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September 2012 Edition.


September 2012 edition

On 29th August Archbishop Desmond Tutu announced that he was pulling out of a “Discovery Invest Summit Leadership Conference” (whatever that might be. – Ed.) in Johannesburg because of the presence of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair - his reason being that he regarded Tony Blair as a war criminal because of his role in the Western intervention in Iraq during 2003. A few days later Tutu went further and called for both Tony Blair and President George W. Bush to be arrested and put on trial for war crimes at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Tony Blair can of course be accused of many reprehensible acts during his period in office – but his support for the Western intervention in Iraq is not one of them. This intervention was of course part of the West’s War against Terror following the 9/11 atrocity. Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi despot at the time, was not only in league with the al-Qa’eda terrorist network, but was also oppressing his own people and developing weapons of mass destruction to further this oppression and to attack Western interests. He was a monster, and all right-minded people must surely have been relieved when he was removed from power and the Iraqi people liberated. Both Tony Blair and George W. Bush therefore deserve the heartfelt thanks of not only the Iraqi people themselves, but also of all freedom-loving people around the globe.

Perhaps Tutu’s apparent support for the tyrant Saddam Hussein isn’t really surprising however. He after all has been closely linked with the ANC regime which currently misrules South Africa, and furthermore never condemned their terrorist activities prior to their accession to power. Although official murder figures are no longer disclosed in the “new” South Africa, a number of organisations who have monitored the situation report that almost 4000 White farmers have been murdered since the ANC were handed power in 1994. The number of urban killings (mainly of old age pensioners) has been far higher of course, so it is therefore clear that a campaign of near genocide against Whites has been taking in the “new” South Africa under the ANC regime. With his overt support for the ANC terrorists is it any wonder therefore that Tutu should also act as an apologist for the mass murderer Saddam Hussein?

Alas, like so many liberals throughout the West, Tony Blair refused to recognize the ANC as the terrorist organization which they so obviously were and to condemn them accordingly prior to assuming office. The realities of power undoubtedly tempered Tony Blair’s premiership however, and few would argue that that he finished his tenure in office as an infinitely better leader than he begun it. In spite of this he has still unfortunately – unlike many White liberals from South Africa itself – failed to recognize and condemn the ANC for their Saddam Hussein-like terrorism and oppression. Perhaps this recent despicable personal attack on him by the ANC apologist Tutu will make him think again however.

It is not Tony Blair and George W. Bush who should be brought to trial at the International Criminal Court for war crimes therefore. It should be the ANC gang which Tutu supports.



The Springbok Club’s September event will consist of a trip to Greenwich on Saturday 29th September  in order to see both the restored Cutty Sark and Greenwich Park, the venue for all the Equestrian Events at the recent London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. After visiting both of these places the Springbok Club party will finish the day at one of the famous riverside pubs at Greenwich for an evening meal. The provisional arrangements are for everyone to gather outside the Cutty Sark Station on the Docklands Light Railway from 13.00 hrs to 13.15 hrs, though anyone having difficulty locating the party can always ‘phone 07711188430 for rendezvous details throughout the day.



The Springbok Club has been invited to participate in a three-day celebration of Trafalgar Day being staged by New Britain over the weekend of 20th/22nd October. The Springbok Club has been delighted to accept this invitation, and full details of the itinerary are included in the “New Britain News” section below.

In November the Springbok Club will be staging its annual UDI Day dinner, at which it is hoped that a prominent ex-Rhodesian will be guest speaker, and in December will be holding its traditional Day of the Vow commemoration meeting.



The Swinton Circle’s 2012 AGM has been put forward to Thursday 27th September. All current members of the Swinton Circle have been notified of the details of this meeting, though it should be noted that the location has unfortunately had to be changed to an adjacent venue because of an inadvertent double-booking. After the business side of this meeting has been concluded Mr. Gary Vincent will give a short illustrated talk about the life and career of Col. Martin Bladen MP. Col. Bladen, who lived from 1680 to 1746, came from a prominent Yorkshire family and was the uncle of Admiral Lord Edward Hawke. After a successful military career, during which he served under Marlborough in the Low Countries, he entered politics, and finished his parliamentary life as MP for Portsmouth. One of his greatest achievements was bringing the notorious highwayman Dick Turpin to justice, and he is buried at St. Dunstan’s Church in Stepney, close to where this meeting will be taking place. Non-members will be welcome to attend this subsequent section of the evening’s activities. E-mail: if interested for more details.

