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April 2006 Edition.


April 2006 edition

Although on the face of it South Africa did well at the recent Commonwealth Games - their gold medal tally increased from 9 at Manchester in 2002 to 12 at Melbourne - a closer inspection of the results shows that the outcome was not nearly so rosy.

South Africa's total medal haul declined from 46 at Manchester to only 38 at Melbourne, and perhaps even more significantly far fewer South African competitors (of all colours) seemed to reach the finals. Quite clearly therefore, although South Africa may still possess a number of world-class sportsmen and women ("Apartheid's Children" as we referred to them in S.A.Patriot-in-Exile No.35), they no longer have quality in depth. This is further confirmed by the fact that a very high percentage of their medal winners are now based and train in the United States. Quite clearly therefore the breakdown in law and order and collapse of national infrastructure in the "new" South Africa has had a devastating effect upon the country's sporting prowess.

Be this as it may, this year's Commonwealth Games proved a magnificent success, and the Australian authorities are to be congratulated upon organising such a memorable spectacle. The Games truly lived up to their nickname of the "Friendly Games", as there was a spirit of fraternity among the brother nations of the Empire and Commonwealth which is rarely witnessed in other global sporting events. Although just a few decades ago it was predicted that Black African and other third world countries would take over the competition this has clearly not occurred, and indeed only India (with an eye to hosting the 2010 Games) was able to challenge the dominance of the White dominions of the core Commonwealth in the medal table.

It has been suggested that for future Commonwealth Games Australia should be allowed to compete on a state-by-state basis because of their current overwhelming dominance in most events. This we believe would be an excellent idea, for after all Britain already competes under its various component parts rather than on a national basis. At the recent joint Springbok Club/London Swinton Circle meeting which was addressed by Paula Adamick it was suggested that a Commonwealth Winter Games should be inaugurated. The only objection to this proposal was that Canada would be overwhelmingly dominant - but if Canada could compete on a provincial basis in such a proposed event then this objection could certainly be overcome.

Although there are other far more important reasons why we advocate a return to civilised rule in South Africa, it would also undoubtedly mean that South Africa could regain her former sporting excellence, and in future Commonwealth Games (hopefully renamed the Empire and Commonwealth Games!) would once more be able to challenge the likes of Australia, England and Canada at the top of the medal table!



The Springbok Club/Empire Loyalist Club joined forces with the London Swinton Circle under the umbrella banner of the Patriotic Forum to stage two most interesting and successful meetings last month.

At the first meeting the guest speaker was Mrs. Paula Adamick, the Managing Editor of the London-based Canadian expatriate newspaper "The Canada Post". Mrs. Adamick, who was accompanied by her husband Dennis, gave a highly informative talk about the recent Canadian General Election, and her opinions of what the future holds for Canada under the new Conservative government of Stephen Harper. She emphasised that Canada faces many of the same problems which Britain currently confronts, but was optimistic that under the new administration the situation would gradually improve. In this regard she was of the opinion that closer and friendlier relations would be established with both Britain and the United States, and that Canada's commitment to fighting the War against Terrorism would be increased. In this regard she told how one of Stephen Harper's first actions as Prime Minister was to visit Canadian troops in Afghanistan - and how a branch of Tim Hopkin's Donuts had recently been opened for the troops stationed there!

At the second meeting the guest speaker was Mr. Bob Vinnicombe, a leading member of the Australian "One Nation" party from New South Wales. Mr. Vinnicombe gave a thorough overview of the immigration problems currently being faced by Australia - particularly regarding Lebanese Muslims. He then went on to tell how young Australians were standing up to be counted on this issue by physically confronting Lebanese hooligans (who had been threatening and insulting White women, and attacking White lifeguards) at Cronulla Beach. He furthermore told how the Australian flag was increasingly being used as a defiant symbol against non-European immigration by Australians, and how Prof. Andrew Fraser of MacQuarie University had not been afraid to voice open criticism of the abandonment of the White Australia policy.



