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November 2014 Edition.


November 2014 edition

The recent hideous beheadings of captured Westerners by militant Muslim terrorists supporting the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) has demonstrated vividly to the world the primeval savage nature of these Islamists.

Whether such savagery is inherent among all adherents to the Mohammedan religion, or just among the more fundamental extremists, is a matter of debate - but one thing is for certain, and that is that Islamic expansionism is a threat to us all. Their quest to establish a “Caliphate” where cruelty is the norm, freedom suppressed and women subjected to the most inhumane oppression, will not end at the borders of Iraq and Syria. Their long-term quest is to conquer the entire world and then to impose their tyrannical religion upon everyone.

We warned at the time of Western withdrawal from Iraq, after earlier having liberated that country from a previous expansionist Islamic dictatorship, that it was a mistake. We have been proven right. We advocated that the West should intervene in the Syrian civil war in order to prevent the emergence of another fundamentalist Islamic regime. Again we have been proven right. We now therefore advocate that three important steps be taken immediately by the West in order not only to halt the advance of ISIS/ISIL, but to defeat the entire spectre of Islamic expansionism :-

1) Western air-strikes should be carried out wherever ISIS/ISIL are located – regardless of international borders.
2) There must be Western “boots on the ground”. It is pure lunacy to rely upon the newly-formed and basically incompetent Iraqi forces (who are themselves Muslim) and the armed forces of Syria, a nation currently racked by internal civil war.
3) All Islamists currently residing in the West must be repatriated.

The third of these proposals will undoubtedly be the most controversial – but we ask everyone to consider the facts. Prior to WWII there were practically no Muslims living anywhere in the West, yet now there are estimated to be over one million living in the UK, over 2 million living in the United States – and over four million living in France! In spite of these astonishing figures and the fact that most are now second or even third generation immigrants, they have not identified with their new countries of residence, nor have they accepted Western standards of civilization in any way (with only very, very few exceptions). They have been like “fish out of water”, and in the main have been as unhappy living in the West as the host populations have been unhappy about their presence. This is born out by the fact that with the exception of the 9/11 atrocity itself all Islamic terrorist attacks on Western soil have been carried out by “home-grown” Muslims – Madrid, 7/7, the killing of Lee Rigby, the killing of C├ędric Cordier in Paris and the Fort Hood atrocity etc., etc., etc.. The fact that they continue to identify far more with their ancestral culture rather than with the culture of their countries of residence is further born out by the fact that so many young Muslims from the West have been so willing to travel to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS/ISIL .It has been stated that Muslim populations in the West are potential fifth-columnists. This is not the case. They are fifth-columnists.

It was that great Conservative thinker and visionary Enoch Powell who warned accurately during the late 1960s about the threat to Western civilization and national identity posed by uncontrolled and unwelcome third world immigration. Enoch Powell received massive support from the British people at the time, and as a result immigration into the UK was tightened up significantly for a while, thus preventing an immediate fulfillment of his prophecy, but alas under the John Major and the New Labour governments immigration restrictions were lifted again, so that we are now witnessing the most terrible problems which Enoch Powell warned about – and with a vengeance!

Just as the cry “Enoch was right” went out in the late 1960s – with considerable effect - so also must it again now. Every effort must be made therefore to encourage the authorities to repatriate all Muslims currently residing in the West to their lands of ethnic origin. This will be good for them as they will no longer be “fish out of water”, it will be good for their home countries as they will receive the benefits of the skills which they have learnt in the West – and it will be good for us!



The Springbok Club staged a most pleasant meeting last month which was addressed by Mr. Alan Williamson, who had recently returned from a nine-month contract in South Africa. In his most informative and fascinating talk Mr. Williamson explained vividly with the aid of illustrations the problems which had been faced in the construction of the Kusile Power Station, and also told of the general deteriorating situation in the “new” South Africa. We would like to thank Mr. Williamson for relaying such interesting and helpful information to us at this meeting.


Alas the Springbok Club’s planned guest speaker for its annual UDI Day celebration meeting has had to withdraw at the last moment because of personal reasons – though he has assured the organization that he will still be prepared to give a talk about his Rhodesian experiences sometime during 2015. Instead the Springbok Club will simply be staging a Kent Branch gathering in order to celebrate UDI Day this year. This will be held on Saturday 22nd November in Canterbury, and the precise details will be circulated to all Springbok Club members and all supporters in Kent later this week.


