Sunday, 9 August 1998

August 1998 Edition.


August 1998 edition

Welcome to the first edition of the "Springbok Cyber-Newsletter" - a new service which we hope you will find most informative and enjoyable. We hope to produce issues regularly each month from now onwards. The basic aim of this service is to inform you of all the latest news and developments concerning the SPRINGBOK CLUB and other associated organisations and enterprises. We will not be concentrating on current developments actually inside South Africa however - these can still be seen on our "Latest News from South Africa" web-page :-

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Just a reminder that details of our next meeting are as follows :-

Date : Tuesday 11th August 1998   Time : 19.30 hrs.

Venue : The Morpeth Arms, 58 Millbank, Pimlico, Westminster, London SW1.

Guest Speaker : Mr. John Samuel  -  who will speak on the links and similarities between the Southern African and Ulster struggles, and will give a first-hand report on this year's activities at Drumcree.



Unfortunately both Mr. Brian McConnell from Canada and Mr. Nicky Lamprecht from Durban will not be able to visit the U.K. this year after all, but both hope to be here sometime during 1999 and will talk to the Springbok Club then.

Mr. Lars Karnestam from Sweden is still planning to visit here later this year however, and Mr. Denis Walker (the former Rhodesian cabinet minister) has also promised to address us soon. Precise dates have still to be finalised however, but will probably take place in September and/or November.

The Rhodesian Christian Group tell us that they are staging a reception in London with Ian Smith as guest speaker on Wednesday 23rd September. It might be a good idea therefore to arrange one of these SPRINGBOK CLUB meetings either the day before or the day after, so people travelling to London will be able to stay overnight and attend both events.



Several of our supporters in Sweden have expressed an interest in starting a branch of the SPRINGBOK CLUB there. Direct contact is going to me made over there later this month, and hopefully we will be able to establish two branches - one in Stockholm and the other in southern Sweden. Needless to say Lars Karnestam (who many may remember from his trip to South Africa in 1986) is the leading strength behind this development! Further details in the next issue.



One of our supporters in the Netherlands has given us the tentative offer of coming over as a club to stay at their cafe for a weekend. It is thought most probable that we will try to arrange this event for sometime during October. If you would be interesting in attending then please let us know.



Another friend, Mr. Hennie van Greunen from Cape Town, has told us that he aims to bring his one-man Afrikaans language show "Blougat" to London shortly, but is still not certain whether he can arrange a venue. Again if you can help in any way - or would like to attend this show - please let us know.



A regular feature where we ask if anyone knows the current whereabouts of a friend or colleague who has lost contact.

No.1 :  Mr. Paul Robinson of Natal.

Although Paul was born and brought up in Devon in the U.K., he emigrated to South Africa in the early '80s and stayed in Jo'burg, Durban, and more recently at Umhlanga. He was a good friend and supporter of both S.A.PATRIOT and the PATRIOTIC FORUM (in a way the "ancestor" of the SPRINGBOK CLUB) during that time, but unfortunately we lost contact with him about three to four years ago. As he was such a good friend however, and as we had so much admiration for his patriotism and active enthusiasm for the cause, we would therefore very much like to make contact with him again. Please, can anybody help?



Another regular feature, in which we recommend a web-site which we feel may be of interest to many of our readers. This week's site will probably be of interest to those who will not be able to attend our next meeting on the 11th, but who are interested to learn the true facts about the Drumcree "stand-off". It is entitled "McKenna - Behind the Mask" and gives details of the full evil background of the terrorist Brendanm McKenna who is causing so much trouble amongst his fellow nationalists on the Gervaghy Road. It can be accessed at :-



Finally it is our sad duty to report the sad death from throat cancer of a very good friend of both Ulster and South Africa, Mr. Robin "the Jackal" Jackson, at the tragically early age of only 49. Robin was born in Northern Ireland, and from an early age gave his active support to the struggle to keep Ulster British. In the mid '80s, however, he became very interested in the similar struggle against terrorism of his kith and kin in South Africa, so journeyed to the country in order to give his support. During his time in the sub-continent he visited both South Africa itself and the then South-West Africa, where he gave advice and encouragement to other patriotic activists who he met. Robin is survived by a son and two daughters - in them we trust that the spirit of their father's dedicated patriotism lives on. His name will be written in our Roll of Honour for ever.


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See you again next month!