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June 2013 Edition.


June 2013 edition

The recent terrorist murder of Drummer Lee Rigby by Islamic fanatics in Woolwich sickened and angered all decent people. It was however yet another example of the ongoing battle of aggression being waged against the West by adherents of the Mohammedan religion.

Make no bones about it, ever since the beginnings of this desert cult it has been its aim to conquer and subjugate the world. This was manifested in its early years when Arab hordes swept across north Africa and up into Europe in the Iberian Peninsula and Sicily, until finally being halted by Charlemagne at the Battle of Poitiers/Tours in 732. Eight-hundred years later Islamic forces again spread into Europe through the Balkans aiming to conquer and to enslave, and were only stopped at the gates of Vienna. Now, another five-hundred years later, a third wave of Mohammedan aggression is threatening the West: 9/11, 7/7, Bali, Madrid, Boston and now the Woolwich atrocity. Drummer Lee Rigby’s murder therefore must not be viewed in isolation – indeed it was quickly followed by an unprovoked attack by a Muslim fanatic on a French soldier in Paris.

In 1968 John Enoch Powell predicted that “rivers of blood” would flow through the streets of Britain if the problem of alien immigration into the UK wasn’t tackled and reversed. This was a sentiment which found resonance with the vast majority of British people at the time, and indeed is an affliction which most supporters of our movement in the UK (and indeed throughout other Western countries who are similarly affected) continue actively to oppose. On 22nd May 2013 Enoch Powell’s prediction was vividly enacted on the streets of Woolwich.

The response of the authorities to this savage and inhuman atrocity alas left a lot to be desired. Instead of announcing steps to resolve the cause of the tragedy by removing all Islamic fundamentalists from the UK, they instead talked about the evil murderers not being representative of the majority of Muslims, and how the “whole community” should stand together to condemn the crime. The tragic fate of Drummer Lee Rigby seemed forgotten, and the religion which spewed the mindset which led to his unprovoked slaughter exonerated. Such sentiments from practically all sections of authority were obscene. It was rather like the Vichy authorities in France stating after the massacre of Oradour-sur-Glane that the Gestapo were not representative of all Nazis and that the “whole community” of French Resistance fighters and invading Nazis alike should stand together to condemn division, whilst forgetting the actual fate of the 642 innocent civilians who were killed.

Even more reprehensible of the authorities has been their reaction to acts of retribution carried out by outraged British citizens. These retaliatory acts – which undoubtedly have been more widespread than the national media is prepared to admit – have been both natural and understandable. Some sections of authority, however, have seen fit to condemn these predictable reactions in the same vein as their condemnation of the actual terrorist atrocity itself. Such a comparison is sickening in the extreme. If the authorities are not prepared to eradicate the danger by removing all undesirable Muslims from the country then they shouldn’t be surprised if ordinary citizens start to do something positive to defend their communities and protect their fellow-countrymen in their place.



At the end of last month the Springbok Club held an informal get-together in central London at which Mr. Bob Vinnicombe from Sydney in Australia gave a most interesting and enlightening talk. Mr. Vinnicombe, who is a leading official of the Australian One Nation party and a staunch supporter of the monarchy and Australia’s Commonwealth links, has been a long-standing friend of both the Springbok Club and the South African people. In his talk he told something about the current Australian political situation, as well as graphically describing the problems which Australia currently faces from Asian ghetto-communities, and from threatening Islamic immigrants in particular.


The planned Springbok Club meeting to be addressed by a leading campaigner for Afrikaner rights in Europe has now been postponed until July. Full details regarding this meeting will therefore be given in next month’s SCN.

On 10th August the Springbok Club is planning a visit to a scenic garden in Surrey which has strong Rhodesian connections, and in September will be participating in the annual Rhodesian “Hoisting of the Flag Ceremony” in Norfolk.



Early last month the Kent Branch of the Springbok Club staged a trip to the historic Rochester Sweeps festival, which proved to be a most enjoyable and very well-attended event.

