Monday, 13 January 2003

January 2003 Edition.


January 2003 edition

At the time of writing it is uncertain whether the planned Cricket World Cup matches scheduled to take place in Zimbabwe will go ahead or not.

Much has been made of the dictatorial nature of the ZANU-PF regime, the collapse of law and order in that country, and the murders of White farmers and their Black workers during Mugabe's land-grabbing campaign - but if these are grounds for moving matches away from Zimbabwe then the question has to be asked why is the heart of the tournament still scheduled to take place in South Africa? After all, the ANC regime in South Africa has just as strong terrorist roots as the ZANU-PF regime in Zimbabwe, South Africa is now universally recognised as the "crime capital of the world", and far more White farm-dwellers have been killed in South Africa during recent years than in Zimbabwe (1389 in South Africa as against 126 in Zimbabwe since 1994, according to latest figures).

It is therefore just as immoral and unsafe to stage this tournament in the South Africa of Mbeki as it is to stage it in the Zimbabwe of Mugabe. Make no mistake about it, many spectators (and probably also some players) are going to get hurt - and hurt badly - if the tournament goes ahead in South Africa. There is just as much logic in planning to stage the Cricket World Cup in South Africa as there was in trying to hold the Miss World Pageant in Nigeria!

But it is not too late to alter the location of the 2003 World Cup. The 1999 tournament was staged very successfully in England (or to be more precise in north-western Europe), and the grounds and infrastructure are still in place there. With seasonal variations it would be very easy to put back the 2003 tournament by three months so that the venues could be moved to the Northern Hemisphere, and it wouldn't take too much effort to alter the domestic fixture list so to do.

We therefore call upon the ICC to move the WHOLE of the 2003 tournament away from Southern Africa to safer and more civilised lands. To fail to do so would be an insult to all those who have died and suffered in Southern Africa under the Mugabe and Mandela/Mbeki regimes.

[We would emphasise to everyone, however, that if they need to visit South Africa for any reason then the safest course of action to take would be to employ the services of a registered national tourist guide.]



The Springbok Club's 2002 Day of the Vow commemorations turned out to be a good and well-attended success.

The Guest of Honour, Mr. Malcolm Wren (the "Engelse Boer"), gave a highly informative overview of the events which led to the Battle of Blood River, and then went on to inform the audience about the current-day Orania settlement on the banks of the Orange River, which he illustrated with the aid of two video-recordings. Mr. Wren ended his talk with the reading of Psalm 71 followed by a short prayer, in accordance with the Vow which was taken by the Voortrekkers in 1838.



The 2003 AGM of the Springbok Club will take place on Tuesday 28th January in central London, and all members will be receiving official notification through the post giving exact details within the next few days. Only fully paid-up members of the SC will be entitled to attend this meeting, and only Honorary, Life and Full Members will be eligible to vote. If you would like to attend and are not already a member then membership applications, together with the appropriate payment (made payable to "Patriotic Press"), should be forwarded as soon as possible to: The Springbok Club, BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK. Current membership fees are £500.00 for Life Membership, £20.00 for annual Full Membership (reduced to £12.00 for students and senior citizens) and £5.00 for annual Associate Membership. Any member who wishes to stand for office or to propose a motion should do so in writing (either by e-mail or to the above quoted address) to reach us at least a week prior to the AGM.

The Springbok Club will be holding a meeting to be addressed by Mr. Gary Cartwright of the National Ex-Services Association during February, and fuller details will be given in next month's edition of the SCN.



The London Branch of the Springbok Club will be holding an informal social-gathering later during the month, the details of which are as follows:-

Date : Friday 31st January 2003

Time : 18.30 hrs onwards

Venue: The BROWN BEAR, Leman Street, Aldgate, London E1 (nearest underground station: Aldgate East - leave by exit 22, walk down Leman Street for a couple of blocks, and the Brown Bear is on the left).