Unfortunately the Springbok Club was not able to raise sufficient numbers to take advantage of the generous discount offer which was received from Saracens RFC to attend their friendly match against the Western Province Stormers earlier this month. This was mainly because this match clashed with Remembrance Sunday commemorations in Whitehall, which of course many Springbok Club members and supporters attended. Saracens have however given the organization a similar generous discount offer for a party to attend their match against the Northern Transvaal Blue Bulls on Sunday 31st January 2015. In order to take advantage of this offer we would like to know all those interested in attending as soon as possible, so if you would like to join the party please e-mail with your details.


In December the Springbok Club will be staging a trip to the “Gardens and War” exhibition at the Gardens Museum near Lambeth Palace in south London. Full details of this event will be given in next month’s SCN.

In January the Springbok Club will be holding its 2015 AGM. Full details about this event will be circulated to all fully paid-up members of the Springbok Club in due course.


The full text of the speech given by Springbok Club organizer/secretary Alan Harvey at this year’s “Raising of the Flag” ceremony in Norfolk can now be accessed at :-



The Swinton Circle held a most successful 2014 AGM last month. Reports from both the Organiser and the Treasurer were read and accepted unanimously, and the current Executive Committee were re-elected en bloc for 2014/15. After the business side of proceedings was concluded Mr. Paul Griffin gave a riveting PowerPoint presentation about recent events which have occurred in the Ukraine, which demonstrated not only the odious nature of some of the Kiev parties involved in the overthrow of the Ukrainian Government, but also showed the hypocrisy demonstrated by many Western leaders. We would like to thank Mr. Griffin for giving such a captivating and informative presentation.


Details of the Swinton Circle's November meeting are as follows :-

Date : Tuesday 18th November 2014

Time : 19.00 hrs for 19.15 hrs. (In view of potentially tight security checks we would however recommend that everyone tries to arrive at least half an hour earlier)

Venue : Room W1 of Westminster Hall in the Houses of Parliament

(The Houses of Parliament should be entered via the main St.Stephen’s Gate entrance, from where you will be directed through the Security enclosure. From there you will be automatically directed through Westminster Hall, halfway along which on the right-hand side there is a small entrance which leads to a passageway, where the Westminster Hall Committee Rooms are situated.)

Guest Speaker : Mr. IAN R.K. PAISLEY MSc, MP (DUP N. Antrim)

Ian Paisley has been the Member of Parliament for North Antrim since 2010, winning the seat by the largest majority and vote in Northern Ireland for his party. He is the DUP spokesman for Agriculture in the House of Commons and sits on the Northern Ireland Select Affairs Committee.
For 13 years prior to becoming a Member of Parliament he was a Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly. He was a Junior Minister in the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister and also one of the longest serving members of the Northern Ireland Policing Board. He played a key role in negotiating Northern Ireland’s new political arrangements, in particular pushing Sinn Fein to accept the legitimacy of the British security services.
North Antrim has 22% of all of Northern Ireland’s manufacturing industry, and is one of the largest producers of the United Kingdom’s food, including poultry and milk production. It is also renowned for its tourism and beautiful scenery, especially along the North Antrim coast where the Giant’s Causeway is situated. It is the home of the oldest whiskey distillery in the world – established in 1608 by Royal Charter – the Bushmills distillery, and the iconic London double-decker bus is also now manufactured in the constituency’s biggest town of Ballymena.
The son of the late Lord Bannside (Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley) who sadly died in September, Ian will talk at length about his father’s life, career and political ideals, and the influence which he has been to him. He was the author of the acclaimed books “Reasonable Doubt – The Case for the UDR Four” and “Ian Paisley – a Life in Photographs”. He is married to Fiona and has four children.

Membership fees and donations to the Swinton Circle can be made via PayPal on the organisation’s web-site home page at - simply 'click' on the line "PayPal = the safer, easier way to pay online" at the bottom of the home page; if the error message "This content cannot be displayed in a Frame" appears then simply 'click' on the line "Open this Content in a New Window".



New Britain attended the annual Trafalgar Day wreath-laying ceremony at St.Paul’s Cathedral last month, after which they staged a reception at Chatham during the evening. The organization also subsequently laid a wreath at the official Remembrance Sunday ceremony at the Chatham War Memorial


On St.Andrew’s Day, Sunday 30th November, New Britain will be holding a reception, and on Saturday 6th December will be participating in the annual Falkland Islands Battle Day ceremony in Whitehall. For more details about these events please either ‘phone: 020-72472524 or e-mail:



We have recently received the following important message from the SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary :-

“Lions are an inspiration to so many people and these majestic cats have been admired for centuries. They are known as the King of Beasts and have served as icons to draw visitors to Africa when they have been depicted as the soul of our continent on glossy tourism brochures. Unfortunately as human populations continue to grow and man claims more and more lions are finding it increasingly difficult to survive. Their habitats are destroyed and the animals themselves are pushed into smaller and smaller pockets of land to continue their desperate fight for survival. Lions in Africa are under serious threat of extinction and their numbers continue to dwindle.

