Thursday, 22 May 2008

May 2008 Edition.


May 2008 edition

In last month's SCN we observed how the international political climate had changed remarkably for the better during the past few years. Since then there have been several further "straws in the wind" which have confirmed that the tide has well and truly turned - in the UK at least, though we believe this is probably a general manifestation throughout the West.

On Thursday 8th May a "City Salute" to the UK armed forces serving in the War against Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan was staged through the streets of the City of London in front of St.Paul's Cathedral. This event, which was attended by Princes William and Harry of Wales and which drew tens of thousands of spectators to the streets in support, received nationwide BBC television coverage compered by the increasingly popular Jeremy Clarkson. It should be remembered in this regard that just a short while ago it was the leftist treacherous rabble who were marching on these same streets to protest against the military actions of their own country in the War against Terror, yet now just a few years later patriotic forces have reclaimed the streets.

During the "touchy-feely" 1990s a piece of "public art" known as "The Angel of the North" was erected in Northumbria. This monstrosity was completely abstract and had no real meaning, and as a result became a bit of a laughing-stock. A short while ago it was announced that another piece of "public art" was to be commissioned to stand alongside the A2 in Kent, and it was naturally assumed that this would be yet another abstract eyesore - no doubt to be nicknamed "The Angel of the South"! When the shortlist of designs was recently announced, however, the favourite emerged as a statue of a giant white horse. This was not only realistic, but also has genuine resonance - for the white horse is of course the historic and traditional symbol of Kent! Add to this the recent decisive victory of Boris Johnson in the London Mayoral Election and it can be seen how dramatically the national psych has changed for the better in the UK over recent years.

Meanwhile, alas, South Africa seems to be stuck in the politically-correct 1990s - perhaps even harking back to the even more neanderthal 1960s! We have recently been reading through some of the alleged "South African expatriate" freebee newspapers circulated in London. The most obvious repulsive feature of these rags is that they seem to be festooned with images of the ANC "national" flag. Don't these people - and their advertisers - realise just what anathema this design is to all true patriotic South Africans? Read these rags in greater depth and their message becomes even more objectionable however: a favourable report about a proposed "pledge" to be recited by all South African children "recognising the injustices of the past [and to] honour those who suffered and sacrificed for justice and freedom [sic]", publicity for an event celebrating something called "Freedom Day" (in reality the anniversary of an outbreak of lawlessness), and most obscenely of all birthday greetings being sent to the convicted terrorist Mandela! When or when are White South Africans - many of those living in exile as well as those who've chosen to remain in the terrorist-ruled state - going to wake up and realise that they no longer live in the touchy-feely 1990s, but in the 21st Century!



The Springbok Club/Empire Loyalist Club will be joining forces with the London Swinton Circle under the banner of the Patriotic Forum, to stage its annual Empire Day celebrations this year. Details of this event are as follows:-

Date : Friday 23rd May 2008

Time : 19.00 hrs for 19.30 hrs.

Venue : THE ANTELOPE (the upstairs function room), 22 Eaton Terrace, Belgravia, London SW1W 8EZ (nearest tube station: Sloane Square - turn right out of the main entrance, then right again into the north side of Sloane Square which then becomes Cliveden Place, and finally left into Eaton Terrace where The Antelope is on the left).


Mr. Michael Brufal de Melgarejo (better known to his friends simply as Mike Brufal) is the 11th Marques de Lendinez - a hereditary Spanish title of nobility. He was however born in Gibraltar, and has been a lifelong supporter of the Gibraltarian cause and the rights of the people of Gibraltar to self-determination. For the past 15 years he has been a Director of the Friends of Gibraltar Heritage Society, and for the past 45 years has been the UK correspondent of the Gibraltar Chronicle. Educated at Christ College Cambridge (where he gained an MA in Law and Economics) he has worked as a journalist and public relations consultant all his working life, although he did serve for two years in a voluntary capacity with the British Army, serving first with the Royal Sussex Regiment and then on secondment to the Jamaican Regiment. In his talk he will tell something about the ongoing work of the Friends of Gibraltar Heritage Society and the Gibraltar Heritage Trust, as well as about the current situation in Gibraltar.

There will be a succulent array of buffet snacks served at this gathering, and the price will be £6.00 per head for Full Members of the Springbok Club/ELC, £8.00 per head for Associate Members of the Springbok Club/ELC, and £10.00 per head for non-members. Although payments may be made at the door, it would help us to gauge numbers if all those intending to attend could contact us in advance, either by e-mail or by 'phone on: 07711-188430.



