Sunday, 12 August 2001

August 2001 Edition.


August 2001 edition

We know that many of our supporters based in the UK are members of the British Conservative Party, and therefore will be able to vote in the forthcoming Conservative Party leadership election.

This contest between Kenneth Clarke and Iain Duncan-Smith is of great importance, for not only will it decide the next CP leader, but also, in all probability, the next British Prime Minister. It is important therefore that all party members use their vote, and use it wisely.

Kenneth Clarke is undoubtedly a highly affable fellow, and it cannot be doubted that he possesses great ability and character. Unfortunately, however, his extreme pro-European views - particularly his open support for a common currency - means that support for his candidature simply cannot be contemplated.
But support for Iain Duncan-Smith shouldn't merely be based upon such negative factors. Iain Duncan-Smith has already shown himself to be an able and effective frontbench spokesman, who exudes quiet confidence which could prove increasingly popular with an electorate fed up with Blair's "glitzy" image and failure. As his military career has shown he is also a true patriot, and it is interesting to note that Baroness Thatcher identified him as a future Conservative leader a decade ago.      

For supporters of the Springbok Club, however, it is his views and policies towards Southern Africa which are of primary importance. In this regard it is useful to remember that he served as ADC to Gen. Ackland in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia prior to Mugabe's seizure of power (a period when British military presence gave White Rhodesians a breathing space to settle their affairs and leave the country before terror took over), and by all accounts was very sympathetic towards the plight of his kith-and-kin in the country. Whilst serving in Northern Ireland he furthermore took a no-nonsense approach towards the IRA terrorists - the blood-brothers of ZANLA, ZIPRA and the ANC. More significantly, however, we have recently learnt on very good authority that in November of last year Iain Duncan-Smith attended a dinner party in Chelsea held in honour of his near-namesake Ian Douglas Smith.

We have no hesitation therefore in giving our full support to Iain Duncan-Smith in the forthcoming CP leadership election, and recommend that all supporters who have a vote in this poll should exercise it in his favour.


The Kent Branch of the Springbok Club held one of their regular meetings in Herne Bay last month, and it was most encouraging to find that a number of supporters from London came down to attend this happy and pleasant event, which was held at a venue owned by Mr. Mike Thompson, a good friend of ours who spent some 14 years in South Africa. Most notable among the visiting supporters was Mr. Allan Robertson, the Chairman of the London Swinton Circle, who gave some most interesting updates on national developments.

The Hampshire Branch of the Springbok Club also held an "open meeting" at Southampton last month, and as well as members from Hampshire itself they were also able to welcome a number of visiting supporters from London, Kent and Dorset. This event was held at the Dolphin Hotel - a historic establishment which has particular significance for South Africans, as during the days of sea travel it was regularly used as a "drop-off point" for passengers catching Union Castle liners to Cape Town. During the course of the evening Springbok Club Chairman Peter Fisher read a riveting passage from a book by Herman Charles Bosman, and Rob Burnett gave an outline account of the books which he has written ("Zebra Zone" about the wildlife of Africa, and "Phantoms of Africa", highlighting the contribution made by Whites to the continent) and how he was now planning to convert them into films.

We have mentioned these works of Rob in the past, but once again would like to encourage everyone to support his efforts in any way they can. His "Zebra Zone" web-site can be accessed at:-

and orders can be made via his "Authors-on-Line" site at:- (if you have any difficulty request a 'search' for the author's name of "Burnett")


Details of the inaugural meeting of the Springbok Club Chilterns Branch have now been finalised, and are as follows:-

Date :  Saturday 25th August 2001
Time :  18.00 hrs onwards (though undoubtedly some members will be there earlier)
Venue:  "The Eagle", High Street, Amersham Old Town, Buckinghamshire.