Mr. Lars Karnestam from Sweden is visiting the UK at the moment, and is planning to make a trip to Canterbury whilst here. Lars first made contact with our movement whilst we were still based in South Africa itself during the late 1980s, when although then only a young man he visited the country on three separate occasions in order to express his solidarity with the South African people. Lars gave a most enthralling illustrated talk to the Patriotic Forum in Durban at the time about the then current growth and upsurge in patriotic sentiment in Sweden. He furthermore gave a similar talk to the then infant Springbok Club in London during the mid-1990s. Although his trip to Canterbury has only been arranged at very short notice, he has enthusiastically agreed to meet with Springbok Club members and supporters from the Kent Branch (and from anywhere else in the UK who might be able to attend) in an informal environment, and to tell a bit more about current developments in Sweden and his opinions about what is happening in South Africa today. Details of this gathering are as follows :-

Date  :  Tuesday 11th June 2013

Time  :  Throughout the early evening, from approximately 17.00 hrs to mid-evening.

Venue :  "The Bat and Ball", 163 Old Dover Road, Canterbury (opposite the St.Lawrence Cricket Ground).

It is now anticipated that the Hampshire Branch of the Springbok Club will be holding a re-launch meeting during the middle of the year. Further details will be given in future editions of the SCN.



Early last month the Swinton Circle held an important landmark meeting in the Houses of Parliament which was addressed by the Rt. Hon. Jeffrey Donaldson MP, the DUP MP for Lagan Valley. This event was again very well attended, and in a most informative and wide-ranging speech Mr. Donaldson gave an overview of the latest developments and situation in Northern Ireland, as well as commenting upon other problems which currently face the UK, particularly continuing EU membership and the threat from militant Islam. The most encouraging aspect of his speech, however, was the news which he gave that for the first time ever a recent opinion poll reported that less than 20% of the Northern Ireland population wished to join the RoI rather than remaining part of the UK!


The Swinton Circle enjoyed a most successful month all round during May, obtaining the highest number of new memberships for several years! Membership fees and donations can of course be made to the Swinton Circle via PayPal on the organisation’s web-site home page at:-


In June the Swinton Circle will be joining forces with New Britain in order to celebrate Canada Day. More details can be found in the New Britain News column.

The Swinton Circle will be holding a most interesting meeting on 11th July, which will be addressed by a leading official from a well known pro-freedom organisation. More precise details will be given in next month’s edition of the SCN.



On Sunday 30th June at 15.00 hrs New Britain will be holding a Canadian-themed garden party in order to celebrate Canada’s National Day in the grounds of Toynbee Hall, 28 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LS. (This event will be held inside the Hall if wet). Entrance will be free.

On Monday 1st July, the actual date of Canada’s National Day, New Britain will be holding a Canadian-themed Reception in the ancient Guildhall of York, commencing at 15.00 hrs. The Lord Mayor of York has been guest of honour at this event for the past two years and has been invited to attend again this year.


New Britain is planning to stage a trip to pay homage at the graves of two of the greatest Britons of the last century – Sir Winston Churchill and John Enoch Powell – on Saturday 3rd August. As numbers need to be known in advance in order to know what size of transport to book we would therefore ask all those who are interested in attending to let us know as soon as possible.



The SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary is offering a few volunteer positions to raise funds for their wild animal emergency rescues and veterinary fund. They have had numerous e-mails asking if the volunteer time period can be shortened so have decided to offer two options:

4 weeks at $1500 per Volunteer
2 weeks at $800 per Volunteer

Get involved with the daily running of the wildlife reserve; resource management; counter-poaching; help feed and care for the animals in rehab at the time; attend wild animal rescues and veterinary procedures if and when it happens. Fantastic opportunity to get up close, and will make for great photographic opportunities.

Please find below the set dates, so if you do wish to come for only 2 weeks, please either choose the first two weeks or the last two weeks of the months below.

1st June 2013 – 29th June 2013
1st July 2013 – 29th July 2013 
1st October 2013 – 29th October 2013

Simply e-mail stating with the dates you would be interested in and they will check availability for you, as there are only a few spots available.