On Saturday 29th April the SC/ELC will be staging a visit to the Bishop's Stortford Museum in Hertfordshire, which includes a special section devoted to Cecil John Rhodes, which is housed in the very building where the great man was born in 1853. The Springbok Club previously visited this museum in January 2000, but since then it has evidently been considerably enhanced and expanded. The 2000 trip proved to be a highly enjoyable event, and it is hoped that for this subsequent visit even more supporters will participate.

Those travelling from London should aim to catch the 12.28 hrs train from Liverpool Street Station (if missed then the 12.55 hrs), and to rendezvous in front of the relevant platform at Liverpool Street between 12.00 hrs and 12.20 hrs. This train should arrive at Bishop's Stortford Station at 13.12 hrs (the alternative at 13.32 hrs), so all those travelling from north of London should arrange to rendezvous with the rest of the party accordingly.



Towards the end of May the SC/ELC will be staging its annual Empire Day celebrations and buffet in central London, at which a most interesting Guest of Honour will be present. Fuller details will be announced in next month's SCN.

In July the SC/ELC will be staging a buffet to celebrate Rhodes and Founders Day (which will replace the former annual UDI Day Dinner following all the disasters of last year) at which it is anticipated welcoming a prominent Rhodesian as Guest of Honour.

In August the SC/ELC will be staging a meeting at which a visiting Australian patriot and long-standing supporter of the movement will be guest speaker.



The Northern Ireland Branch of the SC/ELC is going from strength to strength, and indeed is setting an excellent example which hopefully other branches will soon be following. The superlative "2006 Empire Conservative Report" which was delivered by the Chairman of the Northern Ireland Branch, Pastor Nigel Owens, at their recent AGM can now be accessed at : - and the Branch has also now produced the first edition of their magazine "Empire" which can be obtained priced £1.00 by post or 50p via e-mail attachment (please make all cheques payable to "Nigel Owens"). The Northern Ireland Branch is also planning to stage an event to celebrate Empire Day rather belatedly on Saturday 24th June at the Ely Centre in Enniskillen, commencing at 11.30 hrs. For more information please contact the branch direct at: The SC/ELC Northern Ireland Branch, P.O. Box 35, Ballymoney, Co.Antrim, BT53 7YE, U.K., or e-mail:

The Kent Branch of the SC/ELC staged a small but very fruitful get-together at "The Ash Tree" in Gillingham last month, and hopefully will be organising another similar event in a few months time.

The London Branch of the SC/ELC are optimistic that they have now finalised a regular venue where informal monthly social get-togethers can take place in future. Fuller details will be given in next month's SCN. The Branch still anticipates holding a meeting at which one of their leading members will give a talk on early Anglo-Saxon history later during the summer. For more details regarding all these activities please e-mail:

The Hampshire Branch of the SC/ELC will be re-launched with a social get-together during June in the Petersfield area. Any supporter in the Hampshire area who would like to become actively involved should e-mail:



The London Swinton Circle staged an interesting meeting last month at which the guest speaker was the Rev. Philip Foster from St.Matthew Publishing of Cambridge. In his speech the Rev. Foster tried to expose EU and UN machinations to use the climate-change debate in order to advance their own sinister purposes.

Details of the next London Swinton Circle meeting are as follows :-

Date : Tuesday 16th May 2006

Time : 19.00 hrs.

Venue : The Counting House (the upstairs Function Room), Cornhill, London EC3.

Guest Speaker : Mr. Eric Forth MP

(Eric Forth is the Conservative MP for Bromley and Chislehurst, and was formerly the very effective Shadow Leader of the House of Commons. He previously addressed the LSC in June 2003 when he gave a very powerful and well-received speech about the current state of the country)

The LSC-supporting publication "Tough Talking from The Right" will also shortly be holding a subscribers' meeting and buffet, the details of which are as follows :-

Date : Friday 5th May 2006

Time : 19.00 hrs

Venue : The Clarence (the upstairs Function Room), 4 Dover Street, Mayfair, London W1 (just off Piccadilly, almost opposite the Ritz Hotel)

Guest Speaker : Mr. Roger Helmer MEP

(Roger Helmer is the Independent Conservative MEP for the East Midlands, having been elected as an official CP candidate but subsequently having the party's whip withdrawn because he believed his main duty as MEP was to place Britain's national interests first. He will be speaking on the theme "Defending our Freedoms and Liberties". Tickets are priced £17.50 per head, and can be ordered by writing to: The Organising Secretary, TTFTR, P.O.Box 29208, London SE8 3ZU (cheques/P.O.'s should be made payable to "Tough Talking from the Right").