It is planned that the three established south-eastern branches of the SC (Kent, London and Chilterns) will hold branch gatherings on alternate months in future. The Chilterns Branch will therefore hold their next get-together at Amersham during February, and the Kent Branch will hold a braai on the Isle of Sheppey in March.

Supporters elsewhere are reminded of the following contact e-mail addresses:-

Lancashire Branch :

U.S. co-ordinator :

Australian co-ordinator :



Details of the next London Swinton Circle meeting are as follows:-

Date : Wednesday 15th January 2003

Time : 18.45 hrs for 19.00 hrs.

Venue : The CLARENCE (the upstairs Function Room), Whitehall, Westminster, London SW1 (close to Trafalgar Square - nearest tube stations: Charing Cross and Embankment).

Guest Speaker: Mr. ALBERT POGGIO, the official representative of the Gibraltar Government in London.



We have recently received the following e-mail from the Hong Kong Alliance. We believe that many of our supporters may be interested in the contents, and willing to assist :-

Dear Sir,

Below message is forward by Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China from Hon. Margaret Ng. The Alliance is now appealing to the people to voice their opinion to arouse the concern of more people.
Keep in touch.

Best, Hong Kong Alliance


The Article 23 Concern Group, formed by Denis Chang, S.C., Ronny Tong, S.C., Gladys Li, S.C., Audrey Eu, S.C., Alan Leong, S.C., Professor Johannes Chan, Professor Michael Davis, Margaret Ng and Christine Loh, has published a series of pamphlets on Article 23 legislation with the view to identify the areas of concern and to explain to people of Hong Kong how the proposed legislation will affect the fundamental rights and freedoms guranteed by the Basic Law.

The pamphlets featuring seven topics, each focusing a paricular offence or area of concern are distributed among members of the public in Hong Kong and people are encouraged to send the reply slip in the pamphlets to voice their views to the HKSAR government. Now we need your help in extending our distribution to overseas human rights groups.

We are thinking of sending some pamphlets (by mail) to you, and any group/organisation which may be interested can then pick up from you. So please advise how many copies would be appropriate. Should you have any other ideas as of how to circulate the pamphlets, just let us know ? Thank you for your help and look forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Fiona Shek, Assistant to Hon. Margaret Ng (e-mail:

P.S. electronic version of the pamphlets are available at:



To hear what’s happening NOW in Zimbabwe – the latest political developments, today’s current affairs, and what’s new on the business front, Rhodesians resident in the UK should call 09050 530 602



Limited Edition copies of the 1973 Land Tenure map of Rhodesia autographed by Ian Smith are still available, surrounded by a complete set of Regimental Beret Badges. Each set is framed in Rhodesian Teak and bears a certificate which is numbered and registered. The Honourable Ian Douglas Smith has personally signed each one, and they are limited to 200 copies only.

Width: 955mm, Height: 845mm, Weight: 11kgs

[Rhodesian Security Forces headgear badges which surround the map include: Rhodesian Army Educational Corps, the British South Africa Police, 1 Special Air Service Regiment (Rhodesia), the Rhodesian Corps of Signals, 1st Battalion the Rhodesian Light Infantry, the Guard Force, the Rhodesian Woman's Service, the Rhodesian Corps of Artillery, the Rhodesian Defence Force, the Rhodesian Defence Regiment, 1 Psychological Operations Unit, the Rhodesian Intelligence Corps, the Rhodesian Army Pay Corps, the Rhodesian Army Medical Corps, the Rhodesian Air Force, the Rhodesian Army Staff Corps, the Rhodesian Corps of Engineers, the Selous Scouts, the Rhodesian Regiment, the Grey's Scouts, the Rhodesian Corps of Chaplains, the Rhodesian Air Force Women, the Internal Affairs National Services Unit, the Rhodesian Corps of Military Police, the Rhodesian Armoured Car Regiment, the Rhodesian African Rifles, the Rhodesian Army Services Corps.]

Rhodesian Flags, full, mid-size and table-top, custom apparel, CDs including Wrex Tarr, John Edmonds and more.