Once you have made your donation of either $1500 or $800, your booking will be confirmed. Your donation (payment for your volunteering period) will include all your meals and accommodation.  Airport or bus depots collections will be done from Phalaborwa, Hoedspruit or Tzaneen for an additional fee. All proceeds raised will be allocated towards the wild animal emergency rescues and veterinary fund.

To read more about volunteering at SanWild feel free to read our blog by clicking on the link below:-



Our very good friend and supporter Roy Painter recently had the following most observant letter published in the Welwyn & Hatfield Times:-


Your excellent report (p13, January 23), on the planning row once again fuelled my anxious trepidation concerning the urgent increasing need for more housing in east Herts and our surrounding areas.

This entirely predictable crisis in Hertfordshire and the whole of the UK which all previous governments, national and local, have cravenly refused to address over last 30 years is yet another symptom of, ignore it, it might go away.

Many housing ministers have attempted political party enhancing solutions to this unsolvable housing crisis but all without honestly addressing why the problem exists.

An unprecedented 15/20 million increases to our population since 1948 and rising exponentially especially in the last 15 years, cannot be ignored.

No amount of construction in the next 20 years will ever begin to meet even 10% of demand.

Given our seemingly inability to stop this rapid increase in population it is a logistical impossibility and a deceit of the highest order for any government to promise it can build its way out of this impenetrable impasse.

Facts unquestionably demonstrate there is no realistic foreseeable solution other than honestly addressing the core problem of this increasing demand. The only pragmatic solution is for the Government to show courageous political action with an immediate moratorium on immigration, coupled with 10 years of UK residency and full employment before benefits eligibility.

It will mean defying the ECHR, but national interests must take priority.

Governments must acknowledge than an out of control increasing population places ever more undeliverable demands on national and local resources.

Further house building equals endless extra infrastructure, schools, hospitals, sewers, shops, roads, energy demands, food supplies, placing even greater unaffordable and completely unsustainable financial demands on rates and taxes.

Considering the past and now increasing rate of immigration, and that most newcomers are of family rearing age who traditionally have larger families, an increasing aging population and more single parents, means ever escalating demands for additional dwellings and welfare benefits.

Add to that the potential arrival of millions of Romanians and Bulgarians who will have the right to reside here from January 1st 2014, which can only fuel the immediate uncertainty for the next generation.

To emphasize the enormity of the situation then just consider this. Given our proximity to the ever expanding population and consequent growing conurbation of north/east London, it is only a matter of time that our immediate surrounding countryside will inevitably be lost to housing.

Private and/or social, it matters not a jot.

The green fields from Potters Bar to Hatfield and beyond will be concreted over within the foreseeable future.

Once gone, it will be lost for all eternity and how will we explain that away to our grandchildren?

The above, of course, is conscience-troubling, but nevertheless, unarguable reality. The electors’ concern should be, will the Government or local councillors be brave enough to confront them with complete honesty?

Roy Painter



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Find any South African, even those who have emigrated. We also search Botswana, Namibia and ex-Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

Please use the search request form at :-



"REDNECK P.I." a romantic suspense novel by Trish Jackson.

"Twila's a redneck and proud of it. Harland's a P.I. with a target on his back and a twin brother. An explosive situation!"

Available at in electronic format, and from in print and electronic format.


"LIEUTENANT COLONEL ALFRED JAMES TOMLINSON: MEMOIRS OF AN AFRICAN PIONEER AND BSAP OFFICER" is now available at, and can be shipped to anywhere in the world. This book contains excerpts from Lieut. Tomlinson's writings detailing his experiences as a member of the B.S.A. Police in Southern Rhodesia, where he rose from the rank of an ordinary trooper to retire as the commanding officer. It also includes the personal story of Majaqaba Ncube, a man who was enslaved by Lobengula when his entire village was massacred by the chief's soldiers. After he escaped, Lieut. Tomlinson saved him from certain death and gave him a job. They lost contact and were reunited after 45 years, when Majaqaba presented Lieut. Tomlinson with an earthenware jar.



