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July 2018 Edition.


July 2018 edition

We are not by nature believers in conspiracy theories, and always dismiss lunatics such as Alex Jones and David Icke with the contempt which they deserve.

There have however recently been a number of happenings which have caused us great concern and which have definitely tended to suggest that there is something very disturbing going on in Britain – perhaps throughout the Western world – at the moment, and that perhaps the word “conspiracy” could be appropriate.

Firstly we learnt via social media that Tommy Robinson – the charismatic former leader of the English Defence League and a leading patriotic activist renowned for exposing the extent of the Islamic danger facing the UK – had been arrested for “contempt of court” outside Leeds Crown Court on Friday 25th May and then summarily sentenced to 13 months imprisonment. It was not so much the draconian length of this sentence for a technical offence (Tommy Robinson was merely live-streaming a speech which he was making outside the Court prior to the trial of an Islamic gang accused of various heinous sexual crimes against young women – most of whom were incidentally their fellow Muslims!) which concerned and worried us most however, but the fact that his arrest and controversial sentence received practically no publicity in the mainstream media the following day. The following weekend, however, a mass-protest was held in Whitehall demanding the immediate release of Tommy Robinson, with Whitehall crowded with tens of thousands of supporters of Tommy Robinson’s right of free speech all the way from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street. The speed with which this massive protest had been organised at short notice almost entirely through social media (and sinisterly with inaccurate announcements about its alleged cancellation being broadcast in the underground network) clearly demonstrates the widespread popularity which Tommy Robinson enjoys, and the groundswell of anger against his imprisonment. Speakers on a hastily-erected platform set-up outside the entrance to Downing Street included Gerald Batten, the leader of UKIP, and Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV), who had flown over from the Netherlands at short notice specially to address this gathering - thus showing clearly that support for Tommy Robinson extended far beyond the fringes to the established patriotic parties of Europe. Again the most disturbing factor about this unprecedented demonstration in central London was the fact that it received practically no publicity in the mainstream media – both electronic and print – the following day.

A month later, on Saturday 23rd June, the second anniversary of the glorious Brexit Referendum victory, a celebration march was organised in London by a coalition of pro-Leave groups, which inevitably attracted tens of thousands of patriotic Britons (official figures stated over twenty thousand). Unfortunately on the same day a group of “remoaner” die-hards organised a counter-demonstration which was apparently financed by the sinister George Soros (the devious Hungarian-American financier who has become an extreme hate-figure in his native Hungary) and which contained significant numbers – if not a majority – of foreign nationals. Instead of giving prominence to the main pro-Brexit celebration march however, the mainstream media – again both electronic and print – gave their overwhelmingly publicity to the rival demo’ by “George Soros’s rent-a-mob”, in one case even sickeningly using footage of the pro-Leave march to illustrate a report about their opponents!

There were many supporters of our movement at both these events which were either unreported or mis-reported by the mainstream media, and all have testified regarding the massive sizes of both demonstrations. Even more significantly we have been contacted by several supporters from the United States, Australia and New Zealand who have enquired with us for more information about the Tommy Robinson situation, whereas they actually seem to know more about it than we do! Furthermore we have heard that demonstrations protesting against the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson have taken place outside British consulates in both Houston, Texas, and Auckland, New Zealand, again without any mention in the UK media. A supporter has also informed us in private correspondence about two other most alarming cases which have seemingly received practically no mention in the mainstream media, firstly the murder in jail by a Muslim fanatic of Kevan Stafford who had earlier been imprisoned for a harmless anti-Islamic prank, and the prosecution of two brave Britons, Jim Matthews and Aidan James, who had volunteered to fight with the Kurds against the ISIS/ISIL terrorists.

Quite clearly something very, very disturbing seems to be going on in the UK at the moment, with all sections of the media – not only the liberal media but also more alarmingly the conservative press as well – seemingly being cowered into either not reporting or completely mis-reporting any manifestation of patriotic resistance to the Islamic danger facing the country, or attempts by pro-EU elements to reverse the will of the British people to Leave the EU. It has been suggested that governmental pressure on the media in this regard has been motivated by fear of massive uprisings around the country, but whether these uprisings are feared from patriots or from the extreme Left and their immigrant allies is not certain. Regardless of the reason for this fear, muzzling the traditionally free British media is not the way to deal with the situation. If the authorities are serious in their desire to prevent civil unrest then they should take action to eliminate subversive organisations such as the “Socialist Workers Party” and “Momentum”, and to initiate a speedy programme of repatriation for all immigrants and their descendants who do not show loyalty to the country in which they currently reside and to its traditions.



