forward to help us, never asking for any payment.

“A big thank you to Riley Travers of Imire who spent 4 days continuously tracking an monitoring the elephants. We asked Riley to appeal to Marondera National Parks to give us until Tuesday this week to relocate the elephants. They weren't keen and seemed desperate to shoot them. In view of all the problems we were facing, we felt the best option would be to fire shots into the air to try and force the elephants to go back to the North, where they came from but National Parks refused to do this, stating that it would be too dangerous.

“Sadly, we heard yesterday that the elephants had moved to within 2 km [1.2 miles] of Marondera town and National Parks shot them, fearing that they would hurt someone.

“We are very disappointed in National Parks and in certain Zimbabwean companies who put money before the welfare of our wildlife. We have now lost 2 young elephants who had their whole lives ahead of them.”

The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force relies solely on public donations. Donations can help to preserve the wildlife in Zimbabwe. If you would like to assist, please contact Johnny Rodrigues, the ZCTF Chairman, at :-

Landline: +263 4 339065
Mobile: +263 712 603 213



Many people have been outraged by “Marine ‘A’” being found guilty of murder and possibly facing a sentence of life imprisonment when the shooting in question took place at the height of the War against Terror and when he and his fellow-troops were facing an insidious irregular enemy who didn’t obey any of the recognized rules of warfare. A FaceBook campaign has now been launched to lobby for Marine ‘A’ to be freed, which we believe many of our readers will be keen to support. It can be accessed at :-!/FreeMarineANow?fref=ts



We have recently been contacted by Linda Schultz of the Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund and asked to publicise their latest appeal :-

“We have been supporting pensioners in Zimbabwe for the past 11 years and are hoping you could possibly publish a story about us and how this all came about. Over the years the Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund has gone from supporting 1 pensioner to currently supporting just over 1600 pensioners with an apple-box filled with non-perishable food in 28 old age homes/organisations throughout Zimbabwe. This is only about 45% or so of the pensioners that need help. We also assist similar organizations called "S.O.A.P" (Support Old Age Pensioners) as well as various kitchens. One of the kitchens we support is the Verity Amm Kitchen in Bulawayo, they supply between 80-100 pensioners with 2 meals a day 4 days a week. As far as we are aware we are the largest non-government organization supporting pensioners still in Zimbabwe who lost everything when the Zimbabwe dollar ceased to exist.

“As such we would like to inform interested persons of the true situation regarding the pensioners in Zimbabwe. Many people are under the impression that since the so-called dollarization of their currency the situation for the pensioners has improved. Wrong! In fact, Zimbabwean pensioners are now worse off than ever before.

“Overnight in January 2010 the reserve bank removed another 12 zeroes and people who had billions of Zimbabwe dollars were paupers the next day. No matter whether they had Zimbabwean dollars in the bank or at home they lost everything and were left with useless pieces of paper. They have never been compensated for the loss and never will be. So even though the currency changed to US dollars what they had in Zimbabwean dollars no longer existed. Pensioners are now at the mercy of Good Samaritans that reach out to them. That is where the Zimbabwe Pensioners Support Fund comes in. The fund was established in 2002 to help a few needy people in an old age home.

“The first thing one needs to understand is that almost 75% of the pensioners do not have a pension or income and those that do receive between US$13 - US$40. They did make adequate provision for their old age and originally retired comfortably. However, as Zimbabwe's inflation went up into the ‘billions’ of percent, the government kept taking off zeroes in an attempt to stabilize the economy. I was recently speaking to a pensioner in Kadoma Ann who was crying and I asked her what the problem was. This is what she had to say. ‘I get a pension of 40 US$ a month from Old Mutual. The bank takes 2 US$ , my rent is 35 US$ so that leaves me with 3 US$ for food’. This is a fairly common situation that I come across. There is of cause the very small percentage of pensioners that are well supported by their children.

“With two large trucks we shift around 18-22 tons of non-perishable food, good second hand clothes and medical aides such as wheelchairs, crutches, walking aids, spectacles and non-scheduled medicines every 8 weeks to our Golden Oldies. Over the past year funds have trickled down and we are battling to make ends meet in our continued goal to support our pensioners. We firmly believe that had it not been for Hannes Botha’s tenacious and ‘Bull Terrier’ like spirit, this years ‘roadblocks and curved balls’ would have ended this project. Yet as he has said many times to us, ‘these people are my life and nothing will stop me from serving them with payback’.