ISBN: 978-1-920143-49-7 / paperback / illustrated
Retail price: R250.00, Web-site price: R200.00 + postage

The narrative gives the reader an overview of the history of the White man in southern Africa with detailed emphasis on the Rhodesian story through the life and times of PK van der Byl, one of the major players in a political drama that ended in the accession to power of Robert Mugabe under the auspices of the British government. By his very nature PK was controversial and confrontational. This account is likely to give offence to some because it portrays him as bluntly as he was in real life. Much can be contested about PK van der Byl but few will dispute he was an extremely colourful character with a devilish sense of humour. This memoir covers his life with a full flourish while doing nothing to detract from the seriousness of the international political and military conflict in which he was engaged. The reader will glean new information on a highly controversial subject and emerge with a more sympathetic understanding of what PK van der Byl and his colleagues did and strove for. The human tragedy that has followed the removal from power of Ian Smith and his Rhodesian Front party will almost certainly force the reader to deal with some uncomfortable conclusions, of value to anyone sincere about grappling with the volatile and deeply troubling challenges that confront all Africans today.

This book and others of interest can be purchased from 30 Degrees South via their web-site:


"BLUE WATCH" by Gwyn Fford-Osborne

Rhodesia, in 1975 and a bloody vicious civil war is at its height. A war between the White minority supported by the Black majority and the ZAPU and ZANU terrorist groups, supported by Zambia and Mozambique. Kensington, a small town in the farming belt has been the subject of several terrorist attacks but with only a small police force for defence, the local T.A. unit having been called up for service on the Zambia border the situation appears grim. Until Iffor Meredith turns up on a pilgrimage to meet up with his wife and son of his old army buddy, recently murdered by terrorists. A deadly ambush on the "Dix" family and his escape from a land mine attack makes Iffor determined to offer resistance of some form or other to the terrorists. His application to join the Rhodesian Army has been accepted and he sets about forming a small militia. With all the fit men already on call up, who can he recruit from. Then he's invited to a darts match at the Moth Club and meets up with the remnants of the town's Fire Brigade, the men considered too old for call up. Blue Watch.

Available from:


"THE SEVEN WATCHMEN" by David Ruppert

A new fascinating novel titled "The Seven Watchmen" by David Ruppert should appeal to South Africans and ex-Rhodesians. It can be ordered from Crest Publishing in South Africa at - or those abroad can buy it directly from David at It's also available on

Glenn MacAskill and Michael Bowery of Crest Publishing have also written three books each. Glenn MacAskill is ex-BSAP Special Branch and still working (as Mugabe has denied him any pension) and Michael Bowery is ex-South African Special Forces. Due to the difficulties confronting White writers in the "new" South Africa they launched Crest Publishing to self-publish their own books, and have been doing this since October 2006. Michael Bowery is author of: "Canham's Run", "The Sligo Piper" and "Kill the President", whilst Glenn MacAskill is author of: "King's Gold", "Crime Lords" and "Of Royal Blood". Special discounts to ex-servicemen, Rhodies and Springboks!

For more information, or to make an order, please contact Crest Publishing at: P.O.Box, 97910, Petervale, Transvaal, 2151, South Africa, e-mail:, or visit the Crest Publishing web-site at:


"THE SAINTS" - DVD versions of the book about the history of the RLI

Now available from Msasa Enterprises. Contact: or UK tel.: 07732 685400.



No.175:  Mr. BRIAN CROLE of Rhodesia.

Brian Crole was an active member of the Rhodesian Action Party and an early subscriber to S.A.Patriot. After the fall of Rhodesia in January 1979 he immediately moved to Bell Street in Durban, and briefly became active with the Durban Point Branch of the HNP. He however mysteriously disappeared shortly after his arrival in Durban, and correspondence sent to him was returned with no forwarding address. His sudden disappearance has always remained a complete puzzle to us, and we would very much like to solve the mystery if possible – and indeed re-make contact with him again if he is still alive.



Lekkerwear is a Canadian-based concern which markets an extensive range of Rhodesiana – clothing, embroidered emblems, books, flags and CDs/DVDs etc.. They have recently launched a new web-site which we believe will be great interest to all those searching for Rhodesian-orientated products, which can be accessed at :-





Tony Erenreich of COSATU seems to be trying to make it as difficult for Helen Zille and the Democratic Alliance to govern the Western Cape, the only province not held by the ANC. Remember that COSATU, together with the Communist Party, are in an alliance with the ANC, although there's a lot of friction in the alliance.