The Springbok Club held a most interesting and successful meeting last month which was addressed by Mr. Anthony “Tony” Williams. Mr. Williams had been actively involved in patriotic organisations in the UK during his youth, and as a result had been a full-hearted supporter of his Rhodesian kith and kin during the UDI era, becoming an active member of the Anglo-Rhodesian Society, and furthermore was one of the members of the famous party of five [then] young members of the Anglo-Rhodesia Society who toured Rhodesia in 1976 in order to express their solidarity with the Rhodesian people. Mr. Williams subsequently emigrated to Australia in 1999, thus maintaining his stance of belief in the solidarity of his British kith and kin around the globe. In a scintillating speech entitled “Patriotism in the modern era: An Australian perspective”, Mr. Williams told much about the current situation in Australia, emphasising that it faced many of the same problems as Britain and the rest of the Western world. He also recounted many of his experiences from the famous 1976 tour of Rhodesia, and expressed pleasant surprise at many positive signs which he had seen in the UK during his return visit. In particular he told how delighted he had been with the triumph for the “Vote Leave” cause during the 2016 EU referendum, and how he hoped and believed that this would signal far closer trading, social and cultural links between the UK and Australia post-Brexit.


On Thursday 2nd August the Springbok Club will be staging a trip to the British Library in London in order to view a special exhibition being held there about Capt. James Cook, the famous explorer and navigator. More precise details about this trip will of course be circulated to all members and supporters of the Springbok Club in due course, but for more information e-mail:


The Springbok Club has again been asked to participate in the annual “Raising of the Flag” ceremony in Norfolk. This year this most important and inspiring event has been scheduled for Sunday 16th September, and as this will be the first such ceremony since the sad death of Mr. Peter Sladden (who initiated the continuation of this annual ceremony which previously took place at Cecil Square, Salisbury, Rhodesia) it will therefore be staged in special honour of his memory. We ask all supporters to diarise this date therefore, and to make every effort to attend this year’s special event.



The Patriotic Forum celebrated Canada Day this year by staging a most enjoyable and informative trip to Greenwich in order to visit several sites associated with General James Wolfe, who of course was the commanding officer of British forces at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham on 13th September 1759, a victory which secured Canada as a British possession. The trip started with a visit to St.Alfege’s Church in Greenwich where General Wolfe is buried and where several pictures and other items associated with him are on display, including a real Canadian Flag which was presented to the church by the Duke of Connaught, the one-time Governor-General of Canada. After this the Patriotic Forum party moved on to the near-by National Maritime Museum where several other pictures and artifacts associated with General Wolfe are on display, before climbing Greenwich Hill to view the statue of General Wolfe which stands at the top, where a few words of praise were said, and then finally to the adjacent Macartney House where he lived during his youth. Finally the Patriotic Forum party took a pleasant stroll across Blackheath, observing some other historic houses along the way, before finishing up at a most hospitable pub to end what had been a truly enthralling day.


Details of the Patriotic Forum's forthcoming July meeting are as follows :-

Date : Thursday 19th July 2018

Time : 18.45 hrs for 19.00 hrs.

Venue : The Civil Service Club (either the Trafalgar Room or the Elizabethan Room, to be allocated on the day)

13/15 Great Scotland Yard, Whitehall, London SW1A 2HJ (nearest tube stations: Embankment and Westminster)

Guest Speaker : Mr. MARKO GASIC B.A. (Hons)

Marko Gasic was born in 1957 at Ilkley in Yorkshire of Serbian descent (his Serbian Royalist father having had to escape from Tito’s Yugoslavia after WWII), and is a renowned broadcaster and a leading commentator on global geopolitics. He studied and graduated in Modern European History at the University of Sussex. When he last spoke for us in 2014 he gave an extremely informative and captivating speech about the current situation in the Balkans, but in this subsequent talk he will be concentrating upon the highly acclaimed book which he has edited, Folly and Malice: the Habsburg Empire, the Balkans and the Start of World War One (Shepheard-Walwyn, London, 2017)., which details the true causes of the First World War.