"The Eagle" is a historic old pub which has a favourable mention in the "Good Pub Guide", and is only 10/15 minutes walk from Amersham Tube/Railway Station (the most northerly stop on the Metropolitan Line). Drinks will be available at the bar, and an outdoor patio at the rear of the premises will be utilised if the weather is fine. An excellent selection of bar snacks is on hand, and if numbers are sufficient sandwiches "en masse" can be arranged. It is anticipated that some leading members of the MDC Solidarity Campaign will be present, who will tell us something about their activities and the current situation in Zimbabwe. A warm invitation is therefore extended to all supporters, not only from the Chilterns area, but also anyone who can make the trip.
Over the weekend of 21st/23rd September 2001 we will be staging a "Lincolnshire weekend" at the village of North Kyme, about 10 to 15 miles south-east of Lincoln. We already have a number of supporters in the county, at such places as Grantham, the Mablethorpe area, Lincoln itself and Sleaford, and as North Kyme is centrally situated for all these locations it is therefore hoped that we may be able to form a Lincolnshire Branch at this event. For supporters who would like to attend this "weekend" from further afield there will be limited accommodation available, but this will be allocated strictly on a "first come, first served" basis, so if you are interested in attending please contact us at as soon as possible. The main get-together will however take place during the afternoon/evening of Saturday 22nd September, when it is hoped that more local supporters will be able to come along to join us. Precise details will be announced in next month's SCN.


The next MDC Solidarity Campaign protest demonstration against ZANU/PF tyranny will take place as follows:-

Date :  Saturday 25 August 2001
Time :  12.00hrs - 14.00hrs
Venue:  Outside the Zimbabwe High Commission, 429 The Strand, London WC2
(Nearest tube stations: Charing Cross and Embankment)

As this protest will take place on the same day as the SC's Chiltern Branch inaugural meeting it is hoped that friends and supporters will be able to come along to both these events, and will therefore "make a day of it".


Niel Pretorius writes as follows:-

I am a South African male with 27 years catering experience. I need anyone to offer me a catering related job. I have to have a job offered to me to get a work permit in the UK.

If you can help Niel in any way then please contact him direct at:



"Standard-bearers: the British Roots of the New Right" looks afresh at the
heroes of the patriotic right, some well-known, others unjustly obscure.

From Lord Salisbury to Enoch Powell, from Dr Johnson to G.K. Chesterton,
this books surveys the historical scene. Soldiers, statesmen, poets,
musicians and craftsmen, all are here.

At only £6, plus 75 pence for postage and packing, it's a must for every
patriot's library. Available from the Bloomsbury Forum, P.O. Box 117,
Beckenham, Kent, BR3 4ZE, UK.



Anthony LoBaido (who of course was the Springbok Club's guest speaker in October 2000) has been waging a campaign to highlight the plight of Jonathan Pollard, who currently languishes in a North Carolina jail. The name of Jonathan Pollard may not be familiar to many of our readers, but he was imprisoned several years ago on the crime of spying for Israel. Of course it seems unbelievable that someone should be imprisoned in the United States on a charge of "spying" for an American ally and pro-Western nation like the State of Israel - but perhaps Jonathan Pollard's greater crime was that he dared to stand on the side of almost every politically incorrect issue in the mid-1980s. Of special interest to South Africans is the fact that whilst working for American Naval Intelligence he was given permission to open lines of communication with the South African government (then still under civilised and pro-Western control), and is believed to have been involved in assisting nuclear co-operation between South Africa and Israel. The full article about Jonathan Pollard written by Anthony LoBaido can be accessed at:-



Days of Mourning called -- This originates from the many pro-capitalists in The Netherlands who are growing increasingly concerned by the ongoing murders of commercial farmers in Zimbabwe and South Africa. More than 1,110 commercial farmers have already been murdered in South Africa since 1994.
International days of mourning are also being called not only for the murdered agriculturalists and police officers, but also and primarily for the more than 200,000 people of South Africa who have already been murdered since 1994 in the world's most terrible crime wave.

There are 20 million illegal communist-origin firearms in South Africa versus 4.5 million registered ones. It is the illegal firearms which are responsible for the terrible slaughter, which continues unabated: the Council of Europe statistics show this year that South Africa has the highest murder rate from violent crime in the entire world.

Note too that over 1600 police officers have been slaughtered by these heavily-armed criminals in South Africa since 1994.

We have a "Crime War" which is devastating this country and tearing apart the very fabric of our society.
First Day of Mourning:  Friday 24 August 2001

Call to the more than one-million Southern African expatriates and Diaspora Afrikaners who have already left the continent since 1994: This is a call to all South African and Rhodesian/Zimbabwean Expats create your own funeral procession on August 24 - wherever you now are in the world and however small - in protest against the "Southern African killing fields" - lodge your own local protest against the ongoing ethnic cleansing campaign against all people of European descent in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Inside South Africa:-

Time of funeral procession and mourning parade in South Africa: 14:30 - 15:30 (venues are arranged through local committees - you may join one, by contacting the national organiser at )

Venues outside South Africa:-

At any "South African State" venue: consulates, embassies, SAA offices wherever you now live, from 9am.
In New York: at the United Nations Building, from 9am.