“We are an officially registered Non-Profit Organization and Section 21A in South Africa and are registered with SARS as a Public Benefit Organization in terms of section 18A the Income Tax Act (Which means all donations are issued with a Tax Certificate and can be claimed back). We rely totally on the generosity of the public to keep our wheels turning.

“Please if you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us.

“Kind Regards

“Linda Schultz - Fund Raising & Awareness for the Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund”

(C) 079 6082676
(T) 013 7900934
Fax to Email - 086 267 8499
Section 21 Co Reg. 2007/034036/08
NPO Number 096733
Section 18A PBO No 930031642



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Find any South African, even those who have emigrated. We also search Botswana, Namibia and ex-Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

Please use the search request form at :-



"REDNECK P.I." a romantic suspense novel by Trish Jackson.

"Twila's a redneck and proud of it. Harland's a P.I. with a target on his back and a twin brother. An explosive situation!"

Available at in electronic format, and from in print and electronic format.


"LIEUTENANT COLONEL ALFRED JAMES TOMLINSON: MEMOIRS OF AN AFRICAN PIONEER AND BSAP OFFICER" is now available at, and can be shipped to anywhere in the world. This book contains excerpts from Lieut. Tomlinson's writings detailing his experiences as a member of the B.S.A. Police in Southern Rhodesia, where he rose from the rank of an ordinary trooper to retire as the commanding officer. It also includes the personal story of Majaqaba Ncube, a man who was enslaved by Lobengula when his entire village was massacred by the chief's soldiers. After he escaped, Lieut. Tomlinson saved him from certain death and gave him a job. They lost contact and were reunited after 45 years, when Majaqaba presented Lieut. Tomlinson with an earthenware jar.



ISBN: 978-1-920143-49-7 / paperback / illustrated
Retail price: R250.00, Web-site price: R200.00 + postage

The narrative gives the reader an overview of the history of the White man in southern Africa with detailed emphasis on the Rhodesian story through the life and times of PK van der Byl, one of the major players in a political drama that ended in the accession to power of Robert Mugabe under the auspices of the British government. By his very nature PK was controversial and confrontational. This account is likely to give offence to some because it portrays him as bluntly as he was in real life. Much can be contested about PK van der Byl but few will dispute he was an extremely colourful character with a devilish sense of humour. This memoir covers his life with a full flourish while doing nothing to detract from the seriousness of the international political and military conflict in which he was engaged. The reader will glean new information on a highly controversial subject and emerge with a more sympathetic understanding of what PK van der Byl and his colleagues did and strove for. The human tragedy that has followed the removal from power of Ian Smith and his Rhodesian Front party will almost certainly force the reader to deal with some uncomfortable conclusions, of value to anyone sincere about grappling with the volatile and deeply troubling challenges that confront all Africans today.

This book and others of interest can be purchased from 30 Degrees South via their web-site:


"BLUE WATCH" by Gwyn Fford-Osborne

Rhodesia, in 1975 and a bloody vicious civil war is at its height. A war between the White minority supported by the Black majority and the ZAPU and ZANU terrorist groups, supported by Zambia and Mozambique. Kensington, a small town in the farming belt has been the subject of several terrorist attacks but with only a small police force for defence, the local T.A. unit having been called up for service on the Zambia border the situation appears grim. Until Iffor Meredith turns up on a pilgrimage to meet up with his wife and son of his old army buddy, recently murdered by terrorists. A deadly ambush on the "Dix" family and his escape from a land mine attack makes Iffor determined to offer resistance of some form or other to the terrorists. His application to join the Rhodesian Army has been accepted and he sets about forming a small militia. With all the fit men already on call up, who can he recruit from. Then he's invited to a darts match at the Moth Club and meets up with the remnants of the town's Fire Brigade, the men considered too old for call up. Blue Watch.

Available from:


"THE SEVEN WATCHMEN" by David Ruppert

A new fascinating novel titled "The Seven Watchmen" by David Ruppert should appeal to South Africans and ex-Rhodesians. It can be ordered from Crest Publishing in South Africa at - or those abroad can buy it directly from David at It's also available on

Glenn MacAskill and Michael Bowery of Crest Publishing have also written three books each. Glenn MacAskill is ex-BSAP Special Branch and still working (as Mugabe has denied him any pension) and Michael Bowery is ex-South African Special Forces. Due to the difficulties confronting White writers in the "new" South Africa they launched Crest Publishing to self-publish their own books, and have been doing this since October 2006. Michael Bowery is author of: "Canham's Run", "The Sligo Piper" and "Kill the President", whilst Glenn MacAskill is author of: "King's Gold", "Crime Lords" and "Of Royal Blood". Special discounts to ex-servicemen, Rhodies and Springboks!