The significance of Marko Gasic’s contribution to Folly and Malice is acknowledged in the book by its author, John Zametica. Reviewing the work, renowned academic Professor Vernon Bogdanor calls Folly and Malice "a seminal work which forces readers to reflect further on issues they had thought settled…a powerfully argued work, whose conclusions will be carefully studied by historians for many years”. Prof. Sir Hew Strachan writes: "A brilliant piece of historical writing on one of the most important aspects of the outbreak of the First World War.” Based on the latest research outlined in Folly and Malice, Marko will deconstruct the standard story about what led to WW1 in the Balkans and explain the reality in an easy-to-follow way. Covering a litany of historical errors by academics great and good, he will seek to show how a number of genre-leading WW1 academics have been caught sleep-walking. The great conspiracy story that wasn’t. The great reformer who wasn’t. The war-stirring alliance that was desperate for peace. Is history just intellectual fashion or can we trust it to act like a science? Come and find out.


Later on during the year the Patriotic Forum will be holding a meeting where the guest speaker will be a leading Brexit campaigner with strong US political connections who lectured extensively in the US about the global significance of Britain’s leaving of the EU, and in September will be staging a special event to celebrate Gibraltar Day.. Further details about all these activities will of course be given in future editions of the SCN..



We have recently received the following most important message from the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force :-

“The previous First Lady, Grace Mugabe is under investigation for smuggling and exportation of ivory, gold and diamonds out of Zimbabwe. Investigators only touched the tip of the iceberg as it is believed that Ms. Mugabe started smuggling as early as 2005 while serving in her role as First Lady. Ms. Mugabe had a history of being very friendly with one of the female Chinese Nationals and it is of our opinion that they were likely working together. ZCTF believes that the investigation into Ms. Mugabe’s alleged smuggling activities should be carried out by an independent agency. We have been following the practices of CIO airport security for a number of years. It is possible that under Ms. Mugabe’s instruction, ivory was smuggled onto planes that flew directly to China under the watchful eye of airport 1security.’ After the investigation takes place, if Ms. Mugabe and other senior members of government are found guilty or involved in the smuggling of ivory, they should be prosecuted and brought to justice. Monies derived from the sale of ivory and wildlife should be confiscated and repaid to the National Parks.

“The Professional Hunters (PH) fraternity of Zimbabwe lost all ethics of hunting when they killed collared wildlife. Ethical considerations fell to the wayside during the previous regime due to corruption and greed. The death of the big tusked elephant in Gonarezhou can be added to the increasing list of collared animals killed by trophy hunters to include Cecil and Xanda among others. There are too many conflicting reports offered up by researchers, safari operators, hunters and people responsible for collaring the wildlife. A Memorandum of Understanding between hunters, safari operators and researchers should state that any collared animal should not be shot, killed or disturbed in any manner. People involved in hunting a collared animal should be penalized appropriately to deter others from committing similar actions. The Professional Hunter involved with the recent killing of the collared big tusked elephant is part owner of the Three Monkeys Restaurant in Victoria Falls. We believe this restaurant is a lucrative business that serves a wide variety of exotic meat and steaks. The procurement and source of the meat served leaves the ZCTF highly suspicious, as no matter what you order in the way of steaks and or meat, they seem to have it. People should be aware that in many instances they are eating wildlife.

“ZCTF has just learned that four lions and ten hyenas have been captured for export to China. These numbers are in addition to the eighteen hyenas and ten lions exported earlier to China. China placed a new order for an additional 200 baby elephants. The new order for 200 baby elephants is in addition to the outstanding order of 100 baby elephants that remain to be captured. This is NOT conservation. Earlier in February, four crocodiles were captured in Hwange to be exported to China. This capture occurred under the new President. It appears nothing much has changed at this point. Perhaps positive changes for conservation will happen with the election of a new democratic government.

“In addition to the loss of wildlife due to poaching and hunting; habitat loss is at an all-time high through deforestation. Trees, indigenous to Zimbabwe, are being felled. These trees and timber are being exported out of Zimbabwe to China. This has to stop. CITES gave their constitution, governing rules and regulations to the world. Too many regulations are being broken and ignored in Africa. Nothing is being done. Where is CITES as the habitats and wildlife are being pillaged in Africa?”

The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force can now be contacted at:



As could have been expected, Russia produced a superbly organised and trouble-free FIFA World Cup Tournament this year – in stark contrast to all the chaos and fiascos of the 2010 Tournament!

