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May 2007 Edition.


May 2007 edition

All commentators seemed to be in agreement that the recent Cricket World Cup was a bit of a disaster as far as organisation and administration were concerned - but being held in what is now sadly part of the "third world", the West Indies, perhaps this wasn't too surprising. The omens for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, to be held in yet another newly incorporated part of the "third world", South Africa, therefore look increasingly bleak.

From the playing point of view the performances of the two Southern African countries proved very poor. "Zimbabwe" were shown to be below the standard of many non-Test-playing countries - but the wonder is of course how any country in the grips of such chaos, tyranny and runaway inflation can even field a team for international competition, and more particularly how any White players can debase themselves by representing a terrorist regime which has initiated the slaughter of so many of their kith and kin. The latter condemnation can of course be equally levelled at the White South African players, and perhaps more especially against their ignominious supporters who were prepared to wave the "national" flag of the ANC regime.

Although on the face of it South Africa's playing performance was not too bad as they managed to reach the semi-finals, this result was more through a fluke of fortune rather than by skill. South Africa were thoroughly trounced by Australia both times they met, and couldn't even beat lowly Bangladesh. As we've often stated in the past, South Africa will inevitably decline in all sports now that the country is no longer a civilised "first world" nation. This decline may be slow and have its ups and downs (such as relative successes in this year's "Super 14" competition), but the overall direction is unquestionably down. This isn't just because of the imposition of the retrograde "quota system", but more because of the disintegration of all the infrastructures of state in the "new" South Africa.

But there has been another significant cricketing development recently. Tom Cartwright, the England medium-pace bowler whose suspicious withdrawal from 1968/69 England tour of South Africa precipitated the so-called "D'Oliveira Crisis", died last month. In his obituaries it was revealed that Cartwright was not only a card-carrying member of the Labour Party, but was also very much "Old Labour". There was widespread speculation at the time that Cartwright's withdrawal - which resulted in the illogical inclusion of the batting/all-rounder D'Oliveira - was for political rather than for medical reasons. This revelation about Cartwright's left-wing sympathies would certainly tend to confirm this speculation. It should also never be forgotten that John Vorster did NOT ban the 1968/69 England tour because of D'Oliveira's inclusion, but because of political interference in the selection of the touring squad. It would therefore seem that Vorster was definitely onto something.



The contingent of Springbok Club/ELC members paid a visit to the MOTH's (Memorable Order of Tin Hats) England Command HQ in Hackney last month, and enjoyed extremely high hospitality from all MOTH members who they met as a result.

The Springbok Club/ELC party was shown around the MOTH HQ (the General Browning Club) by MOTH Hughie Richardson, the PlayBill of the the MOTH's England Command and Treasurer of the General Browning Shellhole. As well as the organisation's main function areas the tour also incorporated viewings of both the MOTH's main meeting room, where the Douglas Bader, Imjimn, General Browning, Inniskilling and Field Marshall Montgomery Shellholes all meet, and the MOTHWA's (Memorable Order of Tin Hats Women's Association) meeting room. In all areas there was much interesting regalia and memorabilia on display, much of it emphasising the MOTH's roots in South Africa.

Extremely good contacts were established as a result of this trip, and it is hoped that the two organisations will be able to work increasingly closely together in the days ahead.



The Empire Loyalist Club will be holding their annual Empire Day celebration buffet later this month, the details of which are as follows :-

Venue : The MELTON MOWBRAY (the downstairs function room), 18 Holborn (NOT High Holborn), London EC1N 2LE. (The Melton Mowbray is barely 2 minutes walk from Chancery Lane underground station, in the direction of Holborn Circus).

Date : Friday 25th May 2007

Time : Start assembling from 18.00 hrs onwards, meeting to start 19.00 hrs, buffet to be served at approx. 20.00 hrs.

Guest of Honour : Mr. JOHN CLEMENCE Q.P.M., B.Sc.(Econ) Hons. Ldn.

John Clemence was born in 1937 and educated at Rutlish School, Merton. He joined the Metropolitan Police as a Constable in 1956, transferring to Scotland Yard in 1962 and rising to the rank of Detective Inspector. In 1973 he was posted to the Royal Hong Kong Police on temporary attachment as a Detective Superintendent. He transferred to that Force permanently in 1976 and retired in 1992 in the rank of Assistant Commissioner. He was awarded the Queen's Police Medal for distinguished service. He is a Vice-President of the Royal Society of St.George, the immediate past Chairman of the Society, a Vice-President of the Chigwell Branch and a past President of the Hong Kong Branch. Married with three children, he takes a keen interest in music and the theatre (having been an organist and choir-master in the past, and having designed sets for and directed stage shows), history, sailing and narrow-boating, and high-handicap golf.

