Tuesday, 7 September 2004

September 2004 Edition.

September 2004 edition

The 2004 Athens Olympic Games proved to be a most exciting and enjoyable event. In spite of fears that the infrastructure for the Games would not be ready in time, the Greeks pulled out all the stops to ensure that the target dates were all eventually met, and deserve full congratulations for organising such a massive gathering so efficiently. There were a number of unfortunate hiccups of course (most notably the appalling lack of security during the Men's Marathon), and quite clearly they did not reach the incredibly high standards set by Sydney in 2000, but even so the Greek people can be justifiably proud of what they achieved.

There are still a number of serious problems which must be confronted by the Olympic movement as a whole however. The Olympic Games were a specifically Western invention (both in their ancient and modern forms) rather than a universal manifestation - and furthermore have become far too big and cumbersome over recent decades. A number of sports must clearly be eliminated therefore, most notably the eastern-orientated disciplines (judo and the obscure taekwondo) and those events which rely upon the opinions of judges rather than sporting excellence. More fundamentally, however, it is quite obvious that the equalitarian idea of allowing all races to compete against each other on an equal footing is a mistake. As we said in "S.A.Patriot" No.24 (published at the time of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games) "The present multi-racial structure of pitting unlike against unlike has proved to be a disaster. Either the Olympics should be staged on a smaller ethnically-orientated scale, or else they should be scrapped." Quite obviously such a radical change is not going to come about during the present tail-end of the politically-correct era, but it is still possible that in a few decades time sanity may prevail and that ethnic groups worldwide will compete in their own individual global sporting contests.

But what of South Africa's 2004 performance? South Africa first competed at the 1908 London Olympics and won one gold medal (Reggie Walker in the 100 metres). That was a time when South Africa was still overcoming the trauma of the Anglo-Boer War, intercontinental travel was very difficult, there were far fewer events, and South Africa of course competed with a pure White team. In 2004, however, with all the hype of the "new" South Africa and none of the previous disadvantages, South Africa managed to obtain a grand total of, eh, one gold medal. Quite obviously, therefore, Olympic sports have suffered just as much as all other sports from the chaos and collapse of South African society under the present ANC terrorist regime.

During the days of civilised rule South Africa consistantly did as well as, if not better than, those other great White Commonwealth pioneer nations of Australia, New Zealand and Canada in sporting competitions. It has been interesting to note in this regard that it has been calculated that Australia won far more medals per head of population than any other country during the 2004 Olympics. There is no reason to doubt that once civilised government is restored in South Africa that the nation will once again be able to compete on a par with Australia as one of the world's leading sporting powers.



The Springbok Club was most privileged to be able to welcome a leading international political and economic analyst who is closely involved with the forthcoming transition of power in Zimbabwe as guest speaker last month. In a highly enlightening and very optimistic talk he outlined the probable unfolding of events which will shortly take place in Zimbabwe, and the opportunities which the new dispensation will present as soon as the transfer of power is complete - both for those still resident there, and for others with connections to the country who wish to return and/or invest.

Once again, therefore, the Springbok Club has proved to be an important player and catalyst for unfolding developments in southern Africa, and will continue to play an increasingly leading role in this regard in the days to come.



Although the Springbok Club will not be holding any events at national UK level during September, the London Branch will be staging a scenic riverboat trip along the Thames from Westminster to Richmond and back, to which all friends and supporters are warmly invited. The details of this event are as follows :-

Date : Sunday 12th September 2004

Rendezvous venue : Café Nero, Bridge Street, Westminster SW1.

Nearest tube station : Westminster (Jubilee, Circle and District Lines – walk towards Westminster Bridge, and Café Nero is on left-hand side in a small parade of shops)

Time : An informal gathering will take place at Nero’s between 11:00 and 11:30, and the riverboat trip to Richmond will start at 12:00.

Price : The cost of the trip should be less than £10 per person for a return ticket to Richmond.



The Northern Ireland Branch of the Springbok Club have already finalised arrangements for their UDI Day celebrations this year, which will take place on Saturday 6th November, and at which a prominent Unionist MP will be guest of honour. Fuller details will be given in future editions of the SCN.