“On the most southern tip of Africa some private landowners have found even more ways in which to exploit their majestic cats and South Africa has a growing captive lion breeding industry where at least 6000 lions are held and bred in camps pretty much like cattle in feeding lots or broiler chickens.

“Known as the ‘canned lion industry’ this method of farming wild animals; in particular lions and other predators, supply large male and females lions to the ‘trophy hunting’ industry. But what exactly is canned lion hunting. Click this link to learn more, but please beware it is not for sensitive viewers.

“In addition to allowing the hunting of lions; this factory farming industry also supplies the bones of hunted or unwanted lions to the east Asian market for the manufacture of lion wine which in recent years have become a replacement product for tiger wine. South African lion breeders also supply lion bones and claws to traditional African ‘sangomas’ or witch doctors. Small lion cubs are forcefully removed off their mothers within days of being born and are used to draw paying volunteers to South Africa to actively take part in what has become known as animal pimping. Quite a few projects posed as wildlife rehabilitation centres are involved in a growing industry to provide so-called ‘conservation’ volunteering opportunities for young people believing it their right to add to the abuse and exploitation of lion cubs forcefully removed from their mothers.
Africa is no longer the Kingdom of Lions; it has become a dangerous place where lions are in a daily battle for their very survival and South Africa sadly has devised cruel ways in which to take the exploitation of the King of the Beasts to a new level.”

The SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary web-site can be accessed at:



A short while ago we were contacted by someone who was seeking more information about the notorious Brendan Willmer, the trouble-making individual who caused considerable problems for our movement whilst we were still based in Durban during the mid-1980s. Whilst searching through our files to find more information to help this enquirer we discovered a copy of a document entitled “Letter from Durban” which we had previously forgotten about. This had been written by a journalist from a leading Durban newspaper around 1983/84 which he intended to send to the satirical magazine Private Eye, though we believe that unfortunately in the end they never published it. This journalist, knowing of the problems which we had suffered at the hands of Willmer, asked us to run-through the article which he had written, and to provide any further information – hence the reason that we obtained a copy. Although the sorry saga of this wretched man is now history (he died of AIDS in December 1999) we thought even so that it was a very interesting historical document which warranted wider availability. We have therefore placed it on the Web, so it can now be accessed at:-



Fred Ingram is looking for a couple to run his Freehold Restaurant/Pub near Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire (just south of Bath). Full training will be given if required. If interested please contact Fred Ingram by e-mail at or ‘phone 01451605000.



Slow PC or laptop? Viruses? Computer problems?

Have it resolved instantly, via the internet. Experienced, qualified and reputable IT expert is on standby to fix PC problems while you watch. Anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your own home or office! No fix, no fee, free diagnosis. (Requires working internet connection)

E-mail Bert Oosthuizen of Cybernetix IT Solutions on: or visit: for more info.



Find any South African, even those who have emigrated. We also search Botswana, Namibia and ex-Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

Please use the search request form at :-



"LIEUTENANT COLONEL ALFRED JAMES TOMLINSON: MEMOIRS OF AN AFRICAN PIONEER AND BSAP OFFICER" is now available at, and can be shipped to anywhere in the world. This book contains excerpts from Lieut. Tomlinson's writings detailing his experiences as a member of the BSAP in Southern Rhodesia, where he rose from the rank of an ordinary trooper to retire as the commanding officer. It also includes the personal story of Majaqaba Ncube, a man who was enslaved by Lobengula when his entire village was massacred by the chief's soldiers. After he escaped, Lieut. Tomlinson saved him from certain death and gave him a job. They lost contact and were reunited after 45 years, when Majaqaba presented Lieut. Tomlinson with an earthenware jar.

Trish also writes romantic suspense and romantic comedy fiction.