Shipping worldwide from Canada via our website at:


This is for all Rhodesians worldwide! To re-establish lost contacts and to make new contacts updating each other worldwide with any news, we are in the process of building a new website (should be up early 2003). To sign up please go to and join our Yahoo Group at the bottom of the page. It is free to join - "You never Know who's Looking for You!". A newsletter is sent once a week.



The "Biltong Team" have developed and are manufacturing a Home Biltong Maker. It is a wonderous piece of equipment that allows you to make your own fresh biltong in the comfort of your own home. It's easy to use (available in both 110 and 220 volt models), economical, and pays for itself in a couple of batches of biltong. The Home Biltong Maker has been received with much enthusiasm by ex-South Africans around the world in such countries as the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

To find out more information visit the Home Biltong Maker web-site at:-



The Springbok Club is currently taking orders for the book "Africa Par Adventure", an anthology of African stories edited by Peter Ward, as stocks are anticipated shortly. The book is priced at £15.00 per copy, and advanced payments, made payable to "Patriotic Press", should be forwarded to: The Springbok Club, BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK.


William Cooke from Baltimore, Maryland, recently had his second novel, "The Evil We Do" published.

It is available on the web at:-

or at

The book, which is about a disturbed priest, addresses the conflict in Northern Ireland from a Unionist perspective.

William Cooke's first novel, "The Box" may also be of interest to readers. Ordering
information about "The Box" and more information about William Cooke and his books can be found on Bill's website:-



Cold cast bronze statues of "The Trooper" from the "Rhodesian Light Infantry" for sale! It weighs 1.7 kg, is a height of 33 cm and has a mahogany base. On the base is the Rhodesian Light Infantry badge with “The Trooper” inscribed underneath.
The cost of the statue (including V.A.T.) - £85
Post & Packing : UK - £5.88
Outside UK (V.A.T. has been deducted from postage rates)
USA & Canada (surface mail).............. £16.94
Far East and Australasia (surface mail).. £24.44
Rest of the world (surface mail)......... £17.39
Air mail rates are available on request. Cheques, money orders or bankers drafts to be made out to Alan Dongworth.
The statue can be ordered in advance of money being sent, but must be paid for within 28 days of ordering. (This will help to reduce the time taken to make the statue and to post it to you.)

Write to:-
Alan Dongworth,
22 Bruntland Court, Portlethen, Nr. Aberdeen, Kincardine, AB12 4UQ, UK.
Tel: 01224 780347 or e-mail:

[Pictures are available on request.]



Biltong Brother produces top quality, handcrafted biltong. 100% British beef is used, no artificial flavourings or preservatives.

There are 5 types, Traditional, Garlic, Pepper, Hot & Spicy and Ostrich.

We pride ourselves on our fine quality and friendly and efficient service. For your 'taste of Africa' visit the Biltong Brother web-site at:-



There are LOADS of South African products to choose from, so why not take advantage
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No.51 : Mr. BEN VAN DYK of Durban

Ben van Dyk lived in the Bellair area of Durban, and worked at the Durban branch of the South African Reserve Bank. He was a keen supporter of the Conservative Party, and a number of his old colleagues would be keen to contact him again.



"The Last Light in the Valley" is an on-line adventure novel set in Rhodesia. It has a lot about the history of Rhodesia in the novel, along with images and sound files and the story of terrorism and how Mugabe came to power. It is a great read and exciting novel, as well at letting the world know some of what happened to the land of paradise.

It can be accessed at :





It is actually quite devastating that in this country you cannot even count on a simple thing like the mail. It's no wonder we have this new group group of Afrikaners that are intent on destroying the ANC Government. What I find quite interesting about this recent spate of bombings in Soweto by this right-wing Afrikaner group is the government's reaction to it. They have gone on say they are not going to tolerate these 'terrorist' tactics of 'cowardly' bombings. Where I get a little confused is, isn't that exactly what Nelson Mandela did - plant bombs and blow-up innocent people? And he was our president! I'm surprised the ANC didn't offer them a spot in the zoo err... I mean parliament.

