Saturday, 17 April 1999

April 1999 Edition.


April 1999 edition
Sadly, but unsurprisingly, we must report that the amnesty appeal to the so-called "Truth and Reconciliatioon Commission" by Clive Derby-Lewis has been turned down.

Clive, of course, was a Conservative MP and a leading English-speaking politician in South Africa, who was often referred to as "the voice of the English-speaking Whites". He was also a good personal friend, and a supporter of S.A.Patriot. He was "framed" by the NP/ANC establishment for alleged involvement in the assassination of the communist terrorist Chris Hani, although there wasn't a scintilla of evidence produced which could have stood up to cross-examination in the courts of any Western land. Those of us who knew Clive well, moreover, can testify that he was a classic example of the maxim that "the pen is mightier than the sword", and with his powers of oratory the thought of him becoming involved in any act of violence simply beggars belief. Undoubtedly Clive's skills and charisma frightened the NP/ANC alliance, and he was thus "framed" in order to remove his powerful and highly respected voice amongst English-speaking Whites in the run-up to the sell-out of South Africa.

We have heard two criticisms of Clive concerning his appeal to the "Truth and reconciliation Commission". The first is that he should not have submitted himself to the indignity of this "kangaroo court" at all, and the second is that he should have distanced himself from the similar appeal of Janusz Walus (the person who actually assassinated Hani). In the first of these two criticisms we do not agree. Which of us would not do all in his or her power to gain their freedom under such circumstances by any means possible? - Yes, even if it meant admitting to something that we didn't do! A released Clive Derby-Lewis could still be a very powerful and influential voice in the South African resistance struggle, and that end result should surely outway everything else. On the second, criticism, however, we do agree. By linking his own appeal to that of Walus he undoubtedly gave much ammunition to those who still assert his guilt - but knowing Clive as we do we realise that he would never be one to desert a friend, no matter how little acquainted, and no matter how fool-hardly they may have been.

Although others may now abandon Clive, we in the Springbok Club will never forget his plight, and we call on all friends and supporters to continue remembering him in their thoughts and prayers. We were asked not to campaign openly for his release all the time that his amnesty appeal was pending, and we therefore did as requested. Now that his amnesty has been turned down, however, we - in concert with a number of other pro-South African groups - will shortly be initiating a "Release Clive Derby-Lewis campaign". We call upon all other patriotic movements around the Western world to join with us in this worthy crusade.


Our Spring Braai at Swanley turned out to be a great and successful triumph. We must thank Tony Waller for providing such excellent facilities (especially the splendid weather!), and will certainly be using the same venue for our Autumn Braai in September.



This is your last reminder about our Amsterdam trip. This will take place over the weekend of 23rd/25th April, and we will be basing ourselves at the Cyclops Cafe, Helleenslaan 27, Amsterdam. There is of course an open invitation to all - especially our Dutch and Belgian supporters - to join us there, and we will be particularly pleased to see as many friends as possible there during the afternoon of Saturday 24th April. Even if you only realise you can make the trip at the last minute there will be no problem; simply make your own travel and accommodation arrangements and turn up! (If, however, you would like us to help you with arrangements then let us know as soon as possible by e-mail to : )



The Kent Branch of the SPRINGBOK CLUB was formed on Friday 12th March in Whitstable. A small nucleus of supporters were present, and it was decided to hold a formal inauguration meeting - probably in the Medway towns - during the summer. We have also recently been contacted by supporters from both Florida (USA) and Sussex who are interested in forming branches - so if you live in any of these places (or indeed anywhere else and would like to try to form a branch) then please let us know, again at :



There were several SPRINGBOK CLUB members and supporters at the crowded meeting staged by the magazine RIGHT NOW! in the House of Lords on March 8th.

The guest speaker was Prof. Arthur Jensen of the University of California, Berkeley, the renown psychologist, and his theme was "General Intelligence and Society". Prof. Jensen explained the nature of non-biased intelligence testing, and proved clearly that across the range Blacks scored 15 points lower in all IQ tests than Whites. The reasons for the current chaotic situation in South Africa were therefore clearly demonstrated.