A sumptuous array of buffet snacks will be provided at this meeting, and the costs will be £7.50 per head for Full Members of the SC/ELC, £10.00 per head for Associate Members of the SC/ELC, and £12.50 per head for non-members. To make a booking, or for more details, please 'phone: 07711-188430.



The Kent Branch of the SC/ELC aims to hold a summer get-together during June, to which all members and supporters will be invited. Fuller details will be given in June's edition of the SCN.

In July the Springbok Club will be holding its annual Rhodes & Founders Day celebration buffet, at which welcome a prominent ex-Rhodesian with first-hand knowledge of the current situation in Zimbabwe under the ZANU-PF tyranny will be guest of honour.

In August the London Branch of the SC/ELC will be holding its Summer Braai in the Canning Town area, at which a visiting member from Sweden will be guest of honour.



On 1st May the Patriotic Forum (an umbrella grouping of patriotic organisations including both the SC/ELC and the London Swinton Circle) held a special meeting to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of the Act of Union coming into force. This proved to be a highly successful event, with the novel format of having four speakers present, representing the four component parts of the UK. The four speakers, Allan Robertson (representing Scotland), Chris Luke (England), David Williams (Wales) and Adela Hamilton (Northern Ireland) all gave fascinating cameo talks about what their respective parts of the country had contributed to the Union, and what the Union meant to them.

The Patriotic Forum will be holding a further important meeting to celebrate the 25th anniversary of victory in the Falklands War later this month, the details of which are as follows :-

Date : Wednesday 23rd May 2007

Time : 19.00 hrs

Venue : The Counting House, 50 Cornhill, London EC3 (nearest underground station: Bank - leave via Exit 5)

Guest Speaker : Mr. Peter Pepper.

Peter Pepper is a leading member of the Falkland Islands Association, and a geologist by profession. He lives for at least part of each year in Argentina, where he monitors political and economic developments very closely.



The London Swinton Circle staged a very successful meeting last month at which the guest speaker was Mr. David Simpson MP, the DUP member for Upper Bann. Mr. Simpson gave a very enlightening speech in which he explained why, although by no means ideal, the DUP had agreed to enter into a power-sharing agreement for devolved administration at Stormont.

On Tuesday 10th July 2007 the London Swinton Circle will be holding their annual summer buffet, at which the guest of honour will be Lord Willoughby de Broke, the UKIP elected hereditary peer, and on Monday 16th July the guest speaker will be Philip Hollobone MP, the Conservative member for Kettering. Fuller details regarding both these events will be appearing in next month's SCN.



On Wednesday 9th May (so-called "Europe Day") New Britain staged a highly impressive march down Whitehall (which included several people in special patriotic costumes!), stopping off to hand in a letter at 10 Downing Street demanding a referendum as to whether the UK should leave the European Union, and pointing out that the auditors have refused to sign off the EU accounts for a number of years. The march then proceeded to the European Union's UK office in Queen Anne's Gate where a similar letter was handed in. A polite letter of acknowledgement was subsequently received from 10 Downing Street, but significantly not from the EU's UK office!

On Tuesday 22nd May, with the approval of Lady Goldsmith, New Britain will be holding their first Goldsmith Lecture in memory of Sir James Goldsmith. This will take place at the Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Hall, Roberts Building, University College London, commencing at 19.00 hrs, and the speakers will be the Rt. Hon. Lord Tebbit CH and Professor Stephen Bush of Manchester University, with the meeting being chaired by Mr. Dennis Delderfield, the National Chairman of New Britain. Lord Tebbit is planning to deliver an empirical address on the theme of "The State of the British Nation Today", which promises to be of great significance. A few tickets are still available for this event, priced £4.00 per head, and can be purchased at the door prior to the meeting, which commences at 19.00 hrs. The Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Hall is situated in Malet Place off Torrington Place, with the nearest underground station being Goodge Street. (Come out of Goodge Street station and turn left, where Torrington Place will be found on the right. Malet Place is opposite Waterson's book shop.)



Both the Argentinian publications Clarin and La Nacion have recently reported comments by Tony Blair that he would have sent troops to recover the Falklands in 1982, just as Margaret Thatcher did - and his admiration for her political courage in doing this.