John Beattie, the Springbok Club's Canadian Co-ordinator, is now producing his own "Springbok Canada" cyber-newsletter. Anyone interested in receiving copies regularly in future should contact him direct at : agentj@on.aibn.com

A joint Kent and London Branches braai is being planned for the spring of 2005.



A delegation of Springbok Club members will be visiting Gibraltar in October of this year, in order to help celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Rock becoming British. This will take place during the week of 17th to 24th October, so if any other members or supporters would like to join this trip they should e-mail the Springbok Club in this regard at: springbok@falklands.org

Arrangements for the Springbok Club's annual UDI Day Dinner are now well advanced, and this is provisionally planned to take place during the third weekend of November at a prestigious restaurant in central London, and at which a prominent member of the expatriate Rhodesian community will be guest of honour. Again fuller details will be given in future editions of the SCN.



South African expatriates looking for a good business opportunity from a fellow South African expat', Robin J. Elliott from Canada, should click here to find out more details : www.GelPax.com



The London Swinton Circle staged a most successful and well-attended summer buffet at a renowned venue in central London last month, at which the guest of honour was Mr. Ashley Mote MEP, the independent UKIP MEP for the South-East of England. Mr. Mote gave a most rivetting account of the workings of the European Parliament and the European Commission, and demonstrated the grave dangers which the EU poses to national independence and the freedoms of us all. Most encouragingly, however, he revealed that the European Commission had already drawn up contingency plans ready for the UK's withdrawal from the EU!



Four young gorillas, known as the "Taiping Four", first aroused suspicions in early 2002 when they appeared at Taiping Zoo in Malaysia, allegedly from a captive breeding programme in Nigeria. However there are no such breeding programmes in Nigeria, and the animals had in fact been smuggled from Cameroon on falsified papers.

Cameroon repeatedly asked Malaysia to send the gorillas back home, as required under international law. Malaysia, however, has recently sent the animals to South Africa - which is not even a gorilla range state - apparently on the basis that South African Airways had been used to transport the gorillas on their illegal journey.

The International Primate Protection League (IPPL), which has extensively investigated this case since the start, has cast severe doubts on the [South African] zoo's ability to care for gorillas, saying that three out of its four wild-born adult gorillas died between 1995 and 1998, while two newborns also died in 1989 and 1990. The sole remaining male has been alone for six years and there is concern that he may not accept any newcomers.

Please write to the South African authorities urging them to do the honourable thing and send the gorillas back home - not just for the sake of these individuals, but for their species as a whole. Letters can be sent c/o : 'Save the Taiping Four', IFAW, 87-90 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7UD, UK. More information can also be found on the IFAW web-site at : www.ifaw.org



Biltongmakers.Com! runs a monthly competition which is free for anyone to enter. There are some great prizes to be won each month. Some of the prizes during the last couple of months have included a Skottel Braai, Biltongmakers, Barbecue Utensil sets and Potjies!

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The Rhodesia Was Super "Rhodie Rag" is now out. This Rhodesia Was Super e-newsletter is dedicated to Rhodesians globe-wide - to re-establish lost contacts, along with some news and memories.

It can be read at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rhodesiawassuper/

Join, and help with the Search - you never know who's looking for you. This is not a "chat" based group; all posted messages are forwarded on in a monthly newsletter, and your contact information is kept private and you can withdraw from the group at any time. If you have any problems logging into the group or confirming your e-mail address simply reply back to Rhodesia@shaw.ca and we will add you to the group and send the newsletter via e-mail.

The Rhodie On-line Super-Store currently has in stock custom embroidered apparel (including Rhodesian Rugby Jerseys), Land Tenure maps, CD's from John Edmonds, Wrex Tarr and Four Jacks and a Jill, DVD's, books and much more, and can be contacted at : www.Rhodesiawassuper.com

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Also now available is the "Rhodesia, the War Years" DVD


FLAGS etc.

The Springbok Club is now retailing full-sized real South African and Rhodesian flags. They are priced £6.00 each for Full Members of the Springbok Club, £8.00 each for Associate Members and £10.00 each for non-members (please add £1.00 for p.& p.).

Also now available are copies of an excellent 8-page magazine published by Glenwood Publications in Northern Ireland entitled "The 2004 Twelfth: Celebration - not Provocation" price 50p (please add 25p for p.& p.).