In July the Springbok Club/ELC will be staging its annual Rhodes & Founders Day celebration buffet, at which it is anticipated welcoming a prominent ex-Rhodesian as guest speaker.

In September the Springbok Club/ELC will be staging a trip to Carmarthen in order to lay a wreath at the monument to Sir Thomas Picton ("Wellington's Welsh General") on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of this great man's birth. This will be the first of what is hoped to be an annual SC/ELC event honouring great Imperial heroes who have statues and monuments in their honour around the UK. All those who are interested in participating in this forthcoming event in Carmarthen should e-mail us at:



It is hoped to stage a re-constitution meeting for the Chilterns Branch of the Springbok Club/ELC during June. More details will be given in next month's SCN.

The London Branch of the SC/ELC plans to stage a trip to see the finish of the Doggett's Coat & Badge race on the Thames in July/August.

A member of the ExCo of the SC/ELC will be visiting Devon in late July when it is hoped to stage an informal get-together of supporters in the county with the view of establishing a branch there. He will also be visiting Belfast during early August, when it is hoped that the Northern Ireland Branch of the organisation can be re-constituted. If anyone is interested in attending either of these events or becoming actively involved in new or existing branches then please 'phone 07711-188430 for more details.



On Thursday 5th June the London Swinton Circle will welcome Mr. Douglas Carswell MP (the Conservative MP for Harwich) as guest speaker. This meeting will take place in the crypt of the Orange Street Congregational Church, Orange Street, London WC2, (the church entrance faces the rear of the National Gallery), commencing at 19.00 hrs.

On 3rd September the London Swinton Circle will be welcoming Dr. J. Hazlett Lynch, the Director of the pro-British anti-terrorist organisation the West Tyrone Voice as guest speaker. Further details will be given in future issues of the SCN.



On Friday 9th May New Britain staged an impressive march down Whitehall and delivered letters both to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street and to the London HQ of the European Union demanding that the UK should leave the EU.

On Saturday 14th June (Trooping of the Colour Day) New Britain will be staging a special "Keep the United Kingdom United" pageant. This event will commence at 14.00 hrs with a buffet lunch at St.Katherine Cree Church Hall in Leadenhall Street in the City of London (nearest underground stations: Bank, Liverpool Street and Aldgate), after which, at approximately 15.00 hrs, the pageant itself will begin - featuring singers, dancers and bagpipers from all the component parts of the United Kingdom. Tickets for this event are priced at £5.00. For more details write to: New Britain, 10 College East, Gunthorpe Street, London E1 7RL, e-mail:, or 'phone: 020-72472524.

Arrangements for New Britain's second annual Goldsmith Lecture are still being finalised, though it is anticipated to take place during July. Full details will be appearing in future editions of the SCN.



If you think the Japanese need a good slapping for hunting whales again (apparently for 'research', however they do not deny the whales end up on dinner plates afterwards) and this year have gone even further stating they will be hunting humpbacks and the Migaloo, the only pure white whale in the world, then go here and sign this petition :-



We have recently been forwarded the following most revealing SAPA report :-

"South Africans should arm themselves to ward off criminals, regardless of government’s efforts to disarm citizens, Gun Owners of South Africa (GOSA) said at the weekend.

"GOSA’s National Chairperson, Thomas Eastes, said in a statement: 'We advocate that all citizens of South Africa legally arm themselves regardless of government’s ideological intention to disarm them with the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000, and thereby ensure the freedom, prosperity and future that we owe to our children. The onus to protect yourself and your families resides with you, the legal citizen alone, as the SAPS (SA Police Service) appear not to be trustworthy and caring of the plight of the law-abiding citizens that pay their salaries' he said.

"GOSA said South Africa’s justice system was 'on the verge of collapse' and the police and security forces were 'in a state of total disarray'."



The Zimbabwe Debate organised by Mr. Albert Weidemann, the highly-respected Zimbabwe human rights campaigner, in Ripon last month proved an exceptional success, with a good turnout and a strong and vigorous 5-hour debate ensuing. Many who attended this event stated that they had obtained far greater appreciation of the complexities of the situation in Zimbabwe as a result. There was furthermore good coverage of this debate in both the Ripon Gazette and the Scarborough Evening News.

Mr.Weidemann, who was interviewed on BBC Radio Leeds about the Zimbabwe situation earlier this month, will be speaking further on this subject in the near future both to the Rotary Club of Ripon and to various church groups. He is also planning a further fullscale debate to be staged at the University of Bradford shortly, fuller details of which will be given in future editions of the SCN.