The French team is of course to be congratulated upon winning the competition this year, and Croatia should also be praised for reaching the final with such a small population base. There has however been an increasing worry concerning the tournament over the past couple of decades alas, and this concerns the increasing number of foreign players – “football mercenaries” as they have accurately been termed – representing Western European countries. Practically every Western European team (with the exception of Iceland) fielded some Non-White players in their line-ups this year, with France, Belgium and England being the worst offenders. This was not the case with any of the Eastern European countries however, as Russia, Serbia, Poland and of course Croatia itself fielded sides which seemed to consist entirely of their own people, and the same of course applied to all the Asian and African teams in this year’s competition.

It is not as if Black players are any more skillful at the game of Soccer of course, as none of the five competing African nations managed to progress past this year’s group stages. It should also not be forgotten that when England last won the FIFA World Cup with their iconic side of 1966 their entire squad consisted of ethnic Britons, even though there was already a very large Non-White immigrant population in the country by that time. It also strikes us that it is very unfair to the African countries for Western European teams to steal all of their best players, for if all the African players in their sides were allowed to play for their countries of ethnic origin then surely at least one of them would have been able to advance past the group stages?

Many may argue that France could never have won this year’s competition without their “Football mercenaries” – but to this we respond that if Croatia were able to reach the final with an entirely Croatian team then surely France, with an indigenous population over 12 times as large, should surely have been able to field a winning side consisting entirely of Frenchmen, and thus bring true and unembarrassing glory to their nation!



We have recently received a request from the Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB) asking us to help them in publicising their latest on-line campaigns. It reads as follows :-

“We would be very grateful for any publicity you are able to give us. It is a broadly based platform of interesting, able speakers at a crucial time.

“We now have FaceBook and Eventbrite event pages set up for CIB public rallies.



“Please could I ask everyone to help us spread the word as much as possible by doing some or all of the following: From your FaceBook account, click 'attending' on the event page. 'Invite' Brexiteer FaceBook friends via the FaceBook event. Share the event on any pro-Brexit social media pages you control/administrate, and in pro-Brexit discussion groups. Likewise on mailing lists. Share with any media contacts.”



We have recently received another very important Media Release from the Transvaal Agricultural Union (South Africa) which we believe is of equal importance to those which we circulated during the last two months. It reads as follows :-

“The farmers who hold legal title to their land, will decide about the status thereof. They are tired when other role players outside the agricultural sector, want to prescribe as to what should happen to agricultural land or what farmers should do with it. Therefore, no proposal or agreement would be acceptable if the main role players have not been involved in the discussions.

“This was the reaction of Mr Louis Meintjes, president of TAU SA, after the organisations took note at a very late stage of the National Forum for Dialogue’s conference scheduled for 27 and 28 March 2019 in Johannesburg to discuss expropriation without compensation.

“After making enquiries, TAU SA was invited at a late stage to attend. However, TAU SA decided not to attend because the integrity of the conference is in doubt.

“Their point of departure is the general statement that colonialism or apartheid resulted in land being stolen from black people. ‘For a considerable period of time, TAU SA supported a conference where the history of ownership of land, supported by supporting facts, could be discussed. This proposal has fallen on deaf ears, because apparently government prefers not to face historical facts which might indicate that Black people have equally doubtful claims to land’, according to Mr Meintjes. ‘The crated untruth that farmers have stolen their land, should now be dissected to enable us that the true history can be recorded thus enabling us to face the future without any doubts in this regard. Last weeks’ report by Moody’s stated prominently that policy certainty is now required. Agriculture has voiced the same sentiments repeatedly, but the issue affecting food production and ownership of land is growing because of doubts of government’s commitment to private ownership and the free market system. It rather seems as if a gradual shift to communism and socialism is in process.’

“Mr Meintjes stated clearly that nobody has a mandate to talk on behalf of TAU SA members, or farmers who are not involved in organised agriculture. ‘It is ridiculous that a grouping of people could convey a conference involving the property of farmers without them being present. Nobody has the right to discuss the legitimate property of somebody, and the possible expropriation thereof’, Mr Meintjes said.”



We have recently been informed that a “glitch” appeared when the April 2018 Edition of the SCN was circulated to subscribers, which resulted in the entire text appearing twice. We therefore apologise for this error and for any confusion which it may have caused.



Find any South African, even those who have emigrated. We also search Botswana, Namibia and ex-Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

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No.236 - Mr. FRANK PRITCHARD of Springs

Frank Pritchard lived at Springs in the Transvaal during the mid-1970s. He was a most friendly and hospitable person and an avid sports fan. Although not Jewish himself, he was a keen supporter of the South African Maccabi Sports Federation, and regularly wore a South African Maccabi tie. One of his sons was also a keen road cyclist who harboured ambitions to become a professional cyclist. Unfortunately contact with him ceased many years ago, but it would be very interesting to learn what became of him, and whether his son did ever achieve his ambition.