The threats of farm labourers' strikes and demands for higher wages are going to have a devastating effect on the South African economy. With an increase in fuel prices, toll roads and other economic pressures, inflation is expected to rise sharply in the year ahead. Sadly, ignorance and poor education on the part of most voters inhibits their understanding of economics, so we are heading for escalating political unrest this year.

Yours etc.,

Johan Geelvink, Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa.




I was in the audience at the NFT for the showing of "Mugabe: Villain or Hero?", but did not join in the standing ovation at the end. I will only put one open question to Mugabe's apologists: Ian Smith's Rhodesia coped with sanctions for years. So why did Mugabe's Zimbabwe wind up with millions per cent inflation and 90% unemployment under far less comprehensive sanctions?

Yours etc.,

M. Taylor, London, U.K..




Graham “Basher” Downes (whose death was reported in last months SCN – Ed.) was not only a great South African – he was also an example of why South Africa used to be so great.

He obtained careers guidance whilst still at school, and then pursued his chosen profession of architecture through university, and even after being forced to leave his beloved South Africa because of the new dispensation sought and found a new life in the United States, where as a result of his expert training quickly managed to establish a successful leading architects company in a new country. What other country could boast such academic achievement? If only it was the same today.

Yours etc.,

“Glenwood Old Boy”, San Diego, California, U.S.A.




It was with great sadness that we recently learnt of the death of Nick Maine of Queensland, Australia, at the age of 90. Although his father was Greek (he Anglicized his surname), Nick was a great Australian and Imperial patriot. He volunteered to fight in WWII – even lying about his age in order to enlist – and served with distinction fighting the Japanese in New Guinea.

After the end of hostilities he threw himself into national life, becoming a Justice of the Peace in his home state of Queensland. He however became dismayed at the destruction of traditional Australian and Western culture through increasing non-White immigration, and as a result became politically active opposing this worrying development. His patriotism was pan-British rather than specifically Australian however, as he was a staunch Monarchist and a strong Commonwealth man. As a result he spent some time in both the UK and South Africa, becoming involved with patriotic parties in both countries. It was actually whilst we were still based in South Africa that he first made contact with our movement, and as a result he became a great supporter of S.A.Patriot, purchasing bulk quantities of the magazine for re-distribution when he returned to Australia.

We had the honour of meeting Nick in person on two occasions when he visited the UK after we were forced to re-locate from South Africa, and were highly impressed with his great energy (he was then already well over 70), Imperial patriotism and dedication to the cause. He spoke at a Springbok Club meeting in London during the mid-1990s, when he gave an expert overview of the world situation as he then saw it. He also wrote two very readable books : “Hey, Wait for Me!” (about his WWII experiences) and “Good-bye Oz Culture” (a very pessimistic tome about his fears for the future of Australia).

In latter life Nick abandoned real-life political activism however, and devoted his energies to Internet communications. Alas however, maybe because of his advancing age, his on-line activities increasingly revealed three detrimental faults. He became chronically pessimistic not only about the future but also falsely about the present (even claiming that both Sydney and Brisbane already had majority non-White populations!); he tried to ride two horses at once, openly admitting that he was a member of both the Australian One Nation party and the Australia First party at the same time (as a result of course neither party would trust him), and stated to re-circulate cranky conspiracy theory nonsense side-by-side with far more sensible material via his e-mail circulation list. As a result of these three regrettable errors Nick’s efforts in later life alas proved worse than useless for the patriotic cause which he tried to advance.

In spite of these unfortunate failings in latter life we choose to remember the Nick Maine who was – the true and genuine Imperial patriotic activist who fought for the cause of his kith and kin on three continents. His domestic life was apparently very complex, but our sincere condolences are extended to all who were near and dear to him.


Finally, if you would prefer to be deleted from our SCN circulation list then simply e-mail us with the word "unsubscribe". Alternatively, if you liked this SCN and think more of your friends would like to receive copies then please let us know their e-mail addresses!

See you again next month!