Thursday, 3 August 2000

August 2000 Edition.


August 2000 edition
The very idea that the "new" South Africa could be capable of staging a global sporting tournament of the magnitude of the World Cup is laughable.

Everybody surely knows that South Africa is now the "crime capital of the world", and that the entire infrastructure of the state is rapidly collapsing. Even to contemplate staging the World Cup in the country - as many FIFA officials alas did - seems so foolhardy that it borders on the criminal.

We know that a colleague of one of our Liverpool-supporting friends visited South Africa a few years ago when Liverpool were playing a friendly against Kaiser Chiefs (or one of the "kaffir" sides from the Transvaal), and had all his belongings stolen from out of his hotel room! With vastly more fans visiting from around the world such incidents would probably prove tame in comparison, as undoubtedly it would prove an "open season" for muggers, fraudsters and thieves - and without question there would be many deaths at the hands of gun and knife wielding robbers. Not only the supporters but the players too would be under constant threat - after all we cannot forget the two Pakistani cricketers who were mugged as they left their Sandton hotel a couple of years ago.

In the end it was the vote (or more accurately the abstention) of the New Zealand delegate, Mr. Charles Dempsey, which prevented this frightening scenario coming about. The 2006 World Cup will therefore now be played in the civilised and peaceful environs of Germany (the England bid having been killed stone-dead when the clown Tony Banks was put in charge of the campaign!). The whole civilised world therefore owes a big debt of gratitude to Charlie Dempsey.

If it is decided that it must be "Africa's turn" in 2010 then the tournament must surely be given to Morocco - then hopefully England in 2014 and Brazil in 2018. South Africa should only possibly be considered as host once civilised rule has been re-established in the country - and the heirs of Chicken Price and Gary Bailey make up the team!


In July the Springbok Club welcomed Mr. Dennis Delderfield as guest speaker, and we are pleased to report that this produced a very encouraging attendance. Dennis Delderfield, who is the editor of the "City of London & Docklands Times", and National Chairman of the "New Britain" party, gave an excellent speech, which one of the audience even described as inspiring. He told us how "New Britain" placed great emphasis on links with our kith and kin in the old White Commonwealth, and how they accordingly regularly celebrated "Australia Day", "Canada Day" and "New Zealand Day" - so it was therefore very appropriate that he was addressing the Springbok Club on "Rhodes & Founders Day"! He also emphasised the dangers posed to the UK by continuing EU membership, and reminded us how when twice during the 20th century Britain rescued the nations of continental Europe from aggression the Commonwealth had stood four-square behind the Crown - and reminded us particularly that Ian Smith had served as a pilot in the RAF!



The Springbok Club will be holding its 2000 AGM on Thursday 24th August. You are reminded that only fully paid-up members will be entitled to attend this meeting, and that only Life, Honorary and Full Members will be able to vote and stand for office. Membership fees are £500.00 for Life Members, £20.00 per annum for Full Members (discounted to £12.00 for senior citizens, the unemployed and bona fide students), and £5.00 per annum for Associate Members. All payments should be made payable to "Patriotic Press" and sent to BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK. If you wish to nominate or stand for office then confirmation should be sent in writing to arrive in plenty of time for the meeting. Full details of the location will be notified to all fully paid-up members nearer to the date.

Our Autumn Braai is planned for September, hopefully at a new venue in South-West London. Full details will be given next month.

We are also planning a special UDI Day dinner to be held in Croydon on Saturday 11th November, when hopefully we will be welcoming a special Rhodesian guest of honour as after-dinner speaker. Tickets will be limited, and will cover a 3-course meal plus wine. Exact prices will be finalised at our AGM, but if you are keen to attend please inform us as soon as possible, as we anticipate great interest in this event.



The Hampshire Branch of the Springbok Club will be formally launched on Sunday 6th August at "The Old Drum", Chapel Street, Petersfield. We have Peter Fisher to thank for organising the branch and this meeting, which will take place at lunchtime, commencing at approximately midday. All supporters and friends from Hampshire are given a warm and cordial invitation to attend.

Another informal "pub evening" gathering of the Kent Branch of the Springbok Club is being organised by Tony Waller for Sunday 20th August at the "Saxon Shore" on the Herne Bay beachfront. Again all supporters and friends from Kent (or indeed from anywhere else who are able to attend) are given a very welcome invitation.

Tony Waller will also be visiting Sweden during the week of August 6th to 12th, when he will be meeting with Lars Karnestam, and holding an informal meeting of the Stockholm Branch of the Springbok Club. If there is anyone from Sweden who would like to attend this get-together then please let us know as soon as possible, and we will put you into contact with Lars.