Other news is that my house was targeted for a possible break-in last week. It was extremely upsetting. The 'dark' house-breakers have various methods of determining the value of the contents of the house and the status of the occupants. One of the new things the do is they put a piece of perfectly cut polystyrene under your gate - fitted perfectly so that an accidental bump or the wind doesn't disturb it. With this they are able to tell if you are home or not - because once you open the gate it will disturb the block and then they know you are at home. They do this for a couple of days to determine approximately what time you come home and how often you are at home. I was so upset about this because I have been broken into and had everything stolen before - and it was probably the worst experience of my life. It upsets me because I can do nothing about it - I am not worried at all about my belongings just my pets - because these 'new' South Africans are notorious for killing your pets when they invade your home. Things are replacable, lives are not.

So yes, things are still very grim in this country, with only a handful of Afrikaners as the silver-lining to this dark cloud of a country. I suppose they have natural intelligence going for them, and maybe a handful can achieve what it took a couple of million to do - turn this country around!

Yours etc.,

L.R., Midrand, Transvaal.




Congratulations to the people of Gibraltar! The Spanish government should now settle down and accept the verdict of the people.

Yours etc.,

Nick Maine, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.



Mr. Chris Pead has recently tendered his resignation from the Springbok Club. He joined the organisation only relatively recently, but quickly gained himself a position on the London Branch committee.

Pead was very much of an enigma, and his interest in the movement was very much of a mystery. He didn't seem to have any direct connection with Southern Africa (although his sister lived in Zambia [Northern Rhodesia]), and didn't appear to have any interest in sport. Quite obviously, therefore, he didn't seem to understand what the organisation was all about.

It subsequently came to light that he was an adherent of the strange and esoteric "British Israelite" sect however, and furthermore was apparently using the SC in order to propagate his religious views. Everybody is of course entitled to their own religious persuasion, and the SC welcomes members of all religious faiths - and of none! Pead went further than this however, and started bombarding us with a number of bizarre e-mail articles, many of them of a quite objectionable anti-Semitic nature.

If any other supporters have been annoyed or upset by any such unsolicited material from Pead then we would like to apologise to them, and to emphasise that this man no longer has any connection with the organisation.



Somebody else who clearly didn't understand what the Springbok Club (or more precisely one of our earlier component affiliates, the White Rhino Club) was all about, and who caused us quite considerable problems at the time, was Mr. Mark Cotterill.

Cotterill joined and became an active supporter of the White Rhino Club shortly after the organisation was re-constituted in the UK in 1992, but again seemed to have no direct connection with Southern Africa whatsoever. Cotterill's ulterior motivation turned out to be political rather than religious however, and although he claimed to be a mainstream Conservative it subsequently transpired that he had some quite extreme "off the edge" political connections.

He attended a White Rhino Club function in North Devon over the holiday weekend of 4th/8th June 1993, together with a sidekick named Bill Ablett, and between them they proceeded to sabotage and wreck the entire event. At first we were completely mystified by these disgusting antics of Cotterill and Ablett, but it subsequently came to light that Cotterill had developed a childish grudge against the organisation merely because one of the officials had written an article for a magazine that he disapproved of!

Cotterill seemed to have a knack of making unnecessary enemies however, and shortly after this incident he was badly beaten up at his then home at Torquay. He subsequently fled to the United States, where apparently he again managed to worm his way into several organisations that he appeared to have no direct connection with. Inevitably this only led to big problems and embarrassments for these associations after his connections with extremist political organisations came to light, which included - by all accounts - being the US representative of the neo-fascist 'British' National Party!

We have recently learnt, however, that at long last Cotterill's sinister activities have come to the attention of the US authorities, and as his legal position in the US was apparently not in order he has now been unceremoniously kicked out of the country!


Finally, if you would prefer to be deleted from our "Springbok" mailing list then simply send us an e-mail with the word "unsubscribe" in it. Alternatively, if you liked this Cyber-Newsletter and think that any of your friends would like it also, then please let us have details of their e-mail addresses!

See you again next month!