ISBN: 978-1-920143-49-7 / paperback / illustrated
Retail price: R250.00, Web-site price: R200.00 + postage

The narrative gives the reader an overview of the history of the White man in southern Africa with detailed emphasis on the Rhodesian story through the life and times of PK van der Byl, one of the major players in a political drama that ended in the accession to power of Robert Mugabe under the auspices of the British government. By his very nature PK was controversial and confrontational. This account is likely to give offence to some because it portrays him as bluntly as he was in real life. Much can be contested about PK van der Byl but few will dispute he was an extremely colourful character with a devilish sense of humour. This memoir covers his life with a full flourish while doing nothing to detract from the seriousness of the international political and military conflict in which he was engaged. The reader will glean new information on a highly controversial subject and emerge with a more sympathetic understanding of what PK van der Byl and his colleagues did and strove for. The human tragedy that has followed the removal from power of Ian Smith and his Rhodesian Front party will almost certainly force the reader to deal with some uncomfortable conclusions, of value to anyone sincere about grappling with the volatile and deeply troubling challenges that confront all Africans today.

This book and others of interest can be purchased from 30 Degrees South via their web-site:


"BLUE WATCH" by Gwyn Fford-Osborne

Rhodesia, in 1975 and a bloody vicious civil war is at its height. A war between the White minority supported by the Black majority and the ZAPU and ZANU terrorist groups, supported by Zambia and Mozambique. Kensington, a small town in the farming belt has been the subject of several terrorist attacks but with only a small police force for defence, the local T.A. unit having been called up for service on the Zambia border the situation appears grim. Until Iffor Meredith turns up on a pilgrimage to meet up with his wife and son of his old army buddy, recently murdered by terrorists. A deadly ambush on the "Dix" family and his escape from a land mine attack makes Iffor determined to offer resistance of some form or other to the terrorists. His application to join the Rhodesian Army has been accepted and he sets about forming a small militia. With all the fit men already on call up, who can he recruit from. Then he's invited to a darts match at the Moth Club and meets up with the remnants of the town's Fire Brigade, the men considered too old for call up. Blue Watch.

Available from:



Crest Publishing retails books by Glenn MacAskill (ex-BSAP Special Branch) entitled "King's Gold", "Crime Lords", "Kill Victoria!", "Hunt the Assassin" and "MacKinnon's Diamond", and by the late Michael Bowery including "Canham's Run", "The Sligo Piper" "Kill the President", "Al Qaeda Armageddon" and his autobiography "Shred when Read", as well as novels by David Ruppert entitled "The Seven Watchmen" and "The Greater Glory" - all of which will be of great interest to South Africans and ex-Rhodesians.

For more information, or to make an order, please contact Crest Publishing at: P.O.Box, 4178, Honeydew, Johannesburg, 2040, South Africa, e-mail:, or visit the Crest Publishing web-site at: Special discounts are available to ex-servicemen, Rhodies and Springboks!


"THE SAINTS" - DVD versions of the book about the history of the RLI

Now available from Msasa Enterprises. Contact: or UK tel.: 07732 685400.



No.192 : Mr. JOHN JEWELL of Canada.

John Jewell, who came from Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, was a good long-distance friend of South Africa and of S.A.Patriot magazine during the 1980s. He shared much the same ideology of global racial-patriotism as we did, and indeed contributed many excellently-researched articles for our magazine at the time. He had studied and researched the situations in both the Middle East and the then Soviet Union (as well as Southern Africa) and issued many pamphlets and essays explaining the histories and current political state-of-affairs in these parts of the globe. We learnt a tremendous amount from him, and indeed he influenced the ideological position of our movement greatly. Alas contact with him was lost at about the time that we were forced to re-locate to the UK, and surprisingly he doesn’t seem to have any Internet presence. It would however be very interesting to learn what happened to him.



An excellent YouTube video has been produced recording the massive parade staged by the Orange Order through the streets of Edinburgh in the run-up to the Scottish constitutional referendum, advocating a “No” vote. This proved a most emotional and inspiring spectacle – so is it any wonder therefore that the Unionist cause won the referendum so decisively! The video can be viewed at :-





The people to blame for conflict, killing and other troubles in foreign countries are the people who are doing these things. Politicians stirred up people into demanding independence they weren't ready for, assisted in this by naive liberals, Marxists, and defeatists in the West. It is not our fault that they made a hash of things. Offer the Americans our expertise, yes - but any further intervention should only be after we've restored our defences to Thatcher-era levels. They have been continually cut to the bone by penny-pinching politicians who put saving money before saving their country.

Yours etc.,

Mark Taylor, London, U.K.




Having worked for the SAR during the 1960's, my heart goes out to those who committed suicide as a way out. Then in the 1970's I worked for Telkom in Natal, I have been told that a number of my passed workmates have also taken that course of action. Very sad.

