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March 2009 Edition.



March 2009 edition

It was the SF/PIRA terrorist leader Gerry Adams who once said of the PIRA "They haven't gone away you know". The past few months have shown that exactly the same can be said of international terrorism in general.

There were those foolish enough to believe that by surrendering first Rhodesia to ZANU-PF and then South Africa to the ANC that violence would cease in southern Africa and that all the sub-continent's people would live in peace and harmony. There were those foolish enough to believe that by rewarding the PLO and Hamas by establishing a Palestinian state all terrorist attacks upon Israel would be halted. There were those foolish enough to believe that by allowing the old men of SF/PIRA to enter the government of Northern Ireland all the younger republican hotheads would lay down their arms. There were those foolish enough to believe that by kow-towing to Muslims resident in Britain the Muslim community would suddenly start to embrace Western civilisation.

The past few months have demonstrated how absolutely ridiculous all these naive assumptions have been.

State-initiated violence has intensified in Zimbabwe as the unreconstructed terrorist Mugabe desperately tries to cling onto power - and those who are suffering from this are the ordinary Black citizens of that beleaguered land, precisely those who "one man, one vote" rule was meant to benefit! And in South Africa the prospect of Jacob "Bring me my Machine Gun" Zuma shortly assuming power indicates that exactly the same scenario will also shortly be played out south of the Limpopo.

Far from the establishment of Palestinian rule in Gaza and the West Bank heralding a more moderate attitude among the Palestinian Arabs, they instead elected the ultra-fundamentalist Hamas terrorists to power in Gaza, who then orchestrated dastardly rocket attacks upon innocent Israeli women and children.

The recent sickening killings of two soldiers and a policeman in Ulster by the RIRA and the CIRA respectively has demonstrated clearly that pandering to SF/PIRA by allowing them to terrorise their way into government has done nothing to eliminate the murderous mindset of the "republican movement".

Perhaps an even more sickening recent spectre, however, has been the vile demonstrations against the returning military heroes in Luton by Islamic scumbags after so many of their numbers had made the highest sacrifice in protecting ALL the world's peoples against the menace of Talaban and al Qa'eda terrorism (and before anyone objects to the term "Islamic scumbags" let us emphasise that our contempt is equally strong against those "White scumbags" - such as the so-called BNP - who ALSO opposed the West in the War against Terror!).

It was that great General, Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, who once said during an earlier military campaign against Arab terrorism in the Middle East "there is only one way to destroy terrorism, and that is to destroy the terrorists". What Monty observed in the 1930s is even more true today. All forms of terrorism - be they Black in the form of ZANU-PF and the ANC, White in the form of the various factions of the IRA and of ETA, or Brown in the form of Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qa'eda and the Talaban etc. - must be ruthlessly pursued and destroyed, rather than appeased. Only by so doing will the world become a better place to live for everyone.


A group of members of the Springbok Club/Empire Loyalist Club undertook a trip to Gibraltar last month, in order to participate in the Royal Marines Freedom Weekend and to express their solidarity with the loyal people of the Rock. This group, which was part of a wider touring party organised by Heritage Products Gibraltar, were able to witness the Royal Marines exercising their Freedom of Gibraltar by marching from Casemates Square along Main Street to the Governor's residence at The Convent, after which they were invited to a reception at The Convent attended by His Excellency the Governor, the Chief Minister and the Commandant General of the Royal Marines. The following day the party were able to witness the unveiling of the new Royal Marines Monument at Ocean Village by the Chief Minister, the Honourable Peter Caruana QC, before attending a fabulous concert given by the Band of the Royal Marines, Scotland, in the spectacular setting of St.Michael's Cave during the evening. On their final day on the Rock the party visited the Garrison Library for an informal reception and a brief talk given by a resident officer of the Royal Engineers about the famous Library building. The visit as a whole thus proved to be a truly memorable and inspiring experience, and as well as the more formal events the touring party were able to meet up with several good old friends and supporters from Gibraltar.



Details of this month's Springbok Club/ELC meeting are as follows :-

Date :  Saturday 21st March 2009

Time :  18.30 hrs.