For more information, or to make an order, please contact Crest Publishing at: P.O.Box, 97910, Petervale, Transvaal, 2151, South Africa, e-mail:, or visit the Crest Publishing web-site at:


"THE SAINTS" - DVD versions of the book about the history of the RLI

Now available from Msasa Enterprises. Contact: or UK tel.: 07732 685400.



No.180: Mr. & Mrs. Julian Nidd of New Germany

Julian Nidd and his wife lived in New Germany, Natal, and were strong supporters of the Save Rhodesia Campaign and the South Africa First Campaign during the late 1970s. Julian was an intellectual, and studied the works of the German philosopher Rudolf Steiner avidly, and indeed lectured on the subject. Alas his wife remained loyal to the notorious phoney leader of the SRC/SAFC Brendan Willmer long after it was exposed that he was in the pay of the sellout NP government, and as a result they both failed to join the Patriotic Forum after it was founded by the authentic wing of SRC/SAFC members. Good people at heart, but alas sadly naive. It would be interesting to learn whether they eventually realised their mistake, and where they are now.



We have recently been sent an excellent YouTube video entitled “Is Nelson Mandela a role model or a criminal?” featuring Dr. Philip Hammond of the Cape Town-based Frontline Fellowship. It can be accessed at :-





"They are here because we were there" - I've heard that frequently without being impressed. The only thing I have against the British Empire is that we don't have it any more. Its only downside was separating parents and children. The fact that we once ruled a country does not give its citizens the right to come here. Nor do we have any obligation to deprive our own people by giving away overseas aid.

Most of the immigration to Britain in recent years has been from the EU - and I was unaware that we ever had colonies in Eastern Europe. I would only admit people who could read, write and speak fluent English and who had something to offer us. Illegal immigrants, scroungers, criminals and anti-British terrorist supporters should be deported. Yes, I know about our tradition of admitting people fleeing persecution. I also know that we had more room back then. How big a population are we supposed to sustain - 70, 90, 100 million? Genuine refugees should be admitted if it's literally life or death and they've nowhere else to go.

Yours etc.,

M. Taylor, London, U.K..




A programme tonight on Channel 4 called “South Africa's Dirty Cops” detailing the brutality of the police against civilians and the politicising of the force by the ANC.

Why am I not surprised that the programme showed only Black civilians being harshly treated and did not mention once the ongoing genocide of its White population whose de-humanising murders are the very essence of brutality.

A reporter questioned the South African Chief of Police about the estimated 700 plus people who had been tortured and murdered by the police. They even showed us a number of crucifixes that had been placed at the scene of the shooting of Black South African miners. No mention of the near 4000 White farmers murdered since the ANC came to power. No images of the hillside full of crucifixes in memory of them. No mention of genocide-watch who have described South African Whites as being targeted for genocide and at an advanced stage.

The programme also told us about the ANC using the police to settle political problems, but no mention of the deep rooted communism at the heart of the ANC or its anti-White song about killing the Boer.

Once again the media, and the failure of so-called investigative journalists to mention a serious issue threatening Whites in the country shows the agenda behind such reporting. People watching that tonight will have no idea about what is really going on in South Africa, they see a version of South Africa that the media wants them to see, i.e. Blacks being mistreated and killed by their own police but White farmers being slaughtered in their thousands? Not a chance.

The programme will no doubt be available on-line on Channel 4 at some point.

Yours etc.,

A.K., London, U.K.



In the August edition of the SCN we carried an obituary to Mr. Edward Ernest “Ted” Davey, a long-standing supporter of our movement and a subsequent member of the Springbok Club. Readers may however have detected that at the time of writing we had a few misgivings about Mr. Davey’s activities, specifically concerning his apparent connections to extremist organisations both in South Africa and in the UK. We have subsequently been informed by a close colleague of Mr. Davey that these connections with certain extremist organizations were not all that they seemed, and that in fact they were generated by genuine patriotic motivations. We do not think it wise to give the details of this recent information which we have obtained, suffice to say that it proves that Mr. Davey was an even greater patriot than we believed, and that as a result we are now even more honoured to have been able to call him a friend.


Finally, if you would prefer to be deleted from our SCN circulation list then simply e-mail us with the word "unsubscribe". Alternatively, if you liked this SCN and think more of your friends would like to receive copies then please let us know their e-mail addresses!

See you again next month!