In October the Swinton Circle will be addressed by a famous former Conservative MP, and another renowned former Conservative MP will be the organisation’s guest speaker in November. Full details about both these events will be appearing in next month’s SCN.

Membership fees and donations to the Swinton Circle can now be made via PayPal by accessing the organisation's web-site at:  [Simply 'click' on the line "PayPal = The safer, easier way to pay online" at the bottom of the site's Home Page. If the error message "This content cannot be displayed in a frame" then appears simply 'click' on the line "Open this content in a new window".]


The Swinton Circle also now has a presence on Twitter, on which news about the organisation and policy statements are periodically posted. This can be found on Twitter@SwintonCircle.



New Britain will be staging a special three-day celebration of Trafalgar Day this year over the weekend of 20th/22nd October. The details are as follows :-

1)  A trip to Chatham Historic Dockyard (where HMS Victory was of course built) on Saturday 20th October, rendezvousing at the 11.30 hrs at the main visitors’ entrance. There will be a charge of £10.00 per head to enter the Dockyard.

2)  A special reception at Pleasington near Blackburn in Lancashire on Sunday 21st October, commencing at 15.00 hrs, at which it is anticipated that the Mayor of Blackburn will be in attendance.

3)  Participation in a wreath-laying ceremony at Admiral Viscount Nelson’s grave in St.Paul’s Cathedral on Monday 22nd October at 11.00 hrs, followed by a visit to the Hall of the Stationery and Newspaper Makers’ Livery Company, and then a buffet lunch at the crypt of St. Magnus the Martyr commencing at 14.00 hrs. A charge of £6.00 per head will be asked for this buffet lunch.

New Britain is also planning events to commemorate Remembrance Sunday in November and a special Falklands Island event in December. More details will be given in future SCNs.



George McKay runs a number of excellent Internet forums featuring news stories from around the world which we believe will be of great interest to many of our readers. His main Ross Right Angle blogspot can be accessed at :-

In addition he also runs two FaceBook groups under the titles of “RRA Inc.” and “RRA Support”, which many might like to join.



We have recently received the following most disturbing message from Louise Joubert of the SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary :-

“Dear SanWild friends,

“This morning we need to call on you to please help us out of serious trouble.  A donor who undertook to make a generous donation at the end of April have still not made good on their undertaking and the funds that were suppose to be in our account to help feed the SanWild lions has not arrived.  We also do not have any concrete feedback from this donor which means that we cannot even negotiate any interim funding with our bank and we simply can no longer wait for them to make good on their undertaking. 

“Sadly this default by our donor has resulted in the SanWild lions not receiving their meal on Saturday and this morning we need to make urgent arrangements to ensure the 16 lions are fed.  I will greatly appreciate your help and I am sorry to burden your regular donors with such crisis at such short notice. All donations, no matter how large or small will be appreciated. Please help us feed our lions by tomorrow at the latest. 

“Kind regards,

”Louise Joubert  -  Founder trustee, SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary

We hope that some of our readers will be able to help SanWild overcome this financial crisis so that they are able to continue with their most important work helping to protest South Africa’s diverse wildlife in very difficult circumstances. Donations may be made via PayPal or by direct Internet banking on their web-site at either :-



A supporter has recently sent us this very interesting news story concerning moves to obtain a posthumous pardon for Harry “Breaker” Morant, which we believe will be of great interest to many of our readers. It reads as follows :-

“Harry ‘Breaker’ Morant, a bush poet-turned-soldier who was executed by the British military authorities during the Anglo-Boer War, is a step closer to a posthumous pardon after the Australian government said yesterday it would ask Britain to re-open the case.