Venue : THE ANTELOPE (the upstairs function room), 22 Eaton Terrace, Belgravia, London SW1W 8EZ  (nearest tube station: Sloane Square - turn right out of the main entrance, then right again into the north side of Sloane Square which then becomes Cliveden Place, and finally left into Eaton Terrace where The Antelope is on the left).

Guest Speaker :  Mr. GRAHAM GILLMORE

Graham Gillmore is a Londoner by birth, but a "country-boy" with a love of the outdoor life by inclination. He has taken a lifelong interest in military life and the study of British military history and the British Empire. Learning military skills at the highest level at the Guards Depot, he went on to serve in the Grenadier Guards, seeing active service in Germany, Kenya and Northern Ireland. In 1977, however, being a strong supporter of the Rhodesian cause, he took his military knowledge to Rhodesia where he enlisted with the Rhodesian Light Infantry, serving with distinction in that regiment for four years. After the fall of Rhodesia in 1980 he continued his active support for his kith and kin in the struggle against communist-backed terrorism by moving to South Africa. Here he enlisted in the Pathfinder Company, 44 Parachute Brigade, a unique unit recruited from foreigners by Colonel Jan Breytenbach, South Africa's most decorated soldier and the man who formed the Recce Commandos and 32 Battalion. Graham is presently a leading member of the Victorian Military Society and the organiser of the Diehard Company, a re-enactment group who give displays of the late-Victorian British Army on campaign. In his speech Mr. Gillmore will tell something about his military experiences in both Rhodesia and South Africa, as well about his subsequent military re-enactment activities.


During the afternoon of Saturday 18th April 2009 the Springbok Club/ELC will be holding a special buffet in order to celebrate Van Riebeeck's Day. The Guest of Honour at this event will be the UK representative of the PRAAG (Pro-Afrikaans Action Group) organisation. Further details will be given in next month's SCN.

In late May 2009 the Springbok Club/ELC will be holding their annual Empire Day celebrations in conjunction with the Swinton Circle, at which a prominent personality with strong Imperial connections will be Guest of Honour.



The Kent Branch of the Springbok Club/ELC is planning a social get-together during April, provisionally on Sunday 11th April, at which a former Rhodesian Air Force member will giving an informal talk about his experiences in the RhAF. Precise details will be notified as soon as they have been finalised. The Kent Branch is also planning a visit to the Royal Engineers Museum in Gillingham over the weekend of 15th-17th May in order to attend a special "Soldiers of the Queen" event.

The Chilterns Branch of the Springbok Club/ELC is planning to hold a meeting in Hatfield later during the spring. Further details will be given in next month's SCN.

It is also hoped that the Northern Ireland Branch of the Springbok Club/ELC (probably to be renamed the Belfast Branch) will be re-constituted at a meeting in Belfast during May. If you are interested in becoming involved then please e-mail:

The London Branch of the Springbok Club/ELC is planning to hold a get-together in June, when a leading expert will be giving an informal talk about Anglo-Saxon archaeology.



The Swinton Circle was most honoured to be invited to attend a "Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression" event hosted by Mr. Tom Wise MEP at the European Parliament in Brussels last month, and a number of members were able to make the trip. This function featured a number of cameo-talks given by those suffering oppression around the world, including by Mr. Chenjerai Hove, the Zimbabwe human rights activist and political refugee, and also a piano recital by Mr. Dmytro Sukhovienko, the acclaimed Ukrainian concert pianist. This event was attended by several high-profile Ukrainian diplomatic representatives based in Brussels, and also by many prominent EuroSceptic personalities from around Europe, and as a result of contacts made several have agreed to address future Swinton Circle meetings in London.

