Saturday, 16 December 2000

Special Yuletide 2000 Edition.


Special Yuletide 2000 edition
It is not our usual practice to publish editions of the SCN other than on a monthly cycle, but in view of several recent most important developments we though that we would make an exception at the end of the year.

We trust therefore that supporters will not mind receiving this unexpected extra e-mail, and that you will find the contents interesting, encouraging and useful.



Although, as we informed everybody in the December edition of the SCN, we had to cancel our planned Day of the Vow meeting because our anticipated Guest of Honour, Mr. Nicky Lamprecht of Durban, decided to cancel his planned visit to the UK at short notice, we have now arranged to stage an unofficial get-together in its place.

This will take the form of an informal "pub evening" on the same date and at the same venue (well almost the same venue - now to take place in the main downstairs bar rather than in the function room). The full details are therefore as follows:-

Venue :  The MORPETH ARMS, 58 Millbank, Westminster, London SW1

Date  :  Monday 18th December 2000

As we say, this get-together will be a very informal affair, and will take place throughout the evening, starting from approximately 17.00 hrs, so please feel free to turn up at any time. It will just take the form of a friendly unofficial gathering - though we hope it will provide an opportunity to discuss our plans to re-constitute the Springbok Club after the disasters which to all intents and purposes destroyed the original organisation in November.



The de facto meeting held last week (as mentioned in the December edition of the SCN) proved to be a good success, with both Committee members and founder members of the original Springbok Club being present. It was unanimously agreed to re-constitute the organisation after the disasters which befell us last month, and that more definite decisions concerning the re-constituted format would be decided at the future unofficial gatherings which are advertised elsewhere in this special edition of the SCN.

Most surprisingly, however, our erstwhile Chairman, Peter Fisher, informed us that the wrecker Bill Yates had made contact with him, and had forwarded him a most interesting registered package. This package turned out to contain Yates's own official resignation from the SC, the return of all the Treasurer's artefacts (accounts book and receipt book etc), a so-called "statement of accounts", and a cheque for £54.29, which he claimed was the total amount which he still owed the organisation following his tenure as Treasurer.

Nobody present could make head-nor-tail of the so-called "statement of accounts", with the "income" section proving totally incomprehensible. An approximate calculation of the amounts which we knew he had received and which we knew he had paid out showed that he actually still owed the organisation at least £117.29 however (i.e. exactly £63 more - though perhaps even more if he had received additional income to that which we knew about). Needless to say it is not worth taking legal action to recover such a relatively small amount - but to be candidly frank the £54.29 which he returned was £54.29 more than we ever expected to see again. It was therefore decided to draw a line under this whole unfortunate saga, and to put all these sorry experiences down to experience.



One of our supporters, being aware of the serious problems which have recently befallen us, has made a most kind contribution of £25 to cover the cost of hiring a function room for an official re-constitution meeting of the SC in January 2001. It has further been suggested that if we could receive three other such kind donations then we will be able to provide buffet snacks as well, thus enabling us to stage one of our usual - though belated - Day of the Vow commemoration meetings. If anybody is willing to help us in this regard then they should forward their contributions, made payable to "Patriotic Press", to: BCM SAPAT, London SW1N 3XX, UK.

At this meeting Peter Fisher, who has expressed willingness to resume his position as Chairman of the re-constituted Springbok Club, has agreed to give a brief "report-back" talk on his recent visit to Gambia, and we are also hopeful that Mr. Rob Burnett of Southampton will be present to tell us a bit about the documentary film he is helping to produce about the plight of the Whites of Africa.

Our very good supporters Andrew and Shirley Anderson from New Zealand have recently written to us as follows:-

"I wonder if you could help us. Both of us are thinking about returning to UK - probably March next year. I am keen to touch base with any employment or management consultants who may be members of the group and who could assist me in my search for suitable employment. My main target area is the utility sector, but will look at anything once."

If anybody is able to help Andrew and Shirley in this regard then please contact them direct at:-


Our very good friend Anthony LoBaido of WorldNetDaily (who of course was the guest speaker for the Springbok Club in October) has recently had an excellent article about the current situation in Zimbabwe and the significant Rhodesian exile movement published on the WDN web-site which we can thoroughly recommend. It can be accessed at:-


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"To all of you wherever you may be, we wish you and yours a happy and joyful Christmas and New Year."
Rodger Harrison-Graeme, Johannesburg Social Club, South Africa.



We thank Rodger for these kind greetings, and reiterate our own very best wishes for a Merry Yuletide and a happy and prosperous New Year to all our friends and supporters around the globe.