“Morant and another Australian army lieutenant, Peter Handcock, faced a firing squad in 1902 for killing 12 unarmed Boer prisoners. A third man, George Witton, was jailed for life. Descendants of the three believe they did not receive a fair trial, and have been campaigning for years to clear their names. The affair was dramatised in the 1980 film Breaker Morant, directed by Bruce Beresford and starring Edward Woodward.

“Now Australian officials are backing the men's families, with the Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, saying he planned to take up the case with the Government in London. After examining the evidence, he told ABC radio: ‘My preliminary conclusion ... is that there was a denial of procedural fairness.’

“Mr McClelland is preparing a submission to the Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, outlining apparent defects in the court-martial procedure, including the fact that the defendants received inadequate legal representation and were denied access to certain evidence. If those defects were confirmed, he said, the convictions would be overturned.

“The three never denied the shootings, but claimed they acted in the fog of war. They also maintained that Lord Kitchener, the commander of British troops in South Africa, had handed down secret orders not to take any prisoners.

“Morant was a legendary horse-breaker, originally from Somerset, who is thought to have emigrated to Queensland in 1883. He worked on cattle stations in the outback and wrote ballads about rural life that were published in The Bulletin magazine. A womanising, hard-drinking charmer, he volunteered for the Anglo-Boer War at time when Australia was still a collection of British colonies.

“The killings of prisoners took place over four days, and followed the death of the men's commanding officer, Captain Frederick Hunt, in an assault on a Boer stronghold. Hunt was a close friend of Morant's, and the latter was reportedly enraged by accounts that his body was mutilated. His last words, as he faced the firing squad, were: ‘Shoot straight, you bastards!’

“Morant and Handcock are the only Australians ever executed for war crimes. Witton was released from prison after three years following a petition by 80,000 Australians to King Edward VII.

“Last year, Mr Hammond's predecessor, Liam Fox, rejected the families' petition for a pardon. But James Unkles, a military lawyer who has spearheaded their campaign, said yesterday he was confident that the Australian government's intervention would lead to the convictions being annulled.

“Handcock's great-grandson, Michael, told The Independent earlier this year that the execution had long been ‘the cause of great shame for the family’. ‘I'm hoping the record can be set straight now,’ he said.

“’Let the evidence be examined, let the truth come out and, if need be, let the history books be rewritten.’”



We have recently established a special blogspot to house all back copies of the SCN, so readers and other interested parties may have instant access to them. Although it will undoubtedly take some time to download all editions onto this blogspot, some back issues are already there, and may be accessed at :-



We are happy to be able to announce that the next edition of S.A.Patriot-in-Exile, No.37, is now well on the way to publication. We will still be requiring further funds in order to cover the printing costs and to distribute it effectively of course, and donations to assist in this task can be made via PayPal at the Springbok Club web-site ( or by cheque made payable to “Patriotic Press” and sent to: S.A.Patriot-in-Exile, BM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, U.K.

Copies of S.A.Patriot-in-Exile (editions 30 to 36) are still available price R5.00 or 50p each, as well as batches of 50 copies (including copies of the original S.A.Patriot) price R80.00 or £8.00 (plus 20% for p&p.).



Find any South African, even those who have emigrated. We also search Botswana, Namibia and ex-Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.



Biltongmakers.Com has, for over 10 years, put a smile on many a South African face. No longer do they have to pay exorbitant prices for biltong that in most cases is not even to their liking!

Now you can make your own Biltong at a fraction of the price you pay right now and .... you can make it the way YOU like it!

Please visit and see all they have available.

You will never be without some REAL South African Biltong again!



"A POT OF SOUP" by Susan Gordon

This book is ready to order. Included is an A to W on soup and accompaniments. Alongside the recipe guidelines are photographs, illustrations, health tips, plus snippets on the past and London. It is ideally suited for the life styles of students, new cooks, seasoned cooks, those whose time is of the essence, those who do relish time spent in the kitchen and those tending towards a vegetarian diet. There is space to fill in with personal ideas and variations. Please spread the news that this colourful book on enjoyable winter food is now available.