The Anglican Friends of Israel organisation have recently circulated the following most disturbing report. Perhaps the most worrying aspect about it is that this news does not appear to have been carried by the national media :-

"Likud's Feiglin banned from Britain - 6 March 2008 - by Leon Symons

"The deputy leader of Israel's Likud party, Moshe Feiglin, has been excluded from Britain by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith using powers invoked after the July 2005 London bombings - even though he had no plans to visit.

"In a two-page letter sent to Mr Feiglin's office in Ginot Shomron, an unnamed Border and Immigration Agency official, writing on Ms.Smith's behalf, cited articles written by Mr Feiglin and said she had 'personally directed' that he be banned.

"The letter said: 'It is considered that you are seeking to provoke others to serious criminal acts and fostering hatred which might lead to inter-community violence in the UK. In light of these factors, the Home Secretary is satisfied you should be excluded from the UK on the grounds that your exclusion is conducive to the public good.' There is no right of appeal.

"The Home Office would say nothing more about why or how the decision was made, other than to say that Ms.Smith can exclude people whether or not they have applied to come to Britain. But it does take into account relevant information supplied by other government departments and agencies.

"Mr Feiglin said: 'This is a British government problem, not mine. However, if somebody in Britain feels comfortable enough to do something like that, it should turn on some serious red lights in any British citizen who cares about democracy. Britain and America are letting in the real terrorists - remember [Iranian] President Ahmadinejad was allowed to speak at an American university.'

"In a swipe at the government's refusal to exclude Ibrahim Mousawi, the editor of a Hizbollah journal who has been in Britain on a speaking tour, Mr Feiglin went on: 'I almost feel honoured, because of the way that the British government is behaving, to be marked as the bad guy by a government that supports terror. I see it almost as a compliment.'

"He has visited Britain once before, 15 years ago, when he entered and left without hindrance.

"Mr Feiglin said the letter 'came out of the blue'. He considered it might be a clever forgery perpetrated by political opponents. He was not surprised when told by the JC that it was genuine. This is all very strange because I have no plans to visit Britain either in the short or long term. I have never been banned from anywhere else. In fact I am giving a lecture in Canada at the end of this month,' he said."



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FLAGS etc.

The Springbok Club/ELC now retails Union Flag lapel badges and key-rings, price £2.00 each (plus 20% p&p).

Payments should be made to "The Springbok Club" and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK.

Copies of S.A.Patriot-in-Exile (editions 30 to 36) are still available price R5.00 or 50p each, as well as batches of 50 copies (including copies of the original S.A.Patriot) price R80.00 or £8.00 (plus 20% for p&p.)

Payments should be made to "Patriotic Press" and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK.

[We hope to be able to produce the next edition of S.A.Patriot-in-Exile, No.37, very shortly. We would, however, like to clear as much of our existing stock of back-issues as possible prior to publication. Supporters can help us in two ways in this regard, either by making donations which will enable us to distribute more copies, and/or by providing address details of people who might be interesting in receiving copies.]



"WAY OUT OF LINE" by Trisha Jackson

A novel which tells the story of the profound impact that an innocent youthful love affair has on the lives of two young lovers. The plot moves from a cult and a maximum security prison in the US to the savannah grasslands of Mozambique and Zimbabwe - this makes for adventure, suspense and melodrama. Packed with conflict and sexual tension, anyone who loves romance, passion and excitement should enjoy reading this story.

Trisha Jackson was born and grew up in Rhodesia. She immigrated to the USA with her husband and three children in 1990. She and her husband live in a unique, rural community in the Tonto National Forest in the eastern mountains of Arizona.

Copies of "Way Out of Line" can be ordered from



Details the disasters of Mugabe's Zimbabwe, and illustrates the similarities between Mugabe's rule and that of Mandela/Mbeki in South Africa. It can be ordered on-line at:


"OF RICE AND MEN", by Jimmy Walker

111 pages. Illustrated. With excellent cartoons by Fusilier Norman Lambert, produced whilst in captivity. Soft-back £5.00 (cover price £10.00)

An irreverent, left of centre, look at life as a POW by Jimmy Walker, who was captured by the Japanese following the fall of Singapore in 1942. Jimmy takes us through incarceration at the notorious Changi jail, forced labour on the railroad, and deportation to Japan, where the Japanese exploited the mining skills of the boys from Northumberland. Norman Lambert’s sketches are both amusing and frightening at the same time. Through the bitterness and resentment, and physical trauma of captivity shines the humour and the indomitable spirit of the British soldier. An enjoyable and educational read, with a surprise ending.

Prices include p&p. Payment can be made by credit or debit card. To order on line, log on to and enter as payment destination.