The London Swinton Circle also anticipates welcoming the Rt. Hon. Ann Widdecombe MP as guest speaker later during the year. Fuller details will be given in future editions of the SCN.



A two-ton endangered Northern Bottlenose Whale recently caused an international sensation when it swam up the Thames. Sadly it finally succumbed to its difficult journey as rescuers tried to transport it by barge back to the open seas.

But despite its loss this great mammal has given us an excellent opportunity to remind the world about the terrible cruelty currently being inflicted on whales by Japan’s horrific whaling campaign in the Antarctic - if we act now.

Currently Japan is killing nearly 1,000 whales per year in an internationally recognised sanctuary in Antarctica. The cruelty of this slaughter is staggering – recent film footage of the Japanese whaling operations shows whales impaled by grenade-tipped harpoons suffering for long periods after they are struck.

The UK recently joined a 17-nation diplomatic protest (demarche) to Japan, strongly urging Japan to cease killing whales in the name of "science". Alas, however, previous demarches signed by the UK have had no effect whatsoever. If the UK government is serious in its efforts to protect whales then a higher level of commitment from the British government is essential to stop Japan’s efforts to increase whaling further.

With whales in the public spotlight as a result of the Thames whale, now is the time to ask Prime Minister Blair to take a more active role in ensuring that Japan’s evil whaling programme is halted. Whaling in the name of science is a sham – whales do not need to be killed for research. Whaling is about the sale of whale meat by the Japanese for profit, not science.

Let’s capitalize on the international attention to the whaling issue while it still has the public eye. Please send letters to the Prime Minister, the Foreign Office and other relevant authorities urging them to summon and castigate the Japanese Ambassador. Ask them to emphasise to the Ambassador that the UK will do everything in its power to stop their unacceptable whaling programme.

Just a few minutes can make a huge difference in the future chances of whales like the one that lost its life in the Thames. Please take a moment to send your letters now, and also try to forward copies of this message on to your friends.



We have recently received the following most encouraging report from our great supporter Nick Maine in Australia :-

"Recently Channel 9 asked its viewers to vote on whether they wanted to scrap multi-culturalism. The results were predictable! 93% voted to scrap it. The remaining 7% of course would mostly be ethnics who profit from this treacherous policy in which ethnic groups are given huge grants to ensure that Australia becomes a nation of antagonistic tribes."

Once again today's Aussies - the "New ANZACS" - are showing that they are leading the West's struggle against third world encroachment. Our kith and kin in Australia are therefore to be greatly congratulated upon their defiance, and Nick Maine - now incredibly an octogenarian - is to be particularly applauded in this regard. He is a true hero of our time.



Liz Archibald of the "Rhodesian Association of South Africa" Durban Branch has recently sent us the following most uplifting report about last November's big Rhodie Reunion in Natal :-