One of the few mainstream journalists who has been brave enough to cover the draconian imprisonment of Tommy Robinson and the massive resulting demonstrations in his support has been Katie Hopkins. Although originally a staff reporter and columnist for national newspapers including The Sun, Katie Hopkins now operates as a freelance journalist writing her own regular on-line blog, many articles from which being subsequently syndicated to other news outlets. Katie Hopkins of course became a hate-figure for the extreme Left because of her forthright opposition to the migrant swarm invading Europe a few years ago in her column in The Sun, but has also constantly highlighted the quasi-genocide campaign being waged against White South Africans by the ANC terrorist regime, and has also taken a most praiseworthy and courageous forthright pro-Israel stance. Her excellent blog-spot web-site can be viewed at :-





Emily Thornberry, Labour's shadow Foreign Secretary, could not be more wrong when she makes disparaging remarks about the British Empire. The British Empire did far more good than harm and I regard its fall as ranking alongside the rise of Communism and fall of monarchies as among the greatest disasters of the twentieth century.

As for South Africa - leaving aside the fact that apartheid was objectively socialist - it may be more democratic and at least free of the old Mary Whitehouse-style censorship now, but the old government was more competent and a lot less corrupt. I would add that shrinking the old economy with sanctions was hardy in the country's long-term interest; on the contrary, I once met an exile who said that the way to end apartheid was to double foreign investment in South Africa. Opposition Conservative leader Andries Treurnicht once observed that "a free market economy and social integration would make apartheid impossible."

Yours etc.,

Mark Taylor, London, U.K.




Excellent SCN as usual [April 2018 Edition – Ed.], so much information. You will be pleased to learn that Australia will be accepting a number of White South African farmers under its refugee programme because of these farmers being persecuted because of their race i.e. just for being White. There is a particularly large South African/Rhodesian community in the State of Western Australia and they have lobbied very well, with the help of Federal Representative Andrew Hastie. The Immigration Minister, Dutton, has supported the effort. This is indeed good news but the Left who supports refugees, particularly if they are Coloured, have gone bananas, screaming "racism" and "fascism". These loony tunes lefties will fail in their hatred for anyone 'White'. These farmers from South Africa will blend in well, work hard and adhere to our nation's Institutions. Ninety per cent of the refugees from third world countries are still on benefits after ten years - this will not happen with the South Africans. They will enjoy a great deal of support and help from their own community and by the Australian community at large, once they arrive in Australia.

Yours etc.,

Reg A.Watson, Lindisfarne, Tasmania, Australia..




How gratifying then that those still in the “remain” camp should have this news given to them for breakfast. However liberals (liberals with small L) encompass all those whose dream is to destroy Great Britain by their trendy ways, so can be from left or alleged conservatives like Blair, Cameron and cronies, and thus shall always hate having lost the referendum. I hated losing the referendum in South Africa but I lived with it, and did not have the permanent whinge trip they have embarked upon. The figures show the total opposite of what was predicted by them to the tune of £100 billion already.

Have a brilliant day, all of you.

Yours etc.,

Andrew Hope-Hall, Worcester, U.K.



We have recently obtained a most mysterious article sent from an anonymous source which seems to have been initially written by Karen Mills, the ex-wife of the notorious Arthur Kemp. Although its origins cannot be verified, it certainly seems to have an air of authenticity about it. It reads, exactly as written, as follows :-

“I know Arthur will have a fit when he sees me post here, but I do feel I have been silent too long.

“Firstly, Arthur was good friends with Alan Harvey and the reason they fell out was because Arthur decided Harvey was too liberal! Once Arthur turns against you he is very nasty and will stop at nothing, as I know only too well with all the blogs and forged rubbish etc that he and Jeannine put on the net about me, even to the extent that Jeannine sent fabricated information to various SA government departments that lead to me being investigated by the NIA and ultimately resigning from my job in government as it became too difficult to stay! Arthur was quite happy for her to attempt to destroy my life and my source of income although I was the sole provider for his children. This of course, only came to light much later. So yes I can believe the story about Arthur discrediting Harvey, although I challenged him about it and he denied it. He has lied about so much I cannot believe anything he says (and neither should you).