"THE BLIGHT OF BLAIRISM" by Francis Bennion

A devastating indictment of the "new" Labour administration. For more details about the book visit:


"THE THOUSAND STEPS" by Dr Helen Anderson

Dr Anderson spent what she describes as "26 privileged years in Africa, privileged because life was never dull and medical practice never ceased to be truly exciting and fulfilling." It is a personal account of practice, both in Entebbe, Uganda, and the Sudan, Congo and Botswana. She describes her fascinating experiences. She married in Gulu, Uganda, where she ran the local Hospital, dealing with surgical cases never before described in textbooks. She also describes her time in Serowe, Botswana, and the problems with the resident ghost in the Residency.
The book is copiously and superbly illustrated with numerous colour photographs. Available at £20.00 direct from the author at Lake Hawea, R.D.2., Wanaka, 9382, New Zealand, by cheque or money order.


"THE RAPE OF ZIMBABWE" by Ricky Wilson - which tells it like it was (and is)!

Rhodesia was once a prosperous and thriving country, and the story of the author's enterprising and entrepreneurial spirit in that land, followed by his desperate escape from the country when, as Zimbabwe, it became ruled by a tyrant, imparts a realistic perspective of the present desperate plight of many exiles from a country that was once a paradise and the breadbasket for so much of Africa.

You can order this book via


Glenn MacAskill and Michael Bowery of Crest Publishing have written three books each. Glenn MacAskill is ex-BSAP Special Branch and still working (as Mugabe has denied him any pension) and Michael Bowery is ex-South African Special Forces. Due to the difficulties confronting White writers in the "new" South Africa they launched Crest Publishing to self-publish their own books, and have been doing this since October 2006. Michael Bowery is author of: "Canham's Run", "The Sligo Piper" and "Kill the President", whilst Glenn MacAskill is author of: "King's Gold", "Crime Lords" and "Of Royal Blood". Special discounts to ex-servicemen, Rhodies and Springboks!

For more information, or to make an order, please contact Crest Publishing at: P.O.Box, 97910, Petervale, Transvaal, 2151, South Africa, e-mail:, or visit the Crest Publishing web-site at:


"THE SAINTS" - DVD versions of the book about the history of the RLI

Now available from Msasa Enterprises. Contact: or UK tel.: 07732 685400.


"LETTERS FROM AFRICA" by Mandy Retzlaff

A collection of short stories documenting Mandy Retzlaff's extraordinary life in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Her letters are full of hope, despair, extreme courage and a remarkable sense of humour needed to face the everyday difficulties of living in a politically and economically unstable Africa.

For more details visit Mandy's web-site at:



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Campbell's Original Farm Style Biltong, Boerewors, BoereBurgers and Droewors was established in 1969 in Rhodesia. Their age-old family recipes remain unchanged and have undoubtedly "stood the test of time", and to this day remain free of wheat, glutens and added ingredients.

Today Ron and Eileen Campbell still hand-make all their meat products themselves in Devon, and enjoy the regular loyal support of a large following of African ex-pats now living in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain, with new friends placing orders recently from Iraq, Cyprus and the USA.

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Robert Shipley has many items of memorabilia of special interest to Southern African and other patriots for sale, including :-

An old brochure of Worcester in South Africa for £10.00


A State President's Guard Plaque 1980/81, Lt.Grobler, for £15.00

(postage and packaging included).

For more information or to make orders please 'phone 07527277406, or e-mail:



No.114 : Ms JENNY PATERSON of Chelsea

Jenny Paterson, who at the time was working for a recruitment bureau in Chelsea, contacted us a few months ago and expressed great interest in the work of the Springbok Club. Alas, when we replied to her e-mail we discovered that she had left the bureau where she was employed, and no-one could inform us of her new contact details. In view of the great interest which she had expressed we are therefore very keen to try to trace her current whereabouts, so wonder whether anyone could help us in this regard?



2008 of course marks the 60th anniversary of the birth of the State of Israel - probably South Africa's best overseas friend during the days of civilised rule (Dr.D.F.Malan was indeed the first overseas statesman to visit Israel after it declared its independence). To mark this important anniversary big "Salute to Israel" parades are being organised around the Western world, including ones in both London and Manchester on Sunday 29th June. For more details about these events visit the "Salute to Israel" web-site at :-





Wonderful summation of the rat-bag Hain's demise in the February edition of the SCN, well done!

Yours etc.,

Philip Lardner, Erskine, Renfrewshire, U.K.




Hope you'll have a laugh - but the c.e.o of Eskom has received salary bonus and PRODUCTIVITY BONUS of R3.75 million - how's that???? What a joke!!!

Yours etc.,

RHGE, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.


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