The big Rhodesian Reunion opened at the Shamwari Club near Hillcrest in Natal with a flag raising ceremony on Sunday 6th November 2005. The skirl of bagpipes drew the crowd to the flag staffs, where representatives of the former Rhodesian security forces raised the flags of Southern Rhodesia and Rhodesia. When the bagpipes ceased the bugler sounded the reveille for the opening of this momentous week. At lunch people met old friends - some for the first time in many years. Monday saw the usual crowd at the bar, as people started to arrive from all over the world. By Tuesday celebrations were in full swing with an "English Pub Evening" in true English style, and entertainment being provided by Tony Darrell and his band. Wednesday morning was beautiful and clear - ideal for the few staunch fishermen who rallied at the Inanda Dam for the bass fishing competition. By breakfast - bacon, wors, eggs and rolls - not many fish had taken the worm. However, by the second session these well seasoned fishermen started to catch large mouth bass, but none weighed so much as a kilogram. As usual many large ones got away! Still, it was an enjoyable day, which ended with a couple or more chibulies at cut off time. That evening a John Edmond Concert was held, with John live on stage, accompanied by his lovely wife, Teresa, working the instrumental backing. Songs old and songs new, mostly about days of yore, had the folk singing and clapping. It was an evening filled with nostalgic memories of Rhodesia for the more than 400 people present. On Thursday morning the reunion golf day was held, and was a great success. That afternoon John Edmond did a special show for the pensioners, some of whom were bussed in from afar, so that they could participate during daylight hours in the reunion. In the evening the BSAP Regimental Association gathered at the Tudor Rose Pub in Hillcrest while the usual crowd kept the Shamwari Club pub open till late. Friday the 11th started with the commemoration of UDI at 13.15 hrs. After replaying the address to the nation delivered by Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith exactly 40 years previously, John Redfern proposed a toast to Rhodesia. In the evening the "Come as You Were" party took place. A couple of the 'young ladies' were dressed in their school uniforms from yesteryear - wearing their hair in pony-tails. One guy was wearing his camo with a Corps of Engineers stable belt and beret. Lew Lloyd-Evans wore his No.6 Rhodesian rugby jersey - albeit somewhat tight on him, and there were many others among the 600 people present who 'dressed for the occasion'. Needless to say, the evening was a great success. The pub did run out of Castle Beer and Coke for a short while, despite plenty of movement between the cold rooms and the bar all night long. People partied until 03.00 hrs the next day. Apart from the liquids, Erica and Roy provided tasty meals throughout the evening. Saturday started with a "Remembrance Parade" organised by the SAS Association, attended by approximately 400 people who gathering for a memorial service at this SAS Memorial at the Flame Lily Park in Malvern. Wreaths were laid by representatives of the various Rhodesian forces, as well as the British SAS, South African Special forces, and the Flame Lily Foundation. The lunchtime gathering at the Club was well attended, while preparations were in being made at the International Conference Centre for the Gala Dinner. Over 800 people sat down to an excellent meal, with a starter of line fish, followed by shank of lamb and ending with mango cheesecake. The speeches were exceptional, with Peter Rawson acting as MC. Richard Wood, with his excellent wit and dry sense of humour spoke on the security forces of Rhodesia; Ann Grant spoke on the women of Rhodesia, Doug Watson dealt with the sportsmen and women of Rhodesia, and John Haswell closed with his own special brand of humour. Between the speeches and during the meal, the building of Kariba and scenes from Rhodesia were displayed on the big screen. John and Mary Redfern were presented with an award for their valued contribution towards the interests of Rhodesians over the past two decades, and John Edmond was made a Member of Honour of the Flame Lily Foundation in recognition of outstanding support in furthering the objects of the Foundation, and his dedication in "keeping the flame alive" by bringing Rhodesians in various parts of the world together. The closing ceremony on Sunday the 13th was well attended, with the lowering of flags to the strains of the Last Post, and the Rhodesian National Anthem being played on the bagpipes.



Withheld pension arrears do not die with the pensioner. They remain a debt which can be claimed by his or her estate.

Raymond Billington is an 83 year old Zimbabwe/Rhodesian pensioner who now lives in Australia. He urges you to sign his petition which is created for the benefit of the families of all Zimbabwe/Rhodesian pensioners worldwide.

Last year, the G8 countries cancelled $3.5 billion of African debt: now they are discussing more billions to be given for reconstruction. A fraction of this money could settle all Zimbabwe/Rhodesian pension entitlements.

Rights are never won unless people are willing to fight for them. Please sign the petition and add your comments if you wish, then pass it on.



Biltongmakers.Com! runs a monthly competition which is free for anyone to enter. There are some great prizes to be won each month. Some of the prizes during the last couple of months have included a Skottel Braai, Biltongmakers, Barbecue Utensil sets and Potjies!

To enter please go to: and follow the competition link!

Biltongmakers.Com! have created a special order page just for readers of the SCN at:-


FLAGS etc.

The Springbok Club retail full-sized real South African and Rhodesian flags priced £6.00 each for Full Members of the Springbok Club, £8.00 each for Associate Members and £10.00 each for non-members (plus £1.00 for p&p).