The ice floes of Eastern Canada are a breathtaking vision: an endless sea and sky filled with white as far as the eye can see. In one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles, hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals call out to their mothers, alone on the ice for the first time.
In the next few weeks, hundreds of thousands of these baby seals will be cruelly clubbed or shot — an annual harp seal slaughter endorsed by the Canadian government, although the majority of Canadians are opposed to the hunting of seal pups under any circumstances. Scores of baby seals, some as young as three weeks old, will be beaten or shot and left to die. Some will even be skinned alive. is the number one resource to stay up to date on what’s happening at this year’s hunt and to meet other seal activists from around the world.



Rob Busey from the United States has recently sent us a most interesting report from this year's annual Herzliya Conference, at which a number of U.S. presidential aspirants showed encouraging awareness of the dangers which Iran posed to the West. It reads as follows :-

"Richard Perle assured the conference that [George W.] Bush will attack Iran rather than see it acquire nuclear weapons capabilities.

"Newt Gingrich remarked 'Citizens who do not wake up every morning and think about possible catastrophic civilian casualties are deluding themselves. Three nuclear weapons are a second holocaust. ... I'll repeat it. Three nuclear weapons are a second holocaust. ... Our enemies are fully as determined as Nazi Germany and more determined than the Soviets. Our enemies will kill us the first chance they get. If we knew that tomorrow morning we would lose Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, what would we do to stop it? If we knew that we would tomorrow lose Boston, San Francisco or Atlanta, what would we do?'

"Mitt Romney agreed. Ahmadinejad's Iran is more dangerous than Khrushchev's Soviet Union, which put missiles in Cuba. For the Soviets 'were never suicidal. Soviet commitment to national survival was never in question. That assumption cannot be made to an irrational regime [Iran] that celebrates martyrdom.'

"Then came U.S. Democratic candidate John Edwards. Keeping Iran from nuclear weapons 'is the greatest challenge of our generation. ... To ensure that Iran never gets nuclear weapons, we need to keep all options on the table. ... Let me reiterate -- all options'."



In the February edition of the SCN mention was made of the "10 Downing Street Petitions Site". Since then a number of our supporters have attempted to add their own petitions to this site. One, advocating more united "British Lions" style sporting sides representing all of the British Isles, can now be accessed as follows :-

Once there type "BritishLions" in the "Search Petitions" box.

Unfortunately another attempted petition has now been rejected by the 10 Downing Street controllers on two separate occasions on extremely spurious grounds. This attempted petition read as follows :-

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to: 'encourage the relevant local authorities to remove the offensive bust of the convicted terrorist Nelson Mandela from outside the Royal Festival Hall'."

and its details read as follows :-

"Nelson Mandela was convicted of terrorist offences in South Africa in 1964 and sentenced to life imprisonment. At a time when the western world is engaged in a War against Terrorism, and our troops are being killed daily in the fight against international terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is highly offensive in the extreme that a bust 'honouring' this terrorist leader should be allowed to remain in London. The Prime Minister should use his influence to have it removed immediately and replaced by a memorial honouring the victims of international terrorism and those who risk their lives combating this evil."

We wonder therefore whether other readers could also attempt to submit similar petitions to this, to let the controllers know the depth of feeling on this important issue.



Biltongmakers.Com has, for the last 10 years, put a smile on many a South African face. No longer do they have to pay exorbitant prices for biltong that in most cases is not even to their liking!

Now you can make your own Biltong at a fraction of the price you pay right now and ...... you can make it the way YOU like it!

Please visit and see all they have available.

You will never be without some REAL South African Biltong again!


FLAGS etc.

The Springbok Club/ELC now retails Union Flag lapel badges and key-rings, price £2.00 each (plus 20% p&p).

Payments should be made to "The Springbok Club" and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK.

Copies of S.A.Patriot-in-Exile (editions 30 to 36) are still available price R5.00 or 50p each, as well as batches of 50 copies (including copies of the original S.A.Patriot) price R80.00 or £8.00 (plus 20% for p&p.)

Payments should be made to "Patriotic Press" and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK.



"WAY OUT OF LINE" by Trisha Jackson is a novel which tells the story of the profound impact that an innocent youthful love affair has on the lives of two young lovers. The plot moves from a cult and a maximum security prison in the US to the savannah grasslands of Mozambique and Zimbabwe - this makes for adventure, suspense and melodrama. Packed with conflict and sexual tension, anyone who loves romance, passion and excitement should enjoy reading this story.