The Chairman of the Springbok Club visited Jersey last month, when he was able to meet our staunch supporter from the island, Jim Sinclair. Although only a small island, Jim is still very keen to form a branch there, so if anyone has any contacts on Jersey (or on any of the Channel Islands for that matter) who might be interested in the Club then please let us know.



The London Swinton Circle staged a very well-attended meeting which was addressed by Lord [Peter] Shore last month. Although a former Labour cabinet minister Lord Shore is still one of Parliament's most effective Eurosceptics, and gave a most informative and well-received speech to match.



We are pleased to confirm that we still have a few full-sized real South African flags left in stock. They are being sold for £12.00 each, though the price is only £10.00 if collected personally at future Springbok Club events.

During that vital period of South African history during the end of 1989 and the beginning of 1990 we managed to publish an in-depth analysis of the developing situation in the country called "Patriotic Press's South African Newsletter". Although we had to cease publication when we were forced to relocate operations to the UK, we have recently been able to re-issue the eight editions which we originally produced. Although this publication is of course no longer of any current relevance, it is even so still of great historical interest, and can be purchased for £20.00 (£10.00 for Full Members of the Springbok Club) for a complete set of all eight issues.

All payments should be made to "Patriotic Press" (in Sterling) and sent to :  BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, U.K..


In last month's edition of the SCN we reported the news of the death of the notorious Brendan Willmer from AIDS. Willmer, of course, proved to be a constant trouble-maker for the patriotic movement in South Africa, right from his early days of sabotaging the "Save Rhodesia Campaign" in the late 1970's, until he performed similar disruptive actions amongst Durban ratepayers organisations in the early 1990's. He also, of course, unsuccessfully threatened to sue us for libel in 1989 concerning the essay "The 'Save Rhodesia Campaign' - why it failed" which we produced.

Now comes the equally surprising news of the death of Mr. Ed Thunstrom. A leading Durban attorney and fellow-member of the "Durban Parliament", we always regarded Thunstrom as a good supporter - until he disappointed us greatly by acting as Willmer's attorney in his failed libel action, and more particularly by the completely unnecessary vicious nature of his legal briefs. Following that we never had any further dealings with Thunstrom, but the suspicion abounded that his close relationship with the known homosexual Willmer was as much personal as political. It is not known at the moment whether Thunstrom also died of AIDS, but we will report back once we have any further news.    

[If anybody would like to receive a copy of the essay "The 'Save Rhodesia Campaign' - why it failed", which details more about how Willmer sabotaged the Campaign from within, please let us know, and we'll gladly supply a copy.]


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This web-site designed by ex-Rhodesian John Allman, now living in York, has recently been upgraded.

This new "green" and environmentally friendly web-site is to help people re-cycle items which they no longer use or want. The idea is that others in your community will visit the site, see useful items, and claim them. No money changes hands, all transactions are free, although you have to make your own arrangements to collect the items you want. If you see something you want, just claim it. No mailings will be used for commercial purposes.

To find out more visit this "freebies" web-site at :-


Geoff Abbott was originally from Rhodesia, and his company "Bratzz Ltd." runs a number of pubs in the Buckinghamshire/Hertfordshire area, who are always looking for staff. If anyone is interested in such a position then contact Geoff either by e-mail on or by writing to him at: Bratzz Ltd., Longacre, Nightingales Lane, Chalfont St.Giles, Buckinghamshire, HP8 4SH.



COVOS BOOKS of South Africa are specialist publishers of Africana, and offer a range of most interesting and illuminating books which will appeal to many of our supporters. Amongst the titles they stock are:-

FIREFORCE - One man's war in the Rhodesian Light Infantry, by Chris Cocks. Hard cover with dust jacket, 228 x 155 mm., 368 pages, 120 black and white and colour photos, plus maps and sketches. Widely acclaimed as the classic account of counter-insurgency warfare in Africa. Includes the RLI roll of honour, citations and operational orders. Price R185.00.

HOW WE KEPT THE FLAG FLYING, by Donald MacDonald. Hard cover, 213 x 137 mm., 303 pages, with frontispiece and 7 illustrations and various diagrams. This enduring story of the Siege of Ladysmith is the first in a series of Anglo-Boer War reprints. Price R169.95.

