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March 2007 Edition.


March 2007 edition

It seems ironic - to say the least - that a new umbrella opposition organisation founded in "Zimbabwe" should be calling itself the "Save Zimbabwe Campaign".

Our own movement, of course, can trace its roots back to the days of the "Save Rhodesia Campaign", which was founded in Cape Town during early 1977 and which lasted until the day after the disastrous Rhodesian constitutional referendum of 30th January 1979, when the organisation metamorphosised itself into the "South Africa First Campaign". In spite of its short lifespan and the fact that it was eventually unsuccessful in its basic aim, the SRC managed to generate great support and publicity both within South Africa itself and around the Western world, and was unambiguous in its warnings to the Rhodesian people of what would befall them if they were to surrender to "Zimbabwean" terrorism.

One of our more affable, albeit extremely naive, colleagues at that time was a Dutchman named Martin Gipon, who incredibly suggested that rather than becoming the "South Africa First Campaign" the organisation should change its name to the "Save Zimbabwe Campaign" - seemingly being too simple-minded to comprehend that it was the very CONCEPT of "Zimbabwe" which we opposed, and that if anything it would have been more logical to rename ourselves the "Smash Zimbabwe Campaign"!

Although it sickeningly took the outside world 20 or so years to recognise the true evils of Mugabe's ZANU-PF rule, all the disasters which the SRC predicted way back in the late 1970s came to fruition very shortly after the capitulation to ZANU-PF terrorist rule - just as we accurately predicted the anti-White genocide campaign and the total breakdown in all the infrastructures of state if South African Whites were similarly stupidly to capitulate to ANC terrorist rule.

Much though we might sympathise with those behind today's "Save Zimbabwe Campaign" we fear that their chances of success in the short-term are extremely negligible, and that Mugabe's terrorist thugs will have to destroy the country even more completely before there will be any chance of outside intervention and salvation. Their basic problem, of course, is the fact that they still cling to the name of "Zimbabwe" - a term which will ALWAYS be associated with Mugabe's tyranny and ZANU-PF terrorism. Is it any wonder therefore that the overseas powers-that-be are currently reluctant to intervene on their behalf?

When the eventual total collapse does come about and a new generation White pioneers arrive to pick up the pieces, then the Rhodesian nation will be re-born - in practice if not in name. The spirit of this revived Rhodesian nation will furthermore be the salvation of ALL races, not only the dispossessed Whites, but also those poor average Blacks who have suffered so appallingly under the entity of "Zimbabwe".



At the latest meeting of the Springbok Club/ELC the organisation was most privileged to be able to welcome Mr. Brian Danes as guest speaker. Mr. Danes has undertaken extensive research into BBC and other media bias, as well as other related aspects of the Blair Government and the effects of immigration. He gave a most concise and captivating talk in which he detailed many of the statistics which his research had uncovered, and also distributed copies of his famous "fact sheets" which analyse his findings in an easy-to-read format. If you would like to obtain copies of these "fact sheets", which include titles such as "The Racist Left", "Calamity Brown - 25 reasons why" and "How the BBC is Racist", please write to: The Springbok Club/ELC, BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, U.K., enclosing a small donation to cover postage costs etc.



Details of the March meeting of the Springbok Club/Empire Loyalist Club are as follows :-

Guest Speaker : Mr. MICHAEL SHRIMPTON, who will speak on the subject of "The Intelligence War against the British Empire from 1857 to 2007"

Date : Monday 26th March 2007

Time : 19.00 hrs.

Venue : THE CLARENCE (the upstairs Parliament Room), 53 Whitehall, London SW1 (close to Trafalgar Square, nearest tube stations: Charing Cross and Embankment).