At the International Court of Justice in The Hague (not the SA embassy) from 9 am if at all possible. (Please visit for more info about it or contact Adriana Stuijt at

More protest dates on 24 September and October 1, other similar Mourning Days are planned primarily among the Afrikaner community. They can be contacted for further details.

The Afrikaner copmmunity's Mourning Campaign is called:  "STOP ROOF EN MOORD" (Stop robberies and murders)

National coordinator: Steve Strydom:



Peter Watson has a set of mint-condition Kruger Rands on offer, and writes as follows:-

"Do you know anyone who might be interested in buying a 1999 Natura Prestige Set - boxed of Krugers : 1oz. 1/2oz. 1/4 oz. and 1/10 oz. - the mint issued a limited edition of 600 of these four coins in a set."

If you are interested in making Peter an offer in this regard then please contact him direct at:



Some while ago we publicised a new on-line cyber-magazine published in Australia called "Out of Africa International", which carried news and information about the Southern Africa "diaspora" around the world. We have recently been pleased to learn that this most professional publication is still in existence, and indeed has just reached its tenth edition. To download a copy go to:-



Elliott Enterprises Inc. provide services for South Africans and Rhodesians who emigrate to Vancouver, Canada. They can help them to avoid the emigration pitfalls and provide them with connections, information and orientation.

For more information visit the Elliott Enterprises website at:-

or contact Robin Elliott direct at:-



Unfortunately, although it is now over 18 months since we were able to publish edition No.35 of "S.A.Patriot-in-Exile", and although we already have sufficient material to fill issue No.36, we still haven't been able to raise sufficient funds to publish this next edition. Apart from straight-forward donations there is another more specific method by which friends and supporters can help us in this regard.

During that vital period of South African history during the end of 1989 and the beginning of 1990 we managed to publish an in-depth analysis of the developing situation in the country called "Patriotic Press's South African Newsletter". Although we had to cease publication when we were forced to relocate operations to the UK, we have recently been able to re-issue the eight editions which we originally produced. Although this publication is of course no longer of any current relevance, it is even so still of great historical interest, and can be purchased for £20.00 (£10.00 for Full Members of the Springbok Club) for a complete set of all eight issues.

All payments and donations should be made payable to "Patriotic Press" (in Sterling) and sent to :  BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, U.K..



The "Biltong Team" have developed and are manufacturing a Home Biltong Maker. It is a wonderous piece of equipment that allows you to make your own fresh biltong in the comfort of your own home. It's easy to use (available in both 110 and 220 volt models), economical, and pays for itself in a couple of batches of biltong. The Home Biltong Maker has been received with much enthusiasm by ex-South Africans around the world in such countries as the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

To find out more information visit the Home Biltong Maker web-site at:-



COVOS BOOKS of South Africa are specialist publishers of Africana, and offer a wide range of most interesting and illuminating books which will appeal to many of our supporters. Amongst the new titles which they stock are:-

The story of the South African Special Forces ("The Recces"), from inception in the 1960s to disbandment in 1993. A unique account of one of South Africa's premier units, masters in the art of reconnaissance and clandestine warfare. Pro rata, the most decorated unit during the wars in Angola and SWA. Includes a free copy of Lourens Fourie's music CD "The Recces". Softback, 222x152mm, 328 pages, 252 b/w photographs plus maps. R140.00.

MAFEKING! by Malcolm Flower-Smith and Edmund Yorke
Psychologically affected by the fact that it was from Mafeking that the Jameson Raid was launched, the Boers determined to regain this key town. The exceptional military leadership, indomitable spirit and personal charisma of Col. Baden-Powell made him the ideal officer for the British defence - the source of inspiration for the defenders of Mafeking during the epic 7 month seize. By March 1900, the garrison was famished; death and destruction had become daily fare. When, in May, Mafeking was finally relieved, the British nation was swept by a wave of patriotic hysteria, unequalled since. Softback, 222x152mm, 214 pages, 50 b/w illustrations. R100.00.