Regrettably we must report that in spite of being given a full opportunity to appeal against the decision to expel him from the organisation, no response has been received from the erstwhile Organiser of the Swinton Circle, Mr. Allan Robertson, so his expulsion is now therefore absolute. Sadly also no responses have been received by the Executive Committee from either Mr. Christopher Luke or Mr. Daniel Wilkinson who had earlier been asked to explain their apparent involvement with some of Mr. Robertson's factional and unconstitutional activities, so as a result both gentlemen have now been suspended from the Swinton Circle. All three gentlemen - Messrs Robertson and Wilkinson in particular - had previously served both the Swinton Circle and the wider patriotic movement with great distinction and commitment, so their more recent factionalism has therefore been as inexplicable as it has been reprehensible. The actions taken against them have therefore been with EXTREME regret, but unfortunately their recent antagonistic activities left the Executive Committee with no other option. It has also worryingly been brought to our notice that Mr. Robertson has recently been staging a number of private meetings purporting to be under the auspices of the Swinton Circle - including one apparently addressed by a documented holocaust-denier! Needless to say all such claims by Mr. Robertson are false, and any correspondence received from him or from his personal P.O.Box in south-east London - particularly where they contain any requests for money - should be totally ignored.  



New Britain celebrated St.David's Day this year with some special activities in Cardiff. The National Chairman of New Britain, Mr. Dennis Delderfield, laid a wreath during a solemn service at the Welsh National War Memorial, which was conducted by the Canon of Llandaff Cathedral. Following this service a reception will be held at the near-by St.Mary's Church Hall, at which among others Mr.Stephen Green of Christian Voice was present.

On St.George's Day this year (Thursday 23rd April) New Britain will be selling English Flag label badges in the City of London in order to raise money for the Treloar Trust for Disabled Children. This event will take place throughout the day, and for more information please 'phone: 020-72472524.

The guest speaker for New Britain's 2009 Goldsmith Lecture will be Mr. Simon Heffer, the Daily Telegraph columnist. This event, which will be chaired by Sir Teddy Taylor, will be held on Thursday 10th September. Further details will appear in future editions of the SCN.



A recent report which we have received from "Preparing South Africa for the World" (the official newsletter of the 2010 Soccer World Cup organising committee) again exposes the widescale, though mainly unreported, problems being faced in South Africa during the build-up to the World Cup - which must seriously put the future of the competition in South Africa at risk? The report reads as follows :-

"Taxi operators, protesting against sweeping changes to the industry ahead of the 2010 World Cup, caused chaos in and around Cape Town on Tuesday as they stoned buses, set a taxi alight and clashed with police who retaliated with rubber bullets. Tens of thousands of commuters were left stranded by the protest action. Taxi drivers are objecting to the formation of the city's new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system which is intended to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

"Similar protests have taken place in Port Elizabeth against the BRT system the municipality is implementing for 2010. Angry taxi operators on Tuesday threatened to disrupt ANC president Jacob Zuma's rally in Port Elizabeth this weekend, as well as next year's election and 2010 World Cup matches. This comes after a planned transport indaba on problems in the taxi industry was postponed at the last minute. The Herald reports that taxi drivers have embarked on three strikes in the past month.

"Meanwhile, the South African Bus Operators Association has warned that its members might be forced to halt operations, after the Department of Transport said it was unable to pay subsidies for the last four months of the financial year, owing to a subsidy shortfall of R1.2bn. Engineering News reports that the association asserted that the only other way to avoid a withdrawal of services, which would leave commuters stranded, was if its members doubled bus fares to cover the deficit. The disruption of bus transport on this scale would be damaging for South Africa's reputation as the 2010 World Cup draws nearer."



We have recently received the following very motivating message from Kristal Parks M.A., the founder/director of "Pachyderm Power! Love in Action to Save Elephants", which has been forwarded onto us by our very good friend Gayle Hoenig from Colorado :-

Many people do not realize that elephants are, once again, being slaughtered in large numbers [in Kenya]. It is a huge challenge to be working to save majestic and magnificent elephants. I have started my own anti-poaching patrol in Kenya, because once they are gone, they are gone forever. But with your help, we can make a difference for elephants and those living among them.

For more information, please visit my website:



A full report about Albert Weidemann's trip back to Zimbabwe in February/March 2009 (including an audio interview with Albert) is now contained on the BBC's North Yorkshire web-site, which can be viewed at :-



Biltongmakers.Com has, for the last 10 years, put a smile on many a South African face. No longer do they have to pay exorbitant prices for biltong that in most cases is not even to their liking!

Now you can make your own Biltong at a fraction of the price you pay right now and ...... you can make it the way YOU like it!

Please visit and see all they have available.

You will never be without some REAL South African Biltong again!


