Monday, 10 January 2000

January 2000 Edition.


January 2000 edition
It is not my usual practice to talk in the first-person in the editorial section of the SCN, but I trust supporters won't mind if I make this one exception.

I was lucky enough to be able to spend the recent Christmas period in Gibraltar. This proved to be not only a most enjoyable experience, but also an inspiration and morale-booster for me. This was not just because I was able to see the African continent with my own eyes for the first time since 1990, nor even because I was able to experience the fantastic colonial atmosphere which Gibraltar provided - but more because of the fact that the Gibraltarian people have been able to continue to assert their rights of self-determination in spite of all the internationalist liberal forces being ranged against them.

The Gibraltarians have been determined to maintain their status as a British colony in the face of repeated illegal attempts by Spain to claim sovereignty. In this the Spanish government has even appealed to the notorious UN de-colonisation committee (which of course was in the forefront of attempts to destroy Rhodesia and SWA etc.), which of course was totally hypocritical of them in view of the continuing Spanish presence in their North African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla (in this we are NOT hypocritical, for we fully support the rights of the people of Ceuta and Melilla to remain Spanish).

In our struggle to regain our countries in Southern Africa which have been stolen from us the continuing determination - indeed the contininuing success - of the the people of Gibraltar in asserting their rights of self-determination can only act as an object-lesson and inspiration to us.



The Springbok Club was most honoured and privileged to be able to welcome the Earl of Burford as our Guest of Honour for our 1999 "Day of the Vow" commemorations. The Earl of Burford, of course, had shot to fame a couple of months earlier when he made his dramatic protest on the Woolsack in the House of Lords against the Blair government's plans to surrender even more British sovereignty to the EU, and their scheme to abolish the hereditary nature of the House of Lords.

There was a pleasingly high turnout for this event, with the function room being practically packed, and a very good buffet-meal being provided, which we believe was enjoyed by all. Perhaps we would have liked to have seen a few more attendees present, for financially we only just about managed to break even. This should not deflect from what everyone in attendance seemed to agree was a most successful evening however.

The Earl of Burford spoke most eloquently, and, although not everyone may have agreed with every word which he said, the general thrust of his speech seemed to meet with full approval - judging from the prolonged applause at the end of his address! We are most grateful to Allan Robertson for the brief summary which he has provided of the Earl's speech:-

"The central theme of the Earl of Burford's speech to the Springbok Club on Saturday 18th December was the perfidy being practised against the British nation in so many areas. In a wide ranging speech the Earl of Burford blamed the destruction of British sovereignty on the globalist elite who have been pursuing their goal of global government since the late 19th century. The crucial struggle today is between those who support the continuance of the nation state and those who support a bureaucratic globalism. The British political party system was firmly in the grip of this elite and could only be broken by independent persons being elected to councils and to Parliament. Burford himself is considering standing in South Suffolk at the next General Election.

"The Earl of Burford then reviewed the battle to save the hereditary peers in the Lords. Burford believes that the support for the deal to save only 92 hereditary peers was achieved because many hereditary peers had lost sight of the knowledge of their sacred identity and the higher spiritual purpose of nobility. The creation of a phoney House of Lords was a major step on the road to the creation of a totalitarian democracy. He said that he would not be surprised if Blair tinkered with the Quinquennial Act so as to ensure the continuance of this Parliament with its huge New Labour majority. Burford is currently trying to set up a new and true House of Lords composed of hereditary peers who will comment on parliamentary business and try to become a focus for opposition to the growth of totalitarian democracy."


The Springbok Club will be staging a trip to the Rhodes Centre and Museum in Bishops Stortford on Saturday 15th January. We have received a number of good reports about the Rhodes Centre and Museum, and indeed Ian Smith himself was a visitor there on UDI Day last year! By all accounts, as well as featuring the life of Cecil John Rhodes himself, it also contains a very interesting section about the history of Rhodesia.

For those interested in attending we will be rendezvousing at Liverpool Street Station at approximately 12.30 hrs. (evidently there is a large upstairs bar above the station concourse where we will try to meet up), before catching the 13.00 hrs. train to Bishops Stortford. We shall be arriving at Bishops Stortford at 13.38 hrs., so if this is more convenient for anybody then we can rendezvous outside the station at this time.

The entry charge to the Rhodes Centre and Museum is only £1.00, and of course everybody should make their own arrangements for train tickets to Bishops Stortford. If you are interested in attending please let us know so that we can look out for you.



It is now two months since we were able to publish "S.A.Patriot-in-Exile" No.35, yet so far we have still only been able to distribute copies to our UK subscribers. This is therefore becoming very worrying, for we have a moral duty to distribute copies to our subscribers in South Africa and the rest of the world as soon as possible. The only thing which is preventing us from doing this, of course, is the lack of funds. Once again we must therefore appeal to all supporters to help us in this regard as much and as soon as they can. A good method of helping is to purchase a bulk quantity of the magazine for re-distribution. Bulk prices are as follows :-

 25 copies        £8.00    R80.00    or    US$24.00
 50 copies       £12.50   R125.00    or    US$37.50 
100 copies       £20.00   R200.00    or    US$60.00
200 copies       £35.00   R350.00    or    US$95.00

All orders and donations should of course be sent to :-

Patriotic Press, BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, U.K.

All payments from South Africa should be made payable to "N. Lamprecht" in Rand, from North America they should be made either in US cash or cheques WITH THE PAYEE'S NAME LEFT BLANK, and from the UK or the rest of the world by cheque, P.O.'s or international bank drafts made payable to "Patriotic Press" in Sterling.