Copies of the annual Ulster publication "The Twelfth" published by Glenwood Publications are still available price £1.00 for the latest two issues (plus 25p for p&p).

Copies of S.A.Patriot-in-Exile (editions 30 to 36) are still available price R5.00 or 50p each, as well as batches of 50 copies (including copies of the original S.A.Patriot) price R80.00 or £8.00 (plus 20% for p&p.)

Payments should be made to "Patriotic Press" and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK.



"WAY OUT OF LINE" by Trisha Jackson is a novel which tells the story of the profound impact that an innocent youthful love affair has on the lives of two young lovers. The plot moves from a cult and a maximum security prison in the US to the savannah grasslands of Mozambique and Zimbabwe - this makes for adventure, suspense and melodrama. Packed with conflict and sexual tension, anyone who loves romance, passion and excitement should enjoy reading this story.

Trisha Jackson was born and grew up in Rhodesia. She immigrated to the USA with her husband and three children in 1990. She and her husband live in a unique, rural community in the Tonto National Forest in the eastern mountains of Arizona.

Copies of WAY OUT OF LINE can be ordered from


"THE GREAT SOUTH AFRICAN LAND SCANDAL" by Dr. Philip du Toit is a vital piece of work. South Africa can do without many things, but it cannot survive without its farmers. Thirty-five thousand commercial farmers feed 45 million people. Read what has happened to many productive farms which have already been handed over under the government's restitution and redistribution programmes.

It is available priced R150.00 in South Africa from: Jack Loggenberg, TLU/TAU, P.O.Box 91251, Silverton, Pretoria, 0127, Transvaal, South Africa (payments to "TLU/TAU"), or priced £9.95 (+ 15% p.& p.) in the UK from: The Springbok Club, BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX (payments to "The Springbok Club").


"GOVERNMENT BY DECEPTION" by Jan Lamprecht details the disasters of Mugabe's Zimbabwe, and illustrates the similarities between Mugabe's rule and that of Mandela/Mbeki in South Africa. It can be ordered on-line at:



271 pages, some illustrations. Soft-back £5.00 including p.& p. (r.r.p. £10.00)

The compelling story of what really happened in a defeated Japan following the end of World War II. Merchant seaman James Mackay, whilst travelling in the east, started to hear stories of massacres and other atrocities committed by Japanese forces, not just against enemy troops, but against innocent civilian populations. His subsequent investigations revealed reluctance amongst Allied governments to discuss these incidents that seemed to amount almost to a cover-up. Why would the Allies want to overlook the crimes of a former enemy, especially when the leadership of another former enemy was being liquidated at Nuremburg? Using his own research, as well as material prepared by Australian Army war crimes investigator Capt. J.G. Goodwin, Mackay exposes the cover-up and names the guilty. Not only were the Japanese keen to sweep the past under the carpet, but the US government of the time also had its own reasons for preserving the political and industrial elite in Japan. A provocative book, which calls into question the morality of US policy towards Japan after WWII.

Payment can be made by credit or debit card. To order on line, log onto and enter as payment destination.


"THE BLIGHT OF BLAIRISM" by Francis Bennion is a devastating indictment of the "new" Labour administration. For more details about the book visit:



Clive Holt is a South African living in Australia who has written and published a book on the Angolan War entitled "At Thy Call we did not falter". It is a frontline account of what it was like to fight in the war and is based upon the diary he kept during his operational time in Angola. The book was published in Australia, but is now available globally through the web-site



Biltong Brother produces top quality, handcrafted biltong. 100% British beef is used, no artificial flavourings or preservatives.

There are 5 types, Traditional, Garlic, Pepper, Hot & Spicy and Ostrich.

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The following flags are available for purchase :-

Falklands Blue Ensign £ 5.00
Australian National Flag £ 10.00
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Queen's Golden Jubilee "Union Jack" £ 12.00
Northern Ireland flag (Red Hand) £ 5.00

also available :-

Queen's Silver Jubilee booklet 1977 £ 5.00
"The Art of War" booklet by the SADF information bureau £ 12.00

If interested please contact Robert Shipley by e-mail at:, or by 'phone at: 07854-399131 (please add 20% for p&p if not collecting personally).