Michael Shrimpton was born in 1957 and is a barrister by profession, having been called to the Bar by Gray's Inn at Michaelmas 1983. He is a specialist in national security and constitutional law, and is also a leading strategic intelligence and counter-terrorism consultant. He is Adjunct Professor of Intelligence Studies at the Department of National Security, Intelligence and Space Studies of the American Military University, teaching intelligence subjects at masters degree level to, inter alia, serving intelligence officers. He advised the late Gen. Pinochet Ugarté following his illegal arrest in London during 1998, and negotiated national security aspects of the Pinochet case with leading American national security officials. He was lead council in the "Metric Martyrs" test case of 2000/2002. He has represented US and Israeli intelligence officers and briefed staffers on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Joint Congressional inquiry into 9/11, and has visited the Golan Heights and the West Bank. He has also actively assisted Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies in the Global War on Terror, and was instrumental in exposing the notorious Abu Ghraib "hood" photo as a fake. He advised a number of hereditary peers during their battle against exclusion from Parliament, led the fight to save Rolls-Royce Motor Cars from German ownership, and is Intelligence Consultant to the BBC TV Spooks series. He was formerly Co-Chairman of the Bruges Group, and is a member of the Royal United Services Institute, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the International Institute for Strategic Studies. He is an Honorary Life Member of the Bomber Command Association and a keen member of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club and Bentley Drivers Club and of Middlesex C.C.C.



In mid-April the SC/ELC anticipates welcoming a leading official from a respected South African ex-serviceman's organisation as guest speaker.

During May the SC/ELC will be joining forces with the London Swinton Circle in order to stage two events commemorating highly significant anniversaries. On 1st May there will be a celebration of the 300th Anniversary of the Act of Union, at which leading Unionists from Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales will give brief key-note talks about why the Union is so important to them. On Wednesday 23rd May a joint meeting will be held to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Victory in the Falklands War, at which the Guest Speaker will be Mr. Peter Pepper of the Falkland Islands Association.

In late May the SC/ELC will be staging their traditional annual Empire Day celebrations, at which it is anticipated that a leading colonial figure from Hong Kong will be Guest of Honour.



Details of the 2007 AGM of the Northern Ireland Branch of the Springbok Club/Empire Loyalist Club are as follows :-

Date : Saturday 31st March 2007

Time : 10.30 hrs for 11.00 hrs

Venue : Finvoy Orange Hall, Finvoy Road, Ballymoney, Co.Antrim (the Finvoy Road runs between Ballymoney and Rasharkin, the Orange Hall is located almost at the half way point in the road, beside a small petrol garage and lay-by).

The Northern Ireland Branch of the SC/ELC of course experienced some minor difficulties last year, all of which now seem to have been happily overcome. Unfortunately, however, the current Chairman and stalwart of the Branch, Pastor Nigel Owens, will be taking up a three-year overseas teaching appointment in mid-year, so therefore needs to hand over the Chairmanship of the Branch to reliable hands at this AGM. In view of these two factors we would like to encourage all members and supporters in Northern Ireland to make every effort to attend this important meeting, and that anyone who is able and willing to stand for office will do their best to support Nigel in this respect. For more details please e-mail


The next gathering of the Kent Branch of the SC/ELC has tentatively been planned for the third weekend in May in the Medway Towns area. Fuller details will be given in next month's edition of the SCN.


The London Branch of the SC/ELC are highly hopeful that they have obtained a new venue in the Canning Town area of east London, where they will be able to stage regular get-togethers in future, including a summer braai. Again fuller details will be given in future editions of the SCN.



The London Swinton Circle was most honoured to be addressed by Ms. Lindsay Jenkins (the famed investigative author and journalist) in February. Ms. Jenkins gave a most informative talk in which she outlined the threat posed to the sovereignty of the UK by the sinister EU schemes of regionalisation. She ended though on a far more optimistic note by explaining how by increasingly overstretching itself the EU had potentially sewn the seeds of its own destruction.

Details of the forthcoming London Swinton Circle spring buffet are as follows :-

Date : Tuesday 20th March 2007

Time : 19.00 hrs

Venue : The Crypt, Orange Street Congregational Church, London WC2 (behind the National Gallery)

Guest Speaker : Lady [Ann] Winterton MP

Lady Winterton is Conservative MP for Congleton, and the wife of Sir Nicholas Winterton, the Conservative MP for Macclesfield. She was formerly the official Shadow Cabinet spokesperson for agriculture, but was shockingly dismissed from this position after telling an innocuous joke which the then Conservative leadership considered "politically incorrect". The themes of her address will be the overbearing effects of the "nanny state" and the financial implications of continuing membership of the EU.

Buffet snacks will be provided at this event, and tickets will be priced at £10.00 per head. For more details, or to make a booking, please e-mail:



The New Britain party will be staging two highly significant events during May.