Payments should be made to "The Springbok Club" and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK.



"WAY OUT OF LINE" by Trisha Jackson is a novel which tells the story of the profound impact that an innocent youthful love affair has on the lives of two young lovers. The plot moves from a cult and a maximum security prison in the US to the savannah grasslands of Mozambique and Zimbabwe - this makes for adventure, suspense and melodrama. Packed with conflict and sexual tension, anyone who loves romance, passion and excitement should enjoy reading this story.

Trisha Jackson was born and grew up in Rhodesia. She immigrated to the USA with her husband and three children in 1990. She and her husband live in a unique, rural community in the Tonto National Forest in the eastern mountains of Arizona.

Copies of WAY OUT OF LINE can be ordered from Amazon.com.


"GOVERNMENT BY DECEPTION" by Jan Lamprecht details the disasters of Mugabe's Zimbabwe, and illustrates the similarities between Mugabe's rule and that of Mandela/Mbeki in South Africa. It can be ordered on-line at: www.AfricanCrisis.org


"THE GREAT SOUTH AFRICAN LAND SCANDAL" by Dr. Philip du Toit is a vital piece of work. South Africa can do without many things, but it cannot survive without its farmers. Thirty-five thousand commercial farmers feed 45 million people. Read what has happened to many productive farms which have already been handed over under the government's restitution and redistribution programmes.

It is available priced R150.00 in South Africa from: Jack Loggenberg, TLU/TAU, P.O.Box 91251, Silverton, Pretoria, 0127, Transvaal, South Africa (payments to "TLU/TAU"), or priced £9.95 (+ 15% p.& p.) in the UK from: The Springbok Club, BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX (payments to "The Springbok Club").


"OF RICE AND MEN", by Jimmy Walker

111 pages. Illustrated. With excellent cartoons by Fusilier Norman Lambert, produced whilst in captivity. Softback £5.00 (cover price £10.00)

An irreverent, left of centre, look at life as a POW by Jimmy Walker, who was captured by the Japanese following the fall of Singapore in 1942. Jimmy takes us through incarceration at the notorious Changi jail, forced labour on the railroad, and deportation to Japan, where the Japanese exploited the mining skills of the boys from Northumberland. Norman Lambert’s sketches are both amusing and frightening at the same time. Through the bitterness and resentment, and physical trauma of captivity shines the humour and the indomitable spirit of the British soldier. An enjoyable and educational read, with a surprise ending.

Prices include p+p. Payment can be made by credit or debit card. To order on line, log on to www.paypal.com and enter postmaster@gcartwright.demon.co.uk as payment destination.


"THE BLIGHT OF BLAIRISM" by Francis Bennion is a devastating indictment of the "new" Labour administration. For more details about the book visit: www.francisbennion.com


"KING'S GOLD" by Glenn Macaskill, a former member of the Rhodesian BSA Police, is an adventure novel set in Zimbabwe and South Africa in 1983 and 2000, involving espionage against Mugabe's regime and the exciting quest to unravel the secret of an ancient pricless relic. Considerable historical research makes the work informative and entertaining and current sales show interest by all Southern Africans. Sells at £9.95 plus registered p&p. Contact Glenn at mjmac@mweb.co.za or order on-line at: www.geocities.com/goldking992000/index.html



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Since the coming to power of the ANC regime it has been a complete mystery why anybody able to leave South Africa has been willing to remain in that disintegrating land. It has been even more of a mystery why anyone would volutarily have wished to move there.

Several prominent British personalities have done just that however, most famously Sir Mark Thatcher and his family. Sir Mark evidently bought his Constantia property during the mid-to-late 1980s, when of course South Africa was still an advanced "first world" nation (no doubt under the influence of his pro-South African father Sir Dennis Thatcher). Sir Mark, however, chose to move to his new South African home only after the ANC terrorists came to power, and in an apparent state of complete "denial" (which alas seems far too typical of so many Whites still remaining in the country), simply refused to recognise the new dispensation which had taken control of the country. Alas Sir Mark has recently had to pay an extremely high price for this "denial".