Trisha Jackson was born and grew up in Rhodesia. She immigrated to the USA with her husband and three children in 1990. She and her husband live in a unique, rural community in the Tonto National Forest in the eastern mountains of Arizona.

Copies of "Way Out of Line" can be ordered from


"GOVERNMENT BY DECEPTION" by Jan Lamprecht details the disasters of Mugabe's Zimbabwe, and illustrates the similarities between Mugabe's rule and that of Mandela/Mbeki in South Africa. It can be ordered on-line at:


"OF RICE AND MEN", by Jimmy Walker

111 pages. Illustrated. With excellent cartoons by Fusilier Norman Lambert, produced whilst in captivity. Soft-back £5.00 (cover price £10.00)

An irreverent, left of centre, look at life as a POW by Jimmy Walker, who was captured by the Japanese following the fall of Singapore in 1942. Jimmy takes us through incarceration at the notorious Changi jail, forced labour on the railroad, and deportation to Japan, where the Japanese exploited the mining skills of the boys from Northumberland. Norman Lambert’s sketches are both amusing and frightening at the same time. Through the bitterness and resentment, and physical trauma of captivity shines the humour and the indomitable spirit of the British soldier. An enjoyable and educational read, with a surprise ending.

Prices include p&p. Payment can be made by credit or debit card. To order on line, log on to and enter as payment destination.


"THE BLIGHT OF BLAIRISM" by Francis Bennion is a devastating indictment of the "new" Labour administration. For more details about the book visit:


"THE THOUSAND STEPS" by Dr Helen Anderson

Dr Anderson spent what she describes as "26 privileged years in Africa, privileged because life was never dull and medical practice never ceased to be truly exciting and fulfilling." It is a personal account of practice, both in Entebbe, Uganda, and the Sudan, Congo and Botswana. She describes her fascinating experiences. She married in Gulu, Uganda, where she ran the local Hospital, dealing with surgical cases never before described in textbooks. She also describes her time in Serowe, Botswana, and the problems with the resident ghost in the Residency.
The book is copiously and superbly illustrated with numerous colour photographs. Available at £20.00 direct from the author at Lake Hawea, R.D.2., Wanaka, 9382, New Zealand, by cheque or money order.


"THE RAPE OF ZIMBABWE" by Ricky Wilson - which tells it like it was (and is)!

Rhodesia was once a prosperous and thriving country, and the story of the author's enterprising and entrepreneurial spirit in that land, followed by his desperate escape from the country when, as Zimbabwe, it became ruled by a tyrant, imparts a realistic perspective of the present desperate plight of many exiles from a country that was once a paradise and the breadbasket for so much of Africa.

You can order this book via



Sam Wagstaff of Illumina Digital writes as follows :-

"If you have an Empire story or know someone that does, I would love to hear from you.

"I am working on the website for a new Channel 4 Series called Empire’s Children. I am looking to speak to as many people as possible with Empire and end of Empire experiences or family connections, however minor - they could be personal experiences, family stories, or through friends. We are also specifically looking for people who have done their own family history research and who may have documents and perhaps photographs relating to their personal and family connection to the Empire. I have included more about the series and the website below and I would like to speak to people in the next couple of weeks.

"Empire’s Children is a new six-part Channel 4 television series which will be aired at the end of May. Empire’s Children will tell the story of the end of the British Empire and the effects of its legacy, by revealing the Imperial backgrounds of six British celebrities - Dame Diana Rigg, Adrian Lester, former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Steel, comedian Jenny Éclair, Shameless star Chris Bisson, and Coronation Street’s Shobna Gulati. The show will follow celebrities investigating their past to discover how the British Empire played its role in shaping their family as it exists today. Empire’s Children is being made by Wall to Wall, the same production company that pioneered the successful genealogy show 'Who do You Think You Are?' The show will be accompanied by a website which will be produced by the BAFTA award winning internet production company Illumina.

"The Empire’s Children website will be a unique, specialist online resource to help people with connections to the Empire to trace their own family history. The website will also be a research resource for everyone with an interest in the history of the Empire and a forum for shared memories and experiences of the public about the British Empire. The website will cover all aspects of the Empire including information relating to families who left the UK to make lives for themselves in the Empire and also those who came to settle in the UK from the Empire.

"Illumina have the important task of capturing for prosperity the experience of the end of the Empire from all points of view and would much appreciate any help that you would be able to give us.

"If you give me a call on 0208 600 9302 or email, I can explain more about the project and call you back at a convenient time. Any help you can give us with building this important and unique record of the Empire’s history and personal memories would be much appreciated.