We have recently been contacted by Phil James who writes as follows:-

"I am trying to find the URL for a manuscript entitled New Directions of South African Dutch Reformed Theology by Mark R. Kreitzer. It deals with the orthodox South African Dutch Reformed understanding of race and culture. Do you know who might help me find Rev. Kreitzer or his dissertation?"

If you are able to assist Phil in this quest then please let us know at the usual address.



A supporter from Manchester, who is involved with the establishment of the Lancashire/Cheshire Branch of the Springbok Club, has sent us the following most encouraging message:-

"I enclose a photocopy of a newspaper cutting 'Exodus of young White South Africans to UK'. This cutting came from the Independent newspaper. It makes interesting reading. Well myself and two friends were wondering if we could help any of these young South Africans get settled here in Manchester. We could help them find accommodation and hopefully employment as well."

If anyone would like to avail themselves of this supporter's kind offer of help, or knows of anyone who might be interested, then again please let us know at the usual address.


COVOS BOOKS of South Africa are specialist publishers of Africana, and offer a range of most interesting and illuminating books which will appeal to many of our supporters. Amongst the titles they stock are:-

FIREFORCE - One man's war in the Rhodesian Light Infantry, by Chris Cocks. Hard cover with dust jacket, 228 x 155 mm., 368 pages, 120 black and white and colour photos, plus maps and sketches. Widely acclaimed as the classic account of counter-insurgency warfare in Africa. Includes the RLI roll of honour, citations and operational orders. Price R185.00.

HOW WE KEPT THE FLAG FLYING, by Donald MacDonald. Hard cover, 213 x 137 mm., 303 pages, with frontispiece and 7 illustrations and various diagrams. This enduring story of the Siege of Ladysmith is the first in a series of Anglo-Boer War reprints. Price R169.95.

PAMWE CHETE - The Legend of the Selous Scouts, by Lt.Col. Ron Reid-Daly. The revamped, rewritten version of the best-selling "Top Secret War". With new, previously unpublished material, including the roll of honour and full schedules of citations and wings. New photo sections. The definitive account of this exceptional unit's short but distinguished service in the field of counter-insurgency operations during the Rhodesian Bush War. Price R225.00.

SURVIVAL COURSE, by Chris Cocks. The sequel to "Fireforce", chronicling the author's fifteen-month experience, up until the advent of Zimbabwe in 1980, as a stick-leader in the specialist PATU (Police Anti-Terrorist Unit), operating on Rhodesia's eastern border. Part 2 deals with the author's traumatic and harrowing transition to civilian life. Price R95.00.

COVOS BOOKS can be contacted at :  P.O.Box 6996, Weltevredenpark, Transvaal, 1715, South Africa. Tel.: +2711-4769926, fax.: +2711-4769927, e-mail :

We are happy to be able to announce that the Springbok Club can now supply copies of all these books, prices being £20.00 (Fireforce), £15.00 (How We Kept the Flag Flying), £27.50 (Pamwe Chete) and £10.00 (Survival Course). All payments should be made payable to "Patriotic Press", and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK. (Please add 10% for p.& p.).



A regular feature in which we ask whether anyone knows the current whereabouts of a friend or colleague
who has lost contact.

No.17 :  Mr. ERWIN HAYNES.

Erwin Haynes lived in the SeaView area of Durban, where he was very active with both the Conservative Party and the local Neighbourhood Watch. He held a high position at the University of Zululand (we are uncertain whether in an academic or administrative capacity) initially at the Umlazi campus, although he was subsequently transferred to KwaZulu. He acted as electoral agent for the late, great Nick Fourie in the Umlazi Constituency during the 1989 General Election, where Nick of course obtained the highest percentage swing to the CP in the entire country! Unfortunately Nick was not selected as CP candidate for the subsequent 1990 Umlazi by-election, and many political pundits believe that had the Fourie/Haynes team been retained then the CP would have been able to score a remarkable and vital electoral victory.



The similarities between the Southern African and Ulster struggles have often been commented about. An excellent web-site for those interested to learn more about the Ulster struggle is provided by "Ulster Historical Publications", who sell a wide range of books, CDs and tapes concerning Northern Ireland and its history, culture and people. This site also provides very useful links to the web-sites of the Ulster Society, Ulster Orange Folk Songs and the Ulster Genealogical Database. It can be accessed at:-



It was with great sadness that we learnt just before the New Year of the death of Johan Nortje. Johan was only 43, and evidently died of acute kidney failure after a seemingly routine hernia operation went badly wrong.

Johan was an active and reliable supporter of the patriotic movement in Durban throughout the 1980's, and indeed his picture appeared on the front page of "S.A.Patriot" No.29 illustrating the lead article "Tomorrow Belongs to Us". Alas, however, like so many other White South Africans, he seemed simply to "give up the ghost" after the fall of South Africa in the 1990's, and it proved impossible to motivate him in spite of many attempts to persuade him to act as a distributor for "S.A.Patriot-in-Exile" and to help to establish an "internal wing" of the Springbok Club. In this, alas, he seemed symbolic of the total apathy and defeatism of White South Africans as a whole after the sellout.

Although his death certificate may show that he died of kidney failure, and although the more direct cause was probably the total incompetence of the "new" South African health service, a more accurate reason for his death was probably simply a broken heart.

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