The recent arrest of Sir Mark in connection with the alleged coup plot to overthrow the despotic regime governing Equatorial Guinea (formerly Spanish Guinea) seems to lack any form of hard evidence whatsoever. Could it be, therefore, that Sir Mark's arrest has been prompted by the ANC regime's bitter loathing of his mother, the former great British prime minister Baroness Thatcher, who of course was one of White-ruled South Africa's best overseas friends during the 1980s? Sir Mark's decision to live in South Africa has therefore proved to be very foolish, and has cost him his freedom of movement for the foreseeable future.

But what of the alleged coup plot in Equatorial Guinea itself? Mark Taha wrote a brilliant letter to the "Daily Telegraph" which was published on August 28th in which he said: "Frederick Forsyth's 'The Dogs of War' was said to have been based on an abortive coup in Equatorial Guinea. I wish it had succeeded. This unfortunate country was ruled by the world's worst dictatorship in the 1970s. Since the current regime in Equatorial Guinea seems similar to that it replaced, I wish the latest coup had come off. Am I defending mercenaries? In a word - yes." We couldn't have put it any better ourselves.

Sir Mark Thatcher may have been very foolish to live in the "new" South Africa where Western standards of justice seem completely to have broken down, but even so - regardless of whether he was or was not involved in the coup plot - he is a good upstanding man who should never be subject to the present victimisation which he is experiencing at the hands of the "new" South African authorities. All lovers of freedom around the world should therefore campaign that all charges against him be dropped completely, and that he should be allowed to leave South Africa immediately in order to be re-united with his wife and family.



From deep in the heart of Africa to you ...


Made from our tried and tested recipes in both Rhodesia and South Africa since 1965. Now made in the UK from 100% pure British meats, with no glutens or ingredients added, just our own secret blend of spices.

We would love to be of service to you too, so please give us a call on: 01803-380712, e-mail us at : ron@biltong-boereforafrica.co.uk, or visit our web-site at: www.biltong-boereforafrica.co.uk



The Cape Rhodes Society has asked us to assist by informing as many folk as possible about this year's Annual Rhodesian Remembrance Day Service in Fish Hoek. It is the one occasion where all Rhodesians, regardless of any affiliations, get together and honour those who sacrificed their lives for us all.

Date : Sunday 7th November 2004

Venue : The Methodist Church - Fish Hoek, Cape Province

Time : 12 Noon.

Preacher : Pastor Brian Andersen (formerly of the Baptist Church Bulawayo, a very popular and well known Pastor and a great Rhodesian).

Addresses will be given by Col.Trevor Des Fountain and Wing Commander Eddie Wilkinson, followed by a Wreath laying and the Last Post (with Piper). Tea and Coffee will be provided in the Hall after the service.

A braai will be held afterwards at the Fish Hoek Middle School from 13.30 hrs. Bring your own meat and drinks etc. Fires will be lit, and food will be on sale, but there will be no charge for pensioners - it will be our honour and privilege to treat them. A cash bar will be available at the braai, with proceeds going to the Benevolent Fund.

Please note. If you would like to honour a loved one, would you consider giving a donation to the Cape Rhodes Benevolent Fund? This fund is for the assistance of Rhodesian Pensioners in need. It would be greatly appreciate it if you could put your donation in an envelope (sent to: The Cape Rhodes Society, P.O.Box 234, Rondebosch, Cape Province, 7701), marked with your name and address, to enable us to acknowledge receipt of same. If you would like to mention the name of the person you would like honoured it will be included on a special Honour Roll page in the service programme.



John Hardcastle writes from the Philippines with details of exciting holiday opportunities which he can provide :-

I am from Rhodesia, educated at Chaplin, Gwelo. Left in 1984 for South Africa, and then in 1995 for the Philippines. I've lived in the small village of Coron for the past eight years, and bought a dive shop "Dive Calamianes" two months ago. If you would be interested in having a holiday in this part of the world please contact me. The following is a sample list of price breakdowns :-

2 dive day US$ 45.
3 dive day US$ 60.
Equipment rental/day US$ 7.
Nitrox tank US$ 7.
Accommodation from US$ 4.5 to US$ 80
Average meal US$ 2.14
Beer/soft drinks US$ 0.45
Domestic flight US$ 46

Check our web-site for more details at : www.divecal.com (p.s. We are still working on this, so please visit occasionally to see updates.)