"Please feel free to forward this message."

Sam Wagstaff, Producer, Illumina Digital.



No.102 : Ms. JENNY SALZMAN of Durban

Jenny Salzman was an outstanding beauty and a close friend. Her parents (her mother was of Rhodesian origin) alas broke up when she was very young, and as a result she had a troubled childhood, being brought up by her paternal grandparents who ran a successful private taxi company. Her brother Spencer was a very affable chap, and indeed became a keen supporter of the patriotic movement during the late 1980s. We would be extremely keen to know where they both are now.



There are many excellent videos now appearing on the YouTube service, but one which has been particularly recommended to us sings of the glories of the remaining British Overseas Territories. It can be accessed at :-





In the days of UDI, during the war between Rhodesian forces and terrorists, Rhodesian engineers were able to make roadside bomb and landmine-resistant vehicles, using parts from Land Rovers and other vehicles. They were very effective and saved many lives.

Thirty years on, experts and engineers now seem unable to produce something similar to protect our poor, exposed troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If a small country such as Rhodesia could produce vehicles like that, surely our modern engineers should be able to build something better than the vehicles being used now.

Yours etc.,

N. Dacomb, Wallington, Surrey, U.K.




Out of the blue what passes for a government in South Africa has announced a 500% countrywide increase in municipal housing valuations. The night before last there was a hostile ratepayers' meeting in our local dance hall. This normally takes five hundred, but far more than this figure attended: latecomers were sitting on the carpeted floor with their backs against the wall.

My own rates are nearly two thousand monthly, and my local pension is R7800, the British pension one thousand. My wife works as well. I am now 81, so it is quite impossible to augment my income. The so-called government has been cagey about what happens should one be unable to meet the increased rate. Prevalent feeling is that one's house will be confiscated, and no allowance made.

Yours etc.,

Richard Deane, Cape Town, Cape Province, South Africa.




There are a lot of South Africans here in Edmonton and Fort McMurray [3 hours north of us]. You hear people speaking Afrikaans often. They all say they will never go back again. We also have South African friends in Toronto, St. Catharine's, Calgary, Vancouver and Mission [British Columbia]. They also say they will never go back to live there again.

One friend from Mission went back for 2 months in Dec/Jan after he tragically lost his wife to lung cancer. He says the people in South Africa are all walking around with blinkers on. They all say "alles sal regkom" not sure when this miracle is suppose to happen as I can't see any light at the end of that tunnel!

Yours etc.,

"Skedonk", Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.




Below is the name of the re-created CDA Yahoo group :-

Yours etc.,

"Ironside", Manchester, Lancashire, U.K.



We've recently heard rumours that young Mr. Arthur Kemp (see SCNs passim) has left South Africa again (apparently leaving his wife and children behind), and is now flitting backwards and forwards between the United States and Europe attempting to ingratiate himself with neo-Nazi groups on both sides of the Atlantic. We know from firsthand past contact, of course, that young Mr. Kemp is most certainly NOT a neo-Nazi crank himself - so what therefore is the purpose of his continuing attempts to create such an image for himself, and who is paying for his current activities? Any confirmation about these rumours and any further information about this turncoat would be most gratefully received.




Bob Woolmer, who was assassinated by mysterious international forces during the recent Cricket World Cup in Jamaica, was a tragic figure.

A superb Kent and England cricketer himself during his playing days, and was a particular hero of English cricket fans at this time. During the final part of his playing career, furthermore, he seemed to nail his colours firmly to the mast by taking part in "rebel" tours to South Africa and remaining in the country to coach during the days of civilised rule. With the approaching change in dispensation in that sorry land he sadly acted like a "Vicar of Bray" however, and remained in the country under the auspices of the new sell-out cricketing authorities. During this time he also appeared in a cameo SABC documentary about his son, who he was encouraging to play not for his local White schoolboy side, but for a Coloured team in one of the dangerous Cape Town Coloured townships. Many people observed that it seemed the height of irresponsibility to put the safety of his own son regularly at risk simply in order to make a warped political point.

Woolmer subsequently sickeningly became coach to the "new" South African team, but a few years later made an even greater departure from his roots when he accepted the position as coach for the Pakistan side. Woolmer was not a Muslim of course, and turned out to be totally out of his depth in trying to comprehend the intrigues, conflicts and corruption of the Indian sub-continent. He unquestionably made a great mistake in accepting this appointment therefore, for his complete naivety in this regard was probably the main cause of his tragic and premature death.


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