PAMWE CHETE - The Legend of the Selous Scouts, by Lt.Col. Ron Reid-Daly. The revamped, rewritten version of the best-selling "Top Secret War". With new, previously unpublished material, including the roll of honour and full schedules of citations and wings. New photo sections. The definitive account of this exceptional unit's short but distinguished service in the field of counter-insurgency operations during the Rhodesian Bush War. Price R225.00.

COVOS BOOKS can be contacted at :  P.O.Box 6996, Weltevredenpark, Transvaal, 1715, South Africa. Tel.: +2711-4769926, fax.: +2711-4769927, e-mail :

We are happy to be able to confirm that the Springbok Club can now supply copies of all these books, prices being £20.00 (Fireforce), £15.00 (How We Kept the Flag Flying) and £27.50 (Pamwe Chete). All payments should be made payable to "Patriotic Press", and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK. (Please add 10% for p.& p.).



A regular feature in which we ask whether anyone knows the current whereabouts of a friend or colleague who has lost contact.

No.24 :  Mr. ROBERT OSWALD HALL of Graaff-Reinet

Robert Hall served in the SADF for a number of years, and was an active member of a number of ex-serviceman's organisations. He was also an early computer expert, and lectured computer science at the Natal Technikon. Although originally living in the Hillary district of Durban, he moved to Graaff-Reinet in the eastern Cape in the early 1990's in order to escape the declining chaos of inner-city South Africa. He was an active and very popular figure amongst patriotic circles in Durban, and a number of old colleagues would like to re-make contact with him.



Georgina Erasmus, originally from Rhodesia, but now living in Cape Town, runs her own most interesting web-site. Amongst a number of most useful features are ones on Business Opportunities, a Rhodesian Lost Contacts listing, and advice on Fuel Saving. It can be accessed at:-



Dear Springbok Club,

Many thanks for your cyber-newsletter. I agree with everything in it, and hope you can assist people to leave Rhodesia, for as you say "the forces of darkness prevail".

Personally I feel that our Government here in Britain, with its politically correct mandate, has badly let down our kith and kin in South Africa and Rhodesia, and thrown decent civilised White people (our kith and kin) to a pack of braying savages. The behaviour of Blacks in Africa are well represented in the many no-go areas of the UK now emerging, and such long-established murder zones as the Black districts of Washington, USA.

I am really sorry to hear how White women in Zimbongoland are being raped and White farmers murdered so arbitarily. However, the Whites living there will never control what appears to be the natural and normal behaviour of Blacks, even though we regard this as highly deviant in civilised society.

Best wishes to you all,

Vivienne Parker, Norfolk, UK.




I found the following statement in your cyber-newsletter so offensive that I had to comment:

"Those naive liberals who believed Mugabe's promises of 'reconciliation' in 1980 have in many cases signed their own death certificates by their stupidity."

I really don't know who you are or where you get the audacity from to make such a [sic] idiotic statement!

I am currently living in the USA and have a brother who is a hotel owner and farmer in Zimbabwe. The very suggestion that he is a naive liberal who believed Mugabe's promises in 1980 and signed his own death warrent by his stupidity is an atrocious thought.

I suggest you apologize to all the White farmers of Zimbabwe who are in this awful predicament and thank your lucky stars you are not suffering the same fate. I would also like to advise you to think carefully in future before making such frivolous statements. This is of no help to anyone.


Bridget Cerny, Springbok Club of Southern California Vice President (Orange County).



We have recently been greatly shocked to learn the news of the untimely death of Leon Strydom from cancer at a sadly young age.

Leon Strydom was a good friend and, in spite of certain idiosyncratic views, a good South African patriot. He was an active member of a number of White patriotic organisations, and was an early staunch supporter of "S.A.Patriot".

After we were forced to leave South Africa contact with Leon alas ceased, in spite of many attempts to re-establish contact with him. In late 1998 we heard that he was touring Europe on behalf of an Afrikaner-rights organisation however, and went out of our way to make telephonic contact with him whilst he was in Germany. He expressed a keen interest in coming over to the UK, but alas could give us only tentative dates. Even so we went out of our way to organise a number of provisional events for him to address, and even arranged a dinner in his honour. Alas he never came back to us to confirm his plans, and when we tried to contact him again in Germany we learnt that he had left giving no forwarding address; we were thus left with no alternative other than to cancel all the arrangements which we had made for him.

Perhaps his inconsiderate behaviour was caused by the early effects of his cancer, we shall never know. The fact remains, however, that he never had the decency to apologise to us for the troublesome way that he messed us around. This, perhaps even more than the tragically early age of his death, was Leon's true tragedy.   


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See you again next month!