On Wednesday 9th May (so-called "Europe Day") New Britain will be organising a march down Whitehall stopping off to hand a letter to 10 Downing Street demanding a referendum as to whether the UK should leave the European Union, and pointing out that the auditors have refused to sign off the EU accounts for a number of years. The march will then go on to the European Union's UK office in Queen Anne's Gate to hand in a letter similar to the one handed in at Downing Street. The march assembles in Whitehall Place at 13.30 hrs and moves off down Whitehall at 14.00 hrs sharp.

On Tuesday 22nd May, with the approval of Lady Goldsmith, New Britain will be holding their first Goldsmith Lecture in memory of Sir James Goldsmith. This will take place at the Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Hall, University College London, commencing at 19.00 hrs, and the speakers will be the Rt. Hon. Lord Tebbit CH and Professor Stephen Bush of Manchester University, with the meeting being chaired by Mr. Dennis Delderfield, the National Chairman of New Britain. Tickets are priced at £4.00 per head (entrance will be by ticket only), and can be obtained from New Britain, 10 College East, Gunthorpe Street, London E1 7RL. For more details 'phone: 0207-2472524.



Diadem Books has moved to a new Internet server, and their new web-site can be accessed through (not .com) and A new e-mail address will also soon be in place, but in the meantime, on account of an over-abundance of spam to the old e-mail address, please communicate through:



The first tribunal hearing of the Dutch Farmers Association (DFA) and their associates AgricAfrica Ltd (AA) in the ICSID cases against the Government of Zimbabwe (GOZ) was convened on 15th December 2006 in Paris with the three approved arbitrators and legal teams comprising:

Judge Gilbert Guillaume - a former President of the International Court of Justice and is a designee of the Government of France to the ICSID Panel of Arbitrators.
Dean Ron Cass - a notable legal man and a citizen of the USA.
Mohammad Zafar - the Minister of Justice of Pakistan.
Ucheeora Onwuamaegbu - Secretary to the tribunal.
The Dutch Farmers Association, the Claimants - Charles Verrill and Matthew Coleman.
The Government of Zimbabwe (GOZ) - Mrs Mabiza, responsible for civil litigation in Zimbabwe, Mrs Mandinika, Ministry of Lands responsible for land reform in Zimbabwe, Mr Hove, from Foreign Affairs Zimbabwe based in the Paris Embassy, Mr Mugaviri, from Foreign Affairs based in the Paris Embassy.

The DFA AA Legal team reported that the hearing dealt with all the case management issues and the following dates were agreed to by the parties:

16 March 2007 - The Memorial to be filed by the Dutch together with their evidence
15 June 2007 - The Counter Memorial to be filed by Zimbabwe together with their evidence
14 August 2007 - A reply to be filed by the Dutch
12 October 2007 - The Rejoinder to be filed by Zimbabwe.
29 October 2007 - The substantive hearing will start and will probably run for 3 days.


AgricAfrica has successfully raised the funds required to finance the DFA’s share of the substantial costs of this ICSID case. Funding has partly been raised from OSISA (Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa) a George Soros foundation and the balance from the members of AgricAfrica. Open society is essentially an ethos to entrench human rights and democratic openness, as well as to foster the accountability of those who hold and exercise power in public domains.


I recently received an email from an AA client which stated as follows:

"I have been told that the court case of the Hollanders was cancelled due to the fact that the Zimbabwe contingent could not get a visa. Is this the fact?"

The DFA AA Legal Team responded as follows:

"There is NO truth whatsoever in this. The Zimbabwean officials will be given visas to travel with the help of ICSID and as provided for in the Washington Convention"



A supporter from Alberta has helped to establish a web-site for South Africans who wish to relocate and work in Canada. They are particularly keen to contact those with professional qualifications as Coded-Welders, Welders, Boilermakers, Diesel Mechanics, Sheet Metal Workers, Fitters and Turners, Turner Machinists, Millwrights, Carpenters and those in the restaurant trade. This web-site deals with job offers and work visas, and although aimed at South Africans is applicable to all with the necessary skills, and aims to assist applicants obtain firm offers of employment and work visas. It can be accessed at :, or alternatively e-mail :



Last year at this time, a northern bottlenose whale that strayed into the River Thames died despite a remarkable rescue effort involving International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) staff.

The media coverage in central London was unprecedented and an estimated 20 million people watched the rescue efforts around the world. But despite such international exposure, the situation for the world’s whales is now even worse than it was the day this unexpected visitor entered our hearts a year ago.