No.89 : Mr. JOHN ELLISON of Bulawayo.

Chris Albon writes as follows :-

"I was wondering if anyone has ever come across John Ellison who was born in 1945 and who lived in Burnside, Bulawayo, and went to Milton High? John was my best friend at school and I would really love to make contact with him again."

If you can help Chris to trace John Ellison then please contact him c/o



The Gun Owners of America organisation, whose Executive Director Larry Pratt made good contacts with the Springbok Club last year, run an extensive web-site which is well worth a look. It can be accessed at :-





I find it pleasing to hear that Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark has spoken out against the mass unwanted unrestricted influx of Islamics into the Kingdom of Denmark, many of whose militant treachery imperils the harmony and quality of the Danish way of life. Denmark too is a great historic European nation, and as such we should establish formal contacts with monarchist organisations there and support any efforts on the Danes part to buy back their Danish Virgin Islands.

Yours etc.,

Robert Shipley, Gillingham, Kent, U.K.




I was so thrilled to see the proper South African flag flying high even on the net. Did not know that you existed, and thought we true South Africans were lost. I'm living in Greece at the moment; please advise me on membership and any other details that will bring me closer to what we once called home. Thanks in advance.

Yours etc.,

Zisis Siaperas, Greece




Zuma's coming up for trial; but the appointed judge has recused himself. His replacement failed to show up this morning. No explanation. But I can think of a likely one: intimidation. 3000 of Zuma's ANC juniors and Young Communist League spent most of the morning jumping up and down outside the Court! But in fairness to Zuma, I think that any mature young woman pitching up by herself after dark at a man's house does so for one purpose only. She appears to have achieved it!

Yours etc.,

Richard Deane, Cape Town, Cape Province




2007 will be the ANC's 100th anniversary, so don't expect much said or done about Zimbabwe's tyrant Robert Gabriel Mugabe from South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki or other African leaders for that matter. Of the millions of Zimbabweans suffering from hunger, persecution and illegal detention, who will truly be celebrating your birthday Mr Mugabe? The only political stooges left in Zimbabwe are those who continue to carry out your instructions and ZANU-PF's heinous crimes against humanity.

Yours etc.,

Albert Weidemann, Ripon, Yorkshire, U.K.



It has recently been drawn to our attention that in the January 2006 edition of the magazine "Searchlight" it was stated that Mr.Stuart Millson had attended Springbok Club meetings. Although Mr.Millson spoke at a braai held by the Kent Branch of the Springbok Club in 2002 (which incidentally was poorly organised and very badly attended) he has never addressed any national Springbok Club meeting, nor, to the best of our knowledge, has he ever attended any other Springbok Club function. The Springbok Club has therefore written to "Searchlight" magazine clarifying this matter, and trust they will be prepared to print a correction in a future issue.



Long-standing readers of the SCN will probably remember a trouble-making individual going under the name of Richard Plaistowe. This inadequate sent a number of offensive and antagonistic e-mails five years ago, and as a result we exposed him in our first ever "Rogues Gallery" column of May 2001. We thought this pathetic creature had long since disappeared, but last month he re-surfaced with a further deranged attack upon our achievements. Does anybody know whether anyone by the name of Richard Plaistowe actually exists - or whether it is yet another pseudonym adopted by young Mr. Arthur Kemp?



Readers will also probably recall the case of an obnoxious couple named Kerry and Tamra Capstick-Dale who run a company called "Corporate Image" in Cape Town, and who badly reneged on an agreement with one of our advertisers last year. Our attention has recently been drawn to an IOL report which details a scandal caused by Kerry Capstick-Dale charging R31,000 per month to write speeches for Cape Town Mayor Gerald Morkel ( Furthermore we see that the "Corporate Image" web-site has now been removed! It would seem therefore that breachers-of-contracts, like thieves, never prosper!


Finally, if you would prefer to be deleted from our SCN circulation list then simply e-mail us with the word "unsubscribe". Alternatively, if you liked this SCN and think more of your friends would like to receive copies then please let us know their e-mail addresses!

See you again next month!