Monday, 26 October 1998

October 1998 Edition.


October 1998 edition

Most supporters will probably already be aware of the tragic news that our planned guest speaker for October, Mr. Nicholas Budgen, sadly died earlier today. We were aware when we made contact with Mr.Budgen that he was a dying man, but perhaps for this reason more than any other he was very keen to go out with "all guns blazing", and was therefore extremely keen to give his support to our organisation, and the ideals of Old White Commonwealth unity which we espouse. Our heartfelt symphathies go out to Mr. Budgen's family and his loved ones.

In spite of this tradegy our planned Springbok Club meeting for October will still go ahead as planned however - as much in tribute to Nicholas Budgen than for any other reason. His close colleague James Lewis from the W.I.S.E. association will deliver a message which he asked to be passed on to our meeting, and we will also be most honoured to welcome as a last-minute replacement speaker the 13th Lord Belhaven and Stenton. Lord Belhaven and Stenton has been a fierce and long-standing critic of the European Union, and has spoken eloquently against the dangers posed by the EU in the House of Lords. He is also a strong friend of the Dominions of the original British Commonwealth, and believes that they can still form a viable alternative to the EU.

Details once again are thereforeas follows :-

Date : Thursday 29th October 1998   Time : 19.30 hrs.

Venue : The Morpeth Arms, 58 Millbank, Pimlico, Westminster, London SW1.



We were lucky to welcome not one but two excellent speakers to our Springbok Club meeting in September. Mr. Derek Turner, the editor of the influential conservative magazine Right Now!, gave a riveting talk on the history, philosophy and ambitions of the magazine, and a close colleague from Finland also gave us a very informative and encouraging report on the progress of the Finnish-South African Friendship Society. Unfortunately the attendence at this meeting was very poor, which was a great pity in view of the high standard of speakers who we had as guests. Perhaps the main reason for this poor turnout was because so many supporters had attended the Rhodesia Christian Group's reception for Ian Smith the day before. This turned out to be a most inspiring gathering, and as well as having the opportunity to meet and hear the great man once again, we were also able to meet a number of other good friends from the past!



Unfortunately the planned formation meeting of the Kent Branch of the Springbok Club was subjected to what can only be described as a sabotage wrecking campaign by neo-Nazi elements. Needless to say we have nothing but contempt for such vermin - but the fact that our enemies feel it so important to disrupt our activities surely illustrates what a great impact our efforts are already having! Plans to form a Kent Branch will still go ahead however, and moves are afoot to hold another formation meeting at a different venue before the end of the year. Hopefully the first public meeting will therefore be organised for early 1999, when a talk on the history of the "Save Rhodesia Campaign" will be delivered. We also intend to give this same talk at other branch meetings as and when they are established around the UK and Europe. If you are interested in forming a branch in your own area then therefore please let us know.



Our planned trip to Amsterdam is now scheduled for the weekend of 27th/29th November. If you are interested in attending please let us know as soon as possible.



Two supporters have recently made specific requests of us. Firstly Mr. Brian Hall from the United States tells of a planned rugby tournament in Belgium during the spring of 1999, and wonders whether there might be any other expatriate Southern African teams willing to participate? Even if we are not able to raise such a team ourselves (which of course is very doubtful!) this still might prove to be a very enjoyable event to visit if anyone is interested?

Secondly Mr. Martin Bird has asked whether anyone knows anything about "Electrical Apprentice Board/Associations" in the UK. His son wishes to sit his Trade Tests in the UK, and wonders whether this is possible?



A regular feature where we ask if anyone knows the current whereabouts of a friend or colleague who has lost contact.

No.3 :  Mr. Owen Parvess.

Owen Parvess lived most of his early life in Rhodesia, where as well as serving in the Rhodesian Armed Forces was also active with the Rhodesian Action Party and the Rhodesian Movement. After the fall of Rhodesia he immediately came to South Africa, where as well as founding a successful business he also once more became politically active in the cause of the White Man. He was last known to be living in Paradise Valley, Pinetown, but it is believed that he has now left the country with his family.



Many supporters will be visiting Lewes on November 5th in order to celebrate the 393rd anniversary of the discovery of the Gunpwder Plot, and the 310th anniversary of the landing of William, Prince of Orange, at Tor Bay. We will be rendezvousing in "The Volunteer" at Library Corner in the late afternoon, and will be basing ourselves at Cliffe Corner to watch the parades of the evening. If interested in joining us simply look out for the [real] South African lapel badges.



Another regular feature, in which we recommend a web-site which we feel may be of interest to our readers. This month's site is very appropriate in the run-up to the 5th, and is a superlative American-constructed site detailing the history, traditions and celebrations of Bonfire Night. This is an extensive site, and is well worth a long and detailed look. It can be accessed at :-


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See you again next month!