To order please contact Susan direct at to arrange collection or delivery at £12.00 a copy, or forward a cheque for £14.35 made payable to S.Gordon at: 106 Bittacy Rise, Mill Hill, London, NW7 2HL, UK. Alternatively copies may be obtained via (click "bookstore", type "Susan Gordon" in the top box then click "search" and the book appears - no need to register) price with postage is £13.32, or via (new releases) type "A Pot of Soup by Susan Gordon".


"REDNECK P.I." a romantic suspense novel by Trish Jackson.

"Twila's a redneck and proud of it. Harland's a P.I. with a target on his back and a twin brother. An explosive situation!"

Available at in electronic format, and from in print and electronic format.


"LIEUTENANT COLONEL ALFRED JAMES TOMLINSON: MEMOIRS OF AN AFRICAN PIONEER AND BSAP OFFICER" is now available at, and can be shipped to anywhere in the world. This book contains excerpts from Lieut. Tomlinson's writings detailing his experiences as a member of the B.S.A. Police in Southern Rhodesia, where he rose from the rank of an ordinary trooper to retire as the commanding officer. It also includes the personal story of Majaqaba Ncube, a man who was enslaved by Lobengula when his entire village was massacred by the chief's soldiers. After he escaped, Lieut. Tomlinson saved him from certain death and gave him a job. They lost contact and were reunited after 45 years, when Majaqaba presented Lieut. Tomlinson with an earthenware jar.



ISBN: 978-1-920143-49-7 / paperback / illustrated
Retail price: R250.00, Web-site price: R200.00 + postage

The narrative gives the reader an overview of the history of the White man in southern Africa with detailed emphasis on the Rhodesian story through the life and times of PK van der Byl, one of the major players in a political drama that ended in the accession to power of Robert Mugabe under the auspices of the British government. By his very nature PK was controversial and confrontational. This account is likely to give offence to some because it portrays him as bluntly as he was in real life. Much can be contested about PK van der Byl but few will dispute he was an extremely colourful character with a devilish sense of humour. This memoir covers his life with a full flourish while doing nothing to detract from the seriousness of the international political and military conflict in which he was engaged. The reader will glean new information on a highly controversial subject and emerge with a more sympathetic understanding of what PK van der Byl and his colleagues did and strove for. The human tragedy that has followed the removal from power of Ian Smith and his Rhodesian Front party will almost certainly force the reader to deal with some uncomfortable conclusions, of value to anyone sincere about grappling with the volatile and deeply troubling challenges that confront all Africans today.

This book and others of interest can be purchased from 30 Degrees South via their web-site:


"BLUE WATCH" by Gwyn Fford-Osborne

Rhodesia, in 1975 and a bloody vicious civil war is at its height. A war between the White minority supported by the Black majority and the ZAPU and ZANU terrorist groups, supported by Zambia and Mozambique. Kensington, a small town in the farming belt has been the subject of several terrorist attacks but with only a small police force for defence, the local T.A. unit having been called up for service on the Zambia border the situation appears grim. Until Iffor Meredith turns up on a pilgrimage to meet up with his wife and son of his old army buddy, recently murdered by terrorists. A deadly ambush on the "Dix" family and his escape from a land mine attack makes Iffor determined to offer resistance of some form or other to the terrorists. His application to join the Rhodesian Army has been accepted and he sets about forming a small militia. With all the fit men already on call up, who can he recruit from. Then he's invited to a darts match at the Moth Club and meets up with the remnants of the town's Fire Brigade, the men considered too old for call up. Blue Watch.

Available from:


"THE SEVEN WATCHMEN" by David Ruppert

A new fascinating novel titled "The Seven Watchmen" by David Ruppert should appeal to South Africans and ex-Rhodesians. It can be ordered from Crest Publishing in South Africa at - or those abroad can buy it directly from David at It's also available on

Glenn MacAskill and Michael Bowery of Crest Publishing have also written three books each. Glenn MacAskill is ex-BSAP Special Branch and still working (as Mugabe has denied him any pension) and Michael Bowery is ex-South African Special Forces. Due to the difficulties confronting White writers in the "new" South Africa they launched Crest Publishing to self-publish their own books, and have been doing this since October 2006. Michael Bowery is author of: "Canham's Run", "The Sligo Piper" and "Kill the President", whilst Glenn MacAskill is author of: "King's Gold", "Crime Lords" and "Of Royal Blood". Special discounts to ex-servicemen, Rhodies and Springboks!