FLAGS etc.

The Springbok Club/ELC now retails Union Flag lapel badges and key-rings, price £2.00 each (plus 20% p&p).

Payments should be made to "The Springbok Club" and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK.

Copies of S.A.Patriot-in-Exile (editions 30 to 36) are still available price R5.00 or 50p each, as well as batches of 50 copies (including copies of the original S.A.Patriot) price R80.00 or £8.00 (plus 20% for p&p.)

Payments should be made to "Patriotic Press" and sent to: BCM SAPAT, London WC1N 3XX, UK.

[We really want to be able to produce the next edition of S.A.Patriot-in-Exile, No.37, as soon as possible, but in order to do this we need to clear our existing stock of back-issues first. Supporters can help us in two ways in this regard, either by making donations which will enable us to distribute more copies, and/or by providing address details of people who might be interesting in receiving copies.]



The book "British Sports Cars" by Nigel Fryatt - £10.00, including p.& p. (£15.00 if sent overseas).
A Monserrat parade flag, complete with flag-pole - £50.00 including p.& p. (£55.00 if sent overseas).
The book "The Queen" (about Queen Elizabeth II) by Ann Morrow - £8.00 including p.& p. (£10.00 if sent overseas).

For more information or to make orders please 'phone 07527277406, or e-mail:



"WAY OUT OF LINE" by Trisha Jackson

A novel which tells the story of the profound impact that an innocent youthful love affair has on the lives of two young lovers. The plot moves from a cult and a maximum security prison in the US to the savannah grasslands of Mozambique and Zimbabwe - this makes for adventure, suspense and melodrama. Packed with conflict and sexual tension, anyone who loves romance, passion and excitement should enjoy reading this story.

Trisha Jackson was born and grew up in Rhodesia. She immigrated to the USA with her husband and three children in 1990. She and her husband live in a unique, rural community in the Tonto National Forest in the eastern mountains of Arizona.

Copies of "Way Out of Line" can be ordered from



Details the disasters of Mugabe's Zimbabwe, and illustrates the similarities between Mugabe's rule and that of Mandela/Mbeki in South Africa. It can be ordered on-line at:


"THE BLIGHT OF BLAIRISM" by Francis Bennion

A devastating indictment of the "new" Labour administration. For more details about the book visit:


"THE RAPE OF ZIMBABWE" by Ricky Wilson - which tells it like it was (and is)!

Rhodesia was once a prosperous and thriving country, and the story of the author's enterprising and entrepreneurial spirit in that land, followed by his desperate escape from the country when, as Zimbabwe, it became ruled by a tyrant, imparts a realistic perspective of the present desperate plight of many exiles from a country that was once a paradise and the breadbasket for so much of Africa.

You can order this book via


Glenn MacAskill and Michael Bowery of Crest Publishing have written three books each. Glenn MacAskill is ex-BSAP Special Branch and still working (as Mugabe has denied him any pension) and Michael Bowery is ex-South African Special Forces. Due to the difficulties confronting White writers in the "new" South Africa they launched Crest Publishing to self-publish their own books, and have been doing this since October 2006. Michael Bowery is author of: "Canham's Run", "The Sligo Piper" and "Kill the President", whilst Glenn MacAskill is author of: "King's Gold", "Crime Lords" and "Of Royal Blood". Special discounts to ex-servicemen, Rhodies and Springboks!

For more information, or to make an order, please contact Crest Publishing at: P.O.Box, 97910, Petervale, Transvaal, 2151, South Africa, e-mail:, or visit the Crest Publishing web-site at:


"THE SAINTS" - DVD versions of the book about the history of the RLI

Now available from Msasa Enterprises. Contact: or UK tel.: 07732 685400.


For Sale - a number of books and publications dealing with Southern Africa. Send stamped addressed envelope to: Mr. Mark Taha, 93 Venner Road, Sydenham, London SE26 5HU, U.K. [Warning - many not of Springbok Club's persuasion!]