Last June, the pro-whaling nations secured a victory at the International Whaling Commission meeting – holding a simple majority for the first time in decades, and then in October the Iceland government announced its plans to resume commercial whaling, targeting endangered fin whales.

The UK government is against whaling, but its efforts must be stepped up in order to ensure that whalers do not continue their cruel slaughter of these incredible animals. Please e-mail your MP and ask them to meet with the Environment Secretary, David Miliband MP, and the Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett MP. Tell them to urge the Secretaries to take immediate action to end whaling.

The threat to whales from hunting is extremely urgent. Many whale species have yet to recover from previous commercial whaling, and also face numerous other threats including pollution, ocean noise and ship strikes. Without your help, Japanese whalers will kill almost 1,000 whales this year, harpooning them and dragging them onto their factory ships to be processed for meat that virtually no one eats. Please take action in support of whales today.



Biltongmakers.Com! runs a monthly competition which is free for anyone to enter. There are some great prizes to be won each month. Some of the prizes during the last couple of months have included a Skottel Braai, Biltongmakers, Barbecue Utensil sets and Potjies!

To enter please go to: and follow the competition link!

Biltongmakers.Com! have created a special order page just for readers of the SCN at:-



Do You Know?

Campbells Original Farm Style Biltong, Droewors & Boerewors has been established since 1969.

We use only the best quality free-range Wessex beef and pork in our products and that we are a 100% Devon-based business.

We have never added wheat, glutens, binders, fillers, added ingredients or preservatives to any of our products - ever.

All of our products are hand-made by us right here in Torquay to the strictest hygiene standards, and that Campbells Biltong is directly involved with the Torbay Environmental Services - Safer Food for Better Business Programme.

All our game meats - kudu, impala, blesbok, springbok and ostrich - are delivered to us frozen under stringent EU ruling from South Africa, and that we make all our game biltong, and boerewors here in Torquay. We do not import any processed meat products.

We have an excellent courier service which will not only deliver your order to you anywhere in the UK overnight, but also to most countries in the European Union within 5 working days, at very favourable rates.

We have direct access to over 750 imported South African "Treats from Home".

Last year, over a 3 day period at 2 local events, we produced, cooked and sold 1742 boere-burgers and boere-rolls from "The Flame Grill". That has got to be a new record!

For more details 'phone 01803-380712 or 07957-509950, e-mail: or visit the web-site at:


FLAGS etc.

The Springbok Club retail full-sized real South African and Rhodesian flags priced £6.00 each for Full Members of the Springbok Club, £8.00 each for Associate Members and £10.00 each for non-members (plus £1.00 for p&p).

We also anticipate shortly being able to supply Union Flag lapel badges and key-rings, price £2.00 each.

Payments should be made to "The Springbok Club" and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK.

Copies of S.A.Patriot-in-Exile (editions 30 to 36) are still available price R5.00 or 50p each, as well as batches of 50 copies (including copies of the original S.A.Patriot) price R80.00 or £8.00 (plus 20% for p&p.)

Payments should be made to "Patriotic Press" and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK.



"WAY OUT OF LINE" by Trisha Jackson is a novel which tells the story of the profound impact that an innocent youthful love affair has on the lives of two young lovers. The plot moves from a cult and a maximum security prison in the US to the savannah grasslands of Mozambique and Zimbabwe - this makes for adventure, suspense and melodrama. Packed with conflict and sexual tension, anyone who loves romance, passion and excitement should enjoy reading this story.

Trisha Jackson was born and grew up in Rhodesia. She immigrated to the USA with her husband and three children in 1990. She and her husband live in a unique, rural community in the Tonto National Forest in the eastern mountains of Arizona.

Copies of "Way Out of Line" can be ordered from


"THE GREAT SOUTH AFRICAN LAND SCANDAL" by Dr. Philip du Toit is a vital piece of work. South Africa can do without many things, but it cannot survive without its farmers. Thirty-five thousand commercial farmers feed 45 million people. Read what has happened to many productive farms which have already been handed over under the government's restitution and redistribution programmes.

It is available priced R150.00 in South Africa from: Jack Loggenberg, TLU/TAU, P.O.Box 91251, Silverton, Pretoria, 0127, Transvaal, South Africa (payments to "TLU/TAU"), or priced £9.95 (+ 15% p&p) in the UK from: The Springbok Club, BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX (payments to "The Springbok Club").