COVOS BOOKS can be contacted at :  P.O.Box 6996, Weltevredenpark, Transvaal, 1715, South Africa. Tel.: +2711-4769926, fax.: +2711-4769927, e-mail :

We are happy to be able to confirm that the Springbok Club can now supply copies of "We Fear Naught but God", price £15.00, and "Mafeking!", price £10.00. All payments should be made payable to "Patriotic Press", and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK. (Please add 20% for p.& p.).



A regular feature in which we ask whether anyone knows the current whereabouts of a friend or colleague who has lost contact. This month this section is again a little different, as we are asking for information about someone who has only recently made contact. A few months ago we were contacted by as lady who only gave her name as Trudi, but who told us that she was now based in Southampton and wanted to make contact with other South Africans in the area. We therefore wrote back to her quoted email address ( telling her about the Hampshire Branch of the Springbok Club, but alas received no reply from her. Shortly before the Hampshire Branch's "open meeting" was held last month we again wrote to her giving her details of this function, but alas again she didn't reply, and didn't turn up at this event either. We wonder therefore whether we have her email address correctly? If anyone knows who this can be, and can give us her correct email or postal address, then we would be most grateful.

No.34 :  TRUDI of Southampton.

(Readers will probably recall our previous requests for information about the current address of Paul Robinson, formerly of Durban. We have recently been informed that he returned to the UK round about 1997, after having worked for a while for HUB in Pietermaritzburg. Paul was a great friend and patriot, and we are very keen to be able to make contact with him again. We know that his parents lived at either Dartmouth or Exmouth on the south Devon coast, so if anyone can find out any information about where he is now based we would be most grateful.)



A Portuguese supporter has recently told us about a nasty and totally inaccurate web-site which defamed the entire Portuguese people (claiming they are practically all "Mulattos") and recommending an alternative web-site which exploded this myth and put the record straight. When we had a look at the defamatory web-site we discovered that it was written by none other than young Mr. Arthur Kemp, who of course had previously issued smears and lies about the Springbok Club and those behind it - before being exposed as being in the pay of the "new" South African security services! It would appear therefore that young Mr. Kemp harbours an irrational hatred no only for British South Africans, but also for the Portuguese. The Portuguese, of course, punched well above their weight during the great age of European Imperial expansionism, so we are therefore more than happy to recommend this alternative web-site which tells the truth about the Portuguese people and their history. It can be accessed at:-

(This site is worth looking at for the pictures of Portuguese models alone!)


The editorial of the July 2001 issue of the SCN (which called for the 2003 Cricket World Cup to be moved from South Africa) provoked quite a bit of debate, and we received several responses both in favour of and against what was written. We include below two of the messages which we received in this regard therefore - one for and one against.


Now I need some help on another matter and wonder what your thoughts are on it. This concerns the proposed England and Wales tour to Zimbabwe in October. As I've recently lost family in Zimbabwe, then out of respect for all those suffering even worse humiliation than in South Africa I feel the tour should be postponed if not cancelled. Should the tour go ahead then all respect of dignity is lost. Perhaps you could post a petition on your web-site highlighting the issue. Why should the despot Mugabe get away with genocide?

Best regards,
Rob Burnett, Southampton.


I take great exception in your request that the 2003 Cricket World Cup in South Africa be cancelled. To call on the ICC organisers to cancel the venue in South Africa smacks of the HART crap we endured as orchestrated by The Poms in the great Gleneagles Agreement. I am not saying that crime is not a factor in South Africa but unfortunately this, among other things, seems to be the price we must pay to be back in international sport! Remember this is what The World (Britain, USA, OZ, Canada, NZ et al) demanded from South Africa. So bring on the 2003 World Cricket Cup in South Africa! Just be mindful of the crime and enjoy the hospitality and friendliness of the people, weather, and scenery in the most beautiful country in the world!

Respectfully submitted,

Gordon Waring, Georgia, USA
We would be interested to hear other people's view on this subject. Let the debate continue.


Finally, if you would prefer to be deleted from our "Springbok" mailing list then simply send us an e-mail with the word "unsubscribe" in it. Alternatively, if you liked this Cyber-Newsletter and think that any of your friends would like it also, then please let us have details of their e-mail addresses!
See you again next month!