Per Nielson writes to ask whether anyone knows the present whereabouts of three of his former colleagues, Paul Watson, John Swart and Gerald Swart?

If anyone can help Per in this regard please contact him direct at : lor@xsinet.co.za



Supporters both from Cape Town and the United States have recently informed us about an excellent new "Volstaat" web-site, which is dedicated to protect not only Afrikaners, but also British South Africans and ex-Rhodesians. It can be accessed at :-






I saw an interesting programme a few weeks ago about the mess South Africa is in now. Cape Town city centre has many burnt-out rooms in the tower blocks and the roads are a market. Like every Black country freed from White rule it is a mess. I wonder why Blacks are SO incapable of running countries? Is it merely a lower IQ? France has been full of stupid ideas for over 200 years but it still works reasonably well. As you will have known, all the promises of the ANC were fantasies or lies. They don't make many programmes like this, of course.

Yours etc.,

I.W.N., Co.Down, U.K.




It was very comforting and encouraging to read the editorial in last month's SCN because it was absolutely spot-on.

I certainly and sincerely hope people will take the situation more seriously next time round.

Yours etc.,

R.Simpson, London, U.K.



Mr. Francis "Fruitcake" Andrew, the Jordan-based trouble-making nutcase, has been at it again. He seems totally incapable of stopping his ever more demented lies.

As may be recalled, "Fruitcake" threatened to sue me, the editor of the SCN, some months ago after I referred to him (with good and concrete justification) as being a "lunatic character". Now, in a defamatory letter which "Fruitcake" has sent to the Springbok Club, he states that he has decided not to pursue legal action against me because he'd discovered that I only live in a council house and live purely off of DSS benefits. Just like his earlier deranged claims that I have never been married and do not have a daughter these are not only lies, but easily provable lies! To make such ridiculous claims as these which can so easily be disproved simply confirms that "Fruitcake" is not only a lunatic character - but that he is a complete madman, totally round the bend, certifiably insane, a first-league loony, mentally deranged and completely lacking in any grey matter. In a word he is simply a nut.



Alas we must report that another smear e-mail has recently been circulated attacking the Springbok Club and its Chairman written by a mysterious and previously unknown character named Richard Jones.

Many of the lies contained in this smear e-mail (i.e. that the current Chairman of the Springbok Club was once "Jew-hating" and sold bulk copies of a mysterious publication called the "WAR [White Aryan Resistance] newspaper") are not only easily disprovable simply by reading through back-issues of "S.A.Patriot" and "Patriotic Press's South African Newsletter" which he edited whilst still based in South Africa during the 1980s (copies of which are incidentally still available from the usual address priced 50p each), but also seem to be word-for-word repeats of the same smears which the exposed South African security forces agent Arthur Kemp tried to spread about us in 2000.

The sinister Richard Jones also adds a new and equally disprovable lie about us however, in so much as he makes the damaging and completely unsubstantiated claim that we have referred to Afrikaners (by implication all Afrikaners) as being "White kaffirs". This publication has of course always consistantly supported the rights and well-being of ALL South Africans - Afrikaners as much as English-speakers - and although we may well have referred to certain sell-out politicians (such as F.W.de Klerk, "Pik" Botha and Marthinus van Schalkwyk) by this derogative term in private conversation, we would NEVER use it as a blanket-term against all Afrikaners as Mr. Jones implies.

Anyone can read back through past issues of the SCN and will not find any reference to the phrase "White kaffirs" - except for the "joke" heading which we gave in the August 2004 edition to a letter from a South African supporter who reminded everyone that Arthur Kemp had turned State's Witness in the case against Clive Derby-Lewis. It is here, however, where the roots to this ridiculous smear may well lie. If, as we suspect, "Richard Jones" and Arthur Kemp are one and the same person, was he so paranoid that he regarded a sarcastic jibe against himself as being an attack on the entire Afrikaner people? If so then this young man's arrogance seems to know no bounds!

p.s. Kemp is not even an Afrikaner himself - he was brought up an English-speaker, although his father was in actual fact a German who Anglocized his surname after WWII.


Finally, if you would prefer to be deleted from our SCN circulation list then simply e-mail us with the word "unsubscribe". Alternatively, if you liked this SCN and think more of your friends would like to receive copies then please let us know their e-mail addresses!

See you again next month!