"GOVERNMENT BY DECEPTION" by Jan Lamprecht details the disasters of Mugabe's Zimbabwe, and illustrates the similarities between Mugabe's rule and that of Mandela/Mbeki in South Africa. It can be ordered on-line at:


"OF RICE AND MEN", by Jimmy Walker

111 pages. Illustrated. With excellent cartoons by Fusilier Norman Lambert, produced whilst in captivity. Soft-back £5.00 (cover price £10.00)

An irreverent, left of centre, look at life as a POW by Jimmy Walker, who was captured by the Japanese following the fall of Singapore in 1942. Jimmy takes us through incarceration at the notorious Changi jail, forced labour on the railroad, and deportation to Japan, where the Japanese exploited the mining skills of the boys from Northumberland. Norman Lambert’s sketches are both amusing and frightening at the same time. Through the bitterness and resentment, and physical trauma of captivity shines the humour and the indomitable spirit of the British soldier. An enjoyable and educational read, with a surprise ending.

Prices include p&p. Payment can be made by credit or debit card. To order on line, log on to and enter as payment destination.


"THE BLIGHT OF BLAIRISM" by Francis Bennion is a devastating indictment of the "new" Labour administration. For more details about the book visit:


"THE THOUSAND STEPS" by Dr Helen Anderson

Dr Anderson spent what she describes as "26 privileged years in Africa, privileged because life was never dull and medical practice never ceased to be truly exciting and fulfilling." It is a personal account of practice, both in Entebbe, Uganda, and the Sudan, Congo and Botswana. She describes her fascinating experiences. She married in Gulu, Uganda, where she ran the local Hospital, dealing with surgical cases never before described in textbooks. She also describes her time in Serowe, Botswana, and the problems with the resident ghost in the Residency.
The book is copiously and superbly illustrated with numerous colour photographs. Available at £20.00 direct from the author at Lake Hawea, R.D.2., Wanaka, 9382, New Zealand, by cheque or money order.


"THE RAPE OF ZIMBABWE" by Ricky Wilson - which tells it like it was (and is)!

Rhodesia was once a prosperous and thriving country, and the story of the author's enterprising and entrepreneurial spirit in that land, followed by his desperate escape from the country when, as Zimbabwe, it became ruled by a tyrant, imparts a realistic perspective of the present desperate plight of many exiles from a country that was once a paradise and the breadbasket for so much of Africa.

You can order this book via



Large real South African flag. 270cm x 180cm. £120 + £10 p&p.
South African Police Flag. £50 including p&p
Republic of Venda Book. £25 including p&p.

If interested please contact Robert Shipley by e-mail at:, or by 'phone at: 07930-169718.



No.100 : Mr. ERNIE ARTHUR and family

Ernie Arthur served in the RAF during WWII and was seconded to a squadron of the SAAF. After WWII he worked in Chatham Dockyard and became actively involved with the patriotic movement in the UK. He emigrated to South Africa during the late 1970s, working initially at Simonstown Dockyard and briefly becoming active with the "South Africa First Campaign", before being transferred to the Atlas Aircraft Company in the Transvaal. Contact with him then alas ceased, and we are therefore uncertain whether he is still alive or not. He had two sons however, so we wonder whether anyone knows where they are now?



The "Memories of Rhodesia" web-site contains many items which will be of interest to ex-Rhodies, as well as to all those who supported the Rhodesian cause. It can be accessed at :-





The year 2007 will mark the 10th anniversary of the tragic and treasonous surrender of the Crown Colony of Hong Kong to the Communist dictatorship of the Peoples Republic of China, regardless of the fact that the island of Hong Kong and Kowloon had been ceded in perpetuity, and as the Communists disavowed almost everything to do with the old Imperial China it was hypocritical of them to lay claim to the New Territories. Politicians being politicians sold British interests down the river and duly deserve to have been hanged for it.

Nevertheless the Pearl of the Orient - Hong Kong - can be British again, with a government that deserves to be called British coming to an honourable agreement with a future Imperial Chinese government, not the gang of Communist tyrants.

Yours etc.,

Robert Shipley, Gillingham, U.K.