Yours etc.,

Ray Absalom, Auckland, New Zealand




Scottish independence will not be dead until you start merging national pride together, like in sports teams and leagues – and with Rangers and Celtic joining the [English] Premier League.

Yours etc.,

Peter Ward, New York, U.S.A.



Long-standing readers will probably remember the name of Mr. Francis Andrew, a strange and enigmatic character who was born a Scottish Catholic but who has lived for – now – some 30 odd years in Arab lands where he earns a living by teaching Arab boys to speak English. We first made contact with Mr. Andrew during the mid-1990s when he gave every appearance of sharing our own patriotic neo-Imperialist views. He indeed spoke at a Springbok Club meeting during the late 1990s when, inter alia, he assured us that in spite of his place of residence he didn’t particularly like the Muslim Arabs. This turned out to be a lie however, for when the War against Islamic Terror began he openly sided with the lands of his residence rather than the country of his birth. When we queried his unbelievable stance on this matter he responded simply by bombarding us with obscene and childish smears and insults. Many of his deranged lies, moreover, were so easily disprovable that he obtained the nickname of “Fruitcake” as a result.

We thought that we had heard the last of this demented fellow, but alas a few weeks ago we received an unsolicited e-mail from him in which he included copies of the fabricated pornographic smear pictures which were circulated a few years ago by a known “asset” of the ANC security services, claiming to be pictures of a leading official of the Springbok Club - a resistance organization which the ANC regime of course fears. (In actual fact these fake pornographic pictures featured a headless figure who was quite clearly far thinner than the person which they were claimed to portray!). If Mr. Andrew honestly believes that these perverted pictures were genuine then it only confirms that his nickname of “Fruitcake” is very appropriate!

The factor which interested us the most about this unsolicited e-mail from Mr. Andrew, however, was the source from which he evidently received these disgusting pictures. Like the fool which he is Mr. Andrew foolishly included the source e-mail that he received with them when he forwarded these revolting photos to us. This source was extremely unexpected to us however, for he had evidently not received them directly from an ANC source in South Africa as we had believed – but rather from a certain Mr. Anthony “Tony” Hancock!

So who was this Mr. “Tony” Hancock (not to be confused with the gifted post-WWII comedian of the same name)? Mr. Hancock had been known to us even before we were forced to relocate to the UK in 1990. A Sussex-based printer by trade, he was recommended to us as a good and potentially supportive printer to approach to produce copies of S.A.Patriot-in-Exile. The quality of his printing indeed proved good, but alas when we visited his print-works we were extremely disturbed to see a placard there expressing support for the Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein! Quite clearly therefore Mr. Hancock was not the patriotic Britisher who we were led to believe! More disturbing revelations about Mr. Hancock followed however, for we subsequently learnt that he was a notorious Holocaust Denier (idiots who try to whitewash the Nazi era by pretending that the Holocaust of Jews and Gypsies never happened!) – and even worse than this he was evidently one of the leading publishers of Holocaust-denying material in the entire world! When Mr. Hancock tried to off-load some of this ludicrous material which he had printed on this subject we told him that we simply weren’t interested, as our knowledge of history showed us that it was complete nonsense. Following this we of course set about trying to find a new printer.

In his covering e-mail to Mr. Andrew Mr. Hancock condemned us for “disparaging” Holocaust denial and the BNP (an overtly neo-fascist fringe political party, which Mr. Andrew was bizarrely also a member of). If rejecting Holocaust denial and neo-fascism was a crime in Mr. Hancock’s eyes then we of course plead guilty to the charge – as so also would probably 99% of the population! So why therefore did Mr. Hancock centre upon us for his hatred? Probably only because we had taken our trade elsewhere. But there was another important factor at play here – Mr. Hancock was also a well-known PhotoShop expert through his printing business. We had previously believed that the perverted smear pictures had been concocted by ANC experts, as the Police had informed us that the photos had originally been circulated by a known ANC “asset” from South Africa itself. Perhaps therefore they were not fabricated in South Africa, but by the PhotoShop expert Hancock? A link between the ANC and the BNP-supporters Andrew and Hancock isn’t perhaps as unlikely as it may seem, for the ANC leadership is of course notorious for its anti-Semitic sympathies.

But why do we use the past tense when referring to Mr. Hancock? Well this is because he died on 11th June 2012, aged only 65. Officially he died from a stroke, but we have discovered that his death was actually described as “slow-motion suicide” following a period of prolonged self-neglect. A miserable end to a miserable life.


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