No.124 :  Mr. TED DAVEY of Southampton

Ted Davey from Southampton was an early and enthusiastic supporter of the Springbok Club, although his precise connections to southern Africa proved a mystery (he had only a superficial knowledge of the politics of the sub-continent, and took no interest in rugby!). An inveterate letter-writer, replies would arrive to all correspondence posted to him within days of being sent - that was until about three years ago, when all correspondence from him suddenly ceased. In spite of continuing to send him invitations to Springbok Club functions and putting return addresses on the back of envelopes no explanation has been received to explain his sudden lack of communication. We wonder therefore whether anyone knows anything about Ted, and what has happened to him?



The impressive web-site of PRAAG, "The Pro-Afrikaans Action Group" whose UK representative will be speaking at the Springbok Club's Van Riebeeck's Day buffet in April, is well worth a visit, and can be accessed at :-





I am happy that anything I say in the public domain is reported - this is the purpose for which West Tyrone Voice was formed.

I must say that I am opposed to English Nationalism, Scottish Nationalism, Welsh Nationalism, Ulster Nationalism (as now represented by the DUP) or Irish Nationalism. Our group is a pro-British victims' group, and while we have been given a most unfair deal by the English establishment over many years, our orientation is still towards, and as an integral part of, the United Kingdom of GB and Northern Ireland.

I will challenge anyone who on this point.

I look forward to hearing about developments within the London Swinton Circle. Please do what you can to bring about unity within this important constituency. How sad that people from the Protestant community have an inbuilt pre-disposition to tear itself apart! It is ugly.  "United we Stand - Divided we Fall" used to be watchword of Protestant organisations. What has become of this? Given the enormous challenges facing our country (UK) it is incumbent upon us all to maintain our unity insofar as this is possible.

It seems that Protestantism is as ugly in GB as it is at times in NI! May God be merciful to us all.

Yours etc.,

Dr. Hazlett Lynch, Magherafelt, Co. Londonderry, U.K.




Odinga of Kenya has cut a deal with Obama, and will be expecting a pay-off. Presumably the deal was in return for Odinga staying silent about Obama's birth in Kenya.

The Odinga/Ghaddafi tie-up makes sense - Ghaddafi is German (DVD), their prize asset in Africa and their key to reversing the result of the North African Campaign, and their humiliation after Operation Torch. Of course the Gerries also wanted Libya's oil.      

Yours etc.,

Michael Shrimpton, Buckinghamshire, U.K.



Most readers will probably recall the name of the wretched Michael Keith-Smith, a person with no known connections to southern Africa but who has threatened to sue a number of people connected to our movement for alleged libel. This mysterious character has evidently made a habit of suing complete strangers for alleged libel after engaging with them in Internet discussion forum spats. We have recently heard, however, that a attempted legal action brought by Keith-Smith against a sitting Conservative MEP resulted in a humiliating defeat for him. Alas we don't know the precise details of the case, but evidently the judge was quite scathing in his criticisms of Keith-Smith's modus operandi. Let us hope therefore that this verdict will herald the end of Keith-Smith's troublesome litigious antics.



It was with great sadness that we recently learnt of the sudden death of Mr. Michael "Mike" Leach. Mike Leach was born in the UK, but in 1957 moved to (Southern) Rhodesia where he enlisted in the BSAP. Here he served with distinction, rising to the rank of Chief Superintendent before returning to the UK upon the fall of Rhodesia in 1980. He then worked for a number of years in various parts of the UK as an inspector for the Ministry of Agriculture. His active endeavours in keeping alive the spirit of Rhodesia did not end when he left the country however, for he became a stalwart of the BSAP Regimental Association, serving for 22 years as Secretary of the UK Branch, and being appointed an Honorary Life Vice-President of the Association as a whole. It was through his activism in the BSAP Regimental Association that we first came into contact with him, and a more friendly, enthusiastic and inspirational person it would be impossible to know. He was a true credit both to his British roots and to the Rhodesian nation which he served. Furthermore Mike's work for the BSAP Regimental Association helped in no small measure to ensure that te Rhodesian ideal will never die! Our sincere and heartfelt sympathies are extended to his widow Jan and to his son Kevin.


Finally, if you would prefer to be deleted from our SCN circulation list then simply e-mail us with the word "unsubscribe". Alternatively, if you liked this SCN and think more of your friends would like to receive copies then please let us know their e-mail addresses!

See you again next month!