I believe that South Africa in general is stuck without an idea to change things here, simply because we fail to understand the "political-route" is NOT the way to go but have no (peaceful) alternative for it. Most South Africans right now has been brain-washed by the ANC into "doing whatever the government fails you in yourself" ... and that is the worst thing that could have happened to us. Instead, we, as a nation, should only be focusing on one thing: "How to motivate Government to become effective and doing their job (that we are paying them for) properly."

If you allow me, I would just like to give you an example: the government constantly pleads with the nation to become "actively" involved in the fight against crime, right? So some of us went and erected satellite "police stations" within our suburbs. And what did the government do? They closed them down because the population is not allowed to prescribe to the police how to do their job. So the population decided to erect boomed gates, security controlled entrances and closed off streets in our suburbs to keep unwanted elements out. And what did the government do? They declared those measures "illegal" and forced us to take them down. So the population decided to support the long-existing Commando system, manned by ex-national servicemen from the previous regime, to patrol our rural areas and our suburbs. And what did the government do? They disbanded the Commando system. So the population decided to buy guns to protect ourselves from criminals. And what did the government do? They passed legislation that makes it next to impossible to get a new, legal gun licence.

This brings me to only one conclusion: the government doesn’t want the crime to stop. Firstly it generates billions of Rands in VAT on all crime-related expenses (preventative as well as in damage control), and it forms part of their strategy to drive away as many as possible White South Africans, or have them killed. (Look at our statistics: 18,000 victims died at the hands of criminals during the past 12 months. What nobody sees is this: 90% of victims are White, and 90% of perpetrators are Black). And as the cream of our nation departed, (and we lose high-income tax-payers) the government realized that it was going to take way too long to train and educate Black people to take the departed Whites' place. So what did they do? The approved a plan called BEE (commonly understood to mean Black Economic Empowerment). Well, let me tell you, only a handful of Black people benefited from BEE, which was never designed to benefit the Black masses, but only to “replace” the outgoing "White taxpayers" with "Black taxpayers" by forcing companies to employ Black people in top positions at top salaries. And the rest of this nation is too obtuse to see what is going on. The people that remain in this country deserves exactly what’s coming to them.

Yours etc.,

Johann Marx, Roodepoort, Transvaal




A nephew and niece of ours are in the UK at present. Both of them don't want to return to South Africa, and have submitted papers for Canada and are waiting for a favourable reply. Friends of ours have also left South Africa just before Xmas and are now in the Perth area. An old school friend of mine also moved to Australia in October. Other friends are in New Zealand and seem to be doing well. A cousin in Durban and a niece from Boksburg are also looking into the possibilities of coming to Canada. So a lot of people are on the move at the moment.

Yours etc.,

"Skedonk", Edmonton, Canada



Several years ago we established good and friendly contact with those behind a Washington DC-based expat South Africa newsletter with the strange name of "Juluka" (don't ask us what this means!). Some time later, however, they informed us that they had sold this newsletter to a new set of owners based in California, and a short while ago these new owners e-mailed to tell us that they had expanded the publication into full magazine format, and offered to send us some sample copies.

Needless to say, thinking that the magazine was still on the same patriotic pro-South African wavelength as our own movement, we gladly accepted this offer - but alas what we eventually received (issues from December 2006 and January 2007) proved sickening in the extreme, for quite obviously the new owners were being prepared to appease and kow-tow to the current ANC terrorist regime!

Not only were both editions festooned with images of the hated "underpants" flag of the ANC regime, but both also contained articles toadying to the terrorists which all patriotic South Africans must surely find highly offensive. In the December 2006 edition there appeared a "Message from 'our' [sic] Ambassador" (Barbara Masekela, the ANC regime's ambassador to the United States), and in the January 2007 edition there appeared articles praising the renaming of Jan Smuts Airport after a terrorist leader (written by a very sinister Durban-based journalist named Marlan Padayachee, who several years ago we were specifically warned to be extremely wary of) and a favourable review given to a film entitled "Catch the Fire" which was written by Shawn Slovo, the daughter of the evil terrorist godfather Joe Slovo!

Quite obviously therefore "Juluka" in its present format will appeal only to Quislings. It should be avoided like the plague!


Finally, if you would prefer to be deleted from our SCN circulation list then simply e-mail us with the word "unsubscribe". Alternatively, if you liked this SCN and think more of your friends would like to receive copies then please let us know their e-mail addresses!

See you again next month!