“As to the photograph – it was me who released the photo to Lancaster Unity at the height of the internet wars between he and I. The photo was taken by Dave Otto (suspicious, in many respects, friend in the USA) Arthur would regularly visit Otto, who incidentally has just paid for Arthur to holiday with him in the USA (and apparently also visit with Jeannine – this year he tried reconciliation with ex-wife 2 after unsuccessful reconciliation with ex-wife 1 the previous Christmas!) They are VERY GOOD friends! The photo is 100% genuine and has not been photoshopped in any manner or form – the photo was one of many of Arthur and Dave holidaying together (while we were still married). It may well have been taken as a joke, but it is a good indication of what they are like and what they think is funny.

“As regards Arthur’s sexuality – who knows? Maybe Jeannine has a better idea than me, although she professed in public to still love him etc and want him back which would seem to negate the allegations about unnatural sexual acts – this was not in the divorce petition which he showed to me to prove he was divorced. Although we were married for nearly 20 years, when he proposed a reconciliation with me after his divorce from Jeannine in 2009 (Yes me, the awful crazy woman who he had so slandered was so bad and he suddenly wanted her back!) one of the questions I asked him was whether he was gay. He laughed at me but never answered. I will not discuss what or why I asked this question – I will leave that to your imagination.

“Just for the record, he has left me for Jeannine four times and her for me three – the odds are currently in her favour and frankly he is not really much of a prize and she can keep him this time.

“Karen Mills (previously Kemp)”


There are several comments which must be made about this apparently authentic account concerning Kemp. Firstly his evident allegation that I am “too liberal” is laughable – as anyone who is familiar with my editorship of S.A.Patriot from when I took over in 1981 until my editorship of the SCN to this very day will confirm (I hope that this doesn’t mean that according to Kemp I must now start reading The Guardian!). It is however interesting to note in this regard that Kemp was eager to write for S.A.Patriot (albeit under pseudonyms) throughout the 1980s, so he evidently didn’t consider me “too liberal” then! The reference which Karen Mills makes to Kemp attempting to “discredit” me undoubtedly refers to the sickening pornographic smear which he circulated pathetically trying to vilify me in 2011 (which of course nobody who knew me and had two brain-cells to rub together took seriously). This was confirmed by the Police to have been circulated by way of one of Kemp’s e-mail addresses and that he also hacked into my computer in order to access my address book (strictly speaking a criminal offence). It was originally thought that he must have been responsible for fabricating the vile perverted images as well, though it was subsequently discovered that these fake pictures had been constructed by a close colleague of Kemp, a certain Anthony “Tony” Hancock, a photoshop expert and a notorious Holocaust denier. Hancock’s sick and perverted mind was confirmed a few years later when he was arrested (but mysteriously never charged) for indecent exposure in front of a group of young women near the Brighton seafront, which resulted in his wife kicking him out of the house and his subsequent death by what has been termed “slow motion suicide by self-neglect”. Such is the company which Kemp kept when he orchestrated his vile fake pornographic smear campaign against me!

I don’t know for certain what the photograph is which Karen Mills refers to, and neither do I have any idea who or what “Lancaster Unity” is. I suspect however that the photograph referred to was the bizarre widely-circulated picture of Kemp wearing a Brokeback Mountain hat and a poofdy shirt whilst sitting next to a metal ornament featuring a German eagle and a swastika.

I was of course a close political colleague of Kemp throughout the 1980s, but in all that time I never detected the slightest hint that Kemp was homosexual. His subsequent role in producing and circulating that disgusting fake pornographic smear against me does however indicate that he must have a very sick and disturbed mind. In addition I also heard the unsubstantiated rumour a few years ago that Kemp was in secret liaison with Brendan Willmer, the overtly homosexual political phony who like Kemp himself was believed to be in the pay of the sellout National Party Government during the 1980s.

To sum up therefore, Arthur Kemp is a tragic figure of almost Shakespearian proportions, who seems to have been incapable of maintaining any matrimonial relationship, is an incorrigible liar, an irrational back-stabber of friends and a man with an apparently diseased and perverted mind. The last we heard anything about him prior to the appearance of this mysterious statement from his first wife was several years ago when he appeared to be living with his brother in rural Montana, and judging from his rarely-updated blog-spot now seems to have dropped out of all political activity entirely. For the sake of any further true and genuine patriots who he may potentially come into contact with, we hope that it stays this way.


Finally, if you would prefer to be deleted from our SCN circulation list then simply e-mail us with the word "unsubscribe". Alternatively, if you liked this SCN and think more of your friends would like to receive copies then please let us know their e-mail addresses!