Many of us were also fortunate enough to attend the CONSERVATIVE MONDAY CLUB meeting at the same venue on March 18th. This gathering was addressed by none other than Dr. Ferdi Hartzenberg (the leader of the CONSERVATIVE PARTY of SA) and ds. Cassie Aucamp (a leading member of the FREEDOM FRONT), who were in Europe on a whirlwind trip in order to spread the word about the formation of the new AFRIKANER UNITY MOVEMENT - the AEB.

We had the honour of being able to meet Dr. Hartzenberg and ds. Aucamp for longer discussions about the new umbrella organisation (and about the current South African situation in general) both before and after the meeting. Dr. Hartzenberg certainly seemed pleased to make contact with us again after his memorable talk to the SPRINGBOK CLUB in October 1997, and ds. Aucamp was fascinated when we pointed out that he had just spoken beneath a painting of Barry Hertzog attending the coronation of King George VI - as Barry Hertzog turned out to be a distant relative of his!

By all accounts the AFRIKANER UNITY MOVEMENT (AEB) was founded as a grass-roots movement with the aim of bringing together members of all White political parties in order to campaign and fight for minority rights within the "new" South Africa. The CONSERVATIVE PARTY has already pledged its full support for the new umbrella structure, and the FREEDOM FRONT has also established close links. Recently the AEB managed to boast a "coup" when even a NATIONAL PARTY MP defected in order to join their ranks! Although we have - and indeed expressed - misgivings about the fact that so much emphasis was placed on the Afrikaner community rather than the White nation as a whole by the new movement, the fact remains that their tactics seem far more realistic than some of the more impractical and non-starting "White homeland" ideas. We wish them well.



We still have a small stock of real South African flag lapel badges left, price £5.00 each (+ 50p for p. & p.), and we still need approximately £300.00 in order to publish the next vitally important edition of S.A.PATRIOT-IN-EXILE.

All payments and contributions should be made payable to "Patriotic Press", and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK.



A regular feature in which we ask whether anyone knows the current whereabouts of a friend or colleague who has lost contact.

No.9 :  Mr. Ralph Brown of Westville.

Ralph Brown was a keen surfer, who lived with his brother on the Victoria Embankment in Durban, before moving to Westville in the late 1980's. He was also a keen and active member of the CIVIC ACTION LEAGUE.



This month's site will undoubtedly prove very controversial. We must all be very concerned about the tragic developments currently taking place in Yugoslavia, and we know that we have friends and supporters who are both pro and anti-Serb. We Southern Africans, however, must know better than most about the unreliabilty of the much of the reporting in certain sections of the Western media, for massive lies were told both about Rhodesia and South Africa in the past. Today it seems to be Serbia which is portrayed as the world's "bogeyman", and one of our members has asked us to give publicity to a pro-Serbian web-site in order to rectify the balance. We do this therefore, not because we are necessarily in agreement with all they say, but rather because we believe in free speech and the rights for all cases to be heard. It can be accessed at  :-



Many thanks to the person who recently gave us some further information about the trouble-making Ms. Jennifer Logan (the person who claims to run the Aida Parker Newsletter web-site, and who initiated a vendetta e-mail campaign against us simply because we weren't prepared to recommend her web-site in EVERY edition of this newsletter!). This was very interesting - and certainly tends to confirm what we discovered earlier during our investigations.

Another supporter has suggested that Ms. Logan may be an ANC-plant. This we do not believe likely; even the ANC wouldn't be as stupid as to be so open and overt in any disruptive activity. No, we believe that Ms. Logan is probably simply someone with a severe personality disorder - but even so the end result of her trouble-making activities means that she is effectively doing the ANC's job for them. We are uncertain whether Aida Parker herself is aware of Ms. Logan's activities on her behalf or not, but we would certainly advise her to keep her under a tight rein, for her irrational vendettas are undoubtedly seriously damaging the reputation of her newsletter.


Finally, if you would prefer to be deleted from our "Springbok" mailing list then simply send us an e-mail with the word "unsubscribe" in it. Alternatively, if you liked this Cyber-Newsletter and think that any of your friends would like it also, then please let us have details of their e-mail addresses!

See you again next month!