For more information, or to make an order, please contact Crest Publishing at: P.O.Box, 97910, Petervale, Transvaal, 2151, South Africa, e-mail:, or visit the Crest Publishing web-site at:


"THE SAINTS" - DVD versions of the book about the history of the RLI

Now available from Msasa Enterprises. Contact: or UK tel.: 07732 685400.



No.166:  TONY & ELAINE LONG of Durban.

Tony and Elaine Long (no relations to either Ian Long or Vic Long - see February 2005 SCN) hailed from the UK, but lived in South Africa for many years prior to taking over the management of the famous Bell Inn in Durban North around 1980. They proved very friendly and popular managers of the establishment, and were particularly well known for their elaborate New Years’ festivities. They moved on to take over the management of Durban Collegians Club during the mid-1980s; where with the help of their assistant manager Steve Elffers (see September 2009 SCN) they managed to turn the Club around following financial difficulties. We have heard rumour that they have now returned to the UK, but it would be nice to learn more details.



Derek Turner, the editor of the magazine Quarterly Review, recently had an excellent thought-provoking article written upon the death of the US astronaut Neil Armstrong published in the Daily Mail’s online news service. It is well worth a read, and can be found at :-





Having recently retired, I have spent a little time during my travels thinking about the past in the Republic of South Africa. We have purchased a Campervan and enjoy travelling around the North Island.

During the 1990's my wife had spent many a day in and out of hospitals with a heart problem, most of our energy was spent on trying to get her right. During 1995 she had major heart surgery. It was during this period that the RSA was given over to the ANC. I have a question. Was a referendum ever held to give the South African Government authority to negotiate with the ANC?

Yours etc.,

Ray Absalom, New Zealand




The problem with history is that the people who create it and the people who suffer the consequences are usually two different groups. (Most of the liberals who created the ‘new’ South Africa have emigrated. We conservatives who stayed behind are paying the price.)

The problem with the future is that nobody will really know until it is too late.

Yours etc.,

H. Koch, Pretoria, Transvaal.




One of the reasons I lack respect for teachers as a profession is that far too many of them are unpatriotic and anti-military. Anyone who has the insolence to be offended at the sight of British servicemen in uniform is not fit to live in Britain.

One of the things that disillusioned me with the Conservatives was their penny-pinching attitude towards the forces - the result, I suspect, of replacing officers and gentlemen with accountants and spin-doctors as MPs. I would double defence spending, including a big raise and improvement in conditions for servicemen - for instance, all those honourably leaving the forces would be guaranteed jobs and housing. Other departments would be told to stop whinging and follow the forces' example by managing on less.

Yours etc.,

M. Taylor, London, U.K..



A short while ago we were contacted by someone calling himself Ryan Marcovich on FaceBook who initially expressed great interest in the activities of the Springbok Club, although he never actually joined the organization. Initially, having no reason to doubt his bona fides, we responded in a friendly manner inviting him to a number of Springbok Club meetings, though he never turned up to any of them. We then suddenly received a most offensive and disturbing FaceBook message from him however, in which he made vague and unsubstantiated allegations of harassment against a leading member of the organization, which could be construed as being libelous. The name Marcovich would appear to be eastern European in origin, though according to his FaceBook page he was brought up in Natal. Does anyone know whether this is a real person we therefore wonder, or is it just another false persona constructed by our enemies? Needless to say, any information received will be treated in the strictest confidence.


Finally, if you would prefer to be deleted from our SCN circulation list then simply e-mail us with the word "unsubscribe". Alternatively, if you liked this SCN and think more of your friends would like to receive copies then please let us know their